29 Awesome Bridal Shower Hostess Gifts

What’s a wedding without friends and family? What’s any celebration, frankly, without the party planners and hosts who make it happen?

When it comes to your bridal shower, the hostess plays a super important role. This person is responsible for organizing all of the logistics, games, food and drink, guest list, and venue (just to name a few!).

Once it’s all over, the gifts are opened and logged, snacks and drinks demolished, and you’re on your way out… be sure to take a moment to thank the person who made the lovely bridal shower happen in the first place. 

 If you’re looking for inspiration, check out our list of bridal shower hostess gifts below! In the meantime, let’s discuss a bit about the bridal shower itself.

Who Typically Hosts The Bridal Shower?

Bridal showers are usually hosted by the family or friends of the bride. Traditionally, these are attended by women only, but as times have changed, sometimes you’ll see men attending as +1s. 

Some bridal showers can also involve the entire family! Whoever you’d like to see at your shower is up to you, so there’s no hard and fast rule regarding who to invite as guests.

Oftentimes, the mother of the bride and future mother-in-law can team up with the maid of honor or best friend of the bride to organize the bash. It does take a village to get everything sorted, sometimes!

Where Are Bridal Showers Hosted?

Depending on the number of people attending, more intimate showers can be at someone’s home or backyard. Larger bridal showers can take place in a private room at a restaurant, venue, or event space.

There’s guaranteed to be food and drink regardless, so there’s no rule that dictates where bridal showers have to be hosted. Any place where you can have a moment to touch base with everybody at some point during the party, open gifts, and thank them for coming will work. 

What Makes For A Good Hostess Gift?

Depending on your relationship with the hostess, a good gift will be something thoughtful and appropriate. It’s considered good bridal shower etiquette to bring your thank you gift or at the very least, a small token of gratitude to the shower itself. 

Look for something unique to their interest or a gift that can be used for future celebrations. You can also consider getting a gift certificate for an experience or to a place they enjoy going to. 

If you’re not sure, flowers and a card or a nice bottle of wine or champagne are always a safe bet. Of course, if you’re looking for something a little more unique, we’ve got you covered for ideas!

When Should You Give The Gift to The Hostess?

If the event is taking place in a venue like a restaurant or a private meeting space, a good rule of thumb is to hang on to the gift until the shower is over, so you can give it to them and thank them personally for all their hard work.

An added consideration is that they won’t have to keep track of their thank you gift during the party!

If the shower is taking place at their home, you can present the gift to them upon arrival. And don’t forget to send a follow-up thank-you note as a courtesy, too!

Toast For The Host Canvas Wine Bag

You can’t just show up to the party and pull a bottle of vino out of your purse! (I mean, technically you can… although we don’t recommend it.) Zhuzh up your nice gifted bottle with this adorable “Toast For The Host” wine bag!

It adds an extra thoughtful element and will show your appreciation nicely. 

Customized Serving Tray with Handles

Any party hostess will love this serving tray! We love the sleek and modern metal handles on the acacia wood tray.

It ships with the handles off for safety, so be sure to install them before gifting! Go the extra mile by personalizing it with their last name.

All Natural Soap Gift Set

These beautiful soaps come in packs of 4 or 6 and are made with organic and essential oils. With scents ranging from Pumpkin Spice to Lavender Amor, you’ll be sure to assemble something amazing for the hostess to enjoy.

You can also upgrade your sweet gift to include a soap saver, soap dish, and gift box for the total package!

Unique Olive Oil and Vinegar Glass Bottle Set

Everybody needs fancy olive oil and balsamic vinegar bottle set in their home, and this cascade dispenser is so attractive- we want one too! This gift is almost like a piece of art.

The hostess will want to display this front and center at every gathering around the dinner table. The best part is, it’s dishwasher safe!

“Thank You” Candle

Straight, simple, and to the point. This beautiful “thank you” candle comes in both 8 and 12-ounce sizes, and there are plenty of scents to choose from!

We love the herbaceous “Basil, Sage, Mint” combination for a springtime bridal shower, and you definitely can’t go wrong with some “Frasier Fir” if the host is throwing you a wintertime bash! 

Wine Lover Table Decor or Planter

This bottle can be used as a planter or for snacks! With these options, what’s not to love? With attached cork feet, this piece is made from recycled glass which is great for the environment.

If you think they’d want to use it as a planter, be sure to order it with the drainage slit option. 

Personalized Wine Stand and Hosting Board

The hostess with the most probably doesn’t have one of these, so up her party game with this gorgeous wine stand.

Perfect for a couple of glasses of wine, snacks, and a corkscrew, the wooden stand can be personalized to include her name or a sentimental message. Gift it with a fancy bottle of vino, and you’re set. 

Simple “Thank You” Necklace

This simple “thank you” necklace packs a punch. We love the simple, minimalistic heart to show your hostess how grateful you are to be showered with their love and care. 

The chain can be finished with gold, rose gold, or silver, so pick something you think she’d like best or the color that matches her day-to-day jewelry already!

Box of Assorted Chocolate Truffles

Handmade, bite-sized truffles are always a win. Chocolate is a great little way to say thank you!

Succulent Gift Box

Let’s face it, your bridal shower would “succ” without your bestie there, hosting things like a boss. If she loves puns as much as she loves plants, this succulent gift box will be right up her alley. 

With tons of potential add-ons, just don’t forget to include a thoughtful note with this adorable gift. 

“Hostess With The Mostess” Stemless Wine Glass

Some people are just born to organize and throw parties. Schmoozing, engaging in small talk, and making sure everybody’s got plenty of snacks and drinks are all part of the party game.

If your hostess is one of these magical people, gift her something to remind her to chill out and grab a drink, once in a while. This perfect stemless wine glass should do the trick. 

Bridal Shower Gift Box

Hostesses need love too, and after throwing a shower, upgrade their own relaxing shower experience with this sweet spa set.

With rich body butter, a bath bomb, soap, and other artisanal goodies, she’ll be able to unwind with the luxury she deserves.

Botanical Leaves Throw Blanket

A beautiful blanket in the ever-trendy botanical theme, this 50 by 60-inch blanket is a great gift for that plant lover in your life. 

We see this gift working for your best friend who loves monsters or your mother-in-law who is very proud of her new greenhouse in the garden!

Thank You Wine Gift Tag

These favor tags are too cute! We included these because they’re so easy to just download, edit and print. Attach this to a great bottle of bubbles, because who doesn’t love champagne? 

Artisanal Sea Salt Sampler Set

If your hostess is a self-proclaimed foodie, she’ll love this smoked sea salt sampler set. (Whew, say that five times fast!) With five gourmet salts, you know she’ll be eager to try them out on her next dishes.

Painted Champagne Oyster Shells

Any good party has champagne, and even better parties have oysters! We know they’re not for everybody, but if your hostess is a fan of this stellar combo, gift her these painted oyster shells. 

Gold, bright, and fun, they’re a great addition for anyone who likes to throw a fancy party!

Dainty Rose Quartz Bracelet

Rose quartz is a lovely crystal that is known as the stone of love. The pale pink color of rose quartz will compliment any skin tone and any outfit, especially stacked with other jewelry!

Gift this dainty bracelet to your hostess to show your deep gratitude for hosting your bridal shower. 

Custom Wire Wine Glass Charms

Your hostess is going to be delighted by these custom wire wine glass charms!  Available in gold, silver, and copper, they’ll look great at the bottom of a glass of red. 

“Friendship Knows No Distance” Tea Towel

Are you moving away after the wedding? These tea towels will remind your best friend that you’re still close, no matter the distance. 

If the hostess of your bridal shower is your mom, you can customize them to include other states where your siblings or other family members live. 

Wood and Glass Oil Diffuser

This gorgeous wood and glass oil diffuser is perfect for any fan of essential oils. Best of all, it lights up, too! 

Diffusers are a great gift to any household, because who doesn’t love the calming presence of lavender mist? Ten bucks say the hostess already has a peaceful zen-like room in mind to put this gift in.

Box of Melting Tea Jewels

If your hostess is a fan of tea, these melting jewels are as pretty as they are tasty! Choose a variety pack if you’re not sure what kind of tea she likes. 

Handwritten Pillow Cover

Don’t just say or write your thanks, have it printed on a pillow! This clever handwritten pillow cover is a great way to show your thanks and have your appreciation displayed for all to see. 

Miniature Dried Bouquet

If you can’t go big, go small and dainty! These miniature bouquets are so delicate and will last forever, unlike fresh flowers. Your hostess will be overjoyed to receive this thoughtful keepsake.

Monogrammed White Farmhouse Vase

Moms and mothers-in-law love the farmhouse aesthetic, don’t they? These beautiful monogrammed vases are perfect for holding fresh bouquets. 

Minimalist Reed Diffuser

Modern Ato created this clean, modern, and minimalistic reed diffuser with dried flowers to elevate any room. We love the variety of scent profiles offered, and the look of the bottle is so very chic.

Ceramic Wine Chiller

If the bridal shower hostess is a fan of wine, she’s no stranger to chillers. These are so cute with their sans serif font!

Wood and Marble Coaster Set

Gorgeous coasters deserve to be seen under all the beverages! The classy marble and wood combination go well with any homes’ aesthetic.

Make these extra special by engraving your hostess’s family name or initials into the wood. 

Lavender Spa Gift Set

We love self-care here at Wedding Pioneer, and are big fans of all things aromatherapy! After a busy bridal shower, give the hostess a hand with this spa gift set that’s stuffed to the brim with relaxing goodies!

She’ll be ready to relax and unwind with this calming, soothing lavender set. 

Art Deco Whiskey Decanter

We’ll say it until the cows come home- whisky is not just for the men! This gorgeous art deco style whisky decanter is effortlessly gorgeous and anybody would be over the moon to receive it.

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