Geek Out With 23 Great Superhero Wedding Invitations

Have you ever heard of the Geek Love Chapel?

In a world bursting with creative cosplayers, fantasy fans, and the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Geek Love Chapel existed for a brief, shining moment in time at a San Diego Comic-Con.

Lucky convention-goers got married at the pop-up chapel or had their vows renewed, and instead of the “Wedding March,” some of them cruised up the aisle to the Star Wars theme. How geeky-great is that!?

You might not get engaged or married at Comic-Con, but that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate your love of escapism and wish-fulfillment into your wedding celebration. That’s why we’re getting into 23 super-romantic superhero wedding invitations today.

If you’re passionate about MCU, Star Wars, Star Trek, and LOTR, join us.

Your Superhero Wedding Booklet

3pg Booklet Wedding Invitation

This custom wedding invitation card is a mountain and river themed wedding invitation.

“Holy Matrimony, Batman!”

That’s just one of the fun things your wedding invitation can say with this signature layout, a two to four-page “livret booklet.”

This unique and beautiful selection includes original comic-style artwork, and color and text changes are fully customizable at no extra cost.

Easy Digital Superhero Wedding Invite

Superhero Wedding Invitation Set

Invite your friends and family to celebrate the next chapter of your life with these superhero wedding invitations.

Here’s a super-simple invite including a one-sided invitation card, RSVP postcard, and “Save-the-Date” that gets customized and emailed as a PDF.

Your choices include custom text and a different color scheme at no additional cost if you wish.

Superman and Wonder Woman-Approved Invitation

Superhero Wedding Invitations

When it comes to fun, playful wedding ideas, a superhero theme wedding is every comic fan's dream come true. 

When you’re Superman and Wonder Woman on your wedding day, you need an invitation set that’s super-worthy!

The high-quality illustrations here provide a fun, comic-style punch. However, the layout is still sophisticated enough to please anyone, and the premium finishes include luxe paper and matching envelopes.

Here’s to Your Marvel Comic Marriage

Vintage Marvel comic heroes are the colorful backdrop on this 5×7″ wedding invitation card. Your event details and colors are customizable, and you receive this invite as a digital download.

Awaken the Force With This Wedding Invitation Set

Star Wars Ep VII: The Force Awakens inspired Wedding Set

Personalization are considered any customized changes that require a major change to original design including some (not all) alterations in color, fonts, wording, and design size. 

Leia would love this invite… and Han knows! (Get it?)

You’ve got to love the lightsabers bending into a heart shape on this Star Wars wedding invitation template. You can choose your Star Wars theme and customize your details, and you receive a digital file to print.

Choose Your Comic Color Wedding Invitation

Comic Book Wedding Invitations

An invitation perfect for comic book loving geeks!

Are you craving a Batman-themed invite with a rainbow-colored background?

You can get this invitation printed on one side or two, with envelopes and an optional RSVP card.

Send Your Gold Comic Book Digitally

Gold Comic Book Wedding Invitation

Send your wedding invites digitally, or print them out on your favorite paper! 

We like this selection if you want to send Superhero-themed wedding e-vites out. The layout is fun and eye-catching, and you can get ’em out there quickly!

Gorgeous Guardians Wedding Invitation

Let everyone know how “Groot” you are together with Guardians of the Galaxy wedding invitations!

The colors and layout here are stunning, and there are other cool little details to note, including the double-sided RSVP with a cassette tape on the back to request a song for “Wedding Mix Vol 1.”

Jedi Powered Wedding Invitation

DIY Wedding Invitation

Invitations are sized as following, standard invitation size 5 x 7 inches and standard reply card size of 3.5 x 5 inches.

Are you a Star Wars couple? Then, check out this Jedi-theme invitation template offering a pretty galactic layout and out-of-this-world convenience.

Happy customers rave about the easy editing, affordability, and customization of this selection. The force is definitely with this invite!

Your Names Make the Searchlight in This Superhero Invite

Comic Book Strip Invitation

Your Names Make the Searchlight in This Superhero Wedding Invitation.

We love the heart-shaped searchlight on this Batman-themed invitation⁠—imagine your names in there!

This printed invitation set is available in five bundles, so you’ve got many choices. We also like the neutral color palette that’s pretty without being overpowering.

Wedding Invitation From the Millenium Falcon

Digital Wedding Invitation Suite

This listing is for a digital product, which you can edit and print within minutes via CORJL, a fully customizable template editor that allows you to personalize your printable directly in your web browser. 

You get a suite of Star Wars-themed wedding stationery with this digital download!

The designer took care laying this selection out, and the invitation card featuring the most notorious smuggling ship in the galaxy⁠—the Millenium Falcon⁠—definitely stole our hearts.

Han and Leia Star Wars Wedding Invitation

Star Wars Wedding Invitation

Send your wedding invites digitally, or print them out on your favorite paper! 

This Star Wars wedding invitation template overflows with a geek-chic attitude. Because the digital layout is so stylishly simple, it’s easy to print, or better yet, send as an e-vite!

Whatever delivery method you choose, you’ll be Han and Leia taking on the Empire together!

Loki in Love Wedding Invitations

Loki Inspired "For All Time" Invitations

Inspired by the Disney+ show Loki, these invitations feature a geometric gold border with a cosmic pattern in dark green.

Your Loki-inspired invitations are “For All Time,” and they’re fully customizable and printed for you.

We like the rich geometric look with golden borders over the dark cosmic green, and Loki’s helmet is a pretty marvelous accent.

Playful Star Wars Wedding Invitation

Star Wars Inspired Han & Leia Wedding Invitation

A whole range of Star Wars-inspired Wedding stationery; so unique and gives you the chance to show off your inner geek!!

This Star Wars-themed wedding invitation template deserves a medal (is there a Medal of Yavin for funny?!)

The little Han and Leia people cracked us up, and the “just married” sign on the AT-AT walker is quite simply the best!

Moonscape Wedding Invite for the Cosplay Couple

Moonscape Wedding Invite for the Cosplay Couple

My templates are designed with for those of us who like to do things a little bit different from everyone else.

There’s no particular superhero theme with this digital download. Still, everything except the background is editable, so you could add some fun details specific to your cosplay and make this cute and quirky little invitation your own!

Fun and Creepy Cosplay Wedding Invitation

Wedding Invitation

These invitations are the perfect fit for super hero fans.

Here’s a handmade and printed invitation and RSVP set that’s a bit of a hybrid⁠—it’s perfect for the cosplay couple, but it works equally well for a goth or Halloween-themed wedding.

You tick the fun, creepy, and fantasy boxes with this one!

Channel Nordic Thor With a Viking Wedding Invitation

Viking Wedding Invitations

These are post cards with photographs of myself weilding my sword Iostormar and my shield Hatebreaker. 

Marvel took some liberties creating Thor for their cinematic universe (they made him into Chris Hemsworth, and we don’t blame them!)

Still, if you’re super fans of the true Nordic god Thor, this postcard-style Viking invitation may be perfect.

Viking Parchment Wedding Invitation

Viking Invitation Suite

This is a set of Viking Wedding Stationery. 

Here’s another super-special invitation template for cosplayers or middle-earth fans who like to blend history with action⁠.

This Viking-themed wedding stationery with a realistic parchment background can be downloaded digitally.

Superhero Wedding Issue Is Super-Special

MARVEL Comic Book Wedding invitation

Impress your guests with these COMIC BOOK-Inspired Invitations perfect for a fun wedding, party or special occasion!

We’ve covered a few comic book-style superhero wedding invitations, but as it says on the front cover of this selection, there are a few “special” things about it!

This wedding stationery is customized for you and the quality shows.

Sneak the Millennium Falcon into This Wedding Invitation

Star Wars Wedding Invitation Kit Template

While the foundations of the design have been created for you, you can enhance it with a touch of your own personal taste and artistry to make it truly unique.

This DIY printable invitation kit is all-out romantic with its watercolor florals and sweeping fonts.

It may take a second for people to catch the Millennium Falcon details because they’re a bit subtle; some of your guests might not even notice!

So if you’d like to sneak Star Wars into your wedding invites, you’ll get it with this selection!

Time to Bam Pop Wow Your Wedding Invitation

Bam! Pop! Wow! Invitations

This invitation has a comic book feel with bold colors, individual panels and traditional comic book elements like bursts, halftone graphics and fun fonts.

There’s a ton of action happening with this wedding invitation!

It’s styled like a true comic book with a ton of heart and image-like bursts, halftone graphics, fun fonts, and of course, your picture!

Holler, We Want Yoda Wedding Invitations!

Digital Wedding Invitation

The perfect way to get unique invitations that reflect the two of you, without breaking the entire budget. And these are amazing for the couple on a short time schedule!

“Engaged you have become, a wedding I sense in you…”

Okay, obvious wordplay there. But the point is, if you’re “Team Yoda,” your wedding invitation template has arrived!

Join the Fellowship With This Lord of the Rings Invitation

Lord of the Rings Wedding Invitation Elven Inspired Suite

This invitation pack features hand drawn elven inspired designs and a parchment background. 

Direct from the Shire comes this lovely LOTR invitation featuring a parchment-style template with download choices, including a plain or textured background.

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