23 Custom Engagement Rings To Fall in Love With

Here’s a hot topic question: could you pretend to love your engagement ring if you had to?

If that sounds silly, consider this. A well-known wedding retailer surveyed brides-to-be about their engagements, and 53% of the respondents admitted they didn’t even like their engagement ring. That’s shocking!

So, how do you make sure you don’t get an engagement ring on your finger and think “meh” for the rest of your life? 

We have your solution— custom engagement rings ideas to suit any budget. Imagine saying yes to a romantic proposal and the personalized engagement ring of your dreams…

Let our list be your guide!

Absolutely Authentic Engagement Ring

Made to order isn’t just for omelets. If your heart’s desire is an engagement ring that’s authentically you, a jewelry specialist will handcraft a uniquely styled custom ring, including a personal inscription!

This puts you at the forefront of the design process, in control of the size of the center diamond, the band material, and the price!  

It’s a good idea to request an adjustable band because your ring finger size can fluctuate over time.

Budget Starter Bling

If you’ve never heard of a starter engagement ring, it’s a smaller setting that can be upgraded or altered on a milestone anniversary or special occasion.

Reveling in an exquisite vintage diamond in a solid platinum setting, we can’t think of a more beautiful start.

The carat size, color grade, and clarity of the diamond will be reflected in the ring’s value. Ensure that a professional jewelry appraisal document is provided, outlining specific characteristics of your ring and its estimated retail replacement value.

Conflict-Free Ring Option

The history of Blood Diamonds is undeniably cruel. Men, women, and children were forced to make gems that were sold to buy weapons in war-torn parts of Africa.

Making an ethical decision to instead have a legitimately sourced, “conflict-free” diamond in your setting is something to be proud of!

You can be sure that your diamond is conflict-free by the certificate accompanying your purchase. 

Engaging Emerald Cut 

An emerald-cut engagement ring like this jewelry designer’s signature piece is stunning in its 14k white gold band. 

So many of our favorite celebs rock an emerald-cut diamond ring, but why?

Emerald-cut diamonds aren’t considered the most sparkly, but the shape is extremely flattering and can create a slenderizing effect on your finger. Celebs also love emerald-cut stones because their unique shape makes them look larger than other diamond shapes or solitaires!

Fiery Faceted Custom Engagement Rings

So you’re addicted to sparkle. In that case, you will adore a faceted ring. 

Facets are the cuts that form a diamond’s shape, and expertly cut diamonds refract more light through the stone to create the most breathtaking sparkle, also called “fire” and “brilliance.”

The round brilliant cut diamond ring is among the most popular custom engagement rings for this very reason!

Glimmering Gemstone Setting

The late Princess Diana’s engagement ring (now worn beautifully by Kate Middleton, the happily married Duchess of Cambridge) is famous for its gorgeous oval sapphire centerpiece.

This ring style is super-trendy, and many couples request this timeless setting in a customized ring.

If you fancy a different gemstone, you can personalize the Princess Diana engagement ring style with your birthstone or the gemstone color you love the most.

Hip Hexagon Cut Stone

If you’re low-key but drawn to edgy looks, rejoice! Raw, hexagon-cut diamonds have become a big thing with jewelry designers.

These conflict-free diamonds have a natural, uneven surface that gives off a unique shimmer, making this style a hit with hip brides. You can customize the look even more, as shown in this “rebel band” with cool fire marks!

Perfectly Imperfect Stones

For the bride who prefers bold, non-traditional styles of jewelry, a raw gemstone might be the ideal choice.

Unsymmetrical and unpolished, not only are raw gemstones unconventional and unique, but there’s something so ethereal and mysterious about them. They’re not your cookie-cutter engagement ring option that’s for sure! 

Jewel Clustered Rings

The old saying goes that “diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” but that might not apply to you. 

The idea of a traditional engagement ring with a single diamond is a relatively new fad, historically speaking. Until the early 1900s, there were many options for diamonds that were just as popular, including emeralds, aquamarines, sapphires, and rubies.

You can even mix colorful gemstones to shine beautifully together. Have a jeweler designer craft an affordable, genuinely custom-made ring for you with personalized engraving included, the options are limitless! 

An important thing to note with non-diamond gemstones is their rating on the hardness scale. The lower the gem is on the scale, the easier it can break, chip or scratch. So keep that in mind!

Diamonds are the hardest, while rubies and sapphires are the next in line. Emeralds and aquamarines are a bit softer, and pearls are considered quite soft. 

A Knot Ring and a Kiss

Celtic knot jewelry features delicate curves that symbolize eternal love, and a Celtic knot ring is a meaningful way to seal your engagement like an everlasting kiss!

Legend has it that Richard Joyce, a young man from Galway, Ireland in the 17th century, was set to marry the love of his life when he was captured by Moors and sold into slavery.

He spent many enslaved years learning to be a goldsmith, and during his captivity, Richard created the first “Claddagh” Celtic ring in honor of his lost love.

The great news is, Richard got set free! He’s said to have returned to Ireland, where he found his love, still unmarried. He presented her with the Celtic ring on their wedding day, and they lived happily ever after.

Knot rings are customizable and can feature any type of stone. Silver knot rings are also a popular choice.

Lab-Created Luxury

What do you think about a lab-grown diamond?

Sure, it sounds weird at first, but if you’re forward-thinking or high-tech, you should know that lab-created engagement rings are ethical, luxurious-looking, and truly affordable compared to heavily-mined natural diamonds.

While natural diamonds take billions of years to form, lab-created diamonds are chemically identical and can be up to 60% less expensive than natural diamonds of the same size.

Modern Moissanite Stones

Natural or lab-created diamonds are made of carbon, while lab-grown Moissanite comes from pure silicon carbide. 

If you’re keen on a breathtaking custom ring that’s way less expensive than a diamond, Moissanite might be for you!

Moissanite refracts light more strongly than a diamond, making it noticeably more fiery and brilliant. While modern Moissanite is an artificial creation, it’s made with high clarity that’s practically blemish-free.

A Naked ‘n Nice Setting

A hugely popular custom ring setting (minus the huge cost) is a “naked” Moissanite engagement ring. It’s called “naked” because it’s a big single stone set on a slim platinum or gold band. 

As the designer has shown here, it isn’t necessary to spend $10,000 (or more!) on a blingy diamond ring.

Jewelers can customize and personalize your setting, making your huge engagement ring dreams come true.

Old but Oh-So Fashionable

Finding a rare or vintage-styled ring that was custom-designed for someone long ago is incredibly romantic! You are getting a one-of-a-kind piece that you can continue handing down for generations.

Because most antique jewelry resellers cannot provide original appraisals on vintage jewelry, do your homework and get a current appraisal and insurance.

Poised Princess-Cut Wedding Ring

A princess-cut engagement ring is easy to spot and stunning to behold. Its shape is simple but elegant, and it suits anyone who’s both modern and a classic romantic at heart!

While the traditional setting of a princess-cut stone is a square mounting in the band, a more modern take on this style is to tilt or angle the stone in its mount. Any way you place it, the effect is breathtaking!

Quartz Fit for a Queen

Do you want the opposite of the typical white diamond? Maybe an eye-catching, black quartz option will speak to you! 

Black rutilated quartz contains visible threads of the mineral rutile, and some mystical types believe that rutile stones have “celestial powers” that can elevate your soul. 

Rose Gold Radiance 

Rose gold hues look spectacular in engagement or wedding ring settings and complement every skin tone. When the focus is on the band, it’s even easier to customize the ring with a modern or untraditional center of your choosing. 

The custom ring shown here is a perfect example, with an elegant pearl that catches the rosy glow. 

Stunningly Stackable Rings

If you want a custom ring set that’s stackable (maybe an engagement ring and wedding band) that can be worn together or separately, consider this two-piece set that’s a one-of-a-kind creation.

Uniquely Untraditional Engagement Ring

Are you modern and untraditional? Then, don’t be afraid to show off your individuality with a unique, hand-made ring that is equal parts pure, raw, and passionate! 

Unconventional and alternative custom engagement rings are becoming a hit with brides-to-be, with kite-shaped stones, art deco geo-cuts, or signet bands with honeycomb windows becoming popular choices.

If you have a style or shape in mind, your custom ring options are practically endless.

A Very VS Diamond

If you’ve inherited a family heirloom wedding band, you can customize an engagement ring using a loose natural stone to create your dream setting. 

When you search for something like the round diamond pictured here, consider VS1 or VS2 clarity. VS stands for “very small” imperfections generally considered “eye-clean,” meaning you won’t notice anything but a beautiful sparkling diamond!

White Fiery Opal Ring

White diamond facets need light to sparkle, while the beauty of fiery white opals is the colors swirling within the smooth stone. 

Opals can be more fragile than gemstones like sapphires but are considered to have a similar hardness to thick glass. 

If you want a delicate but different band with a stone that’s wonderfully unique, the customized ring shown here is a showstopper!

Yes to Yellow Diamonds

Also called “canary” diamonds, naturally brilliant yellow diamonds occur because small amounts of nitrogen got captured in the stone. 

It’s important to note that white diamonds can turn yellowish, which is a negative quality. 

Genuine yellow diamonds are called “fancy colored diamonds” that command a high price worthy of their unique, striking appearance.

Zirconia Rocks

If you’re still undecided about a style of engagement ring, there’s a time and place for zirconia.

Trying out an inexpensive zirconia ring for a few weeks in a style of your choice can make your “real ring decision” that much easier. So rock that zirconia!

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