The 10 Best Zac Brown Band Wedding Songs for Your Big Day!

Whether you want to create a heartfelt, poignant moment during your celebrations, or you want to conjure up a fun, up-on-your-feet party atmosphere, you’re going to need some Zac Brown Band Wedding Songs on the playlist.

The group has a back catalog of country tunes that’ll perfectly soundtrack any moment during your celebrations. No matter your wedding day theme, or style, Zac Brown has a song for you.

We’re big fans of the Zac Brown Band here at the Wedding Pioneer, so it was an absolute pleasure to put this list of wedding songs together!

Of all the current country artists, we believe Zac Brown is head and shoulders above the likes of Keith Urban and Alan Jackson when it comes to sincere song lyrics – something which is so important when coming up with songs to add to a wedding playlist.

Just think of the father-daughter dance. The Zac Brown Band has a hugely popular song called ‘The Man Who Loves You the Most’, and the song lyrics to that tune could be almost written for that dance! So sweet, so warm. The perfect way to elevate that already special moment to another level.

Anyway! Before we go full Zac Brown fan girl on you, let’s crack on with our list!

Zac Brown Band Wedding Songs

The 10 Best Zac Brown Band Wedding Songs

Here is our track-by-track list of the finest Zac Brown Band Wedding Songs, ideal for any celebration.

Slow Dance Songs

Love & Sunsets

Picture the scene. You have 10 minutes of DJ time left, and you’ve told your planner you want those last few minutes to be full of some good ol’ classic slow songs. The kind of tunes partners can cuddle up close to, and look into each other’s eyes listening to. What better artist to soundtrack those final moments, than Zac Brown, and James Taylor?

Love & Sunsets is a sweet, melodic country song that’ll effortlessly gift your dance floor the romantic vibes you’ve been hoping for. While the song lyrics express exactly what this day is all about, ‘All the gold in California/Ain’t close to what I got in my arms‘.

Real Thing

Bring a touch of gospel to your end-of-the-night celebrations with this soulful song from Zac Brown. An eclectic and almost spiritual tune that rejoices in the two best things:  special occasion whiskey, and real love.

This heartfelt tune would be ideal for the slow and beautiful love songs period of the night, but it does have an energetic feeling too, so you could even play it during cocktail hour.

Old Love Song

This song may not be a ‘classic slow dance song’, but we think it totally works! The lyrics alone make it a winner for that moment when you want to cozy up with your loved one. ‘Baby let’s stay together/Slow dance forever and ever amen‘.

We could totally imagine ‘Old Love Song’ being played during cocktail hour, instrumentally or the original. But really, this has fun slow dance written all over it!

Zac Brown Band Father Daughter Dance Songs

The Man Who Loves You The Most

Call us cynical, but the Zac Brown Band must have had the father-daughter dance in mind when they penned this beautiful song! Because it’s just too perfect! It’s even more evocative and sentimental than Horses by Keith Urban – another father-daughter dance song we adore.

Unlike your traditional country love song, this touching tune celebrates the special bond and love a father has for his daughter. An unwavering, constant love that sometimes goes unnoticed. ‘On your wedding night, I’ll raise a toast/I hope he understands I’ll always be the man that loves you the most‘. What better song lyrics to have during a father-daughter dance?

I’ll Be Your Man (Song for a Daughter)

If you’re not already balling your eyes out after listening to the last song, this one will get you! ‘I’ll Be Your Man’ is all about the love Zac Brown has for his daughter, and how as soon as he knew he was having her, he was imagining needing to let her go. This is a profound sentiment that certainly rings true during a father-daughter dance.

The Zac Brown Band lyrics in this song may be deep, but the light, acoustic nature of the guitar and percussion helps to keep things upbeat. The perfect choice for a moment that should be a subtle blend of happiness and sadness.

First Dance Songs


No we don’t have a lot of money/All we need is love/We’re free as we’ll ever be‘, a song lyric that feels so right within the context of a first dance. A moment when you can finally celebrate being together, free to explore the world hand in hand.

The first dance is an emotional moment, and it deserves a meaningful song. If you are a pair of free-spirited dreamers who have always fantasized about running away to a beach house somewhere, hiding from the world, then this beautiful song could be for you.

Loving You Easy

‘ Loving You Easy’ is a popular choice for a first dance wedding song , and it’s not hard to see why! The country song lyrics are super sweet, infinitely relatable, and perfect for a chilled kind of vibe.

We could totally imagine this playing at an outdoor wedding reception with beautiful wedding decor. With a wooden dance floor illuminated by string lights, the couple in the middle, and their loved ones looking on, drinks in hand. A really idyllic, relaxed image that not many other music artists could better soundtrack.

Sweet Annie

We love a first dance song with ups and downs, with a rhythm that has slow, melodic parts and faster, climactic moments. And that’s precisely what ‘Sweet Annie’ has. Not only that, but the song lyrics are so romantic.

Sweet Annie/Can I stay with you a while/’Cause this road’s been putting miles on my heart‘. This moving song speaks about settling down, letting go of unhealthy habits, and of planning a life together. Just the kind of tender sentiments that should be shared during your first dance together.

Songs for the Dance Floor

Chicken Fried

This tune is a stone-cold classic and a surefire way to get your wedding party on its feet! It is a celebration of the real, rural Southern lifestyle. Touching on so many simple things that we, as Americans, might take for granted.

Song lyrics aside, ‘Chicken Fried’ has to be on your wedding playlist! Or at the very least put on while your bridal party is getting ready. It’ll certainly get them in the mood for the big day!

Jump Right In

Planning a destination wedding? Want some country wedding reception songs? This Caribbean-infused number could be ideal! It’s fun, upbeat, and easy to dance to – especially after a few ‘mojitos’!

The song is all about escapism and living in the moment. Embracing everything around, and enjoying every last second. Something couples often struggle to do on their big day! Hence, why it’s such a good song to play at your wedding reception.

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