The 20 Best Michael Bublé Wedding Songs

A typical Michael Bublé playlist includes an impressive combination of easy listening jazz, swing and big band, classical, and even contemporary pop songs! As such, you can bet that everyone and their dog will have at least one Bublé song they like! 

Unsurprisingly, Bublé’s variety of music is among the most popular choices for weddings.

Whether it’s a crowd-pleasing reception number or a heart-melting recessional tune, there’s a Bublé song to fit with every stage of your big day.

Michael Bublé Wedding Songs

Pre-Ceremony Atmosphere

These tracks set the romantic tone for the start of your day; perfect to play while guests are mingling and getting seated before the ceremony begins. 

“When I Fall in Love” 

This smooth, slow, jazzy tune, originally by Nat King Cole, is the most warm-hearted and welcoming hit we can think of. 

The lyrics also correspond well to what’s about to happen within the next hour; two of you will indeed give your hearts to each other—completely. 

Oh, how we love love! 

Best lyrics: “When I give my heart / It will be completely / Or I’ll never give my heart / And the moment I can feel that you feel that way too / Is when I fall in love with you.”

“La Vie En Rose” (featuring Cécile McLorin Salvant)

This isn’t some cheesy wedding where any one-hit-wonder can grace the playlist. You won’t be playing the electric slide at this wedding. You mean business.

So set a classy, luxurious tone with this gorgeous duet, originally by Edith Piaf. 

This pop-jazz number is perfect for your classy wedding; if your dress code is anywhere from formal to white tie, this song is for you.

La vie en rose, by the way, means “life in rosy hues.” It’s simply too sweet. We’re not crying; you’re crying. 

Best lyrics: “I am in a world apart / A world where roses bloom / And when you speak / Angels sing from above / Everyday words / Seem to turn into love songs.”


If you’re having a more light-hearted, casual wedding, why not set the tone with a super sweet, easy pop hit like “Everything”?

This song may come off a little too cheesy to play during the wedding ceremony and a bit too toned-down to play at the reception, but rest assured it’s perfect for the pre-ceremony guest entrance!

The lyrics are just too cute not to put on this list and will bring a smile to your guests’ faces from the very beginning of the event.

Best lyrics: “You’re a carousel / You’re a wishing well ‘And you light me up / When you ring my bell ‘You’re a mystery / You’re from outer space / You’re my every minute of every day.”

Ceremony Tear -Jerkers

The following songs will make everyone’s heart melt as the bridal party walks down the aisle. Remember to save the best for the last—the bride’s entrance! 

“Close Your Eyes” 

This is an incredible number for your favorite people—your bridesmaids and groomsmen—to walk down the aisle together. 

It’s more upbeat than the music the bride will likely walk down to, which will create a dramatic and memorable contrast.

Additionally, the lyrics can speak not only to the couple but also to how those friends make the couple feel! 

“So here’s to you / The one that always pulls us through / You always do what you gotta do babe / Cause you’re one of a kind.”

“Can’t Help Falling in Love” 

We can see it now. 

This dreamy, melodic, heavenly rendition of “Can’t Help Falling in Love” bringing everyone in the room to tears as the bride slowly glides down the aisle, whilst the groom loses control of his emotions.

We generally recommend songs that people recognize for this special moment, but sometimes people play songs that are—well, simply overplayed, like “Ave Maria,” for example.

But a song like “Can’t Help Falling in Love”—especially an artist’s unique take on it—gives you the best of both worlds: the comfort of familiarity, with a spark of personalization and character. 

Simply put, we just can’t help falling in love with this song! 

Best lyrics: “Like a river flows / Surely to the sea / Darling, so it goes / Some things are meant to be.”

Cocktail Hour Vibes

Cocktail hour is the time between the ceremony and the reception when the bridal party is freshening up, and the caterers are getting the reception hall ready.

You’ll want to have loving, sentimental songs playing, whilst slowly getting people prepared to celebrate into the night. Of course, Michael Bublé has a song or two for this!

“Something Stupid” (featuring Reese Witherspoon) 

This song transitions between classical and jazz, supporting its role as the perfect number for the transitionary period between your ceremony and reception.

It’s hip and pop-y but still classy enough for the older guests (i.e., Frank Sinatra lovers) to enjoy a cocktail over. 

Plus, it features Reese Witherspoon. And everyone loves Reese Witherspoon. Enough said. 

Best lyrics: “Then afterward we drop into a quiet little place and have a drink or two / And then I go and spoil it all by saying something stupid like I love you.”

Reception Entrance Energy

It’s time to party! Well, almost.

First, allow your guests to cheer you and the bridal party on again as you enter your wedding reception to these beautiful Bublé hits. 

“It’s a Beautiful Day” 

Is this a pop song, a rock song, both, neither? We have no idea, but we love it. And it’s the perfect song to set a new tone for your reception. 

The ceremony was all about the calm, the soothing, and the classically romantic. 

But now, you want to celebrate! This hit is an excellent choice if you and your bridal party want to walk out in joyous celebration.

Best lyrics: “And I know there’s no denying / It’s a beautiful day!” 

“Feeling Good” 

Michel Bublé’s “Feeling Good” is a rendition of Nina Simone’s version from 1964 (and the original, created for the musical The Roar of the Greasepaint, the Smell of the Crowd). 

You know it, you love it, you want it at your wedding. But where?

It’s pretty difficult for all your guests to dance to, a bit aggressive for the ceremony or cocktail reception, and it’s a bit too-hype for the winding down after-party, hmm…

That’s why we think it’s perfect for the re-entrance of your fun-loving, risk-taking, bridal party! 

You can make the entrance humorous, sexy, or whatever dramatic theme you want to go for. The sky’s the limit with this dynamic hit. 

Best lyrics: “It’s a new dawn / It’s a new day / It’s a new life / For me / And I’m feeling good.”

First Dance Magic

These Michael Bublé songs are genuinely some of his best and most popular wedding songs, that’s why we recommend saving them for arguably the most romantic and memorable moment of the wedding—the first dance. 

“The Very Thought of You”

Completely charming, thoughtful, and warm, this violin-heavy song will allow you and your partner to soak it all in—the vows, the love from your guests, the beautiful atmosphere, and each other. 

If you want your first dance to feel like an absolute dream out of a fairytale book, then this romantic song, originally by Frank Sinatra, is perfect for you. 

Best lyrics: “I’m living in a kind of daydream / I’m happy as a king / And foolish though it may seem / To me, that’s everything.”

“For Once in My Life” 

This medium-tempo jazzy tune is not your typical first dance song, but the lyrics and vocals are passionate. And if you’re getting married, you will relate to the “Finally! For once in my life, I’ve found somebody so SPECTACULAR!” feeling. 

Why not celebrate that wonderful feeling together after the “I Dos”? 

This is an especially great first dance song choice for the couples that want to put on a real show! You can take a jazz dance class and really get into it with choreographed footwork, surprising spins, risk-taking lifts! 

The song crescendos, starting in the middle and carrying on until the end, so make sure to finish the dance with a show-stopping move! 

Best lyrics: “For once I can touch / What my heart used to dream of / Long before I knew / Someone warm like you / Could make my dreams come true.”

“I Only Have Eyes for You”

This is another semi-upbeat first dance song that is slightly lighter-spirited than the deeply passionate ones. If you’re not into too much fluff or pomp and circumstance, you might prefer a down-to-earth tune like “I Only Have Eyes for You.”

You can casually dance and do a few swings when the drums pick up, but it’s overall a subtle, welcoming, beginner-dance-friendly tune. 

Best lyrics: “Are the stars up tonight? / I don’t care if it’s cloudy or bright / Cause I only have eyes for you, dear.”

“Crazy Love”

The melodies and background vocals on this beautiful song are simultaneously familiar and unique, bringing elements of pop and classical with a jazz guitar together. 

And, of course, the lyrics will bring the two of you even closer together in a moment so very special. 

Best lyrics: “She takes away my trouble, takes away my grief /She takes away all of my heartaches in the night, like a thief.”

Reception Dancing Fun

Okay, now it’s time to party! Let the drinks flow and these pop-romance hits fire up the dance floor! 

“I Believe in You”

This song starts slow, making it seem like it’s not great to get your groove on to, but starting at the chorus, the tempo picks up, and there is an opportunity to start getting down. 

This is a particularly excellent song to open up the dance floor! If you don’t want to go from 0 to 100 too quickly, this is an uplifting number to which people can finish their conversations before making their way to the floor. 

Best lyrics: “I believe in starting over / I can see your heart is true / I believe in love / You give me a reason to / You’re the light that lifts me higher / So high up in the sky / I – I think we’re going to fly.” 

“My Kind of Girl” 

This is a great song to play for some casual, fun swing dancing! 

Guests of all ages will have the most fantastic time with this one, swirling their significant others, parents, and kids around in dizzying circles. 

This sweet, lovable tune will bring many smiles to people’s faces and many giggles to the dance floor. 

Best lyrics: “A pretty little face / That face just knocks me off of my feet … She looks like an angel / She looks / Baby I’m hooked / After just one look.”

“Nice ‘n Easy” 

Who doesn’t love a cool slow dance song?

This is the perfect song for the couples in the room to come together and celebrate the newly married couple’s love, and love in general. 

It’s a welcoming dance number that you can have as much fun with as you want with—drops, spins, twirls, shimmies, you name it. 

But couples will also feel comfortable just holding their partner tight and swaying side to side to this song instead—or, in other words, taking it nice ‘n easy. 

Best lyrics: “We’re on the road to romance / That’s safe to say / But let’s make all the stops / Along the way.”

“When You’re Smiling”

This is a cute little number to kick your feet out to (or just bop your shoulders up and down to, if you’re not much of a dancer.)

Like many of Bublé’s songs, it picks up in pace towards the middle and includes instrumental-only sections for those who want to impress the crowd with their swing moves! 

Best lyrics: “Keep on smiling / Cause when you’re smiling / The whole world smiles with you.” 

After-Party Options

After the main wedding event, a wind-down is a nice touch, especially for your closest crew. But you certainly don’t have to turn off all music completely.

Let these soothing, touching Bublé songs put the finishing touch on your perfect day. 

“All I Do Is Dream Of You”

This is a light, cheery song that’s great for the beginning of the after-party when people don’t want to wind down completely, but might want to settle down for some chit-chat.

Best lyrics: “You’re every thought / You’re everything / You’re every song I ever sing.”

“I’m Your Man”

Similar to the one above, “I’m Your Man” isn’t too hype but not too calm, so it’s perfect for the beginning of a casual, intimate after-party. 

Best lyrics: “And if you’ve got to sleep / A moment on the road / I will steer for you.”

“The Way You Look Tonight” 

If you’re having a relaxed, classy cocktail session for your after-party, this rendition of Fred Astaire’s classic song “The Way You Look Tonight” is an excellent choice to play over the speakers. 

It’ll keep the romantic mood alive without being overly sappy. 

But let’s be honest; part of why we love Michael Bublé’s songs and covers is because of their sappiness, so there’s still plenty in there for the people who just don’t want to let the romance end. 

Best lyrics: “And that laugh / That wrinkles your once / It touches my foolish heart / Lovely / Never ever change / Keep that breathless charm.”

“Home” (Featuring Blake Shelton)

You and your partner are going to finally go home together—this time, for the first time, as husband and wife. 

This is a sentimental, slow country song featuring Blake Shelton, perfect for melodically and symbolically winding down the night. 

Best lyrics: “Another summer day / Has come and gone away / In Paris and Rome / And I want to go home / Let me go home.”

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