The Bride’s Wedding Day Emergency Kit Essentials

“What’s a wedding day emergency kit?” I hear you ask.

Well, it’s simply an essential set of tools for possible emergencies on the big day! And no, I don’t mean actual hammers and screwdrivers, but handy items that could be used to fix any little issues. 

Sometimes unexpected events crop up on the wedding day, and having a few items to hand could save the day and enable you all to move on quickly – and get back to the party. 

Below is a guide for your wedding day emergency kit and what we recommend you include…

Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Who Is in Charge of the Emergency Kit?

This is important – the bride cannot be in charge of the wedding emergency kit – put simply, she has bigger things to focus on! 

The wedding day emergency kit should be looked after by a family member, a bridesmaid, or the maid of honor; someone who is close to the bride and can be trusted! It would be helpful if members of the bridal party knew about the kit and knew its location in case of emergency.

Where Should It Be Kept on the Day?

The kit should be kept somewhere easy to reach and easy to find. The exact location will depend on your venue, but you want it to be kept close by, perhaps under a bridesmaid’s chair or somewhere close to the bride. 

What Should a Wedding Day Emergency Kit Include and Why?

It’s not rocket science, but here is a list of items that we would include in the wedding day emergency kit; of course, it’s ultimately up to you, but these items could be little lifesavers on the wedding day:


It may sound obvious, but having a bottle of water to hand is essential.

The bride will probably be feeling nervous before the ceremony and may have a dry mouth – she is going to need to speak and say her vows after all. A quick sip of water before walking down the aisle could be much needed. 

And if it’s a summer wedding – even more so!


Do not forget your tissues! Whether it’s a sweaty makeup fix, a small spill, or floods of tears, a pack of Kleenex will be needed. If the family of the couple is particularly emotional – make it two!


Your bride is going to be looking gorgeous for the ceremony and of course, she’ll have that natural bridal glow, but it’s always a good idea to include a few key makeup items for her.

Include some face powder, mascara, and lipstick as a bare minimum. Oh, and her favorite lip gloss!

She may just want a quick bathroom break, but if she’s accompanied by a bridesmaid and the wedding emergency kit, there is no harm in giving her a little make-up top-up. People will be taking photos ALL DAY remember!

Hair Spray and Bobby Pins

The hairstyles of the bride and her bridesmaids will of course look fabulous, but there is always the one who touches her updo or accidentally pulls on her hairstyle. Carry a mini-size can of hair spray and/or bobby pins to fix any little hair mess-ups that may occur.

These could also come in handy as evening approaches and people start to relax. Loud and boisterous dance moves may lead to hair falling out of place so make sure they’re available to all!

Nail File

Just in case there is a slip-up with those perfect manicures; we all know a nail file can save the day – so simple!


Whether it’s a summer or winter wedding, having a mini deodorant to hand is a great idea for the bride and her bridal party. A quick spray before and after the ceremony will make sure everyone stays feeling fresh and smelling good.

You may want to add a mini bottle of the bride’s favorite perfume too. 

Breath Mints

No one wants smelly breath on the wedding day – no further explanation required!

Headache Pills/Advil

We’ve all had those unwelcome sharp headaches that arrive all of a sudden, and as tensions may be running high on the wedding morning you may find that someone is suffering. Make sure you have Advil to hand!

Mini Sewing Kit

Once when I was a bridesmaid my bride broke one of the straps on her wedding dress. Thank goodness we had a mini sewing kit including safety pins!

You don’t need to be a seamstress to make simple fixes to a rip or snag in a wedding gown or bridesmaid dress. 

If you are really organized, you could even purchase thread in colors that match both the wedding dress and the bridesmaids’ dresses to be safe. Fashion tape could also be a lifesaver! 

And as I said, make sure you have a safety pin in there too!

Baby Wipes

A simple wet wipe can fix a great many mishaps on the wedding day.

I was once at a wedding when the bride got bright red lipstick on her stunning white dress. Total nightmare! Of course, someone had a wet wipe and it helped reduce the lipstick stain by 50%. Still not ideal, but we were very grateful.

Baby wipes are also very helpful for getting make-up off the groom’s white shirt- a small pack of 10 will do the job nicely.


There’s no getting around it – high heels hurt. No matter how pretty your new stilettos are, someone is going to get a blister somewhere. Have plasters in the emergency kit to relieve a little pain if needed.


It doesn’t bear thinking about, but whack a few tampons in JUST IN CASE!

What Should the Kit Be Kept In?

Your emergency items should be kept in a large makeup bag. You could match the color of the bag to the key colors of the wedding, or go for something sparkly. 

We love this neutral colored bag, which can be personalized for the day

Personalized Makeup Cosmetic Bag

Handmade cotton canvas makeup bag is a great gift for graduations, weddings, bridal showers, or any special event.

When Should We Pack It?

Ideally, you should start packing your emergency kit in the weeks—not days—leading up to the wedding.

To reduce your stress, start adding things to your survival bag as early as possible. Ideally, you can give your maid of honor the task of putting this together.

Remember, your emergency kit isn’t just for the wedding day either, there is no harm in bringing it to all wedding events.

Restroom Boxes

It’s worth thinking about having a version of the emergency kit placed in the female restrooms at the wedding venue. This is a lovely touch for all your guests and will be much appreciated on the day. 

As a minimum, I would include deodorant, Advil, mints, band-aids, and hairspray.

You could also put together a box for the men’s restroom. This would be a little simpler… but you can’t go wrong with a can of deodorant and mints on hand for the boys.

Extreme Weather Contingency Plans

If you are getting married outside then there are a few items we recommend in addition to the wedding emergency kit. 

If the forecast is looking like rain, you will want to think about umbrellas, for the bride and groom and the wedding party as a bare minimum. Think about matching the umbrellas to the wedding colors or perhaps keeping it simple with large all-white umbrellas. 

If you have the opposite problem and the wedding day is looking to be a scorcher, you may want to purchase sun lotion for your guests. It’s the kind of thing people forget but are very grateful for on the sunny day itself. You could also consider getting paper hand fans for your guests.

Good luck!

Hopefully, you won’t need to use this emergency wedding kit, but there is no harm in being super prepared. Enjoy and good luck!

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