What To Say to Your Daughter on Her Wedding Day

For parents, being right there in the moment as your daughter is getting married is one of life’s sweetest treasures. You may want to cherish the occasion by having a heart-to-heart before she heads down the aisle and/or making a speech at the wedding reception.

But what do you say? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with some heartfelt things to share with your baby as she becomes a bride.

We’ve also got a few sweet surprises to capture your time together and preserve as precious mementos.

So moms and dads, grab your tissues because here’s what to say to your daughter on her wedding day!

Soothe the Pre-Wedding Ceremony Jitters With Beautiful Memories

On her wedding day, it’s natural for your daughter to feel overwhelmed, and some brides also experience much more social anxiety.

When she’s jittery, what you say to your daughter can help transform nervous energy into a gorgeous show of confidence. But, of course, it’s best to keep it simple and sincere.

Reassure With Love and Without Judgement

For moms who’ve gotten married, you probably have a good idea of your daughter’s feelings on her wedding day. So put yourself in her shoes, and reassure her with positive thoughts.

It’s a great idea to listen to her and reflect on her feelings together. Support her in the loving, unselfish way only a mother knows how. 

A Wedding Poem to Your Daughter in Calligraphy

A Wedding Poem to Your Daughter in Calligraphy

Calligraphy by Kay's wedding day poem is the perfect blend of elegance and sentimentality.

This simple gesture is an incredible way to express your love for your daughter on her wedding day!

The poem is inscribed in calligraphy and is available in black or a golden font on beautiful cardstock choices. You can include a ribbon too!

Say it like this, and she’ll see and feel your words forever.

Celebrate Happy Times From Her Childhood

It’s a fantastic stress buster for the bride when you share favorite times from her childhood on her wedding day.

It’s also an ideal time to make new memories, so make sure to catch some candid pics and videos of wedding day moments alone with her that you’ll all cherish forever!

Carry a Piece of Her Childhood

Gold Bridal Bouquet Locket

Complimentary engraving and photo printing included!

This circular magnetic locket with Swarovski crystals attaches to the bride’s bouquet with a sturdy lobster clasp.

Each locket has a diameter that’s slightly larger than a quarter coin. It’s made of brass and plated in 14K gold, and it’s a quality piece that can be engraved with your message to your daughter.

Inside the locket, you can put your favorite childhood photo of her, a photo of a loved one, or a snapshot of her favorite pet.

Practical Advice Goes a Long Way

Getting married is a huge deal!

Your daughter is beginning a new chapter, and while it’s exciting, it’s also foreign territory.

Although it may sound easier to smooth it over by telling her, “everything will be fine,” before the wedding is the perfect time to help with some practical advice…

Emphasize Self-Care

It’s easy for a bride to concentrate on preparing for her big day with a hairstyle, makeup, or a mani/pedi, and she can sometimes lose focus on what’s truly important: how she’s feeling inside.

Urge her to gently take some quiet time to breathe and relax. Self-care is as worthwhile to her bridal beauty as that fancy updo!

This adorable self-care gift gets personalized with your daughter’s name and a loving message from you.

With thoughtful items, including an orchid-scented soy candle and facial steam botanicals, she’ll relish in some “me-time” on her big day.

If She Wants Your Advice, Here’s How To Say It Right

Doling out advice can be a touchy subject for a bride on her wedding day, but feel free to give her some well-meaning advice if she asks you for it.

It’s natural for her to have “cold feet,” and your parental wisdom can pave a smoother path for her into newlywed life.

For instance, sharing how best to communicate with her spouse may set the foundations for a healthy marriage and help her during a rocky patch early on.

You know the old saying, “you need a license to fish…” well, for many brides, learning to set healthy boundaries (particularly with their new in-laws) is a situation where your input can be invaluable.

She’ll appreciate you when you deliver the messages with love and respect.

Download Your Loving Words and Feelings

Floral Succulent Bridal Advice Card

This file is two 5x7" advice cards on a single 8.5x11" page (PDF format).

If you’re better at getting your message across with a “honey-do” list, and you’re still unsure what to say to your daughter on her wedding day, consider this sweetly designed advice card for the bride-to-be!

This affordable selection is available as a download to edit at home with the appropriate software. You can be funny, touching, and heartfelt at the same time with advice like this!

You’re There for Her

Who isn’t worried about navigating something new on their own? Especially the new road of marriage!

Even if your daughter prides herself on her independence, there’s nothing wrong with a little reminder: you were there for her before, and you’ll be there for her whenever she needs a sounding board.

Have Fun and Share Laughs

I’m all about cracking a good joke at the appropriate time and place. Later in this article, I’ll let you in on how to write a hilarious wedding speech that will make your daughter beam with pride at her parents bringing the house down!

Take a coffee break on the morning of her wedding and bring up some funny moments. It can clear the air, dispel some of her fears, and set her up with a big smile on her day.

This Will Be Her Favorite Cup

Funny Coffee Mug

Printed in the USA on high quality ceramic with our unique design on both sides.

Sure, you’re biased! But she’s not just any bride. She’s your girl. Show her how you feel with this colorful mug as you chat over coffee on her wedding day.

A Great Greeting Card for Her Special Day

Wedding Day Card for Daughter

Beautiful, simple, elegant card and keepsake to give to your daughter on her wedding day!

The message on this card is a tearjerker, which will make for a tender moment between you on her wedding day.

I also love the pretty floral frame that’s hand-cut paper with golden glitter flowers. This special card is a keepsake!

What To Say to Your Daughter During Her Wedding Reception

Hopefully, your daughter’s pre-wedding jitters vanished after she said, “I Do!”

You wouldn’t wish for anything less on her big day, but now it’s reception time, and you might be dealing with a case of stage fright too.

As times change, the hard and fast rules for wedding speeches have also relaxed quite a bit. Most parents of the bride (together or separately) will want to say something at their daughter’s wedding reception, and the format can be decided on by you and your daughter when she’s planning the schedule for speeches.

The Wonderful Wit of Wedding Speeches

If you didn’t already know,  Wedding Pioneer has a podcast, and one of my favorite episodes features our host, Jake, talking to Geoff Woliner, founder of WinningWit.com.

Geoff is an expert on crafting and delivering funny speeches, and the focus of this episode is wedding speeches.

Check out the podcast here!

Funny Is Always First 

If you’re searching for what to say to your daughter at her wedding reception, a sweet and funny story is always your best bet.

It’s human nature for people to be drawn to humor, especially when it’s good-natured. So stick to little anecdotes about the newlyweds that are relatable but not too personal or sarcastic.

Finish your speech with a toast and best wishes for the newlywed couple. 

It’s Perfectly Fine to Show Some Vulnerability

Most parents expect happy tears to flow during private conversations with their daughter on her wedding day. That’s beautiful, and it should be encouraged.

At her reception, however, it’s better to keep speeches upbeat. Some people get antsy when there’s too much emotion, but that doesn’t mean you have to put a lid on it.

If you get a little vulnerable during your speech to your daughter, people will know it’s heartfelt, and that’s just as beautiful!

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