26 Unique Something Blue Gifts For Bride On Her Big Day

Some wedding traditions are a bit cuckoo, but we love ’em anyway. One tradition, in particular, stems from a centuries-old wedding rhyme used to help brides ward off the so-called “evil eye.”

The evil eye comes from superstitions in ancient Rome and Greece. Long ago, it was believed that a malicious glare could infect victims with ill health, bad fortune, or infertility in the case of young brides.

So when “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a sixpence for your shoe…” appeared in 19th-century England to ward off said evil eye, folks went all in!

Current surveys of modern brides reveal over 60% still want to participate in the tradition, and why not? Good luck never goes out of style!

Today, we’re focusing on perhaps the most fun “something” to be had in the old tradition, and if you’re looking for a bridal gift, there are endless possibilities for those something blue gifts for the bride.

Adorable Blue Anklet Bridal Gift

This anklet features Swarovski crystal pearls in either white or ivory to match most bridal gowns, plus one stunning blue Swarovski crystal just for her!

A handcrafted and made-to-order gift, there are clear instructions on selecting the perfect fit for your bride, depending on whether she prefers it loose or close to her skin.

Sizes are available in 7.5-15 inches, and a silver-plated pearly extender is included with this pretty piece.

This Gorgeous Garter Is Something Blue Gift For Bride

Garters have always been a popular choice for a bride’s “something blue” gift, and it’s easy to see why this set of two soft and comfortable lacy garters is a bestseller!

Your bride gets her very own personalized garter in a gorgeous navy blue font (there are other color choices available like aqua blue, sky blue, or turquoise) and a “catchphrase” garter for her garter toss during the reception.

Surprise Something Blue Stickers

Put these sparkly little turquoise stickers on the arch of your bride’s shoes for a fun and surprising dash of something blue!

Beautiful Blue Bridal Hair Piece

This stunning accessory melted our hearts!

Her adjustable hair comb is handcrafted from gold-plated metal adorned with delicate paper flowers, pearly accents, and seed beads. This hair comb suits all hairstyles and angles on the head, making a gorgeous heirloom gift.

Here’s Some” Thong” Blue for Her!

A bride with a cheeky sense of humor will delight in these “something blue” lacy thong panties displaying her married name and wedding date in a lovely teal font.

For ladies who’d like a bit more tush coverage, there’s a bikini style available too.

Blue Guardian Angel Bridal Pin

This sparkling blue glass angel pin can be attached to a bridal bouquet or wedding dress, or pinned to a garter.

The most memorable thing about this gift is the tear-jerking message on the card telling your bride she’ll never walk alone!

Perfect Something Blue Patch

If you want to surprise your bride with a special keepsake, consider this personalized, heart-shaped patch.

You have the option to order a sew-on or iron-on patch, or she can carry it separately in her purse as a token of love from you.  

Your Best Friend’s Wedding Blue Handkerchief

What a beautiful gift for your best friend and bride! Catch her happy tears with this embroidered wedding handkerchief. 

Choose a traditional wedding verse to be stitched on the hanky, or go sentimental with a short and personalized message. 

A Sixpence and Blue for Her Wedding Shoe

This fun “something blue” gift combines an authentic sixpence coin (to fulfill the “sixpence in her shoe” part of the traditional rhyme) with a little blue Swarovski crystal.

It’s attached to a sweet satin ribbon, so your bride can tie it around her bouquet or wear it around her left ankle for good luck and prosperity.

Something Blue Bouquet Photo Charm

Honor loved ones of the bride who are no longer here with this photo charm, message charm, and blue teardrop Swarovski crystal to attach to her bouquet.

This touching gift will be loved and appreciated.

Ready to Wear Blue Bridal Label

Add customized elegance to her bridal gown with a monogrammed label!

You have four choices of blue with this 100% cotton colorfast label, finished with a sewn edge for a pro look that truly makes her gown her own.

It even includes a needle and matching thread to complete the job well before she walks down the aisle.

Her Something Blue Wedding Bracelet 

We imagine one of these dainty bracelets on a bride who wants something blue and boho around her wrist

Light Blue Satin Bridal Flats

Brides who’ve worn these satiny, sparkly flats in soft Cinderella-blue have raved about how comfortable and beautiful they are.

With a variety of sizes and either miniature or oversized rhinestones to choose from, let your bride feel like she’s floating on air in these “something blue” shoes on her wedding day!

Royal Blue Velvet Bridal Clutch

A clutch made of luxuriously soft, royal blue velvet is a present fit for a queen on her wedding day.

This clutch is adorned with fine quality crystals and includes a short 15-inch chain to carry by hand, or a longer 47-inch chain to rest over a shoulder, but the chains also detach.

She’ll definitely use this clutch for other special events throughout her lifetime!

Blue Sapphire Earring Climber

We weren’t familiar with earring climbers, but we instantly fell for this gorgeous blue set as a bridal gift!

Easily worn through a single piercing like a regular earring, earring climbers appear to float delicately above the earlobe.

The gemstones are lab-grown sapphires, and the base is 925 sterling silver for exceptional comfort and no skin irritations.

Sapphire Blue Earrings à la Kate Middleton

Kate, the beloved Duchess of Cambridge, wears a world-famous diamond sapphire engagement ring.

Kate also inherited other jewelry that belonged to the late Princess Diana, most notably a pair of sapphire and diamond earrings that accessorize perfectly with her ring.

Your bride will look like royalty in these Kate-inspired “something blue” earrings, featuring a sapphire-toned cubic zirconia oval surrounded by clear zirconia crystals. An affordable and elegant gift!

Dusty Blue Bridal Bouquet

If she’s dreaming of a blue bouquet on her wedding day, but natural flowers are expensive or unavailable, gift your bride this beautiful, realistic-looking bouquet.

The best part? You can give this charming gift way ahead of time because these quality custom arrangements are created to last!

Dusty Blue Wedding Necklace

This rhinestone teardrop wedding necklace with opal and clear crystal accents gives the barest hint of blue.

It’s a thoughtful bridal gift to honor tradition, and it will complement her gown beautifully.

Crystal Pearl Silky-Looking Roses on a Royal Blue Stem

This foam-flowerhead wedding bouquet has a striking satin blue ribbon stem with rhinestone details, perfect for informal weddings.

It also makes a great “something blue” gift for your bride to use during the bouquet toss at her wedding reception.

Blue Topaz Bridal Set

Most “something blue” bridal jewelry features sapphire-colored crystals or royal blue accents.

Deeper blues may look regal and elegant, but if your bride’s favorite shade of blue is bright and bold, consider this topaz gift set of a necklace, earrings, and bracelet!

The Bride Wore Holographic Blue Polish

Here’s another fun gift choice for the rebel bride who wants to rock a dazzling blue nail color on her wedding day. 

Holographic nail polish sparkles like a glittering rainbow in natural sunlight. Indoors, the effect is more muted, so her nails will still look pretty but won’t “out-bling” her wedding look.

Blue Flask for Some Bridal Fun

Perhaps the coolest bridal gift of all… her own “something blue” flask to hold a shot of Schnapps for some wedding day courage!

Crystal Blue Wedding Tiara

The description of this wedding tiara is everything!

Elegantly designed and made with high-end Swarovski crystals, this tiara is an extraordinary gift that is sure to make your bride dazzle on her wedding day.

Bridal Blue Hair Vine

Hair vines are decorative accents serving as a bridal headpiece.

These hair vines are available in 6-inch lengths up to 60 inches and create a sparkly jeweled effect that wraps delicately throughout her hair. 

It is a truly stunning and romantic look that photographs exquisitely!

Something Blue Bridal Tattoo

Gift your bride a sweet temporary tattoo of a “something blue” flower.

The effect looks authentic and vintage. It lasts for days (if desired!) and is easily removed with baby oil. A fun and sexy look!

Tasty Blue Bubble Gum for the Bride

One of our favorite wedding day photos is a snapshot of a bride blowing up her bubble gum.

These “something blue” blueberry-flavored gumballs are a fun and tasty gift for your bride’s bubble gum photo opportunity on her big day!

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