26 Incredible Father of the Bride Pictures You Need To Take!

Let’s hear it for the dads! Outside of the groom, what man has more joy on the wedding day than a father?

Whether you decide to fall in step with typical traditions and enjoy being “given away” by dear ol’ dad, or you choose to honor your relationship less conventionally, a daddy-daughter moment will always create a heart-warming picture. 

There are endless ways to bring your dad in for a special moment or two on the wedding day, and if you’re looking for some inspiration… well, friend, we’ve got some totally emotional father of the bride pictures that will melt your heart! 

Father Of The Bride Pictures

Traditional Father-Daughter Wedding Moments

There are a few key events that, if you’re going for a more traditional approach, you’ll want to include to make sure you get your moment with your dad. 

The Speech

father is going to give a wedding speech
Photo by: Emily Blackford Photography

A wedding day is just one emotional moment after another. It’s a real tear-jerker. But one that undeniably stands out is when Dad gives a speech!

He’s got the goods on you, too. Yes, I’m sure he’ll “spice things up” with a few dad jokes (he can’t help himself), but you’re his baby girl, and you can bet he’ll be coming in hot with some emotional memories. 

I’m not crying. You’re crying!

First Hug

first hug of the bride and her father
Photo by: Emily Blackford Photography

That hug you and your dad share after he sees you for the first time in your wedding dress?? I mean, c’mon.

A beautiful bride plus her dad losing it over how gorgeous she looks? That’s one for the books. Your wedding album, more specifically. 

First Look

father-daughter first look wedding photo
Photo by: Emma Paul Photography

And speaking of, not all first looks are with the bride and groom. Sometimes you just need a tender moment with your dad before the ceremony. 

This is the man who raised you (I assume). He’s your literal day one. And setting aside some time to let him enjoy the moment is a true gift. 

Down the Aisle

father walking his daughter down the aisle
Photo by: Emily Blackford Photography

If you don’t look too much into the history of this tradition, then a dad “giving away” his daughter can be one of the most significant moments of the wedding day. 

It can be a heartwarming moment when your dad accepts your partner as one of the family. 

First Dance

father-daughter first wedding dance
Photo by: Emily Blackford Photography

I mean, stop. A daddy-daughter dance? What’s more classic than that? Even if Pops has two left feet, grab him and get out on the dance floor. 

It’s a moment you won’t want to miss. 

The Biggest Smile

smiling father walking his daughter down the aisle
Photo by: Elissa Deline Photography

You and your dad, arm in arm, walking toward your future. It’s a gorgeous picture, and you can bet that your dad is going to keep that smile stuck on his face for days. 

Emotional Embrace

father-daughter emotional embrace
Photo by: Elissa Deline Photography

Elissa Deline of Elissa Deline Photography nailed the emotion of this moment. This father can’t help but wear his heart on his sleeve as he hugs his daughter one last time before she says, “I do.” 

Looking On

Dad looks at the newlyweds
Photo by: Elissa Deline Photography

It’s going to be an emotional wedding ceremony, so make sure your wedding photographer captures a few of your dad as he looks on. You’re sure to snag a few moments like these. 

Mom + Dad Holding Hands 

mom and dad holding hands
Photo by: Elissa Deline Photography

Your wedding day story is yours, of course. But it’s also the story of the people who’ve gotten you here.

Your mom and dad are the people who have brought you to this point, so if you’re able to snag a picture of them supporting one another during the day, it’ll make for a very tender memory. 

Pure Joy

father joy looking at his beautiful daughter
Photo by: Elissa Deline Photography

Capture your dad in a moment of pure joy. 

You can see the happiness exuding from this father as he looks at his daughter, who’s about to become a bride. 

Sweet Gifts

bride holding some sweet gift for her father
Photo by: Elissa Deline Photography

Consider gifting your dad something thoughtful as a keepsake for the day. This sweet embroidered pocket square has probably never left this father’s side since he got it. 

Plus, if your dad doesn’t cry often, this just might get those happy tears flowing. 

Squeeze Him Tight

bride squeezes her father tight
Photo by: Elissa Deline Photography

Take every moment you can to squeeze your pops tight. 

The Dance Floor

bride with her father on the dance floor
Photo by: Elissa Deline Photography

Cut it up with your dad on the dance floor and let him revel in the joy like this father. It’s a perfect time to let your relationship with your dad shine!

Quiet Moment

beautiful bride has a quiet moment with her dad
Photo by: Elissa Deline Photography

Take some time away to just have a quiet moment with your dad. In all the chaos of your wedding day, having a little bit of space where you two can just soak it all in is truly special. 

Belly Laughs

Father of the bride belly laughs
Photo by: Photography by Ali K

We all know Dad is good for some laughs. I’m sure there will be plenty of opportunities to grab a few photos of him letting loose with you. 

The Moment Before

the moment before the father leads her daughter to the wedding ceremony
Photo by: Haverlee Photography

This sweet moment right before it all goes down.

Haverlee of Haverlee Photography nailed the stillness and anticipation right before this father walks his baby down the aisle. 

Snuggled Up

bride snuggled up to her father while dancing
Photo by: Haverlee Photography

He’s been your rock all these years and just because you’re getting married doesn’t mean anything has to change between the two of you. Lean on him now, just like you always have. 


father surprised looking at his beautiful daughter
Photo by: Haverlee Photography

The absolute shock. It’s nothing less than adorable here, and if you decide to go with a first-look with your old man, then it’s sure to be just as memorable. 

You and Your Dad

bride's reaction to her dad's reaction
Photo by: Haverlee Photography

Spin it around, and capture your reaction to your dad’s reaction. It’s sure to be an intimate moment with your father, and your response will be just as sweet as his. 

Plus, this will be an adorable gift to him for years to come. 


father kissing his beautiful daughter on the cheek
Photo by: Jenny Marie Photography

That giveaway kiss is a classic father-daughter wedding photo you won’t want to miss. 


emotional father of the bride giving his daughter a hug
Photo by: Jenny Marie Photography

Don’t you dare miss Dad shedding a few tears (or a whole bucket-full) when he sees you on the big day!

You’re going to look gorgeous, he’s going to lose it, and it’s going to be gold wedding album material. 

Untraditional Father Wedding Moments

Sometimes you want to celebrate a dad in your life, but in a more unconventional way. 

The Dad Getting Married

mountain top wedding ceremony
Photo by: Allison Slater Photography

Maybe the dad you want to hype up is the one you’re getting married to. A dad on his wedding day is a beautiful thing, so make sure to bring his kids in on the action!

A child who gets to be a part of the wedding day magic will feel more included and at home in your new family. 


pregnant bride and dad-to-be getting married
Photo by: Allison Slater Photography

But maybe that child is on the way? Here’s to the dads making their mama-to-be a bride!

Mom + Dad

bride walking down the aisle with her mom and dad
Photo by: Emma Paul Photography

Walk down the aisle with your mama and your pops! 

It defies stereotypes and breaks away a bit from the history of the practice. Mom and Dad as equal, bringing their daughter into the future. 


Dog Dad

bride shows her dog dad a little love
Photo by: Marissa Rae Photography

Listen, you knew you weren’t going to make it off this list without giving a little love to the dog dads! 

If you have a pupper, then they are likely very much a part of your family. Don’t forget to show your dog dad a little love in your wedding photos.

Grooms Father Grooving

groom's father playing guitar on the stage
Photo by: Haverlee Photography

This groom’s father spontaneously got on the stage with the band to celebrate his son and now daughter-in-law. 

Although I’m sure the band was less than amused (and perhaps some extra libations were involved), it’s still essential to give the father of the groom some spotlight. 

Father-son moments are just as crucial as father-daughter moments!


For most people, highlighting their father on their wedding day is a fun (and, at times, hilarious) part of the celebration. 

However, for those out there who associate this time with pain, here are some alternatives for you:

Honor Your Deceased Father

It may be painful to experience this day without him, but you can still honor his memory with a slideshow during the reception or a special moment during the ceremony. 

Dance with a Father Figure

If dancing with your dad is not an option, choose someone else to dance with. If there’s a father figure (or maternal figure) in your life you’d like to honor in place of your father, this would be a beautiful chance to do that. 

Wear Something That Reminds You of Your Dad

Bring him with you on your day. When you choose to wear something unique that reminds you of your father, he still gets to be with you every step of the way. 

Find Your Own Way

The most important thing is to find the right way to honor the dad in your life. 

It looks different for everyone because every father-daughter relationship is different. But there are endless ways to celebrate; the only thing that matters is finding the right path for you. 

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