19 Bling Wedding Centerpieces For That Glamorous Look

Some brides live for the luxurious, the bling, the glamorous. After all, their wedding day may be the biggest party ever given in their honor, so why not go all-in with the glamour? 

“Bling” can mean glitter, sequins, metallics, or even rhinestone jewels or crystals – basically anything that catches and reflects light.

One of the best ways to increase the bling and its impact on your wedding reception is to include it in your centerpieces.

Since they sit at the center of every table, your centerpieces are large in quantity and easily visible, making them the perfect place to up the ante with the bling!

We’ve got a few ideas for the most glam, luxe bling wedding centerpieces below. Sparkle on and keep scrolling!

Rhinestone Bead Chandelier

28" Iridescent Bead Chandelier Wedding Centerpiece

These chandeliers are simply stunning and a perfect addition to a backdrop! 

As we said before, why not go all-in with the bling? This three-tier chandelier is the epitome of glam!

At 28-inches in length, it can be hung from a ceiling or balanced on a tall vase to create the perfect statement centerpiece.

Our favorite part? It has to be when the light hits the iridescent beads and you get that instant rainbow effect!

Crystal Waterfall Votive Candle Centerpiece

Jeweled Waterfall Votive Centerpiece

Jeweled Waterfall Votive Centerpiece. Silver plated non tarnishing finish.

This crystal waterfall votive candle holder reminds us of the type of fountain you’d find in the center of a fancy park.

With all those arms, it’s perfect for wrapping with vines, greenery, and/or flowers too!

Blush Pearls Filled Vase

Floating Blush Light Pink Pearls

The Pearl pack contains all one-color Pearl. Also called Baby Pink

For a magical, mermaid-like glam centerpiece, the blush pink pearls we’ve listed here will be perfect!

These blush pink pearls come in a set with instructions that show you how you can accomplish the gorgeous look you see in this image. We think it’s beyond charming!

Rhinestone Vase Set

Centerpiece Vase Set with Bling

Vase size may vary depending on inventory.

This glass vase set comes in a variety of different shapes and sizes, and the rhinestones follow patterns based on those different shapes. 

This variety will add even more visual interest to your reception tables, and the sheer amount of rhinestones means there is ample opportunity for these centerpieces to catch the light and sparkle!

Glitter Bowl Vase with White Roses

Silver Glitter Bowl Vase White Roses Centerpiece

A beautiful small centerpiece with a bowl vase covered in silver glitter!

Perfect for the bride who looooves the bling but is also not opposed to subtlety, this glitter-covered fishbowl vase with white roses could be the ideal wedding centerpiece!

The glitter adds a gorgeous amount of sparkle and shine, while its position under the flowers means it retains an air of restraint and subtlety. 

Silver Stand with Hanging Crystals

Silver Chandelier Stand

Add a touch of elegance at every table with these upscale gold or silver chandelier centerpiece stands / floral arrangement stands.

This silver stand can have candles or flowers atop it, but we’re sure the best thing about it is the hanging crystals, which add movement and sparkle to the overall piece. 

Gold Beaded Wood Ampersand Figure

Marriage is the joining of two individual people into one family unit. What better way to represent this union than with an ampersand, also known as the “and” symbol? 

This wooden ampersand is covered in gold beads, making it a lovely statement and addition to the other items in your wedding centerpiece.

Tall Rhinestone Vases

Centerpieces, fully wrapped in sparkling Rhinestone Wrap

I have 4 heights in these vases they are 11 inches tall, 10 inches tall, 9 inches tall or 7 1/2 inches tall all three sizes have a 3 1/2 inch opening. 

These vases are covered in rhinestones and come in heights ranging from 7.5 to 14 inches high. The flowers in the picture are also available to purchase.

Using vases like these will help to make guests’ conversation easier since they won’t be blocked from the person sitting across from them by a huge floral arrangement.

White Flowers and Glitter Candles Centerpiece

Wedding Candle Holder

The center piece is decorated with white magnolias that have been created with crystals inside along with white roses and greenery. 

This wedding centerpiece gives us major winter forest magic vibes – what about you? 

Our favorite thing is the candles, which have been decorated with silver glitter. The glitter travels up the candle shaft, eventually petering out near the top. It’s a charming detail we know guests – and you – will appreciate!

Metallic Pillar Crystal Votive Candle Holder

Metallic Pillar Crystal Votive Candle Holder

The glittering cut crystals create a mesmeric display of dancing silhouettes when a tea light, a votive, or a candle is lit inside it.

These crystal pillar votive candle holders are available in silver, gold, and rose gold tones, depending on which one you’re using in your wedding. Heck, you could even mix and match, or use all three – it would be unique!

Cherry Blossom and Crystal Filled Vases

Cherry Blossom and Crystal Filled Vases with Floating Candles

Beautifully designed faux floral arrangement to compliment your home, office, baby shower, or wedding! 

These tall vases are filled with cherry blossoms on stems and acrylic crystals.

Simply add water and a floating candle, and these vases become an elegant and timeless centerpiece that you’ll never regret when looking back at your wedding photos.

White Rose Arrangement with Rhinestones

Floating Flower Ball

Display these as your wedding centerpiece and keep them to use as home decor or for special events and parties. 

Cake platters can be a great location to place your flower arrangements, like the one you see in the photo above. Have crystals added to hang from them for an extra dose of sparkle! 

Our favorite thing about the arrangement above is the little rhinestones that have been placed in the center of each rose. It’s a subtle but sparkling touch that’s sure to delight any guest who discovers this literal little gem in the blossoms!

Disney Wedding Centerpiece

Wedding Centerpiece with Bling Pearl Brooch

These premium roses have a crisp fresh cut flower look that hold shape and color over time.

This wedding centerpiece comes with three kissing balls in the shape of Mickey Mouse’s head, making this the perfect centerpiece for the bride who loves Disney!

(On that note, check out our Disney Wedding Centerpieces article)

The roses in this centerpiece are interspersed with pearl and crystal pins, for a little of that Disney magic and sparkle.

Gold Flower or Candle Stand with Hanging Crystals

Candle Holder Flower Ball Stand

Bedazzle your guests and audience with the most splendid display of imperial sheen and deluxe design exhibited by our chic metal chandelier pillars and stands.

How gorgeous is this gold stand with the crystals dripping from the top? To tell the truth it’s our favorite item on this list!

The stand itself is very traditional, while the hanging crystals add a new shine to its classic design. We think it’s the perfect choice for a wedding that’s both luxe and elegant.

Five Piece Centerpiece Set

Five Piece Centerpiece Set

This Elegant decor that will give you that luxurious look in your royal wedding. 

This five-piece set is the total package! It not only comes with four different blinged-out vases, but it also comes with a rhinestone frame where you can display the table number. 

Your guests will definitely be impressed!

Rose Gold Chandelier Tea Light Candle Holder

Rose Gold Chandelier Tea Light Candle Holder

This stunning piece is sure to enhance the visual element of any home or celebrations ambiance.

Standing at eight inches tall, this rose gold chandelier tea light candle holder is a pretty and petite accent that would complement any classic wedding decor.

Its smaller size means that people can easily hold a conversation at the table, but its color and crystals still make a luxe statement.

Embellished Pillar Candle Set

Assorted Embellished Rhinestone Candles

Set of 9 Elegant Bling Jeweled LED Flickering (battery) Wax PIllar Candles with remote control and batteries included..

These flickering pillar candles are embellished with silver crystals and rhinestones for the maximum bling factor.

They make a real statement without the addition of flowers or greenery. Simply place them on a mirror or mirrored tray, and you’d be done with decorating the table!

However, if you wanted to include greenery and spread these embellished, flickering pillar candles among different tables, it would also make a beautiful tableau.

Ivory, Silver, and Light Blue Tablescape

Ivory, Silver, and Light Blue Tablescape

Whatever your heart desires and creativity flows this table setting is just what you need to make your celebration memorable.

This gorgeous tablescape, in shades of ivory, silver, and light blue, gives major winter wonderland or Cinderella vibes!

Our favorite part about it? The large acrylic diamonds! Scatter them over the tablecloth for a beautiful surprise! 

Paris Theme Wedding Centerpiece with Roses

Paris Theme Bridal Shower Centerpiece

Each Centerpiece is set in a handpainted black box embellished with the most dazzling rhinestone trim on top and bottom to give your home or event sparkle.

If you’re having a Paris-themed wedding or even a wedding in Paris, this chic black box topped with pink roses could be the perfect wedding centerpiece for you!

The roses can come in any number of colors too, so you can personalize this pretty, stylish centerpiece to match your wedding color palette – because as everyone knows, black and white go with everything!

We’re sure your guests will feel tres chic when they see these on your reception tables!

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