The 24 Best Wedding Photographers in Arkansas

Here are fun facts for everyone getting married in Arkansas.

Crater of Diamonds State Park has a natural diamond field, and way back in 1924, a massive diamond was found there that was almost 41 carats—talk about a girl’s best friend! 

Seems fitting that Arkansas has a “state gem” like other places have state flowers… of course, that gem is a diamond in Arkansas!

I figured that naming the capital city Little Rock had to do with diamonds. But apparently, French settlers named Little Rock (La Petite Roche) because of a small rock formation in the river that served as a navigational beacon.

You’ve got your ring and know where you are—beautiful Arkansas! We looked and found the best wedding photographers in Arkansas just for you.


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Kari Bjorn Photography

Kári Bjorn comes from Iceland and has a really cool name. Kári was a trained chef, but he’s now your Fayetteville wedding photographer!

Kári is pronounced “Cow-rih,” although he’s not picky about how you say it. The most important thing to Kári is capturing the authentic, joyful moments on your wedding day—that is his joy!

Kári Bjorn Photography came to be after Kári moved to New York to study photography at the Parsons School of Design. He has tremendous skills and experience in freelance photography, videography, and editing, so you can trust you’re in good hands with Kári Bjorn Photography.

Laura Powers Photo

Laura Powers has featured her work in Vogue, and Laura Powers Photo believes in people over profit. As your Fayetteville wedding photographer, Laura’s passion is giving you the gift of wedding day memories to cherish.

Before she realized her passion for photography, Laura was a neonatal nurse who worked 12-hour shifts in an intensive care unit. Her husband had camera gear, and Laura took up photography as a hobby.

Since moving to Arkansas, Laura Powers Photo loves to photograph wedding day love stories, and her wedding couples rave about Laura’s talent and creativity!

Freckled Fox Photography

April Walsh lives in the Ozarks with her husband, son, and new daughter. Life at home is beautiful, but April feels equally blessed to operate Freckled Fox Photography—as April says, photographing big or small weddings drives her!

Freckled Fox Photography wants to connect with you and create the most beautiful images at this incredible moment in your life. Lovers, dreamers, artists, and romantics, April is your Arkansas wedding photographer!

Count In Threes Photo

Count In Threes Photo is your Arkansas-based wedding photographer, and the lady in black behind the lens, Kim Zebron, loves to travel for your wedding too!

Kim is upfront about herself—she’s got plenty of tats, she’s a total softy, and Count In Threes Photo is a sucker for all things love! Kim married the man of her dreams in 2020, and their fur-baby is Copper.

Your wedding day photography experience with Kim is different in the best way! The focus is on capturing the natural moments, which means taking time for yourselves and soaking everything in. 

Count In Threes Photo isn’t just your best photographer. Kim truly takes care of you and makes your day extra special!

Lissa Chandler Photography

Lissa Chandler Photography has a beautiful, colorful website, including a blog with fun info like yummy recipes, handy mom tips, and photos of her adorable family!

For Lissa, photography is a lifelong passion that captures her heart. She grew up loving family photos, and Lissa Chandler Photography knows the power of those images. 

As your Arkansas wedding photographer, Lissa captures the magic moments of your day and creates heirloom images you’ll fall in love with!

Aly England Photography

Aly England Photography specializes in wedding photography throughout Northwest and Central Arkansas, Tulsa, and Southern Missouri.

Aly also loves traveling with her destination wedding or elopement couples!

Life in Fayetteville is sweet for Aly, her husband Matt, and their adorable basset hound, Willow. Wedding photography is Aly’s dream come true!

Aly England Photography focuses on being your best wedding photographer, so you can relive every moment, including the little details that slipped your mind but got captured forever in precious photos!

Sarah Bentham Photography

Sarah Bentham’s photography resume is impressive—starting with her Arizona State photojournalism degree, Sarah captured major international news and sporting events for the largest print media outlets in the country.

It’s a photography career to be proud of, but at Sarah Bentham Photography, Sarah gets to tell your wedding day love story, and that’s her biggest joy!

As your wedding day photographer, Sarah brings experience and excitement, but she’s also relaxed and laidback, so your wedding day experience is pure joy. Her heart is in Arkansas, but Sarah is also up for your destination wedding adventure! 

Kim Christopher Photography

As your luxury wedding photographer in Arkansas, Kim Christopher Photography specializes in capturing wedding day love stories and joyful lovers!

Kim married her high school sweetheart in 2009, and the experience was so incredible that she bought her first camera after her honeymoon. The first wedding Kim photographed was just two months later, and Kim Christopher Photography has been a success ever since.

Kim’s family includes two beautiful daughters, and her wedding photography has been seen in magazines across the state and on numerous wedding websites. Kim loves her wedding couples like you! 

Sarandy Westfall Photography

Sarandy Westfall graduated with a BA in Graphic Design from the University of Arkansas, and while Sarandy Westfall Photography is Arkansas-based, she’s ready to travel too!

Married to Jeffrey and dog-mom to Zola and Winston, Sarandy’s passions include iced coffee, salsa, and chips.

As your wedding photographer, Sarandy Westfall Photography will capture your authentic smiles, giggles, and sweet kisses. Your comfort is the most important thing to Sarandy, and she loves building relationships with her wedding couples because that’s the best way to create beautiful wedding photos!

Kelsie Jo Photography

Kelsie Jo Hillis has loved photography her whole life, and she started working as a photographer during her junior year at Southside High School!

Photographing families, special events, and weddings with Kelsie Jo Photography is a true blessing. She’s been named the Best of the Best Photographer in the River Valley for five years, and she’s grateful to capture your wedding day moments here at home and worldwide!

Being a wife and mom is the best thing for Kelsie Jo, but when it comes to her career, photographing your wedding is like icing on the cake!

Danielle Raylin Photography

Danielle Raylin Photography is based in Northwest Arkansas, and Danielle loves to photograph beautiful wedding couples like you in the most beautiful spots around home!

Since she got her first camera at age 11, Danielle has captured special moments and developed her craft. 

Danielle Raylin Photography’s website includes a gorgeous photo gallery and client testimonials. Her wedding couples rave about Danielle’s sweet personality making their wedding days the best!

Shipman Photography

Morgan and Cory Shipman are Shipman Photography, and this married, Bentonville-based team captures wedding day moments that show the beauty of your connection—love isn’t about perfection or posing!

Shipman Photography knows the power of photographs that return you to love and laughter on your wedding day. As your Arkansas wedding photographers, Morgan and Cory, create images you’ll love to relive!

With a family of six (three kids, three dogs!) Morgan and Cory can handle chaos, and check out their Instagram for a great new trend: including your dog on your big day!

Evan Hopman Photography

Evan (call her Ev!) grew up in Northwest Arkansas, and she’s honored for Evan Hopman Photography to be your wedding photographer!

For Ev, photography celebrates every joyful, tearful moment that makes life worth it. A self-confessed “weird art school kid,” she loves storytelling through images and is passionate about wedding day photography!

Vinson Images

Jason and Chasnie Vinson love their kids, dogs, and life in Arkansas, and there’s something you might like to know about their photography business, Vinson Images.

Because Vinson Images has been ranked among the Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the World!

As your wedding photographer in Arkansas, Jason and Chasnie know your wedding is special—so Vinson Images is special too.

We love their motto: “a decent photographer can make great images when everything is going right. An amazing photographer can make great images when everything is going wrong!” 

Emily Quigley Photography

Emily grew up in a big Salt Lake City family, and after marrying her best friend Kyle, they relocated to Arkansas. Emily was once a hospital nurse assistant, but when she found photography, she found her best way to love and serve people!

Her family includes three beautiful kids and a fur baby. With Emily Quigley Photography, the best thing is watching wedding couples like you light up and tear up seeing your beautiful wedding day photos!

Miles Witt Boyer Photography

Miles Witt Boyer is married to Melissa, and with photography business partner Jared Fincher, this talented trio is Miles Witt Boyer Photography!

As your Arkansas wedding photographer, Miles Witt Boyer Photography captures the connection and emotion of your love story, turning your memories into pure, close-up images to touch and cherish.

Miles, Melissa, Jared, and their beautiful families believe in the magic of what they do!

Photo Love

As the owner and lead photographer behind Photo Love, Kaity Whitman’s wedding day portraits aren’t just unforgettable.

Photo Love creates images with emotions you can see and feel. Those images become memories to make you smile or tear up every time you revisit them!

Kaity has been your Arkansas wedding photographer for ten years and is a part-time florist. When she’s not mountain biking or repurposing furniture, Kaity loves on her pot-belly pig! 

Nguyen Images

Josh (“Jersh” to his friends!) and Emma Nguyen married in Arkansas right before the COVID lockdown. While the timing presented challenges, Josh and Emma formed Nguyen Images, and they feel privileged to be your Arkansas wedding photographers!

Emma also works as a speech pathologist during the week, and they have two fur babies. 

Nguyen Images loves to experience and capture your wedding day love story, and they will deliver authentic and beautiful images that bring everyone joy! 

Sydney Sligh Photography

Sydney was born and “partially raised” in Alaska. But half of her life and her whole heart is in Arkansas!

As a fifth-generation photographer, Sydney Sligh Photography was in her blood, but it took years for the business to come true.

Sydney was a pre-med student before she switched to graphic design and photography, and a medical issue after the birth of her son made her pick up her camera and go for her dreams.

Sydney Sligh Photography has captured hundreds of weddings and has been nationally featured. Her reputation is solid nationwide!

Jon Yoder Photography

Jon Yoder sees life as a string of memories, and at Jon Yoder Photography, capturing those special moments and genuine love is a big deal. It’s the memories in life that stick!

Raised in Pennsylvania, Jon calls central Arkansas home, and he loves capturing weddings across the state and worldwide— for Jon Yoder Photography, wedding day images are more than pretty pictures. 

These precious images are your memories; they retell your love story whenever you look at them!

Eli Murray Photography

Eli and Leslie Murray’s love story started at a wedding—Eli was the photographer, and Leslie’s college roommate was the bride. They felt the spark and began dating right away!

Some people call a rainy wedding day good luck. If so, the Murrays are the luckiest because it rained the entire week at their destination wedding spot!

By 2013, Eli Murray Photography left Arkansas for Southern California, and their wedding couples included million-dollar celebrity clients. But Eli and Leslie’s biggest joy is returning home to Arkansas with their beautiful baby boy.

After photographing hundreds of gorgeous weddings, Eli Murray Photography is ready to document your big day!

Faith Alexander Photo

In addition to being a librarian and media teacher in Little Rock, Faith Alexander Photo is your capital city wedding photographer!

Faith loves her family and friends, watching Real Housewives, and enjoying a Diet Vanilla Dr. Pepper. Her favorite time is lake season in Arkansas!

While she’s been known to rap on the mic at wedding receptions, Faith Alexander Photo is most passionate about making your wedding day even better with beautiful images you’ll cherish forever.

Jade Chauvin Photography

Jade Chauvin has a BA in Fine Art Photography and loves the outdoors and her little “three-piece” family in Arkansas!

With Jade Chauvin Photography capturing your Arkansas wedding, the goal is to capture beautiful images showing your personality and emotions. Jade is judgment-free and peaceful, and she brings fun to your wedding day experience! 

Caroline M. Holt Photographer

Caroline Holt’s photography mentor was a legend named Lance Johnston. He taught her so much about treating clients and making photos look like beautiful hand-painted works of art! 

But most of all, Lance taught Caroline how to put a wedding day timeline together, and as your Arkansas wedding photographer, that detail is super-important!

With Caroline M. Holt, Photographer, you get a new friend and wedding day cheerleader who is patient and enthusiastic, with a heart of gold.

Caroline helps you navigate wedding day stress, and her biggest joy is creating breathtaking wedding day images!

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