The 11 Best Bryan Adams Wedding Songs for Your Event!

Congratulations! You’re engaged! Time to get started with the wedding planning. Music can add to the ambiance and vibe of your wedding and set your special day off perfectly.

If you love Bryan Adams and his exhilarating music career, and you’re looking to add his songs to your playlist, we’ve got you covered. The songs of this Canadian rock star can soundtrack your event perfectly.

Read on to find out the best Bryan Adams wedding songs for every moment of your special day.

Bryan Adams Wedding Songs

Bryan Adams Processional Songs

“Everything I Do, I Do It for You”

This sweet slow song with soft piano is ideal for walking down the aisle to meet your soulmate. You’ll probably know it from the soundtrack to the film Robin Hood, but it also works beautifully as a wedding song outside of the film.

In this song, Bryan Adams sings about doing everything for that special person and how much they mean to you. What could be more romantic to walk down the aisle to? It’s about giving everything to the one you love.

There won’t be a dry eye in the house.

“I Finally Found Someone” with Barbara Streisand

This Adams duet with Barbara Streisand is another perfect song to walk down the aisle to. The song is slow and sweet, making it ideal for a processional.

This song is about finally finding someone that sweeps you off your feet and discovering the one person that makes you feel complete. It’s about how your life is better than it’s ever been now that your special person is a part of your life.

This song is an iconic option for walking down the aisle to marry your best friend.

Bryan Adams First Dance Songs


‘Heaven’ is one of the most popular Bryan Adams songs of all time and is sweet and full of meaning.

The ‘Heaven’ song lyrics are all about looking back on your relationship, thinking about your younger years, and how nothing can take that person away from you.

It’s about that person being all that you want and need in your life and feeling as if you’re in heaven when you’re together.

This is a popular and truly romantic choice for a first dance wedding song that everyone is sure to remember.

“All For Love” featuring Sting, Rod Stewart

This iconic Bryan Adams song with Sting and Rod Stewart is the perfect wedding slow song to dance to.

With three iconic rock voices in this song, you can’t go wrong. This song also has more of a rock feel for a rock-loving couple. This song is about fighting for love, being there when your partner needs you, and a love that stands up to the test.

This song is a great sentiment for a first dance.

“Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman”

This song with a slow and steady guitar is another great option for a first dance song. Bryan Adams’s soulful voice makes this song beautiful.

This song was featured in the movie Don Juan DeMarco. This song also has a Spanish guitar alongside the beat which adds some uniqueness to it.

This song is all about really loving a woman by knowing her dreams, seeing your unborn children in her eyes, telling her that she’s the one, telling her you’ll always be together and that your love will last forever.

Dedicate this to your partner to make her feel special on your wedding day.

Bryan Adams Father-Daughter or Mother-Son Dance Songs

“I Will Always Be Right There”

This slow guitar song is perfect for a father-daughter dance. This song is all about being there for someone and how that will help them make it through.

It says they will be together forever, and they have all of his heart. It’s also about believing in their bond and that they’ll always be together as a family.

This song is perfect when it comes to celebrating the bond of a father and a daughter, or a son and his mother. A father will always be there for his daughter and a mother will always be there for her son.

“We Found What We Were Looking For”

This slow, sweet tune with a soft beat is another great option for a father-daughter or mother-son dance. This song has soft piano and guitar that makes it perfect to dance to.

Bryan Adams sings about finding your strength, giving it your all, withstanding the test, how your special person picks you up when you fell behind, and finding your wings together.

This song can allude to the bond that a parent has with their child, giving them their strength when they fall and helping them to stay on their feet while supporting them throughout their lives.

Bryan Adam’s Reception Songs

“After All” by Michael Bublé and Bryan Adams

Michael Bublé is another big name in the music industry and is a popular choice for wedding music. It’s very fitting that Bryan Adams was Michael’s idol growing up because they work together beautifully on this track.

This song is upbeat and full of soul with this duo. This song is all about being in someone’s life again after some time and finding love together again.

This song can be a great choice for a couple that knew each other when they were young and met up later in life.

“Let’s Make a Night To Remember”

This mid-paced song almost has a country twang to it for all the country-loving couples out there. In fact, it’s a great mix of country and rock influences.

This song is all about spending the night with the one you love and making it a night to remember. It alludes to making love but is still wedding-friendly. 

This would be a perfect song to slow down the pace on the dancefloor for your guests.

“When You Love Someone”

This song with a slow pace and cascading piano is another great song to slow down the pace in between dances. It even has a guitar solo for a rock element, and believe me, Bryan Adams rocks out with style!

This song is all about doing anything for someone you love, no one can change your mind about loving that person, you’ll sacrifice for them and risk everything no matter what. You’re sure to find the lyrics moving and comforting when you hear Bryan Adams sing them.

This song would be a great choice for the last special slow song of the night with your partner.

“So Happy It Hurts”

This super upbeat, country-feeling song is great to get your guests out on the dancefloor. This song has everything your guests need to rock out and show off their best moves.

This song is about being with that person you love and being so happy that it hurts when you’re together.

This track is a great option for a send-off or the last song of the night.

“Can’t Stop This Thing We’ve Started”

This classic 80s-sounding song is ideal to get your guests dancing. The song lyrics are about not being able to stop a relationship no matter what and knowing that when it’s right it’s right. It’s about keeping on the course together.

This catchy tune will have your guests dancing all night.

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