12 Lego Wedding Cake Toppers To Add for a Personal Touch

If you’re getting married, there are hundreds of things to do before your big day. If it weren’t for your support system of a wedding planner, wedding party, and of course, your fiance, you might not be able to plan everything on your own. It’s easy to delegate and skip over details to make things easier. 

However, there are some details you don’t want to miss! Your cake topper can be simple, or it can be unique and fun. If you (or your fiance) love Legos and want a special way to celebrate each other, a Lego cake topper is an amazing way to go. 

Well, if you’re looking for a unique wedding cake topper, we’ve got you covered! You don’t have to search the internet to find a perfectly customizable cake topper made of Legos. We’ve done the work for you and are excited to help you complete this step of the wedding planning process. 

Lego Wedding Cake Topper Ideas

There are two different kinds of Lego cake toppers–the Minifigure toppers and the Lego structures. Because of the beauty of the internet and independent artists, almost all of these are customizable. There are ways to make Lego cake toppers that look like you to add the perfect touch to your wedding cake! 

Create Your Own Minifigure

Personalised Mini-figures on Brick Made Using Up-cycled

Check out the high quality minifigures with affortable price we've got on offer that you won't find anywhere else! Surprise your loved ones with this unique gift.

Perhaps the simplest way to go about getting Minifigures for the top of your cake is just to order custom Minifigures from Etsy. Send in a picture of yourself (and your partner), and this site will make custom Minifigures for each of you! You’ll have to order them separately, but you can build your Minifigure and keep them forever. 

The nice thing about this shop is that you can personalize your character. You can send in pictures of you and your fiance and request a wedding dress or suit for each of them! While there might be an upcharge for unique costumes, you should be able to find the perfect match (although we know you already have one). 

Lego Minifigure Bridal Centerpiece

LEGO Minifigure Wedding Favour Set

Bring a touch of LEGO® magic to your wedding celebrations with this charming buildable wedding favor set, featuring a minifigure bride and groom with a bouquet and a golden ring, plus a wedding arch decorated with flowers and hearts. 

The easiest way to get the bride and groom outfits is to buy the marriage set from Lego! If you want to put together your bridal centerpiece, buy the set and put it together as a fun couple’s activity. If the couple doesn’t look like you, use the outfits and find other heads/hair from Lego sets. This is the ultimate DIY Lego cake topper! 

Customized Bride Lego Minifigure

Custom Design Minifigure - Wedding Bride

Our custom minifigures are created using a mixture of genuine LEGO and custom brand parts.

There are many Lego sets with suits and way more Lego men than women, so it’s not super hard to find enough pieces to make a groom Minifigure. One of the most significant issues with making a Lego cake topper is that there aren’t a ton of options for women in the Minifigure world! 

However, if you’ve found your groom (both in human and Lego form), you can save yourself a lot of time and energy by just buying this customizable bride Minifigure! The Etsy artist will make the Minifigure look as much like you as possible, so you don’t have to do it yourself. 

Customized Names Lego Wedding Couple

Build Your Own Lego Brick Wedding Cake Topper

Made/ designed to order I can make minifigure to suit most brides and grooms and can change the colour of the hearts loads of colour available!

If you like the official Lego set for the wedding, you’ll love this customized version! It’s put together with the pieces from the Lego set, but with some bonuses. You’ll be able to change the hair color of the bride or groom and facial expressions on either one. 

Bride and Groom Lego Wedding Cake Toppers

Wedding Bride with Blonde Hair & Groom

Wedding Bride with Blonde Hair & Groom with Waistcoat Minifigures with Flowers Made From LEGO Parts.

The Lego bride and groom sets are nice, but the style of the dress and suit don’t match all weddings. This set, however, has a little bit of a different look. The bride is blonde (but you can change that), and both have different outfits. 

The groom is wearing a light gray waistcoat with a pocket watch (no suit coats here!). He also has a top hat, but you can switch that out for hair. The bride has the traditional bridal gown bottom, but her top doesn’t have the same shaped corset top as the standard set. Instead, she has a simple floral top. 

Scottish Couple Cake Toppers

Do you have an even more unique wedding outfit? More specifically, are you getting married in Scotland or with a Scottish theme? If your husband is wearing a kilt at your wedding, don’t worry – you can be represented in Lego Minifigures as well! 

This bride has a simple white dress (no decorations) and a bouquet. The groom has a shock of orange hair (an orange Lego hairpiece is hard to find), a traditional top, and a red kilt. It’s perfect for your Scottish wedding! 

3-D Lego Wedding Couple

Custom Bride and Groom Wedding Cake Topper

This Custom Bride and Groom set made from LEGO® elements is just the thing!

Minifigures are great, but there’s only so much you can do with them. They’re small, so they might not be easily seen on top of a cake. Minifigures also aren’t very traditional and are fun but not pretty. However, these toppers are different. 

These custom-made bride and groom cake toppers are the first in a series of magnificent Lego statues. They aren’t Minifigures but are instead cake toppers made of Legos. The beauty of these (and the next few) cake toppers is that they can look exactly like you and your future spouse. 

Custom Bride and Groom Legos

Custom Bride and Groom Wedding Cake Topper

I can make it as close in LEGO as possible. Changing the hair, skin tone (tan or brown), style of dress, color of flowers, and color of cummberbund. I can even give the groom a top hat.

What’s the biggest problem with Lego characters? They’re almost all white (or, more accurately, yellow). The lack of diversity in the Lego world can be disappointing if you aren’t white and still want to include Legos on top of your cake. However, this topper can help with that. 

This cake topper is the same as the one before, except that the bride and groom are black. The diversity doesn’t stop there, however. You can make the couple interracial or have two brides or two grooms! All customizations are available upon request, and the artist is very accommodating. 

Bride Holding Groom Cake Topper

Custom Bride holding Groom Wedding Cake Topper

Have a fun and unique Wedding Cake Topper for the Big Day!

Give your guests a touch of accuracy and humor with this customizable figure. In it, the bride is carrying the groom. This twist on the classic pose makes for a good laugh and a memorable cake topper. In addition, you can change the couple’s hair and skin tone to match your’s and your fiance’s! 

Bride Dragging Groom Cake Topper

Bride Dragging Groom Cake Topper

This Custom Bride dragging Groom set made from LEGO® elements.

Another classic wedding stereotype is played out on top of this cake. If you’ve done all the work and your soon-to-be-husband isn’t much help in the planning, get this cake topper as a way to tease him about it. If he doesn’t laugh, some of your guests are sure to. The Lego bride is dragging the groom, and both can be customized. 

Leia and Han Solo Lego Set

Leia and Han Storm Trooper Wedding Cake Topper

If you're a die-hard Star Wars fan this is the wedding cake topper for you. Classic Princess Leia and Han in Stormtrooper armor.

If you’re going to express your nerdiness with a Lego wedding cake topper, why not go all the way? The most iconic Lego franchise is the Lego Star Wars toys and games, and this custom-made Han and Leia cake topper is the perfect way to express your love for each other (other than, “I love you.” “I know.”).

Leia’s iconic side buns are non-negotiable, but her hair color, skin, and flower color can be changed to match yours! And while Han will always be in a stormtrooper outfit, you can change his physical details to match the groom. There’s even a little droid off to the side! 

Lego Mario and Peach Toppers

Mario and Princess Peach Wedding Cake Topper

The hair and skin tone of both the bride and groom can be changed. Flowers on bouquet can be any color (as long as its available in LEGO).

Continuing in the theme of nerdy Lego cake toppers, this Mario and Princess Peach set is available for fans of classic video games. It’s remarkably clever how they’re put together from various Lego pieces, from Peach’s curly hair to Mario’s mustache. 

In addition to the delight of Peach and Mario, you can customize this set even further! You can change the skin tone and hair color of either to match yourself and your significant other. Essentially, this pair is perfect for gamer weddings (or a princess marrying a plumber, I suppose). 

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