26 Beach Wedding Cake Ideas To Inspire You

We went to a casual wedding on a public beach in Sarasota, Florida, a few years ago. 

It was a holiday weekend, and we were surrounded by hundreds of partying sunbathers. The music was booming, and the air was thick with spicy BBQ.

We were convinced the nuptials would be drowned out… but something magical happened.

As the bride walked barefoot down the sand to meet her groom, everything went quiet, and the whole world seemed to stop and watch their vows. It was one of the most romantic weddings we’ve ever attended.

Maybe you’re planning a tropical destination wedding, or possibly a closer option like a lakefront cottage or a ceremony on a nearby stretch of shoreline. Either way, a wedding cake with beach-themed elements is a glorious way to kick off newlywed life on the sand, not to mention a fitting reflection of the beauty of your setting.

So whether you have visions of an easy-breezy cake topper, a stand-out cake stand, or a simple handful of sugared sea shells on wispy white frosting, here are 26 beach wedding cake accessories and ideas to inspire you!        

A Wave of Wedded Bliss

Beach Wedding Cake Stand

Gorgeous wooden cake stand decorated with food safe resin in an ocean waves design.

This decorative cake stand is simply beach wedding perfection.

The beautiful ocean waves are so exquisitely painted that this cake stand really does double as a piece of artwork.

‘Wood’ You Marry Me

Wooden Cake Stand

Lightweight and portable: you don't need the super power of a flannel that Paul Bunyan wears around to carry our cake holder. 

This centerpiece cake stand is made of natural fine-grained and warp-resistant Paulownia wood, and each piece is unique.

It’s sturdy enough for your lakeside event, but it’s equally lightweight and portable.  

The icing on the cake? This stand could easily become an accent piece for plants or candles, long after your wedding!

Cake Topper for Summer Surfers

Wedding Collectibles "Summer Lovin"

This adorable couple is the perfect addition to any beach couple's wedding day. Hand painted with attention to every detail, including a small 24k gold wedding band for the groom, hair accents, and a surfboard!. 

This beach-inspired wedding cake topper is priceless for true beach lovers (the couple that surfs together stays together!).

The detail here is amazing! Made of fine porcelain, everything from the groom’s golden wedding band to the bride’s glazed dress is hand-painted.

‘Shell’ We Dance?

Wedding Cake Topper

Delicate shell flowers accompany the couple as they stand on a bed of natural sand and mini shells. A french pearl trim is wrapped around the base as well. Cake Topper Design By Wedding Collectibles.

A bride and groom dance in the waves, she’s holding her dress as they tenderly embrace within a shell cocoon; this cake topper might actually make your heart skip a beat.

When you look closer, you see how the groom’s pants are casually rolled up, with tiny shells and flower details around their bare feet.

The finishing touch is the romantic French pearl trim around the base… just exquisite.

The Most Touching Cake Topper

Sculpted Hand-Painted Cake Topper

5.5”h hand-painted resin figure of a couple seated across from each other, touching heads and hands. 

You may need a tissue to dab your eyes when you see this romantic cake topper.

Every one of these toppers is a hand-painted cast based on the artist’s original carving. As you turn the piece around, you get a different view of the young lovers with their foreheads touching, their hands clasped, and their palms joined. 

This lead-free cake topper is food-safe, but the paint isn’t waterproof, so wipe the base with a damp cloth to clean it, and please don’t dunk it into the water!

DIY Flair for Your Beach Wedding Cake

Seashells and Starfish Sugar Decoration Toppers

Ready to use edible sugar Decorations. Use on cakes, cupcakes, brownies, fruits and other food items. 

A beach theme is a perfect excuse to DIY some funky wedding cake decoration! 

Sugar decorations like these seashell and starfish kits are inexpensive and so much fun for a wedding party to decorate with edible sparkles or food coloring sprays!

Throw them all on your wedding cake, or use them selectively on dessert cupcakes… endless possibilities.

Your Surfside Server Set

Piece Rustic Wedding Cake Knife and Server Set

You will receive 1 serrated knife, 1 cake server, and 2 wedding toasting flutes that feature a small jute bow and 2 small wooden hearts on the front that reads “LOVE”

Simple touches are often all you need at a casual wedding, and this rustic server set will not go unnoticed.

This affordable set features a serrated knife, a pie slicer, and a pair of champagne flutes for newlywed bubbly.

Wrapped in jute rope with hints of lacy detailing, this is rugged romance at its finest.

Adorable Adirondack Chair Cake Topper

Wood Adirondack Miniature Chair - Wedding Cake Topper

Give realistic character to dollhouses and miniature projects.

There’s just something romantic about a beach chair facing the water on a lakefront dock. So check out these tiny Adirondack chair cake toppers! 

If you want to add more details to the top of your wedding cake, you can order palm trees, sandcastles, even flip-flops for a touch of humor.

Beach Cake Bling Topper

Beach Cake Bling Topper

A special meaning for bride and groom, “…and the two will become one”

Glitter lovers, we’ve got something for you too!

This “Two Hearts One Love” wedding cake topper has all the rhinestone flare you need to bling up your cake by the ocean.  

The Cake Stops Here

PVC Sign Beach Wedding

1/8" PVC & Printing & Rope Hanger

You newlyweds will photograph beautifully holding this beach-themed sign over your wedding cake with the sand and waves as your backdrop.

Plates With a Purpose

Blue Paper Plates

These are perfect dinner, appetizer or dessert paper plates, for hot or cold food.

These biodegradable paper plates make eco-friendly sense for a beach buffet reception.

The splash of teal design looks beautiful and the square shape accommodates more cake and ice cream per guest! 

Colorful Shell Cake Set

4 Piece Cake Knife and Server Set

Cake Cutting Set for Wedding: Celebrate your special day and enjoy delicious desserts with this lovely seashell wedding cake knife and server set.

This four-piece wedding cake service set is adorned with simple ivory ribbons…

But the standout details on each piece are the handmade, encrusted abalone shells glowing with iridescent silver, blue, pink, and green—the effect is unique and so stunning.

Be the Cake Topper 

Personalized Cake Toppers

We 100% handmade your cake toppers with the finest polymer clay, ensure top- level likeness, nature and brighter color that can last forever. 

It doesn’t get more personalized than this! 

Send a photo of yourselves to this artist and a miniature you is created in a beach setting!  

The artist ensures 100% handmade quality using the best clay materials so your “mini-us” cake topper can last a lifetime.

Make It Fake by the Lake

Fakefaux Naked Gold Cake for Display

This vanilla naked cake height is over 4inch.

Fake cakes are surging in popularity because they’re light to transport and look fantastic in person and in pictures, not to mention they’re cheaper than edible cake! For the best of both worlds, most couples add an edible layer on top for their cake-cutting moment.

This naked foam cake is effortlessly classic, perfect for an easy breezy beach wedding. Dress it up with custom details like fresh flowers, shells and make it drip with faux icing.

Or Make Your Cake and Eat It Too

Cake Decorating for Beginners

 Cake Decorating for Beginners can help you make it a reality with pro tips and clear instructions for everything from glazing fresh fruit for a rustic, unfrosted cake to rolling fondant for an unforgettable multi-tiered wedding cake.

There’s some seriously inspirational stuff online about amateur bakers who finally followed their dreams and tuned in to a whole new world: making gorgeous cakes!

If you already like to cook or bake, why not blow off some pre-wedding steam by trying your hand at making a cake for your tropical wedding? 

Be sure to start well ahead of time with some practice baking, and of course, enlist your family or wedding party to help make your dreamy confection a reality.

Tools of the Cake Trade

Cake Pan Mold with Removable Bottom

The bottom is removable, your cake can be perfectly out of the oven.

Talk about impressing your new in-laws… you can create a tiered wedding cake for your beach nuptials, and you don’t need to go overboard with the recipe or the decorations!

Cruise through YouTube videos with the search term “simple wedding cakes.” You’ll also find recipes online for angel food cake with strawberries, fresh mint, and rich mascarpone whipped cream that is easy to pull off with a little practice!

An Anchor Cake Topper

Are you boaters having a casual wedding dockside at your local marina? This classy cake topper with its nautical-inspired anchor is perfect for a waterside cake design.

You’ve also got some options with the décor: colors like silver, gold, rose-gold, or if you want to spray paint it yourself then teal is a perfect color choice. You can even go glittery!

Stunning Seashell Cake Stand

Seashell Cake Stand

This thick high quality bubble round contemporary glass pedestal is designed with three size options, they are as follows; 10 inch, 12 inch, and 14 inch diameters. 

An artisan makes this two-piece cake stand with care.

The natural wood tray wrapped in burlap accent rope is set atop a “bubble round” glass pedestal filled with various natural seashells and sand.

The glass pedestal is available in three diameters to accommodate the size of your wedding cake, and the whole stunning look is ideal for an oceanside wedding. 

A Slice of Pearls

Silver and Lace Monogram Wedding Cake Topper

This beautiful silver and white lace cake topper is one of my new favorites. 

Boho beachgoers, this wedding cake cutting set is all you!

It’s handmade with non-toxic materials, pearly details, and cut-out lace. It can also be customized with laser-etching in the font of your choosing. 

Say It With Starfishes

Nautical Wedding Cake Topper

This Beach Wedding Cake Topper has been designed with two Sugar Star Fish that have been embellished with the bride and groom accessories and sit on a large white clam shell. 

Anyone for a fun cake topper that’s totally cute?

The bridal couple on this topper is two starfishes decked out for a wedding (top hat and bowtie for the groom… veil, and pearls for the Mrs!). They’ve both got a teeny champagne flute ready to toast, and there’s a precious little bouquet there too.

Funky Flamingo Topper

Flamingo Cake Topper

Our Flamingo Wedding Cake Topper is the most adorable crowning touch to your tropical or beach inspired wedding. 

These colorful flamingos are decked out like a veiled bride and a bow-tied groom (although the colors, bowtie, or newlywed pairing can be customized to match your love!).

Unique details include velvety flocking on the birds’ necks and bodies covered with real feathers!

Undersea Elegance Cake Topper

As a kid, did you love searching the shore for seashells and sand dollars? 

Revisit sweet childhood memories with this nautical cake topper full of unique and authentic shells; a custom-made masterpiece that will fit with any beach-themed wedding cake.

Sparkle on the Shoreline Topper

Gorgeous Swarovski Crystal Anchor Wedding Cake Topper

These stunning cake toppers are made with Swarovski crystal hand placed on hand cut wood which is painted to the base color and crystal color combination you would like!

One more nod to beachy bling with this handmade anchor of wood covered with sparkly Swarovski crystals.

The base and crystal (or pearl) colors can be personalized to your wedding palette; simply gorgeous!

Beach Cake Bobbleheads

Custom Couple Bobbleheads

The weight:About 300Gram for one person.

Who will ever forget these newlywed bobbleheads?

This bobblehead pairing is fully customizable (physical characteristics, attire, accessories, how the couple is posed), and even the most minor details can be requested.

This is the most adorbs way possible to decorate your beach wedding cake!

Just Married Cake In a Jar

Cake In A Jar

By utilizing the jars, we are allowed a shelf life of 10 days without refrigeration, and 3 weeks in the fridge, or up to 2 months in the freezer.

Sandy beach nuptials take on a just married picnic vibe when you serve specially-made cake in a reusable mason jar!

These custom cakes are good for 10 days out of the fridge, 3 weeks refrigerated, and can be frozen for up to two months.

The flavors to choose from are mouthwatering! They include red velvet, triple chocolate, vanilla or chocolate raspberry, chocolate caramel or peanut butter, and very vanilla (vanilla cake with Bavarian cream filling and sweet vanilla buttercream frosting… our beach wedding favorite).

Artful Cake Topper To Imitate

Bride and Groom on a Beach Cake Topper

The bride and groom stand 5" tall~~the pergola stands 6.5" in height!

One-of-a-kind creations like this will have you scrambling to make sure your wedding is as beautiful as your cake topper!

Our 5″ bride and groom stand lovingly under a 6″ pergola adorned with sequined tulle, flowers, and shell details. The base of this topper is like a natural sandy beach with seashells.

Laidback, but fairytale-esque; you’ll cherish this piece for a lifetime. 

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