The 14 Best Wedding Photographers in Miami, Florida

Nothing says ‘summer wedding’ like getting hitched in the Sunshine State.

You don’t have to be a beach babe to exchange vows in the state of Florida, but don’t be surprised if you end the ceremony with a surfers tan.

While there are a handful of large cities here to host your event, there’s nothing that compares to the beauty, nightlife, and vibrant culture of Miami.

If you’re saying ‘I do’ in this iconic locale, you’re going to want a photographer who’s equipped to capture every incredible moment of your special day.

There are so many photographers throughout this massive city that it can be a bit overwhelming to attempt to find the right vendor all on your own.

To make your search considerably easier, just check out our list of the 14 best wedding photographers in Miami, Florida!

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Victoria Machin Photography

Let’s kick things off with something completely unique as we introduce Victoria Machin Photography.

This artist’s distinct, illustrative style will immediately catch your attention, but it’s her undeniable skill that will truly lock you in.

A master of the fine arts who completed her studies in Italy, Victoria brings a tone of class and luxury to every image that she captures.

Your wedding will be no exception as she works tirelessly to take your special day to new heights.

Suzanne Delawar Studios

At Suzanne Delawar Studios, you can enjoy top-notch service from an internationally recognized photography team.

Founded by a dedicated father-daughter duo, this studio has shot events for actors, musicians, and couples all over the world.

As such, they’ve made quite a name for themselves as a collective that always puts the client’s needs first.

Prepare to be treated like a bonafide star as you walk down the red carpet into this new season of life with the one you love.

Ray Santana Photography

Partnering with Ray Santana means that you’ll have a 15-year veteran’s expertise and guidance to ensure that your wedding photos turn out perfectly.

With a portfolio that ranges from lush, tropical ceremonies to sprawling estate weddings, Ray can turn any backdrop into a breathtaking masterpiece.

If you’re planning a high fashion celebration in Miami, Fl, there’s no one who captures your big day quite like him.

Ray’s timelessly elegant photography style will complement your classic beauty and create a wedding album that will leave you absolutely speechless.

PS Photography and Films

In the heart of sunny South Florida, you will find PS Photography and Films, an inspired team of artists dedicated to celebrating true love.

Initially founded by a pair of best friends, this incredible team embraces all the fun, excitement, and sheer joy of helping couples to make their wedding day last a lifetime.

As their name states, PS provides both photography and videography for weddings, meaning that they can handle all of your media needs in-house.

And if you’re still on the fence about whether you actually need a wedding video, one look at their portfolio will seal the deal.

Leo Photographer

In a city full of glitz and glamour, it’s refreshing to find a photographer with a passion for capturing couples just as they are.

Leo loves taking the simplest moments and transforming them into something more beautiful than you could ever imagine.

Leo Photographer is a great option for couples who aren’t exactly comfortable in front of the camera, as Leo specializes in capturing candid shots and helping his clients to both look and feel their best during the shoot.

Whether you’re catwalk veterans or a camera-shy couple, Leo will make sure that your wedding pictures feel like an absolute breeze.

George Street Photo & Video

This internationally recognized media studio is just what you need to record the most important day of your life.

When it comes to capturing an event this special, it pays to go with a photographer that truly knows their craft and has the portfolio to back it up.

George Street Photo & Video takes a huge weight off your shoulders by including only the best vendors in your area.

When selecting a photographer from this exclusive list, you can rest in comfort knowing that each one was thoroughly vetted and hand-picked with your best interests in mind.

Dana Lynn Photography

Based in South Florida, Dana Lynn Photography offers timeless shots for couples who want to relive their special day over and over again.

For an incredible experience and a wedding album to die for, you’ll want to check out Dana Lynn, ASAP.

With this award-winning multi-media team, you can expect a passionate group of professionals who will make you and your soulmate feel like the most important people on earth.

After all, this is your big day, and you deserve a photographer who is just as excited and invested as you are.

Claudia Oliver Photography Studio

With Claudia Oliver Photography Studio, your wedding photo experience will feel like a dream come true.

No matter how eccentric or specific your tastes, Claudia Oliver is more than happy to partner with you on this unforgettable journey.

As an editorial photographer, Claudia has a way of making even the most formal posing feel natural and comfortable for her clients.

You’ll be incredibly thankful for this skill as Claudia helps you to tell your beautiful love story as only you can.

Evan Rich Photography

When it comes to authenticity and intimacy, Evan Rich is one of the best wedding photographers in the entire state.

For the blushing brides of Miami, Fl, this impassioned photographer is a miracle worker who can truly bring their wedding day to life.

Evan considers himself to be as much of an advocate for his couples as a photographer, taking the time to understand their perspective and make sure that their vision is communicated in every single shot.

When you receive your final delivery, you’ll be blown away by the raw emotion and character shown throughout this priceless collection of memories.

Lukas G Photography

Lukas G has traveled the world photographing some of the most incredible events you can imagine, but he’s found that nothing compares to the gorgeous beaches of Miami, Fl.

He treasures every minute spent with his clients and works tirelessly to honor their love story in his images.

Whether you’re getting hitched on South Beach or exchanging vows in one of the city’s cultural hubs, Lukas will be laughing, smiling, and celebrating right there with you.

While any bride can hire a photographer, you’ll have the privilege of beginning a lifelong friendship if you choose Lukas for your special day.

Merari Teruel Photography

With experience shooting in both Miami and New York City, Merari’s proven her skill and dedication time and time again.

While her portfolio certainly speaks for itself, Merari makes it a point to build a genuine relationship with each of her cherished couples, allowing them to effortlessly create memories that will last forever.

Merari’s style is ideal for couples who have a more deluxe vision for their wedding, providing sweeping views, formal posing, and endlessly elegant composition.

With this highly professional artist at the helm, all you’ll need to do is sit back and relax as she takes your wedding portraits to the next level.

Lenisse Komatsu Photography

As a wife, mother, and lifelong artist, Lenisse Komatsu is well-prepared to handle anything that you can throw at her.

No matter how outlandish the posing interests or wedding theming, this free-spirited photographer is onboard to be your personal cheerleader as you prepare for the adventure of a lifetime.

Lenisse is all about capturing all of those moments of pure joy and excitement during your event, freezing those precious memories in time forever.

Decades down the line, you and your soulmate will still be obsessing over the day that you finally got to say “I do.”

Ashleigh Ahern Photography

With over 15 years in the wedding industry, Ashleigh Ahern is a highly experienced photographer who knows just how to capture the most beautiful memories from your special day.

If you’re planning a destination wedding in sunny Florida, it will be great to have a seasoned professional like Ashleigh at your service.

Whether she’s capturing candid moments or wrangling distant cousins for family portraits, Ashleigh’s focus will always be on your comfort and happiness.

With a clear commitment to honoring love stories of all shapes and sizes, Ashleigh is ready and willing to help you take on your big day.

Brashleigh Photography

There are few professionals who can capture the warmth and vibrancy of South Florida as well as Brashleigh Photography.

This talented artist gives it her all in each ceremony she shoots, taking the time to help her treasured couples feel like they’re the only people in attendance.

If it’s not enough that Brashleigh effortlessly captures her clients’ most precious moments, she also goes out of her way to create a carefree environment for them.

Wedding days don’t have to be stressful when you’ve got a dedicated team of vendors that are committed to giving you the best day ever.

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