The 15 Best Wedding Photographers in Los Angeles, California

With its incredible views, eclectic culture, and unbelievable wealth of talent, it’s no surprise that Los Angeles is home to some of the best wedding photographers in the world.

After all, the City of Angels is the perfect backdrop for your romantic celebration of love.

Whether you’re interested in classic and timeless shots or something a little more modern and edgy, there are plenty of skilled photographers in LA who can get the job done.

The most important factor in your photographer search is finding someone you can trust to capture the beauty and emotion of your special day.

For your viewing pleasure, we’ve compiled a list of only the best wedding photographers in Los Angeles, California.

If you’re planning a wedding in this gorgeous city, be sure to check out the portfolios of these 15 talented professionals – you won’t be disappointed!

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Peardon Carrillo Photography

With a photography style as vibrant and glamorous as the city itself, Peardon Carrillo is a one-of-a-kind vendor who is well worth considering.

Peardon Carrillo has just what it takes to help turn your most precious moments into a lasting heirloom that you can look back on forever.

Photographers Alberto and Lisa have experience shooting all over Los Angeles, so you can relax knowing that they will provide you with only the best photo ops.

If you want a luxury experience in the city of Angels, Peardon Carrillo Photography has got to be on your list.

Kevin Dinh Photography

Kevin Dinh is another star photographer on this list, known for using his signature photojournalistic style to capture the beauty and elegance of true love.

You can’t go wrong with a stunning artist who prioritizes your comfort and care on the big day.

Nothing if not versatile, Kevin has had the opportunity to shoot weddings with a wide variety of cultural themes and influences.

Whatever traditions you hold near and dear to your heart, you can trust that Kevin will honor and respect your values at every step of the way.

Fitz Carlile Photography

For couples interested in a high-end photography experience, the incredible team at Fitz Carlile has got you covered.

With a cinematic style and impeccable compositional skills, there’s no doubt that the finished gallery will blow you away.

Outgoing and adventurous, Fitz is the perfect photographer to help you get out of your shell during those portrait photos.

When all is said and done, you’ll be thankful for a professional who’s willing to celebrate every special moment right by your side.

MKEshoots Photography

No need to stress over being photogenic with MKEshoots Photography. This exceptional photographer prides himself on capturing special, candid moments of real emotion to honor your love story.

Lead photographer Murtaza has been in the industry for over 8 years, traveling all over the United States to shoot only the most breathtaking wedding ceremonies.

Feel free to add your romantic celebration to the list, setting yourself up for a lifetime of unbelievable memories.

Alex W Photography

Whether you’re looking into traditional wedding photos or a high-class, editorial shoot, Alex W Photography is sure to leave you breathless.

One look at Alex’s portfolio, and you’ll be just as stunned as the moment when you first fell in love.

Alex’s photography style is perfect for couples with a larger-than-life love story, one that truly captures the grandeur of romance.

Having shot all over the world, Alex will bring a flare of elegance and timeless beauty that you just can’t get from anyone else.

Heidi Garcia Photography

Originally based in New York, Heidi Garcia brings plenty of experience and a unique, East Coast style to every event that she captures.

From weddings to engagements to sultry boudoir shoots, Heidi has the expertise to provide you with a comprehensive package suited to fit your every need.

Rather than focusing on preening and posing, Heidi allows raw moments to unfold naturally before her lens.

Using her upbeat, positive attitude, Heidi has a way of bringing out the best in her clients, helping them to truly enjoy each moment that they spend in front of the camera.

M. Hart Photography

With a classic style of photography and an adventurous spirit, M. Hart has witnessed some of the most jaw-dropping views that the U.S. has to offer.

Having lived in Texas, Utah, New York, and now LA, you can trust that this professional photographer knows a thing or two about capturing gorgeous landscapes.

Like any skilled photographer, M. Hart focuses on ensuring that each of her couples feels comfortable during their shoots.

This will allow her to capture the sincere moments of joy and affection shared on the happiest day of your life.

Michael Anthony Photography

For a truly one-of-a-kind wedding photography experience, check out this award-winning studio based in LA.

With talent, skill, and an eye for style, Michael Anthony Photography is your ticket to the wedding album of your dreams.

Founded in 2011, this studio is home to some of the best and brightest that LA has to offer.

With a welcoming, people-first attitude, their dedicated team is happy to turn your wedding day into the unforgettable event that you deserve.

Gina & Ryan Photography

With decades of relationship experience between the two of them, you can trust that Gina & Ryan know a thing or two about romance.

These high school sweethearts turned husband-and-wife photography duo cannot wait to help you celebrate your once-in-a-lifetime love story.

Whether you need a photographer, a cheerleader, or simply a shoulder to cry on, Gina & Ryan will be right by your side.

You can finally take a breath and relax knowing that these two understand exactly how you feel and will do everything in their power to see your vision come to life.

Jessie Caballero Photography

Weddings, elopements, and fairy tales large and small; Jessie Cabellero will be there in a heartbeat.

This wildly talented artist is committed to providing you with a wedding album you can pass down from generation to generation.

Laid back and relentlessly positive, Jessie will make your wedding day feel like a true celebration of your whirlwind romance.

Looking back at your photos, you’ll be reminded of every smile, laugh, and tear shed in honor of the most special moments.

Kaitie Brainerd Photography

Kaitie Brainerd Photography is for all of those free-spirited LA couples who want their wedding photographs to be just as dynamic as their love story.

Prioritizing authenticity over pretty poses, Kaitie Brainerd believes that wedding pictures should have your personality written all over them.

With 8 years in the industry under her belt, Katie’s got a proven method for making sure that her photos reveal the best of her clients.

If you’re after a light-hearted, stress-free experience, Kaite Brainerd Photography is the way to go.

Tida Svy Photography

While there are plenty of talented artists in LA, the very best wedding photographers have one thing in common.

Skilled professionals like Tida Svy know that no matter how amazing the photographer is, your wedding portraits should be all about you!

Tida holds herself to this standard in every single wedding she captures, choosing to focus on the heart and vision of the couple in order to bring their story to life.

Bubbly, energetic, and tons of fun, Tida is ready and willing to make you feel like the queen you are on your special day.

Tiffany J Photography

For couples who want more classic wedding photography with an elegant style, Tiffany J Photography should be right up your alley.

This timelessly graceful photographer is an excellent choice for capturing your stunning ceremony.

Tiffany loves shooting in the natural light of sunny California, capturing the rays as they shine over your romantic event.

As a hopeless romantic, longtime photographer, and a recent bride herself, Tiffany knows just how to craft a wedding album that will have you and your guests buzzing for years to come.

Lulan Wedding Photography

With not one, but four unbelievably talented photographers, Lulan provides a stacked team of professionals to capture the happiest day of your life.

Whether you’ve been wedding planning for a couple of months or since your eighth birthday, this team is happy to help you celebrate in style.

The artists at Lulan Wedding Photography offer a wide variety of photography specializations, meaning that they can accommodate just about any wedding vision.

All you’ll have to do is share your story and preferences with them, then let their dynamic team take care of the rest.

Marissa Joy Photography

From lavish destination weddings to chic intimate ceremonies, Marissa Joy has seen just about everything.

Her wealth of experience and expertise make her more than qualified to help you take on your special day.

Marissa prides herself on being able to turn precious moments into timeless memories that her couples can cherish forever.

One look at her portfolio, and you’ll understand just how much care and effort she puts into giving her clients the very best.

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