10 Terrific Jennifer Hudson Wedding Songs for Your Big Day

It’s up for debate whether Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood is the most successful American Idol winner in the history of the show… but I’d like to argue that “non-winner” Jennifer Hudson has had even more success across many facets of the entertainment industry!

Jennifer has won an Academy Award and a Grammy and is now at the helm of a popular daytime talk show. Jennifer is a pop culture icon, and I love her celebrity nickname: J-Hud.

Today, we’re celebrating the greatest Jennifer Hudson wedding songs!

jennifer hudson wedding songs

Giving Myself

Surprisingly, Robin Thicke (Blurred Lines) wrote “Giving Myself,” a song expressing a different, more vulnerable side of Jennifer’s personality. Thicke imagined the music in the spirit of Whitney Houston, and Jennifer definitely pulls off a diva vibe on this track—she’s at the top of her game here.

When to play: this is a beautiful “bride’s choice” song for your wedding, and you can decide where it serves you the best on your big day. It’s perfect as your bridal processional and equally lovely as a first dance. 

I Still Love You

I love the video for Jennifer’s song “I Still Love You,” which shows the power of love in full force and how inclusive love conquers all at a beautiful wedding like the one depicted in the video!

When to play: “I Still Love You” is a fantastic bridal party entrance to your wedding reception, especially if you want to kick off the festivities with an upbeat first dance before you even sit down to dinner!

If This Isn’t Love

“If This Isn’t Love” appeared on Jennifer’s 2008 debut album. While the song didn’t receive enough buzz or perform exceptionally well on the charts, I love this kind of tune for a wedding playlist because when it’s not as well known, you can truly make it your own!

When to play: “If This Isn’t Love” is a mid-tempo track with some pop influences and what critics positively call a “cool, breezy chorus.” I can hear this playing at a beach wedding after you say your “I Do’s,” enjoy your first kiss, and pose for pictures!

All Dressed in Love

Jennifer recorded “All Dressed in Love” for the soundtrack of Sex and the City: The Movie. 

While it never got released as a single, “All Dressed in Love” succeeded because of the high numbers of paid downloads the song received, especially in the U.K.

When to play: if you make an outfit change for your reception, “All Dressed in Love” is a fun way to celebrate your wedding day look number two on the dancefloor!

No One Gonna Love You

Jennifer recorded “No One Gonna Love You” as the second American single off her second album. Critics praised the track, including the “muted piano,” which creates a gorgeous instrumental backdrop to Jennifer’s stunning vocals. 

When to play: choreographed bridal dances are becoming increasingly popular. Since the video for “No One Gonna Love You” has some fab moves by J-Hud and her backup dancers, this could be a great song for you and your bridesmaids to put on a show at your reception! 

Feeling Good

Jennifer recorded an awesome version of “Feeling Good” for her second album. The song was written in the 1960s for a musical that eventually appeared on Broadway, and it’s been covered by many artists through the years, including John Legend at the presidential inauguration in 2021.

When to play: Jennifer’s version of “Feeling Good” makes a sexy and sophisticated first dance!


Talk about an amazing crossover tune! 

Jennifer recorded her version of superstar country duo Brooks & Dunn’s hit “Believe” for her second album. Jennifer’s rendition of “Believe” is bound to give everyone goosebumps at your wedding!

When to play: a song like “Believe” is a beautiful way to remember loved ones at your wedding reception. So play the song and share some tears and a lovely dance.  


This is a unique song… I love the percussion, the upbeat feel, and the shoo-be-dos that Jennifer performs, and you can hear on the Live @ AOL Sessions video clip of “Angel.”

Added bonus: the song was written by the incomparable Alicia Keys!

When to play: I’d love to hear “Angel” on a wedding playlist as a ceremony recessional; it will get everyone on their feet celebrating you!

I Can’t Describe (The Way I Feel)

Jennifer released “I Can’t Describe (The Way I Feel)” as the lead-off single on her third album (I love the title on this one!) JHUD

The seriously talented Pharrell Williams produced this track, and 70s and 80s disco divas like Chaka Khan inspired it. What a fantastic tune!

When to play: get your wedding reception jumping with “I Can’t Describe (The Way I Feel) as your bridal party entrance. Then, you can dance and shuffle all the way to your seats at the head table!

Say It

J-Hud’s vibe on “Say It” is so fierce! You want to get on the floor from the first moment you hear Jennifer and her backup singers. Jennifer’s style is so unique and dramatic, and this is a great song to really “get your bride on!”

When to play: a saucy song like “Say It” makes a great choreographed bride dance, or if you’re following the old tradition of wearing a garter, have some fun removing it on the dancefloor while this song plays!

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