16 Tall Wedding Centerpieces That Are Simple Yet Classy

Wedding displays can make for great conversation pieces, but tall wedding centerpieces are especially provocative. And we mean that in the best way possible! 

You want to capture your guests’ interest, and if the centerpieces are especially beautiful or imaginative, they can stir up a whole lot of emotions.

 Whether your goal is to add levels to a display or to have a singular centerpiece that draws attention, there are tall wedding pieces for every theme or style.

Here are the best centerpieces with height to inspire your wedding decor.

Gatsby Ostrich Feathers

Gatsby Ostrich Feathers

This elegant and classy easy to assemble centerpiece comes with all the items listed below. The stand from end to end measures 28”. There are actual crystals in the stand!

The glamor and flair of this ostrich feather and crystal centerpiece will liven up any Gatsby-themed decor. The gold stand measures 28 inches, but you have two height options for the feathers – 14–16 inches or 16–18 inches. Sparkling crystals and luxuriant feathers create an elegant piece that would wow Daisy Buchanan.

Modern Acrylic Stand

Clear Acrylic Flower Stand

Wedding Flower Stand comes with modern style, this floral column is gorgeous and makes your weddings, parties and special events unique. 

Want a stand for the perfect display piece? The modern acrylic stand, available in two height options, 32 inches or 28 inches, combines contemporary design with straightforward practicality. The base is clear with four cylindrical pillars and a rectangular frame. Yes, the acrylic stand on its own may be plain, but the display platform is the perfect blank canvas to create whatever look you’re going for.

Artificial Flowers and Acrylic Vase

Wedding Centerpieces

Made with quality artificial flowers, this centerpiece is a keepsake that will last for years past your wedding day.

Simple but lovely, artificial flowers in an acrylic vase are easy to maintain. They add some greenery, without taking attention away from other decor elements. These vases aren’t outrageously tall, so guests seated around the table won’t be leaning sideways to see each other. If you bulk order ten or more, the vendor offers a discount, which is always a nice bonus.

Pampas Grass Bunch

Small Pampas Grass

Excellent natural centerpiece for your home or wedding. It’s perfect for a small vase and will attract a lot of attention. Choose from a variety of trendy colors.

Pick your vase or stand and display the pampas grass bunches for decor that doesn’t overwhelm. A set of 25 pieces approximately 6–13 inches tall, these dried reeds (also called bunny tails) are available in white or pink. Cute but simple, it’s a nice touch of natural bouquets for tall wedding centerpieces.

Brown Natural Uva Stalks

Small Pampas Grass

Excellent natural centerpiece for your home or wedding. It’s perfect for a small vase and will attract a lot of attention. Choose from a variety of trendy colors.

Each set of these brown natural uva stalks is a staggering 6 feet. The feathery grass decor might not be colorful, but it certainly draws attention. For boho themes or wedding decor that emphasizes plant life, these are a great find.

Dry Flower Bouquet

Starburst Dried Bouquet

We love this combination of green preserved eucalyptus, pink baby’s breath with pops of yellow rice flower and more.

A multi-colored dried floral arrangement allows for a rainbow of color, a lot of height, and a unique twist on grass displays. We love this particular bouquet that has the perfect blend of bunny tails, limonium, baby’s breath, yellow rice flowers, red ruscus, and preserved eucalyptus. Whether your wedding theme involves the rain forest or you’re incorporating some basic plant life, these tall wedding centerpieces are a quirky accent piece. 

Gold Rectangular Metal Stands

Modern Rectangular Tall Metal Stand

These beautiful tall Gold Metal Floral Stands will add an elegant fresh aesthetic for floral designs at your next event!

Modern, elegant, and tall, the gold-plated rectangular metal stands range from 16 to 48 inches. Additional listings include rose gold, silver, white, and black matte (if gold isn’t your color). For the best effect, we suggest getting various heights to add dimension, or using the tallest to place a floral arrangement up high. 

Ostrich Feathers in Gold Vase

Gold 16" Tall Ostrich Feather Centerpiece Kits

They are super budget friendly while still creating that classy 1920's look! Perfect for Birthday Party, Proms, or parties on a budget!

If you want the Gatsby look, but without the crystals, ostrich feathers in a gold vase are a great option. While not as flashy or OTT, it still looks fabulous with a touch of finesse. The set includes a rounded gold vase (16 or 20 inches), five 8 to 10-inch ostrich feathers, and five 14 to 16-inch ostrich feathers. 

Square Vintage Diamond Vase

Vintage Tall Square Heave Crystal Vase

A lovely square, heavy and tall crystal vase with a beautiful diamond pattern.

For a vase with some weight and classic sparkle, the square vintage diamond vase is 10⅝ inches by 2.75 inches. You can fill it with lights to make the crystal the main focal point or add glamor to a bouquet arrangement. The vase is the perfect complement for any classical vintage theming.

Acrylic Display Centerpiece with Beads

Acrylic Display Centerpiece with Beads

The Gold coloring and shimmering acrylic crystals may make these room decorations look delicate, but it’s reinforced base and sturdy design give it a durability that will see you showcasing it time and time again.

With a rainfall of irregular acrylic beads and an 8-inch diameter top plate, you can add a touch of glamor to any table with this acrylic display centerpiece. Choose between two heights – 21.65 inches or 29.5 inches – and top with flowers, decor, or table number. The silver stand with a ring of hanging beads looks elegant but is a more budget-friendly option.

Gold Vases with Crystal Beads

Gold Vases for Centerpieces

The long crystal strings are 24 pieces; the short ones are 11 pieces. 

With two tiers of curtain beads and gold rims, these 23.75-inch gold vases add a touch of elegance for anyone on a tight budget. Top with your preference of floral arrangement or decor on the 8-inch plate, and you have a classy display without investing in real gold.

Cream Pampas Grass

Cream Pampas Grass

These are a natural product, which means sometimes stems won't look alike!

Bushy, fluffy, and a lovely shade of cream, the three-piece cream pampas grass is the ideal centerpiece when it’s height you’re after. Keep in mind, though, while it’s tempting to touch these fluffy displays, they are dried plants. Too much handling will cause the pampas grass to shed, but here’s a handy little lifehack: spray with a coat of hairspray and save yourself some mess.

LED Clear Balloons

LED Clear Balloons

Warm white LED strip lights with easy peel-off adhesive tabs.

These LED clear balloons are nothing like the rainbow latex-inflated balloons you find at kids’ birthday parties! Each inflated structure creates a globe of starry lights. The non-latex, non-helium balloons are 12 inches, reaching a height of 32 inches with the stand. Bask in the glow of these simple, lightweight balloons that make the perfect tall wedding centerpiece.

Silver and Gold Floral Centerpiece

Silver and Gold Christmas Centerpiece

A lovey transition from Christmas to just a winter centrepiece for the next several months to add a touch of season to your home decor.

Bring on the winter charm of silver and gold floral centerpieces to your GOT’s themed wedding. Iced branches, silver cherry blossoms, a gold vase, and other silver or gold embellishments create a glittery centerpiece that’s both charming and delicate.

Crystal Globe Centerpiece

Tall Round Globe Gold Crystal Stand Ostrich Feather Centerpiece

These stands are awesome to use as event centerpieces, home decor, hotel, home staging, furniture store decoration etc! There are real crystals in the stand!

Dazzle tables with the Hollywood glam of a 24-inch crystal globe tall wedding centerpiece. The narrow stand is available in gold and silver. Some styling ideas for you to consider include adding LED lights for a dazzling glow or placing a small cascading plant inside the container. 

Light Pink Dyed Ostrich Feathers

Large Ostrich Feathers

These ostrich feathers range in size from 14-17 inches with wispy hair-like feathers coming out from the stiff quill in the center. 

For something completely different, why not think outside the box? The ten-piece set of 14–17 inch light pink ostrich feathers is a lovely and fluffy choice for quirky and charming tall wedding centerpieces.

Buying Tips

Tall wedding centerpieces are an excellent choice for adding drama to a table display. However, before you buy, it’s wise to consider the best fit for your wedding.

How to Choose the Best Height

You can’t mention fit without discussing how to measure your options. Generally, it’s all about the decor being a focal point, while still allowing the guests to see each other. If your guest list covers a range of heights, pick the best majority option.

 Remember that width impacts height too. If you want a voluminous piece, make sure that it’s high enough, so guests can chat to one another without wondering who’s on the other side of the centerpiece. 

 For wedding planners not conducting a height census with their guest list, opt for centerpieces where the bulk of the arrangement is 33-36 inches from the table surface.

How to Choose Material

While the theme usually determines the material, you need to consider how it affects sight lines and weight capacity when adding height into the equation. For vases and stands, it’s best to know what it can securely carry without cracking under pressure.

 Suppose your tall wedding centerpiece is the statement piece and doesn’t need to hold flowers or support other decorations. Then, there are no worries about weight restrictions. Instead, think about a shake test. 

 Are guests bumping the table when they get up? Is the display too flimsy? Will it wobble when guests are tucking into their food? 

 Ask the seller or artist about dimensions, handling, and weight capacity when in-person testing isn’t possible.

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