The 16 Best Wedding Photographers in Alaska

After all the pomp and circumstance of your wedding, some of the most valuable keepsakes you’ll have to look back on are your photographs.

A common experience amongst so many married couples is that the wedding day goes by in a blur. You spend months planning, and the big event is over in just a few short hours.

Great photos captured by a talented photographer that you feel comfortable with are a true treasure, letting you revisit each moment, time and again.

Of course, you’re probably doing a ton right now; that’s why we’ve searched high and low to find the 16 best photographers in the great state of Alaska and compiled this handy list for you.

Read on to discover the 16 best wedding photographers in Alaska!

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Michelle Johns Photography

Warm, lively wedding photos of cheerful couples fill Michelle John’s Instagram feed.

Upbeat and adventurous, Michelle specializes in wedding and elopement photography, following her couples wherever they lead, having photographed weddings in 24 of the 50 states.

Long before the big day, Michelle will take some time to hear your story and find out exactly what’s important to you so that when the big day comes, she is more than ready.

Chugach Peaks Photography

With 15+ years of experience photographing happy couples on their special day, you can’t go wrong considering Chugach Peaks Photography for your nuptials.

Their team of diverse, talented photographers specializes in weddings and elopements throughout the US.

Each photographer at Chugach Peaks is unique but they all use a photojournalistic style to capture your story authentically. Their goal is to create an album of bright, beautiful moments that tell your story without retouching or using photoshop.

With Chugach Peaks what you see is what you get.

Donna Marie Photography

Donna Marie wants to make a date with you, that is, to do your complimentary engagement photos. Born and bred in the 49th state, Alaska native Donna Marie is ready to shoot your wedding.

With a knack for telling stories and capturing the little moments, Donna Marie has been shooting weddings since 2013. She’s also been featured in The Knot and numerous wedding publications.

Her style is dramatic editorial, and her portfolio is filled with vibrant, powerful images that bring her couples to life.

Chelsea Jay

If you’re one of those couples who want to get married while rock climbing or dressed up like superheroes, Chelsea Jay might just be the photographer for you.

Willing to travel the world if you love it, Chelsea wants to capture it on film.

Chelsea Jay has been taking photographs since she was a young girl, and to date, she has photographed over 500 weddings. Her goal is to create your first family heirloom, a collection of pictures that bring you right back to that special day.

If this sounds like the photographer for you, definitely check out Chelsea Jay.

Rachel Struve

Rachel Struve does not want to be your best friend; what she does want to do is photograph your wedding with the same thought and care she would give to her own.

The Alaska native specializes in adventure elopements, photographing funky weddings in unusual places.

Always ready for the next adventure, she’s happy to travel throughout the 49th state and has photographed numerous weddings.

Elegant light Studio

Sharon’s love for photography started when her grandmother gave her the job of looking after and updating the family photo collection.

From a very young age, she learned to value documenting and preserving the most important moments of our lives.

Now with over a decade of experience photographing weddings, Sharon brings that same care to the treasured memories of the couples she photographs.

Her crisp and gorgeous photos are lifelike, saving every precious moment for future generations to look back on just as she did at her grandmother’s side.

Erica Rose

Erica Rose is the creative mind behind ERose Photography. Eager to help you bring your perfect wedding day to life, she is looking to capture every moment of your big day.

Not just those perfectly poised moments, but that moment when your hair slips a bit out of place or perhaps a few grass stains on the train of your wedding dress.

Because those are the unique and intimate moments when you went off script, and they tell the real story of one of the best days of your life.

Erica Rose wants to help you tell that story for decades to come.

Kristian Irey Love Stories

Specializing in capturing both the beauty of love and the Alaskan frontier, Kristian Irey’s captures are bold, larger than life, and, more importantly, they are art.

With over a decade of experience, Kristian blends photojournalism with dramatic editorial to create unique and impressive images. Her collection of breathtaking photos draws you into the emotion of each capture.

She’ll bring this same arresting style to creating your wedding album and telling your love story. Consider Kristian Irey for a wedding album your friends and family won’t be able to put down.

Joshua Veldstra Photography

Joshua and Brittney are the husband and wife team behind Joshua Veldstra Photography.

Joshua has been working as a professional photographer since 2010; in 2016 his wife Brittney joined him as business manager.

Voted best photographer in Alaska four years in a row, Joshua has been featured in numerous magazines, including Vogue Italia. His style is a blend of dramatic editorial, fine art, and fashion. Larger-than-life, breathtaking images of couples on windswept mountains or rocky shores dominate his portfolio.

For a wedding album that’s high art, consider Joshua Veldstra Photography.

Becoming Images

With over 15 years in the wedding photography business, Penny, the creative mind behind Becoming Images, views her relationship with you as sacred.

Helping you capture and preserve your most intimate and important moments is a duty that she receives as a blessing.

Specializing in weddings, elopements, and the Alaskan frontier, Penny’s captures are stunning, larger-than-life images that bring the beauty of nature to any wedding album.

Relic Photographic

Romance and passion abound in every Relic Photographic capture.

We tend to think of relics as something old and past their time. At Relic Photographic, it is a timeless remembrance or treasured heirloom. That’s what Hannah and Heidi, the founders of Relic Photographic, want to create for you.

Working together since they were children, sisters Hannah Nicole and Heidi Marie founded Relic Photographic as adults working together to do something they love. With decades of experience between them, they create passionate and timeless images filled with drama and vibrant color.

If epic is what you are looking for, then you’ll definitely want to choose the sisters at Relic Photographic.

Bore Tide Photography

Audacious and authentic is what Alaska native Kyla promises in her photography. Specializing in adventurous elopements, Kyla is happy to go off-book with you.

Whether it be to the top of a mountain, jet skiing up the Prince William Sound, or spending the day taking eye-catching photos in the most scenic secluded spots in Alaska, she is ready to go.

Her dramatic editorial style is perfect for capturing the vastness of the Alaskan wilderness and the couples that choose to marry in it in artistic photos that will stay with you forever.

Madelynn Mae Photography

A mix of fine art and dramatic editorial, Madelynn Mae’s photography is beautiful.

Like many other Alaska-based photographers, the state’s stunning landscape features heavily in her work. Unlike many of her peers, Alaska doesn’t overwhelm the people who reside there.

Madelynn’s photography has a person-centric delicacy that stands out by comparison. The people, their moments of quiet intimacy and tenderness, take center stage, creating beautiful captures that tell the full story of her couple’s love.

Madelynn’s fine art sensibility is the perfect light with which to capture your wedding.

Jenna D’s Photography

With over ten years in the photography business, Jenna D is a talented lifestyle photographer working all over the great state of Alaska.

Focusing on the use of natural light, there is a delicate, weightless quality to her captures and a richness in their warm, bright colors.

Joy and tenderness leap from every image as Jenna’s couples are captured in their happiest and most authentic moments.

Gabriel King Photography

With 15 years of experience as a photographer and a focus on bright colors and natural light, Gabriel King is a talent in the photography world.

Gabriel works primarily in Alaska, focusing on elopements but is happy to book destination weddings. His goal is to connect with you, learn your story, and create a wedding album where each image freezes a special moment in time.

Captured by Jami

What do you want from your photographer? If you’re looking for vibrant, audacious, and authentic images to fill your wedding album, then you, might want to consider Captured by Jami.

By building a collection of beautiful lifestyle photos, Jami will preserve the special moments of your big day, giving you an album that brings back each and every beautiful second.

If this sounds like the photographer for you, reach out, Jami would love to hear from you.

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