30 Terrific Blue Wedding Flower Centerpieces For Your Table

Blue is a hugely popular wedding color, and chances are you’ve attended a wedding in the past year that incorporated shades of dusty blue, navy, or royal blue. The color blue is dynamic, yet romantic… subtle, and still bold!

The traditional saying of “something blue” can be easily achieved with your bouquet! There are so many ways to channel in the million shades of blue into your centerpieces or arrangements.

Whether it’s the palest watery blue, an almost-black dark navy, or any shade in between, we’ve got all things related to blue wedding flower centerpieces covered right here at Wedding Pioneer. 

Blue Dried Flowers for Arranging

Blue Dried Flowers for Arranging

Make your own flower combination with these mini blue dried and artificial flowers bunches! 

This assortment of blue dried flowers is an absolute staple if you’re considering building your own centerpieces. Remember, bouquets don’t need to be entirely blue, and often seem more vivid when paired with other neutral shades like eggshell white, ivory, or cream.

We love that this flower kit comes with a wide variety of dried grasses, pods, and sprigs. It’s just enough for you to incorporate a little touch of blue here and there into your vision.

Submersible Blue Orchids with Floating Candles

Orchids Floral Wedding Centerpiece

Beautifully designed faux floral arrangement to compliment your home, office, baby shower, or wedding! These easy to set up centerpieces will add the pop of color to any event.

Take it from us, submerged items in tall candles are totally on-trend! While you can use any color (white and shades of white are immensely popular), we love the look of the blue orchids.

Because the gems at the bottom anchor the stems down, you can mix up the color of those to tie in your second wedding color! Acrylic crystals come in almost every single color nowadays.

Dusty Blue Bouquet with Eucalyptus

Bridesmaids Bouquet Dusty Blue Hydrangea

Designed as a loose, Boho, garden style wedding bouquet , we use high quality flowers and greenery including roses, eucalyptus, Seeded eucalyptus, hydrangea, lambs ear...

Brides have been loving and incorporating dusty blue in their weddings forever- it’s such a soft, romantic, and feminine color, and can easily be paired with other greens that have those silvery shades of blue, like eucalyptus or silver dollars.

This dusty blue bouquet with eucalyptus looks almost real, and you’ve heard us say it a million times, but going down the wood or silk flower route means you can preserve your memories forever after the wedding!

Coastal Blue Dried Arrangement

Coastal Decoration Natural Dried Flowers

Lovely "Blue Turquoise" bouquet is coming in a mix of dry flax, blue Baby's Breath, dried bunny tails grass, wheat.

If you’re a boho bride and looking to match your centerpieces to your beach-themed wedding, this coastal blue-dried arrangement could be just what you’re looking for!

With shades of teal, beige and white bits, and nice darker grasses, it would be perfect for a beach wedding with some boho vibes. 

Sky Blue, Silver, Steel Blue, and White Rose Petal Decor

Needing to cover some larger areas on your reception tables? Think about using scattered rose petals. This combination that includes blue, silver, steel blue, and white would look gorgeous arranged around some tall candles or tealight votives.

Royal Blue Hydrangeas with Mason Jars and Fairy Lights

Mason Jar With Lights

These fairy light jars are perfect for dining table centerpiece, country style table decor, dine table decor or anywhere you choose!

Fairy lights are an effortless way to give a cozy and romantic vibe to any wedding aesthetic, so check out these rustic mason jars tied with twine and topped with royal blue hydrangeas. They’re giving us charming farmhouse vibes.

Ivory and Royal Blue Bouquet

Artificial Wedding Bouquets Flowers Sets

With silver flowers sprays around them with diomante in the flowers centres and added silver looped ribbon.

These blue and ivory bouquets have just a touch of silver to give them a bit of shine. We love the straightforward and vivid look of the roses nestled symmetrically together.

Navy Blue Centerpiece with Gold Stand and Chandelier

Navy Blue Centerpiece Rose Arrangement

Display these as your wedding centerpiece and keep them to use as home decor or for special events and parties. 

For a Gatsby-themed wedding, take a look at this navy blue chandelier for a centerpiece idea. You’ll love the glam dangling rhinestone gems with the sleek gold stand topped with navy blue roses!

There are a variety of sizes ranging from 6 inches to 16 inches, so think about potentially mixing and matching different heights for an artistic look.

Cascading Shades Of Blue Bouquet

Cascading Shaped Bouquets

This country style cascading bouquet is made with several shades of blue silk flowers using peonie rose, roses, gypsophila and heather.

Can you get an even more “classic country wedding” than this bouquet with different shades of blue? The cascading look is super effective if you’re wanting something other than the standard bundle of wedding florals. 

Boho Dried Pampas Grass with Blue Thistle Arrangement

Dusty Blue Flowers Arrangement

This pampas bouquet features bleached white strawflowers and leaves, Large Palm spear; including field flowers such as larkspur, bunny tail and preserved Italian ruscus leaves.

This Boho-themed dried pampas grass arrangement is the stuff of dreams- we love the whimsy of the beige and neutral tones with sporadic thistle and dusty blue dried eucalyptus.

This preserved bouquet would look gorgeous in tall clear vases for a minimalistic and bohemian look.

Blue Wedding Bouquet

Navy Dusty Blue and Ivory Boho Wedding Bouquets

These gorgeous wedding bouquets are made with ivory roses, blush roses, wine roses, ivory peonies and greeneries. 

Can’t decide on which shade of blue? Utilize them all in your wintery centerpieces, like this one, which incorporates a variety of blue flowers and silvery greens. 

Royal Blue Flower Balls

Royal Blue Flower Ball Rose Kissing Balls

 Featuring realistic silk formation and eye-catching color tones, these faux flower balls replicate the rosy beauty of real flowers.

Looking for a symmetrical, elevated look? Centerpiece ideas can include blue kissing balls hung with ribbon or on gold stands at the head table. Flower balls are very versatile and can be placed anywhere you think needs a dose of blue florals!

Slate Blue, Blush, and Light Pink Sola Wood Bouquet

Slate Blue Blush and Light Pink Sola Wood Flower Bouquet

Handle is fully wrapped in twine and stems are hidden underneath with artificial lambs ear.

For a super classic and romantic centerpiece, you can’t go wrong with light pink and blush tones to offset the dusty blue. Bouquets set in bases make for an effortless centerpiece, and can also free up your hands!

Order options for this slate blue, blush, and light pink sola wood bouquet range from a 5-inch small bouquet to the extravagant 14-inch sized arrangement, so think about playing with size too, when you’re arranging your overall look for the reception!

Navy Blue Garland with Silver Sage Leaves

Navy Blue Flower Garland With Silver Sage Leaves

Spread the romance with this lovely eight foot garland that is full of navy blue silk roses, and an abundance of gray green leaves. 

We at Wedding Pioneer sure do love a garland! Afterall, what’s not to like? You can easily snake them down long tables during dinner service, wrap them around staircases, or nestle them around photo albums and guestbooks at the entryway tables!

This simple navy blue garland would look perfect against a stark white tablecloth with shiny silver accents.

Dark Blue Ranunculus Bush

Gorgeously full and voluptuous ranunculus flowers are a dazzling addition to any centerpiece. We love these blossoms because of their variance in shades, touching from light green to deep violet!

You can do blue in a variety of ways, and a great one is to incorporate those complementary green and purple tones too!

Frozen Winter Blue Pinecone Flowers

Frozen Winter Pinecone Flowers

These Winter pinecone flowers were hand made from two different kinds of pinecones. Each pinecone is glued to a white 9" wood stem securing them firmly in place.

Okay, so technically pinecones are not flowers but we couldn’t leave our winter brides hanging! We love the look of glittery pinecones being used for a winter bouquet.

There’s nothing wrong with taking inspiration from Disney’s Frozen, so let all of your anxieties go… and go nuts with light blue ribbon and silver glitter!

Deep Blue Artificial Rose Heads

Deep Blue Artificial Rose Royal Blue

The rose style holds its shape very well it is very sturdy. It would be a beautiful addition to a bouquet, centerpiece, cake topper and more. This is for a flower head only with a small stem behind it.

Want to go the DIY route and create your own custom centerpieces? These beautiful deep blue rose heads are versatile and easy to incorporate- use them to fill out a basket, vase, or whatever you come up with!

Light Blue Hare’s Tail Grass

Can we just dive into a pile of these already? These light blue hare tail grasses are so playful and would make any arrangement that much more eye-catching.

Sometimes arrangements can be too round, especially if you’re going for a more rustic look, so the addition of these slender, whispers of baby blue break up the shape of your centerpiece perfectly!

Fresh Thistle Eryngium Flowers

Thistle Eryngium Blue Flowers Live Flowers

Blue Thistles work well as an accent flower for modern, rustic and whimsical wedding themes. You can also cut the flowers from the stems and add them to boutonnieres and bud vases.

Fresh flowers on Etsy! What!? These fresh thistle eryngium flowers are only available for a limited time, but if you can figure out a schedule that works for you, these will give you that edgy, wild look in your arrangements. 

Blue and Mustard Yellow Wedding Bouquet

Mustard Yellow and Blue Wedding Bouquet

Sola wood flower bridal bouquet with mustard yellow and blue accents. Greenery is a mixture of artificial and preserved. 

Blue and yellow look great together! This blue and mustard yellow arrangement has pops of sunny yellow that make the blue roses stand out even more.

The addition of the dark blue berries also gives this bouquet an autumnal feel, which is great for all you Fall brides out there!

Water Blue Nigella Orientalis

Nigella Orientalis in Water Blue Color

Perfect for home decor, wedding decor, DIY flower arrangements, etc. Made in Japan.

Holy romance, Batman! These dried Nigella Orientalis blossoms look like they could be made into a dress worthy of the red carpet. 

Just like with the other dried stems on our list, these would add an extra touch of sprawling, natural beauty to any arrangement. The petals of the Nigella go every which way, and we love that.

Royal Blue Calla Lily Bouquet

Wedding Bouquet Royal Blue Calla Lily

Elegant calla lily bouquet for brides, we use real touch PU calla lilies in royal blue and Picasso blue color, royal blue soap roses, as well as real touch baby breath in the wedding bouquet.

Give us calla lilies in every color, stat! This beautiful blue ombre calla lily would look perfect nestled in between white flowers.

Artificial Bluebells

Bluebells Boy Flowers

Beautiful touch to any cake decoration/babies "one" party/petite vases etc

With just a slight smattering of purple tones, these artificial bluebells tie in nicely for a blue and purple-themed wedding. Bluebells symbolize innocence, gratitude, and everlasting love. A fitting flower for a celebration of love!

Light Blue Baby’s Breath

Fiveseasonstuff Stems Babys Breath Artificial

Gypsophelia artificial flowers or baby’s breath flowers are a favorite for wedding flower bouquets, bridal bouquets, rose bouquets and special occasions such as valentine day’s flower decoration.

Baby Blue Baby’s Breath… say that five times fast! The ever-popular Gypsophila can be easily found in fresh or artificial forms, depending on your preference. 

Royal Blue Dry Brazilian Flower Stems

Dry Flower Brazilian Flower Branches

These dry flowers are perfect for making your arrangements ,you can add some other dry flowers/greenery to make a rustic wedding decor for the big day!

These Brazilian flower branches almost look like baby pineapples when you examine them up close. They’ve got a wonderfully intricate texture to them and would look great in your centerpieces. 

Your color palette will definitely benefit from the addition of a smattering of royal blue flowers. 

Dark Blue Violet Flower Stems

Set of 4 Dark Blue Violet Flower Stems

They are perfect for wreaths, wall decors, home decorations, bouquets or any your creations. With these amazing tiny,miniature silk flowers you can to embellish with or to embellish.

Look at these intensely pigmented violet flower stems! With the tiny little yellow center, they’re just begging to be included in your next arrangement.

As much fun as it is to make blue bouquets, just remember to include some variance in the shades of blue to give your centerpiece some visual depth. These dark blue violets should do the trick!

Navy Blue Dahlia Blossom

Navy Blue Ball Dahlia Artificial Flowers

Flowers measure approximately 3.5 inches in diameter. Full length with stem is 28 inches.

Dahlias are so romantic and lovely, and in this particular shade of navy, you can pull off a deeply romantic wedding aesthetic. With a bloom as big as this, consider scattering other tall or lengthy stems and blossoming around it to give it some visual variety.

You could even go monochrome with the accompanying flowers to make sure the navy blue dahlia stays center stage!

Light Blue Agrostis

Agrostis in Light Blue DIY Flower Arrangements

Easy to combine for arrangements with preserved flowers.

Agrostis, or bentgrass, is found all over the world, and now you can have it in light blue in your centerpieces. Because it’s such tall grass, it would be complemented nicely with some round-shaped blossoms, like roses, dahlias, or ranunculuses. 

Teal Blue Preserved Flower Bouquet

Preserved Wedding Flower Bouquet Dusty Blue

Beautiful Teal Blue colour dried flower bouquet with matching style boutonniere and corsage.

This teal blue bouquet has a little bit of everything! If you’re looking for hints of blue, you can easily achieve that by including some rosy and blush-colored stems to offset the blue. Also, the torn light blue ribbon is absolutely swoon-worthy. 

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