18 Exciting Medieval Wedding Cakes for Your Big Day

No foray into medieval wedding cakes would be complete without a history lesson. So, grab a notebook, brides, and settle in!

The medieval era is often referred to as the Dark Ages, but that doesn’t mean your cake or wedding vision has to be! As hectic as the Middle Ages were, we’re glad you landed here today to learn more about how to honor that medieval vibe without all the unnecessary… chaos.

You may be dreaming about a wedding party celebration that would make the attendees of your local Renaissance Festival jealous, and you wouldn’t be too far off the mark!

If you want a wedding fashioned in the medieval genre, you’ll want to be thinking about things such as gorgeous cathedral styles, kingdoms, royalty, and maybe even tiptoe into the fantasy world with dragons, princesses, Vikings, and castles.

Join us on our quest to uncover some seriously brilliant medieval wedding cake ideas!

How To Decorate a Medieval Wedding Cake

There are so many ways to achieve that fantastical, towering look for your medieval wedding cake. You could turn the entire cake into a castle, with tiers and battlements, and even go that extra step and get a custom dragon to perch on top!

Most wedding cakes are baked in round cake tins, but you can experiment with cakes of different shapes- think square cakes, or even hexagonal! You can also mix up the shapes of your cake layers to get an extra luxurious look.

Want something romantic? Turn your cake into a truly royal affair, with a red cape, gems, and loads of flowers. 

Many medieval cakes also incorporate several tiers with gold flourishes, emblematic of a kingdom or royalty. Think fleur-de-lis decor, lion motifs, and rich fabric designs!

If you’re not sure what kind of cake you want, you can always go rustic and simple. “Naked cakes” are super en vogue and can always be dressed up with fresh fruits and flowers to make them look like something out of a woodland dream. 

Does your knight in shining armor want some weaponry on the wedding cake? Opt for fondant decorations. You can find some beautiful cakes with awesome-looking weapons that are lightweight, edible, and can hold up the entire night!

Alternative Medieval Wedding Desserts

Banquets and feasts were common during those times (if you could afford them!) so it’s fitting for a wedding theme.

When it comes to desserts, accurate medieval weddings would have tons of fruits, cheese, pies, and a variety of bread to end their feast. 

The medieval times were tough for many, and while wedding cake wasn’t a “thing” per se, people shared their goods and wares during the celebration. In honor of that, make sure you have plenty to go around! Cakes were small; almost cookie-sized and seasoned with honey and various spices with dried fruit.

If you want to decorate your feast in true medieval spirit, you’ll want to have plenty of grains, dried flowers, nuts, and herbs to decorate. Roses and lavender were popular choices, as well as chamomile and rosemary.

Popular medieval dessert flavors that are easy enough to obtain in our day and age include strawberry and elderflower, lemon and lavender, dried fruits and crushed nuts, and pear and apple… just to name a few. Fresh fruit pies are easy enough to procure for a wedding, and would bring a rustic feel to your medieval event!

Read on for some more ideas of things to incorporate into your dream medieval wedding cake vision!

Gothic Beeswax Candles

These drippy beauties look straight out of a medieval tavern, and that’s what makes them necessary! To get the true medieval vibe, candles are your best friend. 

Go flameless if you want (they’re safer!) but the look of a flickering, warm, flame is tough to replace. These are made with hemp wicks, which will give a crackling sound while they burn- a delight for the senses!

“Sword in the Stone” Medieval Wedding Cake Topper

Merlin’s Beard! Now you can have your very own “Sword In The Stone” moment with your King Arthur. 

Whether or not you choose to make your wedding cake look like a massive stone… that’s up to you! (We’d advise not to… unless you want to fully commit!)

Medieval Wine Chalice and Goblet Glass

Another major accessory you’ll need to complete the medieval look is a chalice or goblet to toast from!

Whether you serve wine or want some bubbly champagne for your first toast, these goblets would be perfect for celebrating a wedding in a medieval style!

Pewter Dragon Heart Wedding Cake Server

Celebrate you and your love’s flame with these pewter dragon heart-shaped cake servers! Cutting the wedding cake is such a symbolic part of all weddings, so why not do it with style?

Dragons are historically eternal beings, so what better way to symbolize this new chapter with the love of your life?

Thick Wood Slice Cake Stand for Medieval Wedding Cakes

There are a few ways to go medieval with displaying your wedding cake! We wanted to include both ends of the spectrum to cover all tastes- so here we are, back to basics, with a beautiful rustic wood slab cake stand. 

Medieval aesthetics included a lot of nature, especially for those who didn’t live in castles. If you want to keep things organic and go for that woodland look, check out this wood slice.

Rhinestone and Silver Leaf Tiara

No soon-to-be-married maiden would feel complete without her tiara! This dainty silver crown is serving up some seriously romantic medieval vibes.

When you cut the cake, you’ll want to look like a princess; this tiara will be key!

Medieval Gear Silicone Mold

This one’s for all of you determined DIY brides who are not only crafty but also great at baking! If you’re one of those brides who miraculously has the time to bake her wedding cake, we bow down to you!

A medieval mold will be a necessity when making fondant or chocolate weapons for your cake. Not only historically accurate but also tasty, your guests will be blown away by these incredible-looking weapons forged from the modern silicone mold.

Cinnamon Sugar Candied Almonds

These would make a great wedding favor because you can’t go wrong with edible party favors!

Fun fact: it became a practice in the 16th century to offer your wedding guests some sort of small gift as a sign of gratitude… and guess what the gifts were?

Traditionally, five Jordan almonds were given to represent well wishes: health, wealth, fertility, longevity, and happiness. These almonds were often utilized by the upper class during medieval times, so if you want to stay historically accurate, here’s a great way to do so!

Personalized Wax Seal With Adhesive Backing

This is a two-parter to follow up after the almonds because obviously, you’ll need something to close the favor bags with!

Check out these beautiful golf wax seals that can be customized with your initials; they have an adhesive backing for super easy sticking- no need to mess with drippy wax!

Keepsake Glass Knight and Princess Cake Topper

This handblown wedding cake topper is simply stunning. At over 6″ tall, the knight can be finished with gold, silver, or in your choice of metal color. 

The princess bride holds a bouquet and stands next to her champion. This is truly a decadent work of art that will stand the test of time, much like your marriage!

Norse Fondant Runes Dessert Decorations

Whether you’re planning a celebration that has Nordic, Wiccan, Viking, or Gothic themes, you have to get some of these adorable fondant runes. Originally used as symbols of protection, these runes almost look too good to eat!

These could be placed around your wedding cake for a little extra special detail, or individually on a cupcake or smaller wedding dessert treat!

Ornate Three-Piece Cake Stand

These three cake stands measure 8″, 10″, and 12″ in diameter- perfect for your cakes or cupcakes! We love the royal gold look for showing off your medieval wedding cake. 

The details are so important when throwing a themed celebration and you can’t go wrong with touches of gold!

Rose Heart Cake Topper

This gorgeously symbolic pewter rose cake topper is perfect for a medieval-themed wedding. With this sitting atop your cake, guests will ooh and ahh over the timelessly romantic intertwined rose vines. 

Medieval Soft Springerle Tea Cakes

Flesh out your dessert table with these beautiful European springerle cookies!

Not only do these taste delectable with their flavorful and light body, but are also designed with florals, crowns, woodland creatures, and other medieval motifs.

If you’re thinking about something alternative, having these little tea cakes on the table will be a delightful addition!

Custom Initial Viking Couple Wedding Cake Topper

Want to go the Nordic route? Snag this acrylic custom Viking couple cake topper! 

With two swords and a shared shield, you two will be set up to slay whatever life throws at you after the wedding! 

Medieval Castle Table Name Cards

Point your guests to ye olde dessert table with these charming table signs!

There’s a variety of sizes to suit your needs, and this wee little detail will make the entire look come together. 

Large Princess Carriage Gingerbread

This charming gingerbread showcases a princess in her wedding carriage! It’s such a pretty addition to a medieval dessert table feast, with its detailed ornate horses and carriage.

Made from rice pastry flour, this delectable treat is not too sweet and ships in packs of three. This gingerbread cookie is almost a foot long, which is also unique!

Game of Thrones Inspired Dragon Cake Topper

This one is for all you Dragon queens and Game of Thrones fans. Get those medieval dragon vibes on your cake while paying homage to this awesome show!

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