13 Succulent Wedding Favors: A Budget-Friendly Option!

Everyone loves a wedding! Over the last several years, brides and grooms have been stepping up their creativity to showcase how unique their weddings can be. 

Elaborate themes, customized cakes, and hilarious dances and toppers are some of the ways a wedding party can express its personality and charm. One aspect that has gained popularity through creative thinking is wedding favors. 

A favor is a small fun wedding gift that guests can take home. Whether they are edible treats or decorative flourishes, there are tons of ways that brides and grooms can make their guests feel welcome and appreciated. 

One of the cutest (and cheapest!) ways to make a memorable DIY wedding favor is to use succulents! These low-key plants are easy to take care of and are a symbol of everlasting love.

You can also decorate these little desert plants to fit into many different themes and tones, so no matter the type of event you throw, these simple house plants can give your special wedding an extra bit of charm!

Why Succulents?

Succulent plants have seen a massive rise in popularity in recent years. People use them for decorating their homes, and they love their elegant, rustic nature for their weddings.

A huge benefit to using succulents or cactuses for wedding favors is that these plants can last! Their longevity not only makes it easy on you as far as planning, but it makes it easy on your guests when they take them home. They’re the perfect wedding take-away memorabilia.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: people don’t like the burden of plants forced on them; no one wants more unexpected responsibility. That may be true, but sticking to a cactus or succulent theme doesn’t always mean live plants. This idea can encompass candles, magnets, and even soaps!

Even though the options for succulent arrangements and favors are limitless, we specifically love a few super cute ideas.

Versatile Assorted Succulents

These assorted packs of succulents are perfect for getting a simple and charming wedding favor together in a snap! This pack of plants offers versatility and longevity, so even if you prepare these favors ahead of time, they won’t wilt or die before the big day.

Keep it simple with small, heartfelt tags tied around each pot, or create a mini garden for a more complex wedding favor. With live and faux options, assorted succulents are the way to go to explore every facet of your creative capabilities.

Cacti in Biodegradable Pots

Just because a wedding celebration focuses on your love for your spouse doesn’t mean you have to skimp on your passion for the environment. Use a biodegradable pot to display your cute cacti in an Earth-conscious way.

These pots have just as much versatility as the assorted succulents offer. They work great with cute stickers, paper tags, or ribbons. We love how easily they give you a way to create an eco-friendly and adorable wedding favor. 

Burlap-Wrapped Succulents

If your wedding evokes a timeless or rustic feel, succulent favors wrapped in burlap may be the perfect favor! These cute cacti make adorable decorative pieces and make perfect gifts for a wedding or bridal party gift!

It’s so rare that burlap looks delicate and soft, but with the addition of a lace bow in your wedding colors, these tiny treasures are a great way to appreciate those closest to you.

Succulent Soy Candles

Candles are an excellent gift option because most people love receiving them as a gift! Succulent soy candles offer the perfect mix of look and scent with a delicate smell and a small succulent mold.

These single succulent candles are subtle but gorgeous decorative pieces that work for either wedding favor or a gift for bridesmaids. Succulent candles offer the perfect way to keep a boho feel without bestowing extra responsibility on your guests.

Cactus Cluster Candles

If you love the idea of a cactus candle but don’t necessarily like the single succulent look, a cactus cluster might be better for your needs. These mini soy tea lights offer a ton of variety in a subtle decoration.

Even though these candles are a simple style, the smooth glass and pastel-colored succulent models make for a beautiful gift that is easy to maintain. We love these delicate favors for a springtime wedding.

Box of Succulent Soap

This box of succulent-shaped soaps makes for an adorable gift that smells and looks great. Split the soaps between individual gift baskets, or give the whole box. Either way, your guests are sure to love these delightful novelty soaps.

It’s super convenient that these soaps come in various combinations and scents that can help you match them to a ton of themes and color schemes. If you are a bride who loves themed, decorative hygiene items, these might be just the favors you need.

Mini Soap Tin

If the bigger soaps don’t quite fit your style, mini cactus soaps in a tin are the right look for you! The small silver tin gives a sleek style with the convenience of a portable, decorative container. 

We love these because of their casual cuteness and their nourishing ingredients! Invest in the large tin to distribute to your wedding guests, or grab some smaller ones to use as an item for a bridal shower basket. 

Wood-Potted Cactuses

Using wood for any wedding aspect immediately summons a warm, comfortable feeling, so people cannot help but be fond of these wood-potted succulents. Keep a classic wood color or use a specially-dyed stain to capture the vibe of the decorations. 

You can further customize these adorable party favors with tags that highlight your special day. No matter what personal touches you put on these wooden wonders, they work beautifully for any time of year or any simple, classic wedding idea.

Silver Lace-Patterned Pots

This silver plant pot with a cut-out lace pattern is a simple yet elegant way to present succulents for wedding arrangements. Combine a group of succulents or surround a single plant with some moss to create a rustic and stunning look.

This type of favor is perfect for a country-chic or rustic wedding where simple elegance brings the theme to life. Classically creative brides can use different cactus types and extra decorations to style this in a way that embraces their wedding feel.  

Punny Succulent Pots

If you are a couple that loves humor, then these pots with puns printed on them may be your best choice for the cactus favors. Give your guests a laugh with a plant that cheers on your love with a bold “I’m rootin’ for you” or “You had me at aloe.”

Introducing this bit of fun and quirkiness is a great way to set the tone and ease any tensions on your big day. It’s a perfect idea for a go-with-the-flow type of bride who loves to make people smile.

Succulent Seeds

If you want to give your guests a complete experience with succulents that do not take extra decorating and preparation time for you, then try some cactus seeds! Either give your guests the seeds by themselves or create a small kit that plays off of a “growing love” theme.

The seed idea is super interesting for any bride that adores the satisfaction of growing new plants and wants to share that with her closest friends and family. These gifts come with detailed instructions so that even the most inexperienced gardener can receive some guidance.

Succulent Candle Sculptures

These detailed and sizable succulent candle sculptures feature a bold design in a simple, gray tin. This minimalistic design is perfect for a variety of wedding themes and can even work for bridal showers.

We love these because even if your wedding isn’t minimalistic, you can get some extra supplies to dress it up in any way to fit your vibe. On top of the simple design, several color options allow for even more customization.

Cute Cactus Earrings

Now, these might not be the best wedding favors unless everyone has pierced ears, but these adorable cactus earrings deserve an honorable mention. These lovely, pale succulent earrings are the cutest gift for the bridal party.

They are subtle enough that recipients can wear them with most outfits, but it is essential to ensure everyone has pierced ears before buying these cute little favors.

Tips for Buying Your Succulent Favors

We mentioned that succulents are especially attractive to brides and grooms sticking to a budget. Generally, couples spend about $2 to $3 per wedding favor, and while most options are on the cheaper side of the spectrum, certain things can increase the price of your succulents.

One way to save when constructing your favors is by going through a wholesale retailer. Online companies like Succulent Market and Succulents Depot offer a wide variety of succulent and cactus species at cost-effective pricing.

When budgeting for your wedding favors, consider if you want to put them together yourself or have them shipped to you ready to go. While purchasing a pre-made wedding favor can be incredibly convenient, it can come at a cost.

Sometimes, buying the pieces and putting them together yourself can be the most cost-effective method. Buying wholesale plants and then finding the perfect decorative touches can ensure that your favors come out the way you planned.

If crafting is not your thing, then websites like Etsy sport beautiful arrangements that people take their time to craft for events like weddings. Because these items tend to take more time and effort, those types of favors can be a bit more expensive than investing in individual pieces.

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