19 Thoughtful Mother of the Groom Gifts From The Bride

If there’s anything we’ve all learned from wedding movies over the years, it’s that relationships with in-laws can be tricky to build and navigate. 

A gift can be an excellent way to show someone that you care about them. Mothers of the groom are no exception to this rule.

By giving the mother of the groom a gift, you will show her not only that you value her, but also that you’re thinking of her on her son’s wedding day. This will make her feel as important as she is – after all, without her, your fiancé wouldn’t be here!

We’ve got a list of gifts for the mother of the groom from the bride, so you can show her how important she is to you and how much you love her. Read on for our gift ideas!

Wood Trinket Tray

Hexagon Wood Tray

Hexagon Wood Tray Made from Walnut Wood

The hexagon shape and deep stain of this wooden trinket tray are very mid-century modern, so it’ll look lovely sitting on the mother of the groom’s dresser or vanity.

The seller also provides an option for engraving the tray, so you can include a sweet message to your future mother-in-law. She’ll see your loving words every time she uses them for years to come!

Pearl and CZ Cuff Bracelet (and Optional Jewelry Set)

Pearl and CZ Cuff Bracelet

Cuff style bracelet with AAA grade cubic zirconia.

Pearls and diamonds are a classic combination, and cubic zirconias are an affordable, but still lovely replacement for pricier diamonds. With this pearl and crystal cuff bracelet, you have the option of including a personalized note. 

Mother of the Groom Robe

Mother of the Groom Robe

Nothing is sweeter than getting ready on your wedding day with your dearest loved ones.

A popular gift for the bride-to-be’s wedding party is matching robes. Why not get one for the mother of the groom too.

Robes are easy to get on and off, so they’re ideal for keeping hairdos and makeup looks intact on important days.

With fourteen different colors to choose from, this mother of the groom’s robe can match everyone else’s, or the mother of the bride’s, or can be distinct from the others. 

Mother of the Groom Candle

Personalized Mother of the Groom Wedding Gift

This candle is the perfect gift! Choose the perfect scent from our scent list and get ready to celebrate love.

This mother of the groom candle comes with an adorable label, complete with a spoof on the dictionary definition of what the mother of the groom is.

The label’s simplicity will allow it to blend in with any decor style your future mother-in-law has in her home.

There are loads of scents available,  including Mandarin and Peppercorn, Hazelnut Coffee, and, of course, Wedding Cake, so you can choose the scent that best fits her style. 

Personalized Message Keepsake

Personal Keepsake in the Shape of a Heart

Each ornament is beautifully crafted from glossy porcelain ceramic, measuring 3" wide and 2.75' tall, and includes satin ribbon in your color choice for hanging.

This lovely ivory heart-shaped keepsake comes with a sweet message stamped on its glossy ceramic surface.

You can personalize how you sign this message, and also can select from the different satin ribbon colors for a truly custom touch to this special gift.

Best of all, it’s delivered in an adorable gift pouch, so it’s ready to be presented to your future mother-in-law when it arrives.

Linked Circles Necklace

Linked Circles Necklace

Gemstone: Pearl. Style: Minimalist. Made to Order

With its two linked circles, this necklace sweetly symbolizes the way you and your mother-in-law will be forever linked when you marry her son. 

Plus, this hammered circles necklace comes with a cute little rhyming poem written on the packaging, which will definitely make it a memorable mother of the groom gift from the bride.

Mother of the Groom Tumbler

Mother of the Groom Tumbler

Mother of the Bride Tumbler or Mother of the Groom Tumbler.

An affordable and practical gift option, this mother of the groom tumbler can be customized according to her favorite colors and/or metallic finish.

It holds up to 20oz of liquid and comes with both a lid and a straw. It’s also insulated, which makes it perfect for use for both hot and cold beverages.

The lovely font that states her role will help ensure that everyone knows that she’s one of the VIPs of your wedding day!

Personalized Platter

Personalized Platter

This beautiful wedding platter is a beautiful mother of the bride gift or mother of the groom gift.

Platters are useful gifts – they can be used as home decoration, for serving food or cutlery, or both at different times! 

This handmade personalized platter is food-safe and can be customized with the mother of the groom or the parents of the groom’s monogram, as well as their role(s) in your wedding and your wedding date.

The platter comes packaged in a white box with a ribbon, so there’s no wrapping required on your part!

16-Ounce Soy Candle

Mother of The Groom Natural Soy Candle

Typical burn time: 60-80 hours. Reusable premium glass jars

In its reusable glass container with a loving message written on its label, this 16-ounce soy candle is a great gift choice for the mother of the groom.

Reviewers say it smells great and ships incredibly quickly, so it’s also a great choice for the bride who’s short on time!

Mother of the Groom T-Shirt

Are you having a destination wedding or a casual bridal shower? Then this mother of the groom t-shirt is perfect! 

There are over twenty colors to choose from, as well as six different sizes and over two dozen font colors, so you can get the shirt that’s perfect for her.

It’s also available in racerback tank and V-neck options, so if she’s not a crew neck type of gal, you don’t have to torture her with a unisex shirt! 

Lace Handkerchief

Lace Handkerchief

Pretty heart lace design wedding handkerchief is personalized with floral design single initial monogram, title and your wedding date.

This custom lace handkerchief can be personalized with the mother of the groom’s initials, her title as well as the date of your wedding.

The stitching is available in multiple colors, including ecru, lilac, pastel blue, burgundy, and silver-gray.

We love that this gift is not only sentimental and practical but it can also be repurposed into a small pillow front or a piece of wall art!

Mother of the Groom Mug

Mother of the Groom Mug

All products are made with professional outdoor vinyl

If your future MIL is an avid coffee or tea drinker, consider giving her this mother of the groom mug.

With the capacity for up to twelve ounces of liquid, it’s generously sized, so she can nurse that cup of tea or coffee as long as she likes.  

Ceramic Trinket Box

Ceramic Heart Keepsake Box or Jewelry Box

This lovely jewelry box would be a perfect gift for any mom and one that could be enjoyed all year around.

This ceramic trinket box will always come in handy. There are four different designs to choose from for the top of this trinket box, as well as four messages that can be stamped inside it.

No matter which message and design you pick, this box is sure to be both a great place to store her treasures and something she can treasure for a long time!

Mother of the Groom Canvas Tote Bag

There are so many things that the mother of the groom might need on her son’s wedding day. Why not make her life a little easier with a cute canvas tote bag.

Available in “large” or “jumbo” sizes, she’ll be able to keep all her goodies together in a safe, and stylish place.

Mother of the Groom Foil Print

Mother of the Groom Foil Print

This is such a beautiful print that shines beautifully.

We think this foil print of a sweet, rhyming poem from a bride to the mother of the groom is such a touching gift!  It can be customized with names, colors and your wedding date.

Simply place it in a lovely frame, and you’ll have a great gift for your future mother-in-law. 

Mother of the Groom Stemless Wine Glass

Engraved Wine Glass

Each stemless wine glass comes engraved with the title and font of your choice with an option to add a name or quote on the back of the glass with our Double-Sided engraving feature.

With sixty different font options and options for single- or double-sided engravings, this stemless wine glass can be customized to perfectly match the style of the mother of the groom. 

The text is laser engraved on the glass, so you won’t have to worry about it flaking off – well, ever! 

Hidden Photo Clutch

Hidden Photo Clutch

This unique purse makes the perfect keepsake christmas gift.

This hidden photo clutch is as sentimental as it is beautiful. From the outside, it looks like a simple, elegant clutch with little pearls sewn onto it, perfect for carrying everything she’ll need on her son’s wedding day.

But take a peek inside and your future MIL will find a picture of her and her son. It’s a thoughtful gift that’ll last a lifetime.

Plush Mother of the Groom Robe

Plush Mother of the Groom Robe

Custom Long robes for Mother of the Bride, Mother of the Groom and bridesmaids.

If you’re having a winter wedding, you may want to consider giving a cozy, fluffy robe instead of a silk one to your wedding party. This plush robe can be customized with names on the front pocket and wedding party roles on the back.

Birthstone Initial Necklace

Birthstone Initial Necklace

This family tree necklace is a personalized treasure featuring the birthstones and initials of your loved ones.

Whether your future mother-in-law has one or more children, you can honor her role in their lives by giving her this birthstone initial necklace. 

The pendants on the necklace create a vine made from leaves of her children’s initials and birthstones. Around her neck, she’ll always have her children close to her heart.

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