The 18 Best Ombre Wedding Cakes for Modern Brides

If you want an ombre wedding cake, chances are we’ve got your inspo right here!

The ombre style became the newest “thing” over a decade ago and soon began trending in the fashion and decorating world. But ombre probably received the most attention in hair salons, with many of us adding the term “balayage technique” to our hair color vocab back then.

The subtle ombre color progression also majorly influenced wedding trends, from stationery to dresses to desserts. Although many critics figured ombre would eventually go the way of identical-color bridesmaid gowns with puffy sleeves, we’re glad the trend is still wildly popular, particularly with ombre wedding cakes!

We found many styles and colors to create your own timeless, modern, and thoroughly unexpected ombre cake, so enjoy!

Focus On Food-Safe Colors for Your Wedding Cake

Color Paste Brown 1 OZ. Jar

Wilton color is made to produce deeper, richer color by adding just a small amount. 

Executing the ombre wedding cake trend will take practice, but it’s more than possible!

The essential ingredient you need is food-safe coloring to give gradual color variations to your icing or cake batter.

This concentrated gel formulation lets you mix different quantities to create that ombre effect. We chose brown gel as an example because it combines well with golden buttercream icing to bring a rustic glow to your cake.

This gel is also available in many other colors, and you don’t need to stick to the same tone. Instead, it’s a great idea to mix and match, think pinks and purples or oranges and reds.

There are many video and website tutorials for creating ombre cakes, and it’s challenging but fun to try an ombre icing effect on round tiers. Depending on how many color variations you’re doing, you’ll need an icing base, multiple bowls to mix your gel colors, and several piping bags.

You don’t have to be perfect when piping with different colors, and later in this article, we’ll explain a trick to help you even out the shades on your ombre cake. Until then, let’s check out more eye-catching accents and shades!

Pretty Pearl Accents for Your Ombre Wedding Cakes

Steel Color Edible Pearlised Color

With ten shades to choose from, you will find the perfect color for any upcoming project. Colors can be combined to create custom shades.

“Metallic” cakes are becoming the newest and hottest trend on the wedding scene, and you’ll be happy to know that you can combine a metallic icing look with an ombre color pattern for a shiny, detailed confection that’s almost too pretty to eat!

Popular metallic looks are in the typical jewelry tones: gold, silver, and bronze, but you can try metallic (or pearlized) color variations in everything from mint green, royal blue, hot pink, or purple.

Use this pearlized, edible paint to mix colors and vary the tones to create an ombre cake that fits in with your preferred wedding color scheme.

Fun Color Change for Your Ombre Chocolate Cake Pops

Artisan Accents Chocolate Chameleon Candy Colors

By adding just a small amount of this concentrated formula you can achieve the exact shade you want without watering down your product.

These candy colors are a fun way to learn how to do ombre desserts before you attempt a full-blown ombre cake experiment.

These “Chameleon Candy Colors” are great for coloring hard candy and chocolate, with a rainbow of color choices and the freedom to blend the oil-based, concentrated formula to get the classic ombre’s gradual shade effect.

Try mixing and matching these colors with chocolate icing for cake pops or strawberries. It could be perfect for your dessert table at your wedding reception!

Put a Purple Flash in Your Ombre Wedding Cake

Grape Jelly Purple Flash Edible Pigment

Fun tool for decorating your desserts and sweets. It is unflavored and adds no sweetness, so no added calories just added glitz!

Purple is romantic and regal, and shades of purple look exquisite on an ombre cake. So if you were thinking of going the purple wedding cake route, let’s check out this cool “grape jelly” purple flash powder!

This food-grade product can color everything from icings and frostings to whipped cream, fondant, or cake batter. You can also dust it on your ombre cake for a glittery effect—that’s why it’s called flash powder.

It’s zero calories and unflavored, so ideal for adding gorgeous shades of purple to vanilla and lavender or lavender and blackberry wedding cake. There are so many yummy possibilities here!

Something Blue for Your Ombre Wedding Cake

Something Blue Gel Color

Antique Lace is a creamy, cool greige that can go from alabaster to a darker green-gray depending on how much color is used. 

Here’s a fun way to fulfill the “something blue” part of that time-honored bridal tradition!

You can mix this bluish gel color with royal icing to create various shades of something blue on your wedding cake.

These gel concentrations are allergen-friendly with no peanuts, tree nuts, mustard seeds, shellfish, gluten, or soy in the product.

Beautiful Ombre Butterfly Wafers for Your Wedding Cake

Selection of Multi Colour Wafer Paper Die Cut Butterflies

Art that both captures the eye and satisfies the sweet tooth! This is an easy and inexpensive way to make your cupcakes look professional and unique.

We adore this type of cake decorating idea to achieve the ombre effect you desire with minimal to no effort and, better yet, zero stress!

These simply stunning, edible wafers are carefully created from water, vegetable oil, and starch to imitate delicate butterflies. They are affordable and an attractive way to take a tiered wedding cake with basic frosting and turn it into an ombre masterpiece.

And there’s a color combination to suit many a wedding color palette with wafers from golden reds, yellows, and oranges, to the pastel colors: pinks, purples, and the pinky peaches. They also come in true-to-life rainbow colors and multi-colors of greys or browns.

It’s fun to play with each butterfly’s wings by bending them down the middle for a fluttering effect, and each little wafer sticks well to ganaches, icings, or fondant.

Your Ombre Wedding Cake Will Be Just Peachy

Bouquets and Boutonnieres Gel

Cookie Countess Gel Colors are highly concentrated and provide vibrant color with less liquid. Have fun experimenting by using a pinch of these colors to create softer hues.

Here’s another shade from the edible gel concentrate line we mentioned earlier, and we’ve got a great idea for using this pretty peach color in your naked ombre wedding cake!

The “naked” wedding cake style is probably familiar to you rustic brides-to-be, and we think this easy and delicious trend is on point! 

Naked cakes are usually unfrosted, but you can add layers of colorful ganache between your tiers and finish it off with a delicious ginger peach glaze. All you need is a peach food color like this to create a subtle ombre effect.

Flawless Finish for Your Ombre Wedding Cake Tiers

Sweet Stamp Flawless Finish Round

Create a flawless finish on your cakes in minutes.

You can make your beautiful wedding cake look much more professional with tiers like these!

It’s a set of food-safe plates that help you get that smooth top on your cake layers and defined edges on the frosting.

50 Shades of Ombre Gray for Your Wedding Cake

This premium gel comes in a rich stone gray. The product works beautifully for buttercream or royal icings, fondants, and sugar gum paste to make decorative ombre flowers to top your wedding cake.

One ombre style that looks outstanding with shades of gray is the frosted ruffled cake. The ruffled effect is achieved by piping the icing in separate layers using a petal tip, and while it’s meant to look uneven and a bit imperfect, you’ll need a steady hand and some practice… but it’s worth it!

The ruffled frosting look is rustic and boho, and when you mix your fondant with shades of stone gray, light gray, and finally a golden gray on the top tier, you’ll have a delicious masterpiece.

Sweet Vanilla Buttercream Icing Perfect for a Wedding Cake

Cake Cream Buttercream

Sweet whipped vanilla buttercream icing! Top your favorite cakes, cupcakes & cookies!

Sometimes, it’s easier to decide what you want to tackle when making or decorating a cake.

Ordering this handmade, sweet whipped vanilla buttercream icing is fun to practice with, and some folks grab a spoon and enjoy this yumminess straight out of the jar!

Ombre Cake Colored With Luminess Lemon Icing

Ready Made Luminess Lemon Gourmet

Luminess Lemon Hi-Ratio ready to use professional buttercream bakery icing. Perfect for all your icing needs. Just open & start frosting!

This icing is professional bakery quality with meringue and natural preservatives to achieve that delicious lemon taste (allergy warning: peanuts, soy, and dairy are present in the location that makes this icing).

Lemon wedding cakes are such a popular flavor, and a lemon raspberry ombre wedding cake is next-level.

We found a spectacular-looking lemon raspberry cake tutorial online with ombre buttercream rosettes in tiers of pink, blush, and lemon, with ombre colors underneath the frosting too!

Scrape Your Wedding Cake for That Ombre Effect

Acrylic Cake Scrapers

Great for buttercream and ganache cakes to get that sharp edge and smooth finish.

Do you know what you can do with pink sparkle, white haze, or hot pink? If you want to learn how to give your ombre cake that smooth, professional edge, an acrylic cake scraper is what you need, and you can take your pick from the colors mentioned above!

A cake scraper is a must-have when decorating a buttercream icing or ganache cake, and you’ll be pleased with how doable an ombre frosting look is to achieve.

Notes: these scrapers come in 7 or 9-inch sizes, and the larger size is preferred for easier handling. The scrapers aren’t dishwasher-safe, but they’re easy to clean in warm water with mild soap.

Black Icing Color for Gothic Ombre Wedding Cake

We’re pleased to let our goth brides in on this colorful trend too!

This tuxedo gel color mixes into different shades of black to create a real statement ombre cake!

Pumpkin Food Color Changes Your Fall Wedding Cake

Pumpkin Master Elites Food Color

This is the best, mostly highly pigmented food coloring out there!

Pumpkin orange is from the new Fall collection. These colors are unbelievable.

The seller calls this the best-pigmented food coloring available, and we admit that the bright orange of this pumpkin shade jumped out from our computer screen!

This highly-saturated color can be adjusted to create a gorgeous autumn-themed, “seasons changing” ombre wedding cake. It works in royal icing, buttercream icings, fondants, sugar gum pastes, and cake batters.

Add Some Royalty to Your Ombre Wedding Cake

2 Dozen Royal Icing Shades of Purple Flowers

Flowers are about 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch, and 1 inch.

These royal icing flowers come in an ombre mix of three rich purple shades, and they take a simple unadorned frosted cake to a beautifully decorated one in a snap!

Ombre Sugar Fondant Wedding Cake Toppers

We love this sugar fondant decorative flower topper mix because of the variety of sizes and the blend of peachy pink ombre shades. These would look gorgeous on top of a naked, glazed, or frosted wedding cake!

Golden Ombre Fondant Flowers for Your Wedding Cake

Large Yellow Ombredible Cake Toppers

Elegant 6 yellow ombré flowers are about 3 inches with 7 layers of petals.

This six-piece set of large fondant flowers is different because each flower features an ombre color change from bright yellow to soft buttercup.

Ombre Florals and Edible Gold for Your Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake Floral Decor With Gold Accents

Kit includes a minimum of 5 individual shades of terra-cotta foam flowers, a minimum of edible gold flake sheets (1.5x1.5) 1 artificial gold banyan leaf accent.

This DIY decoration kit has your ombre wedding cake covered!

Our chosen color here includes five flowers in a rustic mix of terracotta colors (the flowers are not edible) and two genuine gold, edible sheets. 

The flowers provide the ombre color variation, and the shiny gold sheets create a glow on your naked or frosted cake. The gold sheets are also available separately.

Note: the seller recommends a gentle cleaning of each faux floral stem before placing it on your cake, and if you’d like more gold sheets with your order, you can make that request.

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