20 Harry Potter Wedding Invitations That Are Truly Magical

For all the Potheads out there (as in Harry Potter fans) planning a Harry Potter-themed wedding, are you in for a treat!

We’ve rounded up 20 of the most enchanting Harry Potter wedding invitations inspired by the magical world of wizardry and wonder. Even your muggle friends will be super impressed!

There is a spoiler alert, however – no owls will be delivering them, and even though our Sorting Hat chose a few howlers, we thought it’s best to leave them out!

Expecto Patronum? Let the magic begin!

Magic Wizard School Wedding Invitation

Magic Wizard School Wedding Invitation

This diy printable wedding invitation template is editable via corjl.

With the instantly recognizable lightning bolt font and watercolor illustrations of Hogwarts Castle, Hedwig the owl, spell books, and a broomstick, even a muggle will know they are in for an enchanted evening when they receive this magic wizard school editable invitation.

We like that you can edit everything from the font to the background colors to suit your preferred color scheme.

Printable Wizard Wedding Invitation Suite

Printable Wizard Wedding Invitation Suite

Use this wizard wedding invitation set to edit all wording, font, and font color to match your event style.

Another “owler” of a Harry Potter-themed invitation is this DIY printable wizard wedding suite. 

The bundle includes an invitation, RSVP, and details templates, which are all fully editable. You can even add your very own image.

As far as download formats go, you can select PDF for home or professional printing, JPG for professional printing, or PNG to share via email or social media. 

Magical Floating Candles Invitation and RSVP Invitation

Magical Floating Candles Invitation and RSVP Invitation

This magical floating candles inspired wedding invitation collection includes editable navy and gold templates with hand-painted watercolor.

Breathtakingly beautiful, this floating candle wedding invitation sets a scene reminiscent of the night sky ceiling in Hogwarts’ Great Hall!

The templates are editable and can be downloaded as a PDF, JPG, or PNG.

Hogwarts Express Wedding Invitation Suite Templates

Hogwarts Express Wedding Invitation Suite Templates

This Wizarding theme Wedding invitation suite features watercolor magical elements and gorgeous matching fonts.

All aboard the Hogwarts Express! We’re simply bewitched with this Harry Potter-themed wedding invitation that features watercolor illustrations of the steam train and an owl.

The suite includes the invitation, an RSVP card, and an enclosure card, all editable and ready to print in a couple of minutes.

Wave your magic wand and complete the entire set with matching items from bridal shower invitations to “Thank You” tags.

Handmade Marauders Map Style Wedding Invitation

Handmade Marauders Map Style Wedding Invitation

This enchanting map takes you through the fantastic adventure of the betrothed couple’s proposal story.

We love this hand-made Marauders map wedding invitation and RSVP set.

All the details are magical, but we are especially smitten with the event details that are hidden in a secret folded chamber at the back of the invite.

You have the option of ordering the invitation set fully assembled or as a DIY pack which includes the card, ink, wax paper, envelope, ribbon, stamps, and glue.

The Unbreakable Vow Harry Potter Inspired Digital-PDF

The Unbreakable Vow Harry Potter Inspired Digital

A printable file is an affordable way to buy custom wedding invitations, without the high-end price! Print at home, online, or take to your local printer. 

With subtle illustrations like the Deathly Hallows symbols and the gold stars found in the corners of the Harry Potter books, this minimalist-style wedding invitation set is for true Potterheads!

Order items separately, or go the whole “Hog” and get the full package which includes a save-the-date card, invitation, RSVP card, details card, and a “Thank You” card.

Printable Cuddling Owls Invitation/ Wedding Program

Printable Cuddling Owls Invitation/ Wedding Program

This one has two cuddling owls reminding us that 'After All This Time' love will Always be there.

How adorable are these cuddling owls wedding invitations?

Fully editable in Microsoft Word, you can change the wording on the inside and include your favorite quotes, phrases, spells, or even images from the most loved wizard in the world.

Printable Wizard Train Ticket Invitation

Printable Wizard Train Ticket Invitation

Templates can be downloaded immediately after purchase. Edit online with canva.com. No software required. Download and print your design in minutes! Or send digital invitations via text or email!

Attention wizards, warlocks, witches, and even you muggles! Who wouldn’t want to get a wizard train ticket invitation like this?

It’s super easy to edit yourself in Microsoft Word and you can download the file for printing at home or your local office supply store.

This vintage-styled HP-themed invite is perfect as a keepsake for guests long after your wedding day.

Harry Potter Inspired Invitation

Harry Potter Inspired Invitation

This extraordinarily unique wedding invitation will inspire and amaze your guests! Fantastic corridors illustrate the Bride and Groom's footsteps, sneaking from room to room as they prepare for their big day.

With “magical” bride and groom footsteps that sneak from room to room, and event details hidden in a secret folded chamber with a train ticket-themed RSVP card, this is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and unique Harry Potter inspired invitations we’ve ever seen!

The invite is printed on parchment paper and includes envelopes, ribbon, wax, and glue.

Wizard Witch Magic School Foldable Envelope

“Accio!” Summon your guests to your special day with this personalized Hogwarts Invitation kit. Create your very own magic with this editable invitation and print it in the comfort of your home.

Amaze your guests with the bundle that includes a magical envelope and invitation, a Hogwarts Express ticket, printed wax seals, owl stamps (LOVE!), two sets of House tags to show which House you belong to (LOVE EVEN MORE!), and a surprise freebie!

Printed Wizard Harry Potter Wedding Invitations

Gulping gargoyles! How awesome is this printed wizard invitation?

Completely customizable, the trifold invite is professionally printed on card stock paper and comes with 5×5 or 5×7 envelopes. 

Digital Marauder’s Map Inspired Save-the-Date

Digital Marauder's Map Inspired Save-the-Date

Marauder's Map Hogwarts Wizarding World Harry Potter Warner Bros LIMITED

10 points to your House for this digital Marauder’s Map save the date card!

Squibs, mudbloods, half-bloods, and even common ol’ muggles will appreciate receiving this reminder in the post!

Witchcraft and Wizardry Wedding Invitation Suite

Witchcraft and Wizardry Wedding Invitation Suite

Relive all of the magic with this nostalgic wedding invitation package carefully concocted from the imagination of a devoted muggle.

Even Moaning Myrtle will be thrilled to get this witchcraft and wizardry wedding invitation suite!

Crafted magically with memorable quotes, magic wands, and an RSVP card with Hedwig the owl, you wouldn’t believe this suite was created by a mere muggle!

The pack includes an invitation, RSVP card, and mailing and RSVP envelopes in colors of your choice.

You can also request a mischief-managed map to help your guests find the magical destination!

Wizarding Wedding Invitation Set

Wizarding Wedding Invitation Set

These invitations were personally hand drawn and designed in order to bring a fresh and unique perspective to your invitations.

Tap into your HP inner geek with this incredible wizarding wedding invitation set.

We love that these invites are hand-drawn and can be customized with all your information. Files are received digitally, so all you need to do is download and print.

The set includes a one-sided invitation, an RSVP card, and a “Thank You” card!

Printable Owl Invitation (Editable text)

Printable Owl Invitation

This is a new creation that can be used for a card or invitation.

Like Hagrid says, “All the kids want owls, they’re dead useful, carry yer mail an’ everythin’.”

Delight your guests with this one-of-a-kind printable owl invitation with editable text. We love the little envelope in its beak! But beware, handle with caution, if surprised, the owl bites!

Wizard Themed Wedding Invitation

Wizard Themed Wedding Invitation

Your guests will look forward to The Wedding when they see the owl delivering their invitation, cut from premium card stock and layered with gold vellum.

Can’t get enough of owls? We love this understated wedding invitation with iconic illustrations from the Harry Potter books.

Available in blush, gold, or silver and layered with vellum, you have the option of ordering the invitation on its own or as part of a set with a save the date and RVSP card. Best of all, they arrive ready to send out!

“Always” Wizard Save-the-Date Template

Although it’s just one word, “Always” has to be one of the most memorable lines of all time from the Harry Potter series.

This HP-inspired save the date template is easy to edit, and you can add a photo from your engagement shoot. Simply download on your mobile phone or web browser, customize and send!

Marauders Themed Video E-vite

Marauders Themed Video E-vite

This is a digital animated card. Your information will be added by us and then you're ready to share it.

Go on, admit it, we all love the Marauders! While for the most part they “solemnly swore to always get up to no good,” James showed Harry his softer side with the memorable quote “until the very end!”

Delight your guests with this animated e-vite, which includes names, date, venue, time, RSVP, and even your favorite song!

Puzzle Castle Invitation Suite Wedding Template

Puzzle Castle Invitation Suite Wedding Template

Introduce your guests to your wedding with this Magical Castle invitation suite in copper and shades of brown.

As if weaved by pure wizardry, this unique puzzle castle invitation template is magical!

In gorgeous shades of copper and brown, you can edit the invitations, wedding details cards, RSVP cards, and belly band easily from your web browser, and when you’re ready, simply print at home or your local stationery supply store. 

Harry Potter-Inspired “We Solemnly Swear” Invitations

Harry Potter-Inspired "We Solemnly Swear" Invitations

These invitations, with a printed aged parchment background are perfect for witches, wizards, or even friendly muggles. 

No self-respecting Harry Potter-themed wedding invitation list would be complete without “We Solemnly Swear” invites!

Perfect for marauders, muggles, warlocks, and aspiring wizards, the invitation is printed with an aged parchment look to it and includes the infamous quote, “We solemnly swear we are up to no good.”

Feel free to edit as much or as little as you like, including the font type, size, and even ink colors. The template includes your invitation, coordinated invitation envelope, printed return address, RSVP card and envelope, and an accessory card!

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