15 Chalkboard Wedding Signs That’ll Give Off That Rustic Vibe

Whether you’re planning a rustic or bohemian wedding, chalkboard signs are an attractive and effective wedding décor trend that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

A craze almost as popular as the mason jar, the chalkboard has taken the rustic wedding scene by storm! 

Both versatile and highly original, a chalkboard sign adds a warm and personal touch to any wedding ceremony or reception, whilst also providing handy guest information! 

Everything from those very important seating assignments and food labels, to simple table numbers and a polite request to ‘please turn off all phones,’ is easily presented on a nifty yet shabby chic chalkboard!

Here are some of our favorites… 

Our Favorite Wedding Chalkboard Sign Ideas

Tabletop Chalkboard Easel

20" Chalkboard Sign Easel

You're viewing a handmade, solid wood framed chalkboard sign easel to add a touch some rustic charm to your space.

This sweet little chalkboard easel would look adorable placed on top of a table. 

The freestanding easel can be ordered blankly or with a personalized hand-lettered message.

With its simple walnut frame and rustic chain stand design, this little easel could blend in perfectly at any wedding.

Small Chalkboard and Wooden Stand

Chalkboard Sign with Stand

All personalized orders are hand-lettered with erasable liquid chalk markers or permanent paint pens if requested.

This chalkboard and stand are perfect for some understated and straightforward signage. 

Measuring eight by ten inches, it’s perfect for labeling a gift table or other specified reception area.

In addition, the dark walnut stand provides a durable and stylish option for displaying your sign. 

These signs are available blank, so you can add your personal touch, or can be delivered with a custom hand-lettered message. 

Arched Chalkboard Standing Easel

15 inch Mini Tabletop Wooden A-Frame Double

Antique design wooden rectangular freestanding A-frame tabletop chalkboard easel.

This lovely arched chalkboard easel with an antique white frame is perfect for adding some rustic charm to your wedding. 

Its large size makes it ideal for an entrance sign, either at your ceremony or reception venue.

The sign comes with custom hand-lettering, which can be done in white or another requested color. Plus the easel is double-sided, meaning messages can be written on both sides. 

As a helpful service, the artist can do the lettering in either permanent acrylic paint or high-quality chalk markers if you want to reuse the sign. 

Personalized Vinyl Chalkboard Decals

Personalized Wedding Decal

This lovely personalized wedding decal goes on without the mess of paint making it the perfect DIY project for your special day!

You may already have a chalkboard picked out but you’re at a loss on how to decorate it. Well, personalized vinyl decals are the easy solution!

This particular vinyl decal set can be applied to any clean, nonporous surface and can be made in a selection of 60 different colors. 

The decals come with a personalized welcome message in delicate lettering and an adorable floral frame. 

Chalkboard Sign in Wooden Frame

Custom Wedding Sign

This personalized sign will welcome your guests to your wedding in style! Name and date are personalized with each order, and wording can also be changed if desired.

This sign is the perfect option if you want something simple.

Your personalized wedding welcome message is applied to the chalkboard with high-quality vinyl lettering, making it look like it’s been hand-painted. 

In terms of style, the laurel vinyl design is elegant and charming, while the stained wooden frame adds grace and class.

A-Frame Double-Sided Standing Chalkboard

A-Frame Double-Sided Standing Chalkboard

Constructed with high-quality materials MDF and pine, our chalkboard can well withstand the strong wind for it’s A-frame style, which also offers you a reliable and durable using experience.

This A-frame double-sided standing chalkboard is another excellent option for the main welcome sign to your event. 

It has a classic and artistic feel and its wooden frame is available in either a rustic or white finish.

This sign also has an erasable chalkboard on both sides, making it highly customizable and reusable. 

We love this chalkboard sign idea for any bride with an artistic side who wants to add her personal flair to the wedding.

Hand-Finished and Sealed Chalkboard Welcome Sign

Chalkboard Wedding or Reception Welcome Sign

Use this beautiful wedding sign to invite guests into your wedding ceremony or reception - beautiful in pictures and to use throughout your big day.

For those interested in a wedding welcome sign that can serve as a lifelong memento of your special day, getting a quality personalized chalkboard sign can be a great way to go.

This sign can work well as either decor or a prop for wedding photos and has been sealed with a high-quality sealer to ensure that the sign will not chip or fade with age. 

Floral Chalkboard Wedding Sign

Large Chalkboard

The final project of the artwork will be determined by the quality of the printer and either the paper or card that you choose.

This sign exudes femininity and elegance.

Available as a digital download, the template includes the perfect black chalkboard background, a personalized welcome sign with an excellent typography design, and—our favorite part—beautiful vintage-style illustrations of flowers.

Not only is this design perfect for the couple looking to add some extra romantic touches to their decor, but the flexibility of a downloadable printable sign allows you to incorporate it into a variety of locations and sign styles. 

Hanging Chalkboard Sign

Hanging Chalkboard Sign

This sign is made of chalkboard and will make the perfect addition to any wall in your home or office.

Sometimes it can be helpful to have a sign mounted on the wall, and what’s more charming than a folksy hanging chalkboard sign?

This vertical sign is the perfect blank canvas to add any welcome message or an informational label you desire. 

Mini Chalkboard Sign with Stand

Personalized Small Chalkboard Signs

These personalized Chalkboard Signs are perfect for labeling food, or just adding to your table decor.

Smaller chalkboard signs are a great way to label your reception tables!

These signs have cute little wooden stands and come in various shapes, including rectangle, cloud, and butterfly. 

This specific chalkboard option is also a nice compromise between being reusable and having professional lettering. 

The sign will come with a custom message in vinyl, but the chalkboard is fully functional and reusable once the vinyl is removed.  

Simple Handmade Personalized Sign

Custom Chalkboard Sign

Acrylic paint or chalk marker used, depending on request of buyer.

This sign is so simple and attractive, making it ideal for coordinating with various wedding aesthetics. But what really makes this an excellent product is how customizable it is!

The artist is willing to work closely with the client to craft the desired message. This can range from a simple wedding welcome sign to the entire outline of the seating chart.

Miniature Hanging Chalkboard

Mini Hanging Chalkboard for Wedding Receptions

Our Mini chalkboards come in a set of 5, 10, or 20 ready-to-assemble writable chalkboards for your table numbers, name tags, buffet / dessert tables labels, etc. 

These sets of mini hanging chalkboard signs are perfect for labeling tables and other special areas at your ceremony or reception venue. 

Petite signs framed in a lovely scalloped white trim can be added to doorknobs, buffet tables, and more. They would even work great as an extra hospitable touch for any guests staying at the hotel. 

The signs come in packs of multiples and are double-sided, making them an ideal option for highly personalized and consistent stylistic signage throughout your wedding event. 

Tiny Standing Chalkboard Sign

Table Number Sign

Circular stands are in a natural wood color and are removable from the chalkboard/stick portion if you wanted to insert into something as a label.

Speaking of tiny chalkboard signs, these might be the best table number signs on this list!

These mini signs come with light wooden stands that make them perfect for table labeling.

For additional versatility, the rounded stands on the bottom of the signs’ sticks are detachable, allowing for them to be placed into floral arrangements or other decor items if deemed necessary. 

Custom Rustic Wedding Chalkboard Sign

Custom Wedding Bar Sign

This custom 8 x 10" chalkboard sign is perfect for a rustic, bohemian, or classic wedding! It’s highly visible for all guests to make a quick choice at your open or cash bar.

This rustic chalkboard would make a great wedding bar sign! 

It’s just the right size for listing a two-drink menu, making it a good match for a wedding that will feature signature cocktails for the bride and groom.

Each sign is personalized with white lettering and for additional customization, couples can choose from several different wood stains for the frame. 

Small Chalkboard Easel with White Frame

Chalkboard Sign Easel

Due to the fact that each frame is produced from solid wood, there may be slight differences in the picture with the frame, such as the color tone and the knot places of the tree.

This cute little easel is a nice, versatile chalkboard option.

Depending on the style of your wedding, the easel would work well as a welcome sign, table label, or extra informational piece.

The easel comes in a rustic white frame and as either a blank chalkboard or with your personalized message.

Personalization options are quite flexible and can feature charming and colorful illustrations to accompany the sign’s message. 

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