25 Rustic Burlap Centerpieces For Wedding Decor

With regards to wedding decorations, when you think of the words “rustic” and “country chic”, what do you immediately think of? If you answered somewhere in the realm of burlap, lace, or twine, then we’re on the same page!

Today, we’re covering all things burlap (also called hessian, or jute, depending on where you are in the world). Often underrated, we love it for r its simple versatility and the sheer fact that the applications for burlap fabric are neverending

If you haven’t decided how to incorporate this woven fabric into your wedding look, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some awesome ideas for nailing that natural, woven look into your wedding centerpieces. 

Let’s get into all things burlap!

What is Burlap?

Hessian fabric is a woven material made of natural fibers from the jute plant, which is grown primarily in India. The fibers are cut, cleaned, and dried before being woven into cloth. 

Because it is such a strong, breathable, and coarse material, burlap is also used to make yarn, sacks, and netting. It’s resistant to condensation too, so it’s also used to ship dry goods like coffee.

Why Should I Use Burlap In My Wedding?

This is a huge positive for you environmentally-friendly brides: burlap is a sustainable “no-waste” product that is in crop rotation all year round, making it affordable as well!

It’s an awesome way to stay green and ensure that you’re not contributing a ton of one-time usage material into landfills.

It’s biodegradable and recyclable, and outside of decorative purposes, has a lot of applications in a variety of industries. Our favorite way to reuse burlap is in gardening- if you’re a bride with a green thumb, burlap is super useful!

How Else Can I Incorporate Burlap Into My Wedding Decor?

Don’t feel like you have to only use burlap for wedding centerpieces! You can utilize squares of burlap on your wedding invitations, wrap it on your ring pillow, make rustic burlap ‘roses’, or use it for table settings! 

Burlap is a huge resource when it comes to DIYing the country wedding aesthetic of your dreams. It’s super easy to tie in for a cohesive look (literally, you can cut and tie strips of burlap into little bows or for filler).

Another hot tip: if you’re planning on a classic, country wedding look, leave your burlap in its natural, tan color. It’ll enhance the florals and other colors, making them pop. 

If you want to get creative with the fabric, burlap does come in many colors (as you’ll see below) and can be relatively easy to dye at home. Again, the applications are endless!

Without further ado, here are our favorite burlap-inspired wedding centerpieces!

Burlap and Lace Mason Jar Sleeves

Looking for an effortlessly chic centerpiece? It doesn’t get much easier jazzing up a few mason jar vases with some fresh-cut local flowers.

These mason jar sleeves are already done up and ready to go, making them a convenient choice for the busy bride with a lot on her to-do list!

Monogrammed Burlap Square on Wooden Centerpiece

With four wood options (black, ivory, brown, and white) you can easily match your centerpieces with your overall wedding theme. The burlap square is a subtle touch; we love the look of the frayed edges. 

Rustic Country Table Topper Placemat with White Lace

Looking to make something else the center of attention (besides you, of course) but wanting to keep burlap in the mix? A simple round placemat is a great way to give your centerpiece a cohesive look. 

The lace edge on this round table topper also adds a touch of femininity and daintiness, which is actually a nice contrast to the more coarse burlap. 

White Striped Jute Counter Square

These burlap table squares are the perfect blank slate for wedding centerpieces. Frayed edges can give the table a look of being intentionally unrefined, which is great if you’re hoping for an effortless, casual wedding. 

Farmhouse Burlap Table Runner

Utilizing textures has, and always will be, a clever design technique. No country wedding would be complete without a long farmhouse table, and you’ll need to decorate it somehow, right?

This lovely woven runner is begging for candles, fresh florals, and lots of conversation over a delicious wedding feast. 

Assorted Size Burlap, Twine, and Ribbon Mason Jars

One of the best ways to create some depth when you’re working with centerpieces is to play around with the sizes of your elements. In this case, you can work with pint or quart mason jars, and they’ll look great with varying heights of flowers, too!

The use of twine here should also be noted. If you want to play around with the texture of burlap without making everything too burlap (burlap-y?) then twine is a great way to keep that neutral color and similar texture. 

Rustic Burlap Garland with Branches and Berries

We at Wedding Pioneer love garlands! A lot of weddings have long tables in their arrangement and it’s a wise choice to include a variety of themed centerpieces just to keep things visually interesting!

This beautiful burlap garland decor would make a beautiful centerpiece for a head table with the bright pops of white pip berry, ribbons, and tiny brown bells. 

Set of 3 Burlap Wrapped Herbs

If you’re planning on a spring or summertime wedding, consider the use of fresh herbs as a centerpiece.

As we mentioned earlier, burlap is utilized a lot in gardening, so what better way to celebrate your love during the warm months with some burlap-wrapped herb pots?

Gray Burlap and Teal Ribbon Beachy Centerpiece

We wanted to include this fun centerpiece to show you just how versatile burlap really is! It’s not just a brownish tan fibrous material, it can come in different colors. 

Check out this example of a coastal-themed centerpiece (hello, beach wedding, anybody?) using gray burlap and teal ribbon. 

Rustic Burlap Roses with Stems

Burlap flowers are a clever way to keep the number of florals at your wedding high but also add a funky rustic touch.

Featured here is a wide range of burlap flowers in different colors; there’s also an adorable stemmed sunflower option, which would be so cute for a summer wedding. 

Twisted Burlap and Pink Rose Wreath

There is something so pleasing about symmetrical things, isn’t there? But don’t get us wrong, we’re fans of the wild, sprawling, and unruly designs. 

This burlap and rose wreath is noteworthy because we love what they did with the burlap pieces; instead of tying or twisting, they’ve merely folded the burlap on itself.

The petal-like look is almost like a lotus or leaf shape, and we’re here for it!

Frayed Burlap Round

Textures, textures, textures; we can’t say it enough. Check out the way these longer frayed edges of the burlap soften the lines between opaque and see-through, giving it a worn, well-loved, and boho touch. 

Buffalo Plaid with Burlap Mesh Candle Ring

Consider integrating patterns with your wedding centerpiece, like this buffalo plaid and burlap mesh wreath! It’s a playful way of breaking up all of the tan, neutral tones and giving a pop of color and personality to your decor.

This would be perfect for an outdoorsy farmhouse wedding in the woods! Bonus points if you include buffalo plaid in other ways, too.

Spring Burlap Set of Flowers

Not all burlap flowers were created the same, and this assorted mix is the proof! We love the use of frayed burlap strips to create little shabby-chic petals. 

Also, the burlap flower spray is an ingenious way to incorporate the burlap texture while letting the background come through.

If you’ve got a fun tablecloth or runner, the burlap flower spray arrangement would make for a nice touch!

Burlap Table Number Tags

Wanting just a hint of burlap, rather than making it the entire vibe? Take a look at these adorable rustic burlap table number tags.

They would be perfect for adorning mason jars with some twine, giving an overall look of effortless DIY. Remember, sometimes simple is better than overly complicated… and it doesn’t get easier than this!

Lace and Burlap Bottle Vases

These fun and flirty bottles are really a marriage between lace and burlap. A set of 5 unique bottles would make for a great centerpiece with fresh flowers and tealight candles. If you and your partner are big on beer, this would also be an extra layer of clever! 

Customized Burlap Table Topper Overlay

We mentioned earlier that burlap is super versatile, and if you’re looking to cover a wide area of table with fabric, go ahead and do it with some burlap!

But here’s a tip from us at Wedding Pioneer: customization is your best friend. Monogram that burlap with your initials or with the wedding date- just a few ideas!

We love that this table overlay in particular has nicely stitched edges to prevent unraveling, meaning you’ll be able to cherish this cloth forever.

White, Gray, and Blue Burlap Flowers

These burlap flowers would be an incredible asset to any dusty blue and white themed farmhouse wedding!

No country wedding would be complete without fresh flowers, but consider adding in these burlap flowers for a unique twist.

Red Poppies in A Burlap Wrapped Pot

The look of a burlap-wrapped pot makes us feel like we’re right at home at a garden party. These red poppies are so bright and gorgeous that it makes sense to keep the pot looking more understated and natural. 

Peony and Lantern Centerpiece with Rustic Ribbon

Hello, springtime! This lantern is adorned with big, beautiful peonies and it just heralds in images of fresh green grass, bright sun, and comfy, country vibes. 

For your country wedding, add a rustic touch with a wide burlap ribbon. It’s a subtle way of tying everything together (literally).

Burgundy, Cream, and Gold Burlap Arrangement

Burlap can be glam, too! Just take in this glorious burlap centerpiece with gold, burgundy, and cream accents. 

The flex tubing bows are noteworthy here because they not only add height to the centerpiece but also visual depth. Just a tip, for you DIY brides out there!

Rustic Wrapped Tea Light Glass Jars

Going for a mini-farmhouse soiree? These burlap-wrapped tea light jars would be the perfect touch for an intimate wedding celebration on a small plot of land. 

Fringed Burlap Squares

More DIY options for you crafty brides. A dozen of these fringed burlap squares can go a long way with regards to making rustic accents!

Cut them into strips to tie into bows, make mini pot arrangements, or attempt your own burlap flowers! The inspiration is never-ending!

Winter Wedding Burlap Dahlia Arrangement

The color scheme is perfect for a contemporary winter wedding with its understated neutral tones. But again, if you’re going this route, play around with texture and material to keep things interesting!

Just like how the burlap is utilized here in the dahlia and rose form, but with the inclusion of other textures like the thistles and cotton stems, the fabric flowers really stand out!

Mini Succulent and Burlap Wreath

What better way to exemplify everlasting love than with hardy succulents?

The way they peek out of this burlap wreath is so fun, and there’s such a wide assortment of artificial succulents out there that you can really accessorize to your heart’s content.

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