Beach Wedding Attire For Men

So you’re getting married on the beach – amazing! Tying the knot by the glimmering ocean, sand between your toes, while the sun shines down on you is truly wonderful.

There are numerous things to think about when planning a beach wedding, and at the top of that list is what to wear!

Beach wedding attire for men can be tricky to get right and there are lots of things to consider. Firstly, you want to look stylish, yet feel comfortable. Beach weddings may typically be more laid back than any other type of wedding, but you don’t want to be too informal. You will also need to be prepared for variable weather conditions.

Whether you are the groom, part of the wedding party, or a guest, we’ve got your back… here we break down the elements you need to think about when picking beach wedding attire for men for the big day. 

Clarify the Dress Code

Some couples won’t issue a dress code for their beach wedding, which means we can assume the vibe is beach casual.

It would be helpful if you knew this in advance, as some couples will still want their guests to go for some kind of formal wear, whether it’s a casual wedding or not. 

If you can’t find an official dress code on the website then you can always ask the couple or someone at the wedding party what the vibe is. Is it boho, classic, tropical, or super casual?

Choose a Summery Material

A beach wedding is not the time to wear your best full suit, so leave your tweed and wool at home! Instead, pick a much lighter material.

Some popular fabric options are cotton, silk, linen, seersucker, or bamboo.

These breathable fabrics work because they are lightweight and generally more suited to warmer climates. Remember, you want to be as cool as possible if the entire wedding day is going to be held under the sun! 

Wearing head-to-toe linen is always a smart choice, particularly for members of the wedding party. Linen suits work well because they are casual and light, but they also look smart, especially if a linen waistcoat is worn.

Top tip for wearing linen: linen tends to crease easily, so you will need to make sure your linen suit is freshly pressed and steamed. Ideally, this will be done on the morning of the wedding day. Don’t leave it folded up in a suitcase!

Here’s a great classic clean white linen shirt option:

And you can’t go wrong with a two-piece linen cream suit like this one:

What about a T-Shirt?

Hmmm. I know we said cotton is a good idea, but cotton t-shirts are probably too informal for a beach wedding, even if the dress code says “beach casual.”

Consider Light Colors

We love seeing a more natural and subtle color palette when it comes to beach wedding attire for men. Lighter colors give a more relaxed feel, not to mention they’re cooler!

Think about pairing a crisp white shirt with slacks or chinos in light olive or cream.

Pastel colors are also good options with light yellows and pale greens as fitting choices.

We particularly love this suit in pale blue:

Can Men Wear Pink to a Beach Wedding?

Hell yeah!

A soft coral or salmon color can look gorgeous when teamed with white. We’ve seen grooms and their groomsmen all sporting soft pink tones and we are here for it! As long as you feel comfortable, then it’s game on!

To Blazer or Not to Blazer?

We’ve talked about how beach weddings are relatively casual events, but does that mean you can ditch the suit jacket or blazer completely and just wear a shirt? Hmmm, it depends.

If there is a casual dress code, and you know that the guys in the wedding party (maybe the groom himself) are going to be wearing just a shirt then it’s all good to ditch your blazer. If you know they are planning something more formal then it might be a wise idea to wear a blazer to the wedding. 

We love this light green linen blazer:

Once you are there, you can read the vibe and assess whether it’s fine to leave the blazer somewhere and enjoy the breeze! 

If the temp dial hits 80 degrees then we say you’re okay to give yourself a break and remove the blazer… this is not a hard and fast rule, and if anyone asks just say you read it somewhere!!

What about Footwear?

You may need to take advice from the bride and groom on this one. 

If you are the bride or groom, then have you considered going barefoot for the wedding ceremony? I think there’s nothing better than having the sand beneath your toes as you say your vows. 

If this is the case, then it feels natural for the groomsmen and ushers to also be barefoot, if they are comfortable with that. But it comes down to how casual the whole wedding is.

I had a beach ceremony myself, and whilst my partner and I were both happily barefoot, everyone else wore shoes or sandals.

If you have chosen to wear long suit pants, then don’t wear sandals or flip flops with them. Also no sneakers! Just no. 

How about instead choosing a pair of close-toed loafers, minus the socks. We think that brown loafers still give you that classically stylish look.

Leather mules or deck shoes are also something to consider and are great for letting your feet breathe. A classic leather boat shoe for example:

This may not be everyone’s style, but for a more Boho style beach wedding, check out these leather mules:

You could also consider a bright color for your shoes – especially if your clothes are more neutral. A splash of color at the feet will be a treat!

A white leather option would also work well:

Should I Wear a Tie?

Even if you are wearing a button-up shirt don’t be afraid to lose the tie for a beach wedding. You will be far more comfortable and stay cooler that way. If it’s a very hot day, you may find that all the male guests take off their ties by mid-afternoon!

If you do choose to wear a tie, then how about picking something colorful with a print like this tropical vibes tie?

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