20 Gorgeous Foil Wedding Invitations That You Will Love

More couples than ever are choosing to include a metallic shade in their wedding color scheme, especially in their invitations.

There’s just something about a flash of rose gold and copper or a silver foil accent that brings the luxurious element to the fore.

So, if you’re dreaming of a decadent wedding worthy of Gatsby himself, or you’re planning a royal wedding of your very own, foil wedding invitations might be something you’d like to explore! They’re classy, luxe, and fit well with any wedding theme!

We’ve compiled a list of the best foil wedding invitations to help inspire your ostentatious nuptials. We hope you love them as much as we do!

Traditional Foil Wedding Invitation

Gold Foil Paper Wedding Invitations

Full print orders can be color customized to reflect your wedding! Shown in black ink with gold glitter.

Tradition is tradition for a reason! You definitely can’t go wrong with a beautiful foil wedding invitation like this one.

This simple, classic design is certainly easy on the eye, in addition to being incredibly classy.

The foil element is cleverly relegated to the border of the invitation, to keep it from becoming a distraction from the all-important guest information.

Sage Green and Foil Wedding Invitation Set

Sage Green and Foil Wedding Invitation Set

All personalised wording, headings, wording colours and fonts.

Perfect for spring or fall weddings, sage green is a hot color at the moment! Its versatility and flattering gray undertone make it a winner for so many brides. 

These sage green wedding invitations come with foiled lettering, and you can select from options like gold, silver, or rose gold.

Rose gold will sweeten the sage green, gold will brighten it, and silver will cool and shade it down. So many options! 

Marble and Foil Wedding Invitations

Marble and Gold Foil Wedding Invitations

Announce your luxurious event with a sophisticated and modern invitation that will never go out of style. This is our signature design - modern yet classic, elegant yet playful!

These wedding invitations have a black and white marbled effect and a streamlined gold foil border. It’s giving us royal palace vibes but it also feels very modern. 

There are many different colors of foil, envelope, and ink to choose from so go crazy with the customization. 

These invitations would be perfect for the modern bride who loves anything and everything glamorous!

Floral Foil Wedding Invitations

Printable Wedding Invitation Template Set With Floral Wreath

Easily edit all text, font style and font size, color and position as well as the background and clipart color. 

With the floral and branch foil designs climbing its side and the beautiful looping script, this foil wedding invitation is both classy and completely gorgeous.

Our favorite thing about it is its scalloped edges, which add a sense of fun to an otherwise very formal wedding invitation.

We also love the way the envelope includes a small foil floral design, complete with the couple’s initials. It’s a wonderful display of continuity that will let your guests know that you thought of every detail!

Blush and Floral Foil Wedding Invitations

Blush Pink and Gold Foil Wedding Invitation

The invites will be custom made for you so anything is possible including custom colours, different sizes, extra items - please just ask and we will be happy to help.

For the soft-hearted romantic out there, blush is the perfect color to use in your wedding. Add the brightness of foil accents, and you have a romantic but polished wedding invitation! 

Brides (or grooms!) can choose from silver, gold, or rose gold foil when it comes to the lettering, and as we’ve touched on before, they will each have a different effect.

Rose gold foil will be a subtle but pretty accent, while silver will add a daintiness to the invitation. Gold, as usual, brightens any other color it’s added to, making it perfect for a spring, summer, or brunch wedding!

Foil Brush Stroke Wedding Invitations

Antoinette Luxury Foil Wedding Invitations With Silver Gold

 You will receive a personal yet professional service with high levels of attention to detail. The invites will be custom made for you so anything is possible including custom colours, different sizes, extra items - please just ask and we will be happy to help.

These wedding invitations just scream “modern,” don’t you think? We can see them sent out to invite guests to a wedding taking place in an industrial space or at least a very contemporary one. 

The foil color options for these invitations include traditional gold, light gold, silver, and rose gold. There is a multitude of color options for the ink and envelopes as well.

With a wide brushstroke of metallic shimmer, lots of white space, and a simple serif font, these foil wedding invitations are modern and simple, yet also stunning.

Foil Branches Wedding Invitations

Foil Branches Wedding Invitations

Check out these adorable wedding invitations embellished with golden branches at two corners.

Romantic but luxe, these invitations feature gilded branches in two corners. If you look closely, you’ll see little flower blossoms in the branches too! We love that little detail.

These designs continue through the details insert and the RSVP card, which will give your wedding invitation suite a sense of completeness and continuity – always a classy look to achieve.

This seller also includes the option of printing a photo of you and your fiancé on the back of the invitation – talk about personalization!

Celestial Foil Wedding Invitations

Celestial Invite Under the Moon Gold Stars and Moon Crescent

Let us be united under the sacred light of the moon and the stars!

These have to be our favorite foil wedding invitations on this list! Though they involve very little foil, the foil that is used is incredibly effective. Less is sometimes more! 

We love the little celestial bodies – the moon and stars look like confetti, which is so appropriate for a wedding! 

Black and Gold Foil Acrylic Wedding Invitations

Luxury Black and Gold Foil Acrylic Wedding Invitation

Your invitation is prepared to add elegance to your wedding. Our beautiful, minimalist invitation and envelope collections will impress you/your guests. This invitation will be for you only.

With the black paper, gold lettering, and acrylic, these may be the most formal and ostentatious invitations on this list. They almost seem like they could only be delivered by hand!

We love the formality of the design, including the stacked couple’s initials within the floral wreath. 

The acrylic invitations themselves can come on clear or frosted acrylic. Order a sample and see which one is your favorite – you can’t go wrong with either option!

Gray and Foil Floral Wedding Invitations

Gray and Foil Floral Wedding Invitations

Build your bespoke invitations to suit your colour theme, style and budget following our easy steps!

These invitations don’t just include the foil printed vellum, they also include glitter, a belly band, and a wax envelope seal. The wax envelope seals are available in ten different metallic shades, and the belly band can be customized with you and your fiancé’s names.

Best of all, you can choose between already assembled invitation suites, or DIY the components of these invitations. 

We love how dainty and delicate the foil florals look!

Emerald Green Velvet and Foil Wedding Invitations

Emerald Green Velvet and Foil Wedding Invitations

Each invitation design can be customized in any way for any event We can change the color, text, language or font to fit your occasion.

Perfect for swanky and winter weddings, these velvet wedding invitations come in a gorgeous shade of emerald green. 

Our favorite thing about these foil wedding invitations is that the velvet also lines the envelope. It’s a soft surprise for your guests, and will help your invitations to feel more sumptuous – literally and figuratively!

Art Deco Foil Wedding Invitation

Art Deco Wedding Invitation Suite 4 Piece Custom Instant - Etsy

This Great Gatsby inspired wedding invitation suite is available for instant download and perfect for a DIY bride!

Talk about Great Gatsby vibes! These Art Deco style invitations offer different patterns to engaged couples, as well as a variety of paper, ink, envelope, and liner color options. They include a save-the-date in the order as well!

These invitations would be perfect for an evening and/or black tie wedding, or a wedding with a 1920s theme. We think they would be especially perfect for New Year’s Eve nuptials!

Foil Flowers Wedding Invitation

Foil Flowers Wedding Invitation

These cute and eye-catching foil blossoms add incredible sparkle and elegance to these delicate wedding invitations!

These wedding invitations are not only decorated with beautiful flower blossoms but the blossoms are also foiled!

The foil flowers are drawn in a modern style and are continuous throughout the rest of the items in this wedding invitation suite.

White Suede Foil Wedding Invitations

White Suede Gold Foil Wedding Invitation

This gorgeous invitation suite was designed for the bride who wants to make a statement, Our pretty white suede invitation printed in gold foil is one of a kind. The design captures lots of gold roses. 

These invitations are swanky, and not just because of their creamy color and foil lettering. No, these invitations are printed on soft suede!

Our favorite thing about these invitations, other than the very impressive suede detail, is the lush floral designs in foil. They’re romantic and luxuriant, striking a perfect balance between organic romance and formal luxury. 

Paint Splatter and Foil Wedding Invitations

Paint Splatter and Foil Wedding Invitations

This wedding stationery collection has hand painted splatters, finished off with gold foil writing and an initialed monogram, creating a contemporary and modern look.

We love how modern and artsy these wedding invitations are! This look is thanks to the paint splatters on the paper, combined with the clean sans serif font of the foil lettering. 

The paint splatters are a free-spirited design, but the foil lettering is what elevates this artsy invitation to the level of wedding formality.  

These invites would be perfect for a couple who wants to strike a balance between traditional and artsy. Just think of it as your first compromise!

Watercolor and Foil Wedding Invitations

Watercolor and Foil Wedding Invitations

Our invitations are printed on a choice of: 350gsm card with a velvet laminate (all foil designs are printed on this); 300gsm uncoated card; 300gsm linen card.

Similar to the paint splatter wedding invitation, these watercolor invitations have a free and artistic look. You can even see the bubbles in the paint!

The foil lettering makes this a more formal invitation than it might have been otherwise. A creative couple with a love of tradition might think these wedding invitations would be perfect for their wedding!

Embossed and Foil Wedding Invitations

Embossed Modern Elegant Gold Foil Wedding Invitations

Each Wedding invitation is totally handmade, unique and may slightly differ from each other.

We think the creamy color of these invitations makes a beautiful backdrop for the foil lettering. 

Embossing is a process that creates a raised pattern on a piece of material. These wedding invitations have an embossed branch design, which gives them a glamorous feel.

Add the fact that the envelope liners are also embossed, and you’ve got a truly posh wedding invitation!

Glitter Foil Wedding Invitation

Black and Gold Foil Wedding Invitation Suite

This black and gold wedding invitation set you'll be editing by yourself in the online Templett editor for free. In this wedding invitation suite, you can edit all the text, the font style, the font size, and the color.

We love the way these invitations look like they have a curtain of glitter falling from the top down the paper. It almost gives the illusion of a starry sky, or of walking through a jeweled curtain. 

These glitter foil wedding invitations are a magical choice that would be perfect for a nighttime event or even a Disney-themed wedding!

Folded Wedding Invitation with Initials Cutout

Folded Wedding Invitation with Initials Cutout

No need to explain it. Amazing details, amazing design. Full Gold Foil Lettering. Definition of Luxury style.

Here we have another wedding invitation fit for a royal wedding! It would be hard not to feel like a princess with invitations like these!

These invitations come folded, with a cutout of the couple’s initials surrounded by a foil border that seals the sides together. Best of all, the folded flaps can hold information, so you’re getting more bang for your buck than you would with a regular, traditional wedding invitation.

Lacy Navy and Gold Foil Wedding Invitation

Lacy Navy and Gold Foil Wedding Invitation

 All personalization with your cards including colors and fonts is free.

Perfect for a nighttime or masquerade-themed wedding, these invitations are not only an appealing navy blue with gold foil lettering but they are also tied closed with a layer of lace-patterned paper. It’s a pretty and fabulous detail that will delight your guests for sure! 

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