36 Whimsical Wedding Invitation Ideas

Where would we be if the world had no whimsy?

Whether it’s the flower power cowboy hat, a sweet little love note on a banana, or super-fanciful entertainment like Bridgerton or Moulin Rouge, whimsical means style, laughter, fun, heart-tugging drama, and pure romance.

That’s why we adore whimsical wedding invitations, and the true beauty is the sheer amount of styles and choices you have!

We’ve got 36 wedding invites gathered here that are beautiful, joyful, unexpected, and as whimsical as can be!

Wedding Invitation to the Garden of Whimsy

Garden of Whimsy Wedding Invitation

Welcome to the Garden of Whimsy, our best-selling wedding invitation suite featuring a hand-drawn delicate floral wreath, soft, super-thick 100% Cotton textured paper, and a minimalist feel with your choice of edging. Garden of Whimsy is available in flat printing only.

It’s easy to get romantic about a whimsical garden wedding with this handmade invitation, available in quantities of 25 or more.

This hand-drawn design features a sweet wreath of flowers on cotton textured paper for both strength and softness, and the uneven deckled edge is exquisite!

The Alisa and Parker Wedding Invitation Suite

Elegant and Whimsical Outdoor Wedding Invitation Suite

Delicate leaves from a modern layout in the Alisa and Parker invitation that sets the perfect tone for an outdoor event.

Delicate and modern, this customizable suite of wedding stationery is elegant and fun at the same time.

You have so many choices for inks, print, and foils, and the floral envelope liner makes us swoon!

A Wedding Invite With Rustic Whimsy 

Whimsical Rustic Wedding Invitation

This wedding Invitation design is a perfect way to include all your customized information and the font text color can be customized to match your wedding colors.

Rustic elegance is the theme of this beautifully laid out, handmade invitation. Nothing is out of place here (although you can customize some details if you wish), and the subtle hints of hanging lights are like a dream.

Misty Forest Makes a Whimsical Invitation

Misty Forest Wedding Invitation Set

Our wedding invitations entwine style with rustic charm and come complete with concertina wedding invitation, personalised tag, rustic twine and a choice of envelopes.

Your names float whimsically in the sky over a misty forest and mountain range on this most inspired invitation. We love the personalized tag with a rustic twine accent!

It comes in a popular concertina style, meaning it unfolds to display your customized wedding details, including a QR code for your wedding website.

Wildflower Wedding Invitation Is Blooming Whimsy

Wildflower Wedding Invitation Set

Our flat cards are simpler versions of the same design and printed double sided and include envelopes.

Here’s another example of a concertina-style invitation with wildflower details of peonies, rose, and hydrangeas.

This invite has an elegant layout that you can customize to suit your day, including the “gift wish” section and menu choices for your guests.

An Invitation Bundle of Springtime Whimsy

Whimsical Spring Wedding Invitation Bundle

The sample includes a double-sided invitation, single-sided RSVP, double-sided RSVP, envelope with fitted envelope liner, and printed RSVP envelope.

We adore the whimsical effect of top and bottom floral details on this wedding stationery.

It’s printed on premium textured paper and includes a double-sided invitation and single or double-sided RSVP card.

An Acrylic Invitation Is “Clearly” Whimsical

Elegant Green Acrylic Wedding Invitation

Our invitations, professionally produced on elegant clear acrylic, are gorgeous. The personalized invitation for you will make your organization or nuptials special for you. Clear acrylic and gold foil details provide an additional level of uniqueness to your invitation cards.

This barely-there invitation style is becoming incredibly popular, and you have to “see-through” this gorgeous style to believe it!

Acrylic invitations and real foil (not a foiled effect) offer chic whimsy at its finest.

Your Wedding Is a Storybook Invitation

Storybook Wedding Invitation & RSVP Card Set

Designed and printed exclusively by Go Print Plus. Your order can be customized with ANY wording. Invitations and RSVP Cards come with blank envelopes.

This 5×7″ whimsical wedding invite had us at “Once upon a time.”

It is available separately or with the RSVP card as a set, and the paper choices sound wonderful too—signature smooth, extra thick, textured felt, or textured linen!

So Romantic Calligraphy Wedding Invitation 

Romantic Calligraphy Wedding Invitations

A flowing calligraphy font makes a dramatic statement on these romantic wedding invitations. 

The modern black calligraphy on this invitation appears to be running off the paper into its own whimsical happily ever after!

The dusty blue color is fresh and fun, but you’re free to choose your favorite background color.

Whimsical Wood Veneer Invitation

Wood Wedding Invitation Sample

It's time to tell your friends and family all about your special day coming up, so say hello to our NEW Wooden Wedding Invite Design!! 

How unexpected is a genuine wood veneer invite with leafy green details?

The thickness of this invite is comparable to a standard cereal box, but this ain’t no cardboard—it’s stunning natural wood like maple, aspen, birch, oak, cherry, or walnut.

“Be Our Guest” Disney Wedding Inspiration!

Fairytale Concertina 'Be Our Guest' Wedding Invitation

Our wedding invitations entwine style with rustic charm and come complete with concertina wedding invitation, personalised tag, rustic twine and a choice of envelopes.

This concertina-style invite combines rustic chic with Disney fantasy!

The eye-catching design looks fantastic on any one of the luxurious color choices available, and there’s an accessible YouTube video explaining how to do the rustic twine effect.

Whimsical Greenery Invitation Gives the Finer Details

Greenery Wedding Invitation Template Suite

Colours may vary depending on the printer & monitor you use. We recommend doing a test print.

This digital download invitation stationery is so pretty and practical!

Your “greenery” set includes the invite, RSVP postcard, a note on gifts, and a lovely “finer details” card. You get size options with each piece, too, including one that’s Vistaprint-ready. 

Whimsical Wedding Invite Checks All the Swatches

Pink Wedding Invitation

This listing includes the invitation and rsvp templates.

This invitation bundle is a digital download, including an easily editable invite and RVSP templates.

We think this selection is even more appealing because of the brushstroke swatches of pastel colors in blush pink, gold, and two-toned green.

Whimsical Wedding Invitations of Eucalyptus and Wood

Eucalyptus Wedding Invitation Suite

If you are looking for something different, greenery and luxury invitation, send these unique real wooden & eucalyptus wedding invitation suite to your loved ones, family and friends.

We’ve found countless wedding invites with a stunning look and a great feel. Still, there’s nothing quite as whimsical as this invitation made of natural wood.

The addition of authentic “shocked” eucalyptus is thoroughly unexpected, and happy bridal couples remark that this smells gorgeous too!

Whimsically Messy Wedding Invite

Messy Script Wedding Invitation

Invitation Card 5" x 7". Response Card 5" x 3.5". White Invitation Envelope. White Response Card Envelope.

When we see this gorgeous invitation design with its “messy script,” we think modern beach bride with an elegantly messy updo!

Your print material choices include felt or linen that looks and feels fabulous.

Whimsical Watercolor Wedding Invitation

Elegant Wedding Invitation Suite

Send out a wedding invitation suite with beautiful spring watercolor flowers fit for Lady Daphne.

This handmade invitation suite is called “Adele,” and we think you should say “Hello” to this one!

The design inspiration here is the blush pink and light blue whimsy of the Regency period, as you’d see in  Bridgerton. If you want romance and royalty, this invitation is the way to go!

Sienna Invitation Bundle for Whimsical Fall Wedding

Burnt Orange Wedding Invite Kit

This invitation design is perfect for you if you're having a seasonal wedding.

Many (if not all) whimsical wedding invitations feature a spring greenery color palette, so it’s lovely to find this burnt orange invitation template to download and edit for your crisp and colorful autumn wedding.

Florals Against Navy Makes a Dramatically Lovely Invitation

Rustic Navy Floral Fall Wedding Invitation

The wedding invitations are fully customizable for your big day, including the text, font and background color.

This graphic-designed, printed wedding invitation offers the unexpected—rich-looking florals contrasting with realistic, rippling navy boards. It’s a full-on look of sophisticated whimsy and glamor!

Whimsical Wedding Invitation to the Secret Garden

Secret Garden Invitation

Inspired by the works of Thomas Gainsborough and tonal ink on colored handmade paper, this invitation has all of the secret garden old world feels.

How about handmade wedding stationery inspired by Thomas Gainsborough, one of the most famous painters in 18th century England? Say yes, and the Secret Garden invitation could be yours!

Every detail shown here has whimsy, from the vine artwork, deckled paper, silk ribbon, and wax seal. We think the sweetly illustrated map is a crowning touch.

Follow Alice to This Wonderland Wedding Invitation

Follow Alice to This Wonderland Wedding Invitation

This invitation features the classic creativity of ALICE IN WONDERLAND illustrations. 

As the saying goes, “you’re not too late for a very important date” with this spectacular digital download in an Alice in Wonderland theme.

Rosemary and Basil Wedding Invite Is a Wonderful Touch

Letterpress Wedding Invitations

The perfect way to invite your friends & family to your big day.

Handmade invitations like these created and printed on a Letterpress offer vintage-style magic, and they feel wonderful too!

The fairytale elements on this design are plentiful, plus you can customize the ink color and, of course, your names and wedding details.

Flowery Popup Invitation Is Whimsically Miraculous

Pop Up Wedding Invitations

Laser Cut Wedding Invitations for Wedding.

Good grief, these handmade wedding invitations are beyond spectacular!

In addition to all of the stunning details, you get a choice of metallic, shimmery paper in colors that coordinate with your wedding day.

Whether or not you’re familiar with laser-cutting, you’ll appreciate how gorgeous this popup design is. Of course, some people prefer to laser-cut their invites, but this whimsical style is so super-intricate that it needs a pro touch.

Dreamy Burgundy Accented Wedding Invitation

Burgundy Wedding Invitation

You can print the templates as often as you like for personal use, they do not expire.

In a world full of digital download wedding invites, we love the uniqueness of this template with its dreamy burgundy painted dabbing detail!

It’s easy to edit this invitation, and the backside is perfect for adding your engagement photo. Finally, if you want choices, you’ll get them with the background colors, fonts, and sizes that this template provides.

Printable, Whimsical Wildflower Invitation

Wildflowers Wedding Invitation Suite

This beautiful wedding invitation suite features wildflower artwork. 

This three-piece digital download makes a sweet and pretty wedding invitation set.

Our favorite thing here is the whimsical arrangement of flowers around the wedding details!

Colorfully Whimsical Wedding Day Invitation

Elegant and Whimsical Wedding Invitation Suite

A touch of whimsy and elegance, with the detailed floral drawings, the Calista and Hiraku invite will set the perfect tone for a lush, vibrant event.

These handmade, Letterpress-printed invites get customized with foils, inks, and a wax seal of your choice.

But the standout detail here is its breathtaking color scheme called “sunglow,” “rose,” and “beach,” and that lush and vibrant envelope liner made our jaws drop.

Whimsical Wedding Invitation With Greenery and Gold

Greenery and Gold Whimsical Wedding Invitation

This greenery and gold invitation is absolutely whimsical and perfect for your rustic big day!

This invitation template has whimsical touches of rustic romance, and it downloads in a snap.

The layout looks natural, almost unplanned, and your customized options include beautiful graphics, fonts, and print sizes to appreciate.

Whimsy in Your Pocket Wedding Template

DIY Pocket Wedding Invitation Set

All text on templates is editable*, including size, fonts, and colors. The size and orientation of each piece is not customizable, nor is the artwork.

How much whimsy fits into a sweet little pocket wedding invitation?

This digital download template contains a full bundle of stationery: everything from “save-the-date” to your invitation set, seating charts, and menus for your big day, and don’t forget thank you cards for afterward!

There are even links with this selection to order paper and envelopes easily, so you’re all set.

Once Upon a Time Wedding Invitation

Once Upon a Time Wedding Invitations

Your order can be customized with ANY wording. Invitations and RSVP Cards come with blank envelopes.

When your invitations are lovingly handmade, and they also say “Once Upon a Time,” you can rest assured that you’re getting the whimsical, fairytale wedding stationery of your dreams!

Woodland Ferns and Whimsy Invitation

Woodland Ferns Invitation

My shop has partnered with Prints of Love to offer fast, high quality yet affordable printing. 

The artful design of whimsically placed woodland ferns on this handmade invitation is stunning, and check out the fonts used in this selection… it reminds us of something from the roaring 20s!

Happy Herbs and Whimsy Wedding Booklet

Happy Herbs and Whimsy Wedding Booklet

The RSVP is incorporated into the booklet as a tear off postcard but you may also choose an online RSVP option for the more tech savvy guests.

You read that right. This wedding invitation is a booklet!

This lovely, handmade stationery is a ribbon-tied booklet with original artwork, and its layout is a signature style from this designer.

Your invitations are also customized to include specific details for your wedding day—what a beautiful souvenir this will be.

A Whimsical Agate Wedding Invitation  

Single Agate Wedding Invitation Boxed Set

Single set of a beautiful natural agate wedding invitation customized for your special day!

Okay, buckle up because we’re going on a wonderfully whimsical ride with this genuine agate stone invitation!

Your hand-calligraphed stone invitation comes in a box, and the overall impact of this stunning selection is awesomeness!

While this certainly isn’t a budget option, we like the designer’s suggestion to have one agate invitation made for yourselves to feature in your wedding photos and as a forever keepsake.

Laurel Invitation With Floral Gatefold

Whimsical Wedding Invitations

These whimsical wedding invitations are a perfect fit for a country chic wedding, the floral design gives these rustic chic wedding invitations the right amount of whimsy, the beige floral laser cut whimsical invitations are complemented nicely by the slight touch of pink with the envelopes, making these the perfect rustic chic invitations.

This handmade invitation combines rustic-chic details with the whimsical beauty of the warm beige, laser-cut floral gatefold.

Whimsical Invite With the Luck of the Irish

Whimsical Irish Spring Wedding Invitation

The wedding invitations are fully customizable for your big day, including the text and font.

Looking at the stunning cover of this handmade invitation, you’ll know that “we do” love this design with lush hanging shamrocks and glowing gold foil!

Whimsically Ornate and Old-Fashioned Invitation

Whimsically Ornate and Old-Fashioned Invitation

All text can be edited for wording, font, color, size and placement or deleted completely.

The design here reminds us of a poster hanging in storefronts during the Wild West era, and we adore this look.

This invitation is a digital template that includes essentials for your wedding day stationery, although some users commented that the editing part could be a little tricky to DIY.

Romantic Wedding Invitation Has a Whimsical Ombre Effect

Ombre Wedding Invitations

We encourage you to purchase sample(s) to experience the quality of our stationery. 

Is ombré hair still a thing? Not that “in or out” matters because these stunning ombré invitations are everything whimsical, timeless, and beautiful!

The teal color is gorgeous, although you may choose other colors for the ombré effect on this handmade and custom wedding invitation. Also, check out how each one gets wrapped in a shiny bow with your personalized photo tag!

Whimsical Bear at Sunset Wedding Invitation 

Whimsical Rolling Hills at Sunset with Bear Wedding Invitation

The most common and traditional size it the 5x7 invitation, announcement or many other printed event stationery pieces.

We love a simple 5×7″ invitation card with soft rounded edges like this selection. You get the outdoor whimsy here in that stunning mountaintop vista at sunset and the silhouette of a bear ambling by in the distance.

This selection includes options like an RSVP postcard and envelopes. The whole look suits an outdoor wedding wonderfully.

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