What To Wear to a New Year’s Eve Wedding: A Style Guide

New Year’s Eve is typically a fabulous time for celebration, with lots of merrymaking, recalling the year’s highs, and counting down to midnight. For those who plan a New Year’s Eve wedding, you’ll be sure that the party vibes will be immaculate!

If you’re attending a New Year’s Eve wedding, you can kick up your typical wedding attire up a notch. Glitter, glam, shimmer, and shine are no strangers to celebrations!

So, what to wear to a New Year’s Eve wedding? Check out our style guide of delectable outfits to ensure you’re looking party-perfect when the time comes.

What’s the New Year’s Eve Wedding Dress Code?

As it is with most weddings, the wedding invitation is going to be your rulebook. You can safely assume it’ll be a pretty festive celebration, but be sure to take note of any mention of “black tie” or “formal” as that will trump everything else.

Cocktail attire is typically a standard, tried-and-true dress code for NYE parties as well as weddings, so that is a safe route when figuring out what to wear. It’s time to bust out something a little more formal, a little more sparkly, or even consider pulling out of the stops for the occasion!

Not sure what color to wear? An easy choice would be to stick to silver and gold, as those are both considered classics and still bold.

Still confused? Check out the venue and try to glean some info on the location to help guide you towards the wedding’s tone.

If ever in doubt, err on the fancier side- since it’s NYE, it’s better to be overdressed than under.

Semi-Formal Chiffon Maxi

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Opt for a floor-length gown if the wedding has a dedicated semi-formal dress code.

A burgundy red is a great seasonal color, all you’ll need is matching bold lip color and you’re good to go. That, and maybe some fun, sparkly accessories if you want to go the distance!

Sequined Long Sleeve Party Dress

Long Sleeve Wrap Sequin Party Dress

Material: Sequin; Neckline: V-Neck; Sleeve Style: Long Sleeve.

This glam sequined dress is going to give the mood lighting a run for its money. Sequins are a great bet for celebratory parties- I especially love the long sleeves, which will keep you warm for that post-wedding NYE bar crawl.

Gold Velvet Wrap Maxi Dress

Want something luxurious, classic, and still modest? This deep gold wrap dress has loads of texture thanks to the velvet fabric, giving it lots of folds and playful lines that hug your body. All that glitters IS gold, baby!

What If the NYE Wedding Dress Code Is Black-Tie?

First of all, fun! Second of all: let’s clarify what black-tie officially means.

This designation is reserved for formal events and weddings, where guests will wear floor-length evening gowns as well as tuxedos. It’s a step above cocktail attire and definitely an occasion to look fancy.

Weddings that occur around the winter holidays require taking into account seasonal styles and trends: think of long-sleeve-style dresses in luxurious fabrics, and/or classic, elegant silhouettes.

Retro Satin Dress With Split Blouson Sleeves

Floor-length gown? Check. Dreamy and romantic vibes? Check.

This dress is available in a variety of colors, so you can’t go wrong with any deep jewel tone for a winter wedding soiree!

Flapper-Inspired Art Deco Gown

Flapper Gatsby Diana Dress

Composition: 100% Polyester; Length: up to the ankle.

Gatsby himself would be complimenting you if you rolled up to the event dressed in this utterly glamorous gown!

This dress has the perfect amount of vintage retro feel with enough glitz and shines to bring you into the next year!

Go Glam With Colors, Patterns, and Shine!

There’s loud and crazy festive, and then there’s wedding-appropriate festive. If you’re shopping for something unforgettable to wear to a New Year’s Eve wedding, take a look at these intriguing ideas!

Shimmery Fit & Flare Pleated Dress

If you’re not afraid of color, check out this playful fit and flare dress!

The V-neck on the front and back are flattering for a variety of necklines, and you can ramp this dress up with matching colorful accessories, or make it the belle of the ball by pairing it with neutral heels and a silver clutch!

Lamé Tie Back Pencil Dress

Tie Back Pencil Dress

Sexy and seductive Italian lamé open back cocktail dress.

This pencil dress is so sophisticated! With an open-back tie, it’s still flirty and ultra-feminine.

The pattern on this silky cocktail dress is regal and glam, perfect for dancing under the lights until the ball drops on NYE!

70’s Disco Glam Batwing Dress

Shoulder Bat Wing Dress

This listing is for a fabulous Maxi Studio 54 Dress in GOLD

This one-shoulder batwing dress is serving all of the disco glam, honey! For a wedding with a dress code of “party like it’s 1999”, take it back to the ’70s with this clever, shiny smock.

Serve this look with winged eyeliner and proceed to party the house down!

Can I Wear Black to a New Year’s Eve Wedding?

Of course! And if you do, you definitely won’t be the only one. Black is a super reliable and classy color (albeit a bit safe) when it comes to celebration wear. Also, 99.9% guarantee that an NYE wedding will take place at night, so black is a great option.

It’s been said before to avoid wearing all black to weddings, but nowadays, black is a common sight at weddings. It all depends on how you pull it off!

The best thing about a New Year’s Eve Wedding is that you can use your little black outfit as a blank canvas to jazz up with lots of sparkle and glam, because if you’re not going to be festive on New Year’s… when else can you?

Open Back One Shoulder Black Midi Dress

One Shoulder Pencil Dress

Sleek and subtle all at once, the Manhattan Midi Dress features an iconic halter neck with a one-shoulder design and an open back.

If you’re going to go for an LBD (little black dress, if you weren’t already familiar), jazz it up with this asymmetrical cut.

One-shoulder dresses are super flattering, and I love the look of having one arm covered and one arm free. Bonus: New Year’s can get pretty chilly, so a little bit of coverage can keep you warm!

Geometric Black Sequin Dress

Geometric Black Sequin Dress

The emery body-con midi dress features long sleeves and a low back. It is fully lined with nude stretch fabric.

Got a Great Gatsby-themed NYE wedding coming up? I love the look of these almost art-deco-inspired sequin patterns on this sheath dress.

If you are determined to wear black, you can absolutely pull it off without looking like you’re headed to a funeral- think of patterns with black accents instead for a refreshing look.

High Neck Evening Gown

Evening Cocktail Long Dress

Suitable For All The Seasons--Spring, Summer, Autumn,Winter. Can Wear It Alone on Spring and Summer. 

Does the NYE wedding invite you’re holding say ‘formal attire’? In that case, opt for something floor length. It doesn’t mean you have to be completely covered up, in this case, a long dress with a leg slit can really add an air of drama to an otherwise modest gown!

Just be sure the slit isn’t too revealing! You don’t want to have any accidents, nor do you want to give the older wedding guests a heart attack.

Can You Wear Pants to a NYE Wedding?

With every celebration of the new year, we launch society further and further into the future. Jumpsuits have been a popular item in many women’s closets for decades, and they’re definitely not strangers to the wedding scene.

Pants are more than acceptable for everybody when it comes to attending a NYE wedding. But that being said, I don’t mean skinny jeans or the dress pants you wear to the office.

You can absolutely rock pants at weddings nowadays, but since it’s New Year’s… let’s kick it up a notch.

Ladies Green Velvet Tuxedo

Ladies Green Velvet Tuxedo

Women Green Velvet Designer Custom Made 2pc Tuxedo Suit Single Breasted Satin Shawl Lapel.

I’m sure you saw Ocean’s 8 featuring a host of incredible female badasses, and when Cate Blanchett graced the screen in her velvet green tuxedo, I audibly gasped in the theater.

A green tuxedo? Can I really pull this off? YES. The emerald hues are so good around New Year’s time, evoking a feeling of money and “new leaves” (see what I did there?)

Vintage Styled Navy Blue Velvet Jumpsuit

Midnight Blue Vintage Style Velvet Jumpsuit

The soft velvet has a timeless vintage feel featuring a drapey 1940's neckline with covered buttons, ruched detail 3/4-length sleeves, centre back zipper and side tie belts to nip in the waist.

Navy blue is a gorgeous and sophisticated color that is perfect for a wintery wedding. Watch the ball drop and gear up to sing Auld Lang Syne with the happy couple in this cozy, uber-flattering jumpsuit.

Silvery Grey Convertible Jumpsuit

Silver Grey Infinity Jumpsuit

Highly elastic waist and ties can be cinched in at waist as tight or loose fitting as you need.

Throw it back to a retro era with this incredibly adaptable convertible jumpsuit. The silvery grey tones are classic, and the wide-leg pant is flattering on everyone!

With an elastic waist, a plethora of ways to wear it, and POCKETS… this one is sure to be in hot rotation after the wedding!

What Men Should Wear to a New Year’s Wedding

There have been many viral videos of the precise number of suits that every man should own. But before viral videos, there were tons of style guides that floated around, offering advice for men to invest in some solid (and somewhat interchangeable) suit jackets, shirts, and pants.

Men’s fashion has remained rather stable compared to women’s fashions (which honestly feel like they change in the blink of an eye, but that’s a discussion for later). That being said, they are also not an exception when it comes to dressing for a New Year’s Eve wedding!

A well-tailored suit should be in every man’s arsenal. And especially for NYE, a slim-cut black suit will serve you well! You don’t have to necessarily go full tuxedo… unless you want to (or the dress code dictates so).

Slim Cut Men’s Suit Separates

Calvin Klein Men's Slim Fit Suit Separates

This Calvin Klein Men’s Slim Fit Stretch Suit Separates gives you the option of customizing your jacket and pant suit size since the two pieces are sold separately.

A classic wool suit is a must-have, and when in doubt, opt for black. There are moments in life when a gray suit might be necessary (a summer wedding), or a navy blue suit (big office meeting), but a black suit will never let you down!

Unique Brocade Gold and Cream Tuxedo

Mens Dinner & Wedding 4 Piece Suit

The matching quality Gold Colour shinny pattern waistcoat and satin black shiny trousers and matched bow-tie are paired with the whole design.

“Shine bright like a diamond” can definitely be embodied by the gents- take a look at this elegant gold brocade suit jacket!

Herald in one year of kickass fashion with this unforgettable look.

Purple Three Piece Suit

Purple Three Piece Suit

Men 3 Piece Suit: ( Jacket, Vest, Pants); Color: Purple Jacket, Vest & Pants; Pattern: Peak Lapel

Exude a sense of royalty and regalness with this excellent three-piece suit that the Prince himself would probably approve of.

I love the style accessories on this look- a bit of hardware never hurts when it comes to styling up men’s fashion!

What Not to Wear as a New Year’s Eve Wedding Guest

As a rule of thumb: when attending a wedding, never wear white, off-white, or anything remotely close to bridal. If it’s a New Year’s Eve party wedding where the dress code is all-white (for instance, a celebrity’s summertime White Party), that’s about the only way you’d be given the OK to wear white.

Another rule: given that New Year’s celebrations take place during the winter, summer looks are generally not going to serve you well. No to cotton fabric blends, definitely no to denim, and no to anything too casual.

You want to always be sure to show respect to the newlyweds by dressing formally, plus, as NYE is an occasion for celebration, why not take the time to look your best?

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