32 Awesome Junior Bridesmaid Gift Ideas They’ll Keep Forever

If you’re a bride that comes from a big, close-knit family, no doubt you’ll have a lot to consider when it comes to choosing bridesmaids. 

You might choose your sister, or long-time bestie to be your maid-of-honor, but when it comes to bridesmaids, there’s a lot more flexibility!

Your friends and cousins are great candidates to join your bridal party… but what about the younger members of the family?

If they’re quite young, typically they’d be a flower girl or ring bearer. But if you have a preteen niece or cousin that you adore, consider asking her to be a junior bridesmaid!

No doubt the younger generations tend to appreciate unique and trendy gifts, so we’ve gathered a list of 33 awesome, age-appropriate junior bridesmaid gift ideas to thank and celebrate the youngest member of your bride squad!

Tie The Knot Jr. Bridesmaid Bracelet

Tie The Knot Jr. Bridesmaid Bracelet

Bracelets are available with a Gold, Silver and Rose Gold finish.

A dainty gold piece of jewelry is sure to be a hit with your junior bridesmaid! They’ll feel like a part of your crew, especially if the rest of the bridesmaids have one too.

You can choose from gold, rose gold, and silver- and be sure to pick out a fun box color for this effortless gift!

Customized Tumblr

Customized Tumblr

These acrylic tumblers are personalized with the name of your choice.

Drinkware will always be a popular gift, and everybody loves things with their name on them!

Gift these lovely skinny tumblers to your junior bridesmaid in a color they’ll squeal about. 

We are big fans of the many combinations of tumbler and font color! 

Jr. Bridesmaid Proposal Card

Jr. Bridesmaid Proposal Card

Each folded card measures 5.5 x 4.25 inches, is printed on premium white card stock and comes with an envelope color of your choice. It is packaged in a waterproof clear sleeve.

Commemorate this super special proposal moment with this beautiful card. Your junior bridesmaid will be sure to cherish this memory since it’s a pretty big deal to be asked to be part of the bridal party!

You can customize hair colors, robes, skin tone, and hand accessories to really make this card uniquely yours. She’ll appreciate this keepsake after the big day is over.

Pearl Airpods Case with Wrist Chain

Pearl Airpods Case with Wrist Chain

The WOW effect of this protective cover has already spread through our social networks and product blogs. It is definitely a gorgeous piece, and one can be used as a stand for your Airpods.

With so many trendy accessories, we just had to include this luxurious-looking AirPod case! We can’t get over the adorable pearl wrist chain, too. 

Any preteen who loves their AirPods needs a protective case (clumsy kids, right?), so why not gift her this unique case- it’s guaranteed her friends will ogle it!

Teen Spa Gift Set – Junior Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Teen Spa Gift Set - Junior Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Small Green Beauty Gift Box includes: Hydrating face mask, under-eye pads, hand cream, peel-off mask, scrunchie, 2 bath bombs, assortment of gourmet chocolate.

We think it’s never too late to introduce young adults to the concept of self-care. This adorable bridesmaid gift box has everything a young girl could want to relax and pamper herself with!

There are two sizes, and both have bath goodies, treats, and facial masks aplenty.

Make sure your junior bridesmaid gets the same attention as the rest of the bridesmaids and let her feel like she’s a queen (in training), too.

Bridesmaid Proposal Scrunchie

Bridesmaid Proposal Scrunchie

These bridesmaid proposal scrunchies will make a perfect first impression for your bridesmaids and show them how important those little details are.

Again with the puns! Kids love puns, and kids with long hair love scrunchies!

If you’re an elder millennial like us, you may be confused as to why scrunchies seemed to become trendy all of a sudden. 

While we don’t have all the answers (but trust us when we say, we pray that low-waisted flared jeans never see the light of day again), one thing’s for sure: this delightful, velvety scrunchie is sure to be a hit with your junior bridesmaid. 

Soft Satin Pajama Set

Women's Classic Satin Pajama Set

Nicely tailored Satin Pajama Set with one front pocket on chest.

There comes a time when pajamas go from childish and kiddie-themed, to a bit more grown-up.

Surprise your teenage bridesmaid with her own super soft satin set of pajamas to wear whilst getting ready on the wedding day!

We love that these come in blush, silver, and blue with the option of personalizing them with initial and name.

Harry Styles Candle

Legend has it that if you whisper “Harry Styles” three times in a mirror, a mob of shrieking middle school girls will appear out of nowhere. Maybe don’t take our word for it, but instead, gift this candle to Harry Styles’ #1 fan. 

You can get everything from a set of wax melts to a 16-ounce candle in scents ranging from “Watermelon Sugar” (swoon) to “Surprise Me”!

Junior Bridesmaid T-shirt

Junior Bridesmaid Shirts

Solid colors: 100% Cotton; Heather Grey: 90% Cotton, 10% Polyester; All Other Heathers: 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester.

This perfect little comfy tee is a great gift for the day after the wedding. At brunch, she’ll be super excited to tell her best friend about the awesome time she had as part of a wedding party! 

Crystal Beaded Positivity Bracelet

As the world spins madly on, few things give as much comfort as knowing that the kids will all save us someday. With their relentless optimism and positivity, we hope the world will be a better place in the future. 

Give the young pre-teen optimist this beautiful crystal bracelet made with gems such as jasper and black tourmaline, and empower her to be confident, just like you!

Unicorn Frappe Bath Bomb

If we had to mash every trend into one, we’d end up with this Unicorn Frappe bath bomb. We’re still not sure if this is an actual thing you can order from Starbucks, so let’s just pretend. 

Made with Epsom salt, coconut, and essential oils, these are sure to be a hit!

These bath bombs come in a range of sizes and would look great nestled in a gift box with other goodies.

Monogrammed Jewelry Box

Monogrammed Jewelry Box

This box can be used to store several rings, earrings, and dainty bracelets or necklaces and is perfect for travel!

This jewelry box is so cute and sparkly, and now we want one too!

The box comes in white or blush, which screams bridal, and the interior is just perfect for bracelets, rings, and earrings. 

Consider putting a small piece of jewelry inside for her to wear on the big day! Keep reading for an idea in that department…

Junior Bridesmaid Initial Bracelet

Pearls are a classic choice for bridal jewelry, and any junior bridesmaid will feel extra grown with this bracelet.

There are a lot of colored pearl options, as well as a charm and initial, so you can customize it to her liking. 

Don’t forget to gift her that little keepsake jewelry box for her future collection of accessories!

Radiating Rainbow Neon Gift Box

Radiate Positivity Neon Rainbow Gift Box for Girls

Packed with fun and positive products this box is meant for your favorite radiant girl! Perfect for almost any celebration this box is sure to make her smile!

Rainbows are such a timeless trend for young girls. This box is so fun, with its neon light, pen and pad, and other assorted goodies.

Your junior bridesmaid is going to be beaming ear to ear with this beautiful gift. You know that neon rainbow light is going to make her room on point. 

Comfy Ruffled Robe

Comfy Ruffled Robe

Personalized Robes with a ruffle trim and her name printed in a pretty script make a pretty gift for your junior bridesmaids.

A ruffled robe for everyone, we say! Include your junior bridesmaid in the fun (and pictures!) with an adorable, comfy robe.

She’ll appreciate the personalization, too, so choose a foil color she’ll like!

Monogrammed Card Holder

Monogrammed Card Holder

Slipping seamlessly into back pockets with its compact profile, this card holder is crafted in iconic saffiano leather and features a clean cut minimalist aesthetic

Part of the ritual of emerging adulthood is responsibility.

As some of us remember, by the time you’re in high school, you were typically responsible for your school ID card, maybe a bus card and cash card. 

Gift this simple monogrammed cardholder to your junior bridesmaid. They come in funky colors like sea foamy mint green and baby pink- you can match them to her school colors or her favorite color!

Sterling Silver and Pearl Necklace

Sterling Silver and Pearl Necklace

This all 925 Sterling Silver personalized Jr Bridesmaid thank you necklace with a Swarovski crystal pearl and a hand stamped initial heart charm makes a perfect bridal party gift.

Jewelry is never a bad choice for a preteen. They love the stuff, and we can’t blame them. 

A great way to say thank you for standing by your side is with this beautiful sterling silver and pearl necklace. It’s truly a chic keepsake that she will remember for a long time. 

Junior Bridesmaid Tote

Junior Bridesmaid Tote

Use this bag to fill with all types of goodies for you and your best girls!

When it comes to totes, you can never have enough! 

This tote can be filled with so many goodies! Any girl will feel properly included in the group with a bag like this. 

Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Camera

Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Camera

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Camera with a matching personalized hand-debossed case will be the cutest, funnest gift she will ever get!

Here’s a fun idea- if your junior bridesmaid is into photography (most kids love being handed a camera), gift her this adorable mini Instax camera and let her run wild. 

You’ll be guaranteed to get some priceless photos, and she can also reuse the camera later!

Junior Bridesmaid Gift Box

Junior Bridesmaid Gift Box

This junior bridesmaid proposal box is the perfect way to ask "Will You Be Junior Bridesmaid?" The full color box is sure to stand out and she'll love the professionally designed pieces.

If you’re going the proposal box route with your other bridesmaids, don’t despair; kid-friendly ones are available, and just as sweet! 

We like this one for the cute little goodies it includes, like child-size sunglasses, compact, and lip balm. Feel free to include other treats you think she might enjoy, too!

Satin Eye Mask

Personalized Satin Eye Mask for Sleeping

This adorable satin sleep mask is super comfortable to wear and a great sleep aid and eye relaxer.

If your junior bridesmaid is a teen, they probably value their sleep. Gift them a lovely satin eye mask for some true pampering and relaxation. 

These come in just about every color, so match it to your wedding theme palette for a cohesive look.

10-piece Crystal Makeup Brushes

10-Piece Crystal Makeup Brushes Set

Cute Makeup Brushes: Effortlessly apply eyeshadow, loose powder, concealer, or blush, and highlighter with this 10-piece face makeup brushes set

Who doesn’t love new makeup brushes? We are swooning over the fun crystal handles and soft bristles; so eye-catching and pretty!

This 10 piece set is perfect for aspiring makeup artists. Watch out, YouTube, here she comes!

Personalized Makeup Brush Holder

Your junior bridesmaid will need a place to keep those crystal makeup brushes, so consider gifting her a customized ceramic makeup brush pot.

You could also make her gift an entire package by including a trendy eyeshadow palette! 

Wooden Photo Frame

Wooden Photo Frame

This picture frame is made of MDF wood and measures 8 x 8 inches overall. It will hold a 4 x 4 inch photo for displaying all of your precious memories!

For the niece that you love to pieces. This quaint photo frame is the perfect gift to commemorate her special place in your wedding!

Dainty Gold Plated Wreath Earrings

Dainty Gold Plated Wreath Earrings

Small gold plated earrings feature delicate flower wreath details with vibrant clear zircon, dainty and elegant.

If your junior bridesmaid has her ears pierced already, why not snag her a pair of these gold and cubic zirconia earrings?

These would go well with any wedding that has gold accents, and as a bonus: she can wear them for a fancy event later!

Personalized Soda Bottle Label

Personalized Soda Bottle Label

These Soda Bottle Labels for Junior Bridesmaids and Junior Maid of Honor are perfect for your Junior Bridesmaid and Junior Maid of Honor proposals.

For the adult bridesmaids, we love personalized labels for bottles of wine or spirits. But what about gifting something in the same vein to someone underage? 

We’ve got you covered with these adorable soda bottle labels. Just be sure to check with mom and dad first- they can be touchy about too much soda (but you’ll be the coolest aunt ever)!

Personalized Jelly Bag

Personalized Jelly Bag

Personalized jelly bags are a cute way to package your flower girl gifts or a birthday gift for a little girl! Fill them with a shirt, sippy cup, stuffed animal, and more.

Jelly stuff is so nostalgic for us (speaking as an elder millennial) that when we saw these jelly bags, we died and went straight to ’90s heaven.

Your junior bridesmaid can use this adorable purse to store all of her treasures!

Jr. Bridesmaid Grippy Socks

Junior Bridesmaid Grippy Socks

Bring the Bridal Party together with matching cute and cozy socks.

We love grippy socks, not just for their functionality, but also because they make for cute photos!

Include your junior bridesmaid in the photoshoot fun with these “Junior Bridesmaid” socks.

Canvas Makeup Bag

Makeup bags are a must for us adult gals, so your little lady can store their Chapstick and lip glosses in this canvas bag and feel like one of the big girls. 

The little blingy ring is an adorable touch too!

Custom Macramé Keychain

Custom Macramé Keychain

Give this custom macramé keychain to any girl or woman on your list for a beautiful personalized gift.

Holy mac…ramé, Batman! This keychain is the stuff of boho dreams, and also reminds us of how crafty we were as teenagers. 

This personalized keychain is so cute with the little name charm and engraved symbol. Your junior bridesmaid can show this off to their friends when they’re out driving (*shudders*).

Connecting States Mug

Connecting States Mug

Perfect custom moving away gift for your aunt or niece.

If you plan on moving after the wedding, this sweet mug is just about as sentimental as you can get. It’s tough to be away from family, and especially hard when you have a niece you love dearly. 

Remind her that you’re just a phone call or Facetime away with this darling mug. We love that you can customize states AND countries!

Bridal Bouquet Keepsake Charm

Bridal Bouquet Keepsake Charm

Each charm comes presented in a lovely white organza gift bag.

Who’s cutting onions in here? This tiny gift packs a big emotional punch because it reminds us of how quickly time flies. 

Someday, your little junior bridesmaid will be carrying her very own bridal bouquet, and we love the idea of gifting this to her as her pre-emptive “something old” for her special day in the future. 

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