The 10 Most Romantic Otis Redding Wedding Songs

I love how the sentence Otis Redding wedding songs rolls off the tongue!

If you love timeless soul songs, Otis Redding is an artist you should include on your wedding playlist. Even though Otis was just 26 years old when he died in a plane crash, his beautiful music continues to be played and covered today.

Enjoy classic R&B romance with the best Otis Redding wedding songs!

otis redding wedding songs

That’s How Strong My Love Is

This Otis Redding classic is soul music at its finest!

Otis recorded his version of “That’s How Strong My Love Is” in 1965, and it’s considered one of his signature tunes.

Any song that uses the sun, moon, and ocean to describe how much you love someone is a perfect wedding song!

When to play: it’s a gorgeous first dance anywhere, but we can hear this playing in the ocean air at your all-inclusive destination wedding

I’ll Let Nothing Separate Us

Otis began singing in church at an early age and also received musical training in the church choir. Otis was performing in local talent shows in his teens, and one contest banned Otis from competing after he won 15 straight times!

Otis wrote beautiful songs, too, including “I’ll Let Nothing Separate Us.”

When to play: the horns, the sweet tempo, and the soulful voice of Otis Redding make this an ideal first dance for couples seeking a timeless but special tune.

Try a Little Tenderness

When Otis recorded “Try a Little Tenderness” in 1966, he put a spin on an old song from the 1930s, and his version changed the song forever!

In Otis’ version, soulful horns start the song and build to an R&B dance party at the end.

Of course, the vocals of Otis Redding are the greatest standout here.

When to play: you might have already heard a wedding band performing “Try a Little Tenderness” because it will never go out of style! You can’t go wrong with a live band or the Otis Redding recording as a fun, fast dance at your reception.

(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay

The story of this song is both sad and incredibly joyous. Otis co-wrote it and recorded a version of it in 1967, only days before his death.

It’s said that Otis knew “The Dock of the Bay” would be his most significant hit, and it was the first song by any artist in history to reach #1 after the artist’s death. It’s a wedding-worthy tune for any playlist!

When to play: “The Dock of the Bay” is another popular song covered by many wedding bands, and I also love this classy string version for a wedding ceremony!

The Glory of Love

Otis also recorded his emotional, bluesy version of “The Glory of Love” for The Dock of the Bay album released after his death. The song was originally a pop hit in the 1930s, and Otis took the song and made it his own!

When to play: you can definitely make this your wedding processional song, especially at an outdoor wedding with a long aisle, because the tempo is great, and the sound would be gorgeous on the breeze!

My Girl

The Temptations made “My Girl” a hit, and Otis loved the song so much that he included a cover version on his album Otis Blue… a collection of fantastic soul cover songs that critics hailed as one of the greatest.

When to play: this would be a fun father/daughter dance or a song after your groom gives his thank you speech and invites you to say a few words to your guests!

Hard to Handle

Otis co-wrote “Hard to Handle,” and the song has been covered over the decades by other artists like The Black Crowes. It’s further proof that Otis Redding’s songs are ageless!

When to play: this would be a fun groomsmen dance at your wedding reception!

The Match Game

Otis wrote and co-wrote great songs before his passing, and thankfully somebody at the record company decided to release posthumous studio albums from Otis Redding featuring these priceless tunes.

“The Match Game” is featured on the fourth studio album of Otis Redding songs released after 1967.

This isn’t one of Otis’s most famous songs, but that makes it perfect for your wedding playlist!

When to play: “The Match Game” makes a fun entrance into your wedding reception… it’s unforgettable, but not many people will have heard it before so it can be all yours!

It’s Growing

Otis also covered this song by The Temptations, and “It’s Growing” was co-written by the legendary Smokey Robinson. The song has charming lyrics about your love for someone growing every day!

When to play: “It’s Growing” is a fun mid-tempo song for a mother/son and father/daughter dance, then keep on inviting your grandparents, other family members, and your wedding party onto the dancefloor to grow the party!


Many great R&B and soul artists have covered “Amen,” a traditional gospel hymn with a beautiful message.

The Otis version was also included on one of his posthumous albums, and I love how he sings on this. Unfortunately, Otis left us far too young, but his joyfulness and the sheer mastery of his vocals will live on!

When to play: this is a fun and inspirational recessional for your wedding ceremony, particularly if you’re holding a more casual wedding and still want to say “Amen” to the Lord above!

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