28 Wonderful Wedding Cakes With Pearls: Timeless Inspiration

Breaking news, brides-to-be: pearls are “back” and better than ever.

Although pearls have always been symbolic of bridal fashion, and pearl jewelry or pearly accents on wedding dresses are like pure perfection every time, today is about wedding pearls that are decorative and delicious!

bride in wedding dress with pearl necklace
Photo by: K Layne Photography

We’ve found 28 fabulous ways of using pearls to make your simple wedding cake a standout! We hope you get inspired by these great ideas for a gorgeous wedding cake that’s equal parts timeless, traditional, and trendy.

Bride feeding groom with wedding cake
Photo by: Jenny Marie Photography

Fabulous Florals and Pearls on Wedding Cake Hoop Topper

Fabulous Florals and Pearls on Wedding Cake Hoop Topper

This pack fits perfectly to a 6-8-10 inch Round Cakes, can adapt to Square Cakes.

It’s easy to see how a simple trio of tiered round wedding cakes with royal icing get glam in an instant—all you need is a wedding cake topper like this hoop adorned with silver twine, foam florals, and pearls.

For an added touch of fun and festivity, get the ribbon set to rim your cakes, too!

Say It With Sugar Pearls on Your Wedding Cake

Sugar Pearl Balls Dragee Various Colours

We recommend this set for the cupcakes and cakes for any occasion.

These sugar balls shine like pearls and make great accents on a tiered wedding cake. You have three sizes of sugar pearls to work with and colors like white pearl, ivory pearl, silver, or gold.

Check out this video on how to make a wedding cake with sugar pearls. It takes time and patience, but you can create something extraordinary for your wedding!

Captivating Silver Rose Pearl Cake Topper

Silver Rose Pearl Base

This cake topper figurine base features a sprig of rhinestone studded roses in a sea of faux pearls accented with fine silver wiring.

This timeless cake topper shines with faux pearls and rhinestone-studded roses. It also serves as the base for newlywed figurines to crown the top of your wedding cake.

These beautiful wedding cake accessories are handmade in the designer’s wedding cake topper studio!

Wedding Cake With Edible Pearls of Many Colors

Edible Pearl Mix

The pearls are an elegant blend of rose gold, pale pink, white, and gold.

Let your imagination soar with these vanilla-flavored edible pearls made with a soft and yummy fondant that holds its shape beautifully. The custom blended fondant pearls come in an entire jar with several different sizes and the colors of white, gold, pale pink, and rose gold.

For added inspo on the pearl-covered wedding cake of your dreams, check out the fantastic variety of cake styles, designs, and colors at Pearls Only Americas.

Modern Metallic Cake With Vintage Rose Gold Pearls

Vintage Rose Gold Sprinkle Mix

This dreamy rich blend of gold, rose gold and warm pinks is perfect for desserts for any upscale event, like a bridal shower.

This fun rose gold sprinkle set combines edible pearls and longer sprinkles called dragees (the seller advises caution when chewing metallic dragees because they can be a bit hard to the touch).

We liked the image of a metallic pearl cake the seller showed online. It’s a simple, modern stacking of round cakes with metallic sprinkles and piped flowers that doesn’t take itself too seriously!

Wedding Cake Brooches With Crystals and Pearls

Cake Brooch Set of 3

Pearl and crystal Cake jewelry decor. brooch.

A cake brooch is precisely like it sounds: it’s like jewelry for your wedding cake, and this 3-pack of crystal and pearl embellished brooches takes even the humblest of tiered cakes and creates a blingy look that sparkles on your wedding day!

Note that the brooches aren’t edible, but this set comes with food-safe pins to insert into your cake.

Trendy Pearl Tiers on Faux Wedding Cake

Don’t worry. This lacy pearl embellished wedding cake isn’t insulted if you call it a dummy!

A beautiful wedding cake is the most noticeable decoration at many wedding receptions, and some couples choose a “fake cake” that looks divine in photos at a fraction of the cost of the real thing.

Simply Stylish Pearl Accented Faux Wedding Cake

Faux Wedding Cake

This is a finished 3 tier fax wedding cake.

Here’s another version of a “faux” cake that is three simply designed tiers for those classic wedding cake photo opportunities.

Many brides rave about how real this cake looks and smells. It’s also easy to decorate with ribbons and faux florals that match your wedding color scheme.

Romantic Ribbons and Pearls for Wedding Cake

Romantic Ribbons and Pearls for Wedding Cake

Diamond Rhinestone and White Pearl Wedding Cake Trim Ribbon Decor.

These rhinestone and faux pearl encrusted ribbons come in different heights (one row is one rhinestone and one faux pearl, and six rows are six pearls and stones, with two to five rows available in between).

If you’d prefer to cut into an actual wedding cake tier as part of your reception festivities, an excellent way to “have your cake and eat it too” is to have a real cake as your top tier and faux tiers at the middle and bottom.

These pearly ribbons make ideal cake decorations, especially on the faux tiers of your wedding cake. It’s a wedding cake design that offers beauty, versatility, and the deliciousness of real cake on top that’s more affordable for every wedding budget.

Beautiful Wedding Cake With Pearly Rows and Faux Roses

Buttercream Cake Topper Flowers

Stylish buttercream yellow wedding cake toppers designed with yellow roses, white babies breath and rose leaves.

We love buttercream icing! You can achieve a beautiful pearl wedding cake look with three simple layers of sponge cake under buttercream icing adorned by these silky fabric roses in an elegant buttercream shade.

The rows of pearls look piped with frosting, but you can carefully arrange edible sugar pearls around each cake row for a finished, sparkly look.

Wedding Cake Sprinkled With Eye-Catching Edible Pearls

Edible Cake Decor

This white wedding inspired mix of edible sprinkles contains white sprinkles, in a mix of edible pearlised pearls, sugar crystals, sugar strands or jimmies as well as non-pareils.

A sweet little jar of white sprinkles can transform any wedding cake into delicious-looking!

We love the eye-catching variety of sprinkles, everything from edible pearls to sugar “jimmies” and sugar crystals. The sprinkles are nut-free, dairy-free, kosher, Halal, vegan-friendly, and gluten-free.

Golden Pearls Make Gorgeous Wedding Cake Accents

Gold Edible Pearls

They are soft, not hard. They are easy to bite into yet hold their shape when being handled.

Fondant pearls in a gorgeous golden tone make stunning accents on any size and shape of wedding cake!

These tasty little pearls have a luster dust sheen, and each order delivers 100+ pearls for your cake decorating. If you love the look of a wedding cake with diamond patterns and pearl accents (it kind of looks like a decorative pillow), check out this video for tips on how to recreate the look.

Gold Pearl Sugar Roses for a Wedding Cake With Swirls

Large Gold Pearl Mix 3D Sugar Roses

This beautiful selection of Gold Pearl shades is also available to purchase as single-colour sets in the shades Gold Pearl (Pastel), Gold Pearl (Very Light), Gold Pearl (Light) & Gold Pearl individually.

These stunning sugar roses aren’t a traditionally round pearl shape, but the many subtle shades of gold available in these edible cake decorations all glow like a pearl.

We love the look of these gold pearl sugar roses on a cake with frosted swirls. Check out this video for frosting a cake with swirls; remember, no special tools are required!

Edible Pearl Lace on Your Wedding Cake

Edible Pearl Lace on Your Wedding Cake

Transform simple homemade plain cake OR store-bought cake into a masterpiece by applying edible sugar laces. 

When you see what this edible pearl lace does to a plain frosted cake, you’d almost think it was a miracle!

The look is timeless and traditional, but decorating your wedding cake with edible pearl lace is a simple technique that’s not hard to learn. The seller explains how to calculate how much edible lace you need for a cake and includes decorating instructions.

Vintage Pearl Heart Cake Topper

Vintage Heart Design Background for Caketops

White Heart and Gold Heart are 7" tall and 6" Wide - does not stand on its own - must be glued or attached to something.

A pearl heart cake topper is the kind of vintage wedding decoration that your gram and gramps might have had on top of their tiered cake. It’s sweet and affordable, and if you’re having a rustic wedding, a pearl heart cake topper is the “something old” you might love to include on your day.

Pearly Newlywed Cake Pops

Bride and Groom Cake Pop

This listing is for 12 bride and groom cake pops in black and white. 6 brides and 6 grooms, they are packaged in a cellophane bag with a regular silver twist tie.

Now for something decidedly new—there are some pearl-encrusted bride and tuxedo-clad groom cake pops, and they’ll be a huge hit on your wedding day dessert table!

Wedding Cake Crown With Pearls

Okay, you used to dream about being a princess on your wedding day. Whether or not you choose to wear a tiara with your wedding dress, you can crown your wedding cake with a Swarovski crystal and pearly cake topper!

Double Ruffle Sugar Flowers With Pearls

Double Ruffle Sugar Flowers With Pearls

These beautiful flowers are made of baby blue gum paste. 

It’s becoming more convenient all the time to make a special cake look professional. In this case, we have double ruffle sugar flowers with a white pearl drop in the center, and they’re a simply beautiful accent for your wedding cake.

We especially like this selection because of the wide variety of colors available. If you’re also interested in an ombre wedding cake, these sugar flowers are a great choice because the color goes from dark to lighter, giving them an ombre effect to adorn your wedding cake.

Crystal Cake Stand With Lovely Pearls

Designer Crystal Diamond Cake Stand

Our 14" Designer Crystal Diamond Cake Stand is made of durable metal

Here’s a “classic bling” cake stand with acrylic crystals and faux pearls. We usually see this cake stand in an all-silver color scheme, but there’s also a golden version available here, so if you’re looking for pearls on gold, this could be ideal!

Wedding Cake Stand Adorned With Strands of Pearls

Pearl Wedding Cake Stands

Stunning vintage inspired design cake separators all sizes sold separately.

We like the over-the-top fun of this Bridgerton-style cake stand (each tier is sold separately) with beautiful intricate details. You can keep it simpler with just one blingy tier or go all-out with the glam for your wedding cake fantasy!

Wedding Cake Topper With Love Birds and Pearls

Love Birds and Pearl Topper

Here at Wooden Heart Buttons we make custom wedding keepsakes, toppers and gifts.

This handmade cake topper contains twigs, painted oak birds, and pearly beads on a wire, and it’s absolute perfection for your rustic barn wedding reception.

A Glorious Pearl-Covered Cake Stand

Cake Stand With Crystal Feet

Wow, your guests with this pearl round cake stand/dessert stand. 

There’s a lot of elegance to this pearl-covered cake stand with crystal knobs for feet. Cutting the cake atop this beautiful stand will look stunning in your wedding photos!

Personalized Pearly Cake Cutter

Pearls White Wedding Cake Server Set

I use the best materials and rhinestones to create unique products.

This selection is for the pearl-encrusted cake server set, although this style is available in a complete set, including champagne flutes and a set of plates and forks. We’d recommend getting this laser-engraved to be an even more special keepsake.

Perfectly Pearly Champagne Flutes

We love the boho look of these personalized champagne flutes to toast yourselves as you cut your pearl-encrusted wedding cake!

Little Pearl Bling Sticks for Cake Pops

50 ct Pearl Bling Sticks

Bling sticks will enhance your treat. Perfect for cake pops, lollipops, marshmallows, candy and favors.

“Naked” cake pops look festive on these pearl bling sticks!

Add Pearlescent Cupcake Holders to Your Dessert Table

Ivory Pearlescent Cupcake Wrappers

12 Champagne Ivory Pearlescent Cupcake Wrappers. 

If you’d like a faux wedding cake, you can serve deliciously decadent cupcakes at your dessert table in these sparkly pearlescent wrappers.

Ivory Pearl Roses for Your Wedding Cake

Ivory Pearl Roses for Your Wedding Cake

Although the roses are themselves made from edible flower paste, they each contain a polystyrene cone centre & wire and are therefore intended for cake decorating purposes only. 

These pretty pearl roses are fixed to a wire for easy decorating on your wedding cake, although they don’t contain edible materials, so please remove them before serving your cake.

Beach Wedding Cake Topper With Pearl Accents

Shell Cake Decorations

Perfect for Beach Weddings and Destination Weddings.

This starfish and shell cake topper is definitely beach-themed, with the added glow of pearls making this a gorgeous decoration for your beach wedding cake.

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