30 Bridesmaid Gift Boxes That They’ll Adore

Brides, are you ready to pop that crucial question of your own? Selecting your bridal party is a big deal, so make it an occasion to remember! 

Asking your dearest friends to stand by your side for one of the biggest moments of your life is undoubtedly special.

While asking the question, “will you be my bridesmaid?” will do in a pinch, getting gifts to accompany this big moment is standard and a lot of fun!

So before you pop the question to your favorite girls, here are some of our favorite bridesmaid gift box ideas for inspiration…

Themed Bridesmaid Proposal Box

First up are these gorgeous themed bridesmaid proposal box sets. 

You can choose between the premium or basic option, and a variety of colors and themes are available such as rustic, tropical, or blush.

Gifts inside include a monogrammed box, lip balm, your choice of beverage, and hair ties. The premium set comes with even more goodies!

Bridesmaid Proposal Box

If you’d rather fill your bridesmaid box with items yourself, then this is a great option.

You’ll get a beautiful personalized box and have the option to add the filler, card and even LED lights if you like! 

Small Proposal Box 

If a smaller box is what you’re after, then these beautiful white boxes will do the trick.

You can add your bridesmaid or maid of honor’s name to the top and when opened, the big question is revealed.

Spa Soap Bridesmaid Proposal Box

Most people opt to get their bridesmaids gifts such as glasses, bracelets, and other girly items, but one of our favorite boxes is this artistic spa soap proposal option.

Filled with scented soaps and wildflower bath soaks, this box is beautifully finished with a rustic burlap bow. 

Blush Bridesmaid Proposal Box Set

A truly stunning proposal box, this blush set has three options: basic, deluxe and luxury. 

The box comes with arose gold mirror, tumbler, and other goodies your girlfriends are sure to love.

“I Can’t Say I Do Without You” Gift Set

“I can’t say I do without you” is one of the cutest sayings when asking someone to be your bridesmaid.

This joyful floral box gifts your chosen one with a beautiful candle and cup. Choose a wine tumbler, a traditional tumbler, or a mini flute. 

Wine and Succulent Bridesmaid Gift

This modern wine tumbler gift box includes a stemless and portable wine tumbler! 

Each gift includes an adorable succulent and the choice of candle scents such as rose or winter mint. 

Soy Candle and Lip Balm Bridesmaid Ask

This spa gift set is simply perfect! 

Soy candles in your choice of scent, a lip balm, and bar of soap are available in large or small sets. 

Personalized Bridesmaid Proposal Box

This bridesmaid proposal box is the ultimate girly gift.

Decide between one to eight other stuffers, including a koozie, a wine glass, a bow, and much more. 

Engraved Wooden Bridesmaid Box

This engraved wooden box is perfect for brides looking for a rustic box to pile in the wedding party goodies.

We especially love it because the box is personalizable and reusable!

Mini Bridesmaid Gift Set

Who says you have to spend hundreds of dollars on proposal boxes? This mini bridesmaid gift set is a cheaper but beautiful option ! 

It asks your girls to be a part of your big day with a candle and lip balm. Plus, it’s under $20!

Personalized Mini Jewelry Boxes

These mini jewelry boxes are the perfect gift as a proposal box or a thank you gift. 

Add a personal touch and customize the box with your bridesmaid’s name or maybe add a unique message to make it truly special. 

Succulent and Greenery Themed Bridesmaid Ask

This succulent and greenery-themed box is simply stunning.

The box comes with an adorable succulent, a candle, and a personal note asking them to be your bridesmaid. 

We love that you can add extras to the box, like lip balm and hand cream. 

Luxurious and Sturdy Bridesmaid Box

If you’re looking for a more luxurious box, then maybe this is the one!

Minimalistically elegant, this box has a simple chic black bow and personalization in the bottom corner. 

Personalized Gold Bridesmaid Ask Box

Gold foil makes this beautiful box look like it’s been touched by real gold!

Contents include a candle, candies, and a personalized makeup bag which is perfect for traveling. 

Black and Pink Bridesmaid Proposal Box

This black and pink box has almost everything a girl could want!

You can choose one to six items, including a robe, necklace, plastic champagne flute, and more. 

Ultimate Bath Bridesmaid Gift Set

This bath set is a unique and excellent bridesmaid proposal gift.

The box comes with a lovely candle, bath bomb, bath tea, and little matches to light the candle. 

Self Care Bridesmaid Proposal Box

Nothing says I appreciate you more than a self-care box!

This gift comes with a tumbler, sleep mask, hair ties, and other items your bridesmaids can use to treat themselves. 

Mini Spa Day Bridesmaid Proposal

This box is literally a mini spa day!

Including a personalized scented candle, lip balm, facial steam, and bath soaks this box can also be sent straight to your girls for a real surprise! 

My Wedding Would Succ (Succulent) Without You

If your wedding would ‘succ’ without this person by your side, then give her this succulent gift box. 

Original and unique, this box includes a beautiful greeting card, a candle and a live  succulent plant. 

Bracelet, Robe, and Cup Bridesmaid Ask

Where do we start with this box?!

Inside is a beautiful robe available in 7 colors, a coffee cup, and a bracelet to give your bridesmaids as a gift to use and wear on your wedding day.

Change the personalization to “thank you for being my bridesmaid” if you’d prefer to give it as a thank you gift.

Will You Be My Bridesmaid Box

This beautiful box would make an excellent gift for your favorite ladies.

A beautiful gold foiled card and a set of velvet hair scrunchies give a touch of luxury that any girl is sure to love! 

Personalized Acrylic Bridesmaid Box

This may be one of our favorite bridesmaid boxes yet.

While most people use a cardboard or wood box, this clear acrylic box is a real thing of beauty!

Each box is personalized and stuffed with rose petals! Perfection!

Boho Bridesmaid Jewelry Box

For the boho babes, this personalized boho jewelry box is the perfect gift.

They’re compact, perfect for traveling, and the satin ribbon is just gorgeous! 

Candle and Coffee Mug Bridesmaid Gift

What’s better than a cup of coffee or tea while a wonderfully scented candle burns? 

The mug is perfect for any season, and we love that there are options for the candle scent. You can even have the shop owner surprise you if you can’t decide. 

Personalized Rose Gold Bridesmaid Proposal

This rose gold bridesmaid proposal is almost identical to the gold version but a little more girly.

It has candies, a candle, and a personalized makeup bag that every girl could use. 

Mini Mint Bridesmaid Proposal Box

While most bridesmaid proposal boxes are square or rectangular, these mini mint ones are uniquely circular. 

But don’t let the word ‘mini’ fool you. These boxes fit a plastic champagne flute, lip balm, candle, matches, and a compact mirror in them!

Wood Burned Bridesmaid Gift Box

These beautiful wood-burned boxes are a gift on their own. You can add their name, the date of the wedding, and a wreath design. 

The box doesn’t come with gifts inside, but the box itself makes a charming additional gift. 

Custom Wooden Bridesmaid Box

Invite your friends in to your bridal party with this elegantly simple wooden box.

Your maid’s name is put on the front and “will you be my bridesmaid?” sweetly greets them upon opening. 

Bridesmaid Proposal Cookie Box 

We don’t know about you, but cookies are the way to our hearts.

These hand-baked and decorated cookies are the sweetest way to ask your best friends to stand by your side on your wedding day. 

They’re so cute that they won’t even want to eat them! 

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