21 Terrific Wedding Invitations With Bows to Wow Your Guests

Wedding invitations play a big role! They give the very first impression of your big day. They hint at the vibe and style of the event, and give your guests the very first inkling of what is to come!

So why not wrap all this excitement up in a neat bow? Sweet, charming, and timeless, the bow is a staple accessory in the wedding world. Whether it’s a sumptuous velvet bow on a bridesmaid dress, a boho lace ribbon around a mason jar centerpiece, or a delightful little satin addition to those all-important invitations, the bow is a chic way of tying (literally) your wedding ideas together. 

Take a look at our favorite wedding invitations with bows below…

Navy Blue and Ivory Wedding Invitations With Bows

Navy blue is one of those colors that can elevate any other shade with which it’s paired. Combining navy blue with ivory and a simple font makes it formal and perfect for a black-tie wedding. 

Our favorite thing about this wedding invitation design is the little accent at the bottom of the page. It creates a cohesive look when combined with the bow at the top!

Petal Fold Wedding Invitation With Bow

We think this listing is a great option if you’re having a vintage-inspired or themed wedding.

We love the dainty floral surrounding the information because the blue flowers and greenery add a bit of color.

However, our favorite thing about this invitation has to be the petal fold. Petal folds are so beautiful because they allow the invitation to open like the petals of a flower at the first sign of spring. We’re sure your guests will be charmed!

Laser Cut Floral Wedding Invites With Ribbon

This wedding stationery set has a laser-cut overlay that makes it especially perfect for brides planning a spring wedding! 

Our favorite thing about these invitations is the floral motif continued throughout them. If you look closely, you’ll see that a similar flower sits at the top of the place card – impressive attention to detail!

Gray and Ivory Glitter Wedding Invitation With Bow

This elegant wedding invitation isn’t stuffy; it’s fun, thanks to the glitter!

We love how the shades on this invitation begin with white, then darken to ivory, gray, and lastly to black. It’s a very cohesive look that’s perfect for the type-A bride!

Rustic Wedding Invitation With White Lace and Bow

Talk about charming! These wedding invitations make us want to invite friends over for some cold, sweet tea on the porch. 

The kraft paper gives this wedding invitation a rustic look, while the white doily pattern, fastened together with a crisp white bow, adds a sense of sweetness. It’s a great marriage of two different aesthetics.

Raw Edge Wedding Invitation Suite With Ribbon

On the pricier side than most of the others on this list, this wedding invitation suite boasts that it’s completely handmade. The listing is not just for wedding invitations either; it’s also for the details card and bow and includes up to 100 of each.

Best of all, the seller will send you the custom stamps used to create your wedding invitations, so you can use them for the rest of your married life together! What a perk! 

Calligraphy Wedding Stationery With Blush Bow

These invitations are so lovely, aren’t they? 

Handwritten calligraphy is combined with a pocket fold design and blush pink satin ribbon bow. 

Romantic and elegant, these wedding invitations are perfect for any princess bride!

Black and White Wedding Invitations With Ribbon

Black and white is a classic combination that always looks put together. Even better, black and white always go with whatever wedding colors or wedding season you’ve selected! 

These invitations come in a pocket fold, which adds a sense of luxury to them. They’re printed on pearlescent cardstock for a subtle but welcome shimmer. 

Minimal Wedding Invitation With Ribbon Bow

This minimalist wedding invitation is the ideal marriage of classic and modern.

With black lettering on luxuriously thick eggshell-colored paper, the seller has thought of everything you might need in a wedding invitation suite.

The blush ribbon adds a sense of romance and dreaminess to the design – perfect for a wedding!

Gold Laser Cut Tree With Bow Wedding Invitation

Perhaps you and your fiance are the outdoorsy type or just love nature. We’d love to recommend this wedding invitation with its laser-cut tree.

Our favorite thing about this design is the small piece of paper that’s attached to the tree via a matching bow. You can customize this bow with your name and wedding date!

Gold Foil Wedding Stationery Set

This wedding stationery set is simply regal.

With a pink envelope, matching satin ribbon, and gilded details, it’s perfect for a royal – or royal-inspired – wedding!

The best thing about this traditional option is that the seller can create a gold foil version of your venue on the inside of the envelope – talk about custom! That’s also a great way to ensure that your guests know what they’re looking for on your wedding day, so no one will get lost.

Magnolia Wedding Invitations With Small Ribbon Bow

Perfect for those Southern belle brides, this set of wedding invitations is decorated with a vintage style drawing of the famous magnolia blossom. 

Did you know that in the language of flowers, the magnolia is believed to signify nobility and perseverance? Two qualities you’d want in a marriage right?

Lace Pocket Wedding Invitation With Bow Accent

This laser-cut lace pocketfold wedding invitation is so romantic! We love how it looks like there are two bows here, one on top of the other.

Most of all, we love that the seller has thought of every detail – from matching the decal on the bow to the glitter border on the invitation, to the ribbon loop at the top (that also matches the bow!) making this invitation easy to get out of its envelope.

Gold Laser Cut Roses With Bow Wedding Invitation

We think these invitations would be perfect for Disney brides having a Beauty and the Beast-themed wedding.

Our favorite thing is the way the roses look like they’re growing over the invitation. It’s a very organic look!

Classic Wedding Invitation With Mauve Bow

This charming, traditional wedding invitation suite is tied together – literally and figuratively – with a mauve bow made from satin ribbon. 

The substantial feel of the cardstock undoubtedly gives this invitation a luxurious feel and combined with a classic script, crisp black and white contrast, and satin bow, these invitations are sure to impress!

Gate Fold Wedding Invitation With Pearls and Bow

This invitation is the epitome of charm with a touch of luxury. We love the ivory bow that matches the lace overlay!

That bow is completed perfectly with a little flower made from pearls and crystals, for a touch of sparkle and shine that makes this invitation stand out from the crowd!

We see these invitations as ideal for a spring or summer wedding!

Lace Wedding Invitation With Blush Bow

Perfect for the ultimate girly girl, or the woman who loves all things romantic, look no further than these dreamy wedding invitations! 

What isn’t there to love? From the gold lettering to the pink accents, blush bow, and delicate lace overlay, these invitations are dainty and utterly delightful! 

Our favorite detail (besides the dainty lace overlay, because – of course!) is the couple’s initials at the top of the page. It helps give that royal feeling!

Engraved Wood Wedding Invitation With Bow

These invitations would be perfect for an outdoorsy couple, a couple who loves nature, or a couple trying to create a rustic-chic theme around their wedding! 

Made from laser engraved wood, you don’t get much more custom than this! We love the way the red bow adds a bit of color to these otherwise monochrome wedding invitations.

We think these invitations would be perfect for an enchanted forest-themed wedding, or a Lord of the Rings-themed affair, thanks to the intricate designs in each corner of the rectangle.

Vellum Wedding Invite With Bow

Vellum is a prepared animal skin that’s often used as paper. It’s a tradition dating back hundreds, if not thousands, of years. 

These opaque vellum wedding invitations have a delicate quality about them, likely because they’re somewhat transparent. The pretty floral design matches perfectly with the small bow at the top of the invitation.

Notably, the seller offers seven different envelope colors, so you can pick the one that best fits your wedding theme and color scheme.

Elegant Ivory Wedding Invitation With Bow Decal

These are perhaps the most elegant wedding invitations on this list. We love the way they resemble a clutch purse! It sets the tone for a black-tie or formal wedding.

This formal invitation displays the pressed damask design and double bow complete with a lovely little half pearl, tying in perfectly with the pearlescent appearance of the paper. 

Best of all, the fold is edged with gilt, for another source of shine. Who doesn’t love a little gold?

Forest Green and Gold Wedding Invitation

Forest green is a wonderful color, no matter what time of year you’re planning for your wedding. It notably pairs beautifully with both gold and silver, so you can warm or cool the shade as you prefer. 

These gold and ivory wedding invites are lovely, but the best part about them is the sumptuous satin bow in forest green at the top. We particularly low how the wide ribbon matches the color of the envelope!

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