Snowflake Wedding Cakes: 21 Amazing Ideas for Your Dessert

Winter brides, no matter the reason you chose the wintertime to get married, let’s all agree on one thing: winter weddings are super romantic.

Enduring the deep, bone-chilling freeze, only to spend time warming up by a fireplace with your sweetie, the glittering, crystalline snow drifting into absurdly white piles… there’s much to wax on about the merits of winter weddings. 

When it comes to decorating, one of the easiest things to do is to draw inspiration from your surroundings. Maybe you’re getting married at a big, rustic cabin in the woods, or you’re opting for a dreamy barn wedding with fire pits, cozy blankets, and more than enough hot toddies to go around?

Whichever way you slice it, winter weddings offer much inspiration when it comes to planning the wedding decor, and when it comes to wedding cakes, consider frosting your cake (not literally!) with snowflakes! Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about snowflake wedding cakes!

How to Get the Winter Wonderland Look For Your Wedding Cake

I’m assuming you’re well into the planning process, and one of the most fun (and tasty) parts is figuring out your whole cake and dessert situation.

Many brides go through a cake designer or a pastry vendor, and some brides even take on the Herculean task of making their wedding cake themselves.

There are tons of edible snowflake details and designs to draw inspiration from. Decorate with sugar glass, paper wafer, fondant, icing, or gum paste – we’ve got loads of ideas below.

Or at the very least, give your baker some inspiration, and if it needs a little *magic*, you can give an extra sprinkling of some winter snowflakes. Don’t forget your wedding cake and dessert accessories, too!

Dive into some of these beautiful wintery cake stands, cutting accessories, toppers, and dazzling champagne flutes on our list. It wouldn’t be a snowy-themed wedding if you didn’t bring the icy, blingy look inside!

Popular Color Palettes for Snowflake Wedding Cakes

An all-white cake is a very popular and super classic route, so if you’re hoping for a romantic, snowy white cake with lots of snowflakes strewn every which way, how can you make them pop?

Whites and silvers will always go hand in hand, and you can even dabble with some light blues to give your cake some depth. Opt for lighter colors, because once you get into the darker blues, it may start to look too much like Frozen… which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, if that’s what you’re looking for!

Crystals and glitters are also great to incorporate into your snowflake wedding cake look because snow wouldn’t be snow if it didn’t look shimmery, powdery, and glimmery. We want the enchantment, gosh dang it!

Alternative Snowflake-Themed Wedding Desserts

I’ll be the first to tell you that a traditional wedding cake is not for everybody!

Perhaps you’re leaning towards an alternative dessert option, or you’re considering filling up your dessert table with various treats and goodies. 

Here are a few ideas for incorporating the snowflake aesthetic into various wedding desserts!

Blue Snowflake Oreo Cookie Popsicles

These Oreo cookie popsicles are too cute!

If you want to fill your dessert table with delicious, winter-themed treats, include some of these along with some hot chocolate, minty truffles, and plenty of marshmallows for making s’mores outside or just to top your cocoa with.

This is a beautiful shade of blue but we would caution against using it too heavily. Just a few pops of turquoise here and there will brighten up an otherwise all-white dessert table!

Edible Fondant Snowflake Cupcakes

Edible Fondant Snowflake Cupcakes

Each snowflake is handcrafted from homemade marshmallow fondant: they are delicious, delicate, fragile, and unique.

Who can resist a cupcake? We sure can’t- especially when they’re well decorated and look too pretty to eat!

If you’re planning on including cupcakes in your wedding dessert lineup, pick up some of these edible fondant snowflakes to decorate them with!

Your baker will be able to customize colors for frosting and wrappers, but you can’t go wrong with a simple white snowflake for a yummy decoration.

Silicone Snowflake Mold

It’s a pretty hefty task to be responsible for baking your wedding desserts, so we applaud you, diligent baker brides!

But with these darling silicone molds, it may be easier than we thought! You can make chocolates, pressed cakes, candy, and more- if you ever got into candle making, these could be potentially used there as well.

The best part of winter-themed molds like this is that you’ll have them for seasons to come; making you the most popular person at the holiday party!

Snowflake Cookie Cutter

Cookies are always a plus – they’re undeniable crowd-pleasers when it comes to weddings, and bonus, your guests can have more than one!

Who doesn’t love a gorgeous snowflake cookie? Maybe you can even include your guests and set up a decorating station!

If you’re more on the thrifty side, here’s a slick budget-friendly move: have a small cake for you and your beloved to cut (this is great for pictures!) and consider other cheaper desserts to appease your guests- that way you’ll save some moolah on the cake front. 

NordicWare Snowflake Shortbread Pan

We’re obsessed with this Nordicware shortbread pan. That is all. 

Edible Fondant Snowflakes

Edible Fondant Snowflakes

Beautiful hand made cake and cupcake decorations.

An easy way to make your bright white snowflakes stand out is to set them against a background of a different color!

We love the shade of this wintery blue, and can easily see this as one of the layers in a tiered cake. 

Wafer Paper Snowflakes on Chocolate Dipped Oreos

Brown… for a winter wedding? Not as insane as you think!

White wafer paper snowflakes just look right at home topped on a chocolatey brown background; whether it’s on a chocolate-dipped treat or even laying on a mug of hot chocolate, you can have white snowflakes everywhere!

Wintery Frozen Wire Tree Wedding Cake Topper

Wintery Frozen Wire Tree Wedding Cake Topper

Each tree is individually handmade by me, so each will be completely unique and each will be beautiful. 

Capture the glory and beauty of frozen trees with this beautiful wintery wire tree cake topper! 

We love how the delicate frosted pearls look like mini snowballs just clinging to the branches. 

And if you’re going for an ultra-luxe look, this wire tree topper is customizable so go nuts with the Swarovski crystals or even pearls in a different color!

Rustic Wooden Snowflake Hoop Cake Topper

Rustic Wooden Snowflake Hoop Cake Topper

All Sugar Blush Studio toppers are custom designed, cut, and finished in Colorado.

How darling is this hoop? Decorated with delicate little snowflakes, this would be perfect for a glittery winter wedding bash!

If silver isn’t your thing, there’s a wide variety of other finishes you can choose from, ranging from sea glass to copper.

This cake topper can fit into any wintery wedding cake aesthetic!

Mr. and Mrs. Wedding Cake Topper with Snowflake

Snowflake Mr & Mrs Wedding Cake Topper

Our designs are custom art pieces and do take time to produce.

As a wise man once said, “Keep It Simple!” This Mr. and Mrs. cake topper has one eye-catching snowflake, and sometimes that’s all you need!

As this comes in acrylic, you can customize the finish to fit your wedding colors!

Clear Acrylic Laser Cut Snowflake Cake Topper

Clear Acrylic Laser Cut Snowflake Cake Topper

Acrylic is durable and can be washed and reused, if handled with care.

If it were up to us, we would get a thousand of these and stick them everywhere!

The clear acrylic snowflake is a subtle way to add just enough shine and glimmer without it looking like a disco ball.

“Snow In Love” Cake Topper

Snow in Love Cake Topper

This glitter cake topper, is made of glitter card stock, the back is white! Celebrate with this pretty sparkly cake topper!

This darling, punny cake topper combines the celebratory winter wedding with the weather, and what more could you want? If you’re “snow in love”, why not let the world know?

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Customizable Skiing Couple Cake Topper

Custom Wedding Cake Topper

For a winter wedding or ski enthusiasts this cosy couple is perfect for the top of your cake. Hand painted porcelain.

Are you and your sweetheart into shredding the gnar pow? Skiing enthusiasts will love this adorable customizable skiing couple cake topper!

Ski into the next phase of life with your honey and this keepsake topper in tow!

Rhinestone Initial Snowflake Wedding Cake Topper

Mr & Mrs Cake Topper with Snowflake

Material: Made of premium food safe shiny acrylic, high cost performance and personalized. The cake toppers can be reusable.

Glitz, glam, drama, and snowflakes. Need we say more?

Rhinestones look best when brightly lit up, so if you want your wedding cake to catch everybody’s eye, make sure it is highlighted with some lighting fixtures or candles nearby!

LED Light Up Snowflake Wedding Cake Topper

Snowflake LED Cake Topper

Can be used with or without the lights on.

So this is listed as a cake topper, but how cute would this be just chillin’ on your dessert table as a decoration?

This LED light-up snowflake can have a black or white base to match your wedding theme! 

12 Sugar Glass Snowflakes

12 Small Sugar Snowflake Cake Topper

12 Small Snowflakes are made entirely of isomalt sugar.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: there’s no one right way to achieve that frosty, snowy look, and we are all for that creative DIY action!

Think of using some sugar glass snowflakes as a topper instead of decorating your cake!

Isomalt Sugar Pointed Diamond Snowflakes

Isomalt Sugar Pointed Diamond Snowflakes

A Snowflake made entirely of isomalt sugar, is great for Winter themed cake decoration. 

Sugar glass is literally too pretty to eat. This aqua color just shines!

If you’re going for the crystalline look, these isomalt-pointed snowflakes will look perfect no matter what you set them on.

And if you’re going through a professional baker, buying these here will definitely save you money!

Snowflake Wedding Cake Accessories

Serve up the complete winter wonderland look with cake servers, stands, and toppers that fit your snowflake theme!

No wintery wedding ball would be complete without all of the matching table accessories- things like your cake stand, server, and champagne flutes tend to be family keepsakes, so why not have those items remind you of one of the best days of your life?

You can’t go wrong with snowflake-themed items, but if you’re looking for a more minimalist look for your winter wedding, clear crystal glass is always a great choice for cake stands and champagne flutes!

Glass items allow light to pass through and maximize the full shine and light from your lighting elements, giving the entire room a dreamy look. 

Check out some of these unique wedding cake accessories that I’ve rounded up below.

Snowflake Wedding Cake Server and Knife

Snowflake Wedding Cake Server and Knife Set

The design, a Brad Goodell original, is beautifully engraved in top-quality stainless steel.

How charming is this winter-themed wedding cake server and knife?

They’re stainless steel and can be engraved to be personalized with your names and wedding date!

Frozen Frosted Champagne Flutes

Frozen Frosted Champagne Flutes

These are hand painted set of 2 Wedding Champagne Flutes painted by me.

Everybody needs a set of these for those future holiday parties! The frosted effect on the handle looks adorable with the addition of the rustic snowy pinecones tied with twine. 

Champagne flutes are one of those things that tend to remain with a family for years to come- so celebrate your future wedding anniversaries by sipping bubbles out of these forever-chilled flutes!

Snowflake and Dangling Crystal Cake Stand

Snowflake and Dangling Crystal Cake Stand

Professional quality perfect for cake makers , event planners, and Brides

This beautiful cake stand has everything- the drama, the glam, and the crystalline shining snowflakes to name a few!

No matter what cake you set on top, this will bring all of the fabulous snowy feels that are so fitting and perfect for a winter wedding.

The topper is sold separately, so snag that if you want the complete look!

Vintage Glass Snowflake Wedding Cake Stand

Vintage Cake Stand

Clear glass cake stand with beautiful snowflake design.

If you’re having a smaller, more intimate shindig, we could see this beautiful vintage glass snowflake wedding stand holding up your wedding cake in all of its glory. 

We love how the delicate snowflake in the center will be revealed, slice by slice. This cake stand has the potential to become a beloved family piece for years to come!

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