12 Shawn Mendes Wedding Songs: Truly Memorable Melodies

We can’t think of a better way to spend your wedding day than by jamming out to one of the best pop artists ever! If you want to set the perfect mood for this special occasion, we suggest checking out Shawn Mendes.

From romantic love songs to upbeat dance tracks, Shawn has released some incredible hits over the years. Not to mention, this popular singer has more than earned his heartthrob status.

Whether you’re a certified stan or just exploring this artist, you can rest knowing that he won’t disappoint. Keep reading to find out which Shawn Mendes wedding songs you have to add to your playlist.

Shawn Mendes Wedding Songs
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There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back

One of Mendes’ earlier releases, this upbeat pop song is the perfect way to get your guests up and moving during the reception. Its steady rhythm and cheeky lyrics give off a flirty, fun vibe that you’ll be sure to love.

Featured in various movies and media, There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back is a certified crowd-pleaser. We recommend playing this song when you want to kick off the reception or add a boost of energy if things start to slow down more than you’d like.

Don’t be afraid to break out your best dance moves when this tune starts playing, pulling your brand-new spouse out on the dance floor. As everyone else joins in, you two can sing and dance the night away to this classic hit song.


Included on his 2015 album Handwritten, Stitches was in heavy rotation when first released. Lucky for you, it’s only maintained this popularity over the years, making it a great choice for your ultimate wedding playlist.

While this may seem like more of a break-up song, Stitches is all about falling for someone that you can’t live without. If you can’t imagine life without your partner, you’ll be able to identify with this tune.

This song starts slow, but quickly picks up the pace, transforming into a steady dance track that your guests will enjoy. Ideally, you would play Stitches when you want to keep the party going, or you can use it as a smooth transition between fast and slow songs.


If you want to add a slower track from Mendes’ song list, Mercy would be a great addition to your wedding reception. As much as we love upbeat dance songs, this heartfelt hit is just too good to pass up.

Mercy is an awesome song choice since it features some of our favorite things about Shawn Mendes’ unique style. From his gritty vocals to the song’s raw, emotional lyrics, Mercy highlights his strengths perfectly.

While you may not be able to dance to this tune, we can guarantee that your wedding guests will be singing along. We suggest playing this song when you want a brief dance break without slowing things down too much.

If I Can’t Have You

If I Can’t Have You is the perfect lovers’ anthem, celebrating the beauty of your neverending love story. Grab your partner and get out on the dance floor to honor this moment with your favorite people!

Your wedding playlist should have a variety of songs, from power ballads and dance tracks to acoustics and slow jams. If I Can’t Have You has a little bit of everything, making it an absolute must-have for your big day.

If you two are completely obsessed with each other, this popular song is definitely going to resonate with you. Dance the night away as this romantic tune plays, and you’ll create a lasting memory to be treasured forever.

In My Blood

Slowing things down a bit, In My Blood is one of Shawn Mendes’ most vulnerable, emotional songs. With this intimate look into the singer’s mind, you’ll quickly understand the feelings he expresses in this popular track.

As exciting of a season as this may be, wedding planning can also be stressful, difficult, and downright overwhelming at times. For this reason, couples can connect with the feelings of frustration that Mendes sings about here.

However, the song’s chorus turns to a brighter note, ultimately leaving listeners with a powerful message of hope. As you let go of your stress and head into a beautiful future together, you two will be filled with excitement for what lies ahead.


Featuring the fabulous Camila Cabello, Senorita is another track that captures the best of Shawn Mendes’ talents. This sultry, sexy hit is a love story for the ages, perfect for celebrating your grand romance.

Although these two split in 2021, it’s undeniable that their chemistry was off the charts. With their passionate vocals, flirty lyrics, and steady beat, it’s no wonder this song has remained in heavy rotation years later.

We recommend using Senorita as a fun first dance wedding song, keeping things light-hearted and romantic. This song can be used at any time in the reception, however, just so long as you’re ready for the dance floor to fill up fast.

Lost in Japan

When it comes to incredible love songs, you can’t go wrong with the amazing artistry of Shawn Mendes. As one of the singer’s steamiest songs, Lost in Japan is a wildly popular single that your guests are sure to love.

If the catchy song lyrics weren’t enough, Mendes’ soulful delivery and vocals will have you swooning in no time. From your young nieces and nephews to your grandparents, this is a song that just about everyone can enjoy.

We strongly suggest playing this tune when you want to share a slow jam with your brand-new spouse. This song also works well as background music to keep your guests engaged while they catch up and enjoy the evening.

Life of the Party

Life of the Party was one of Shawn Mendes’ first releases, but that hasn’t stopped this single from becoming one of his most beloved hits. Over the years, this song has taken on a life of its own, helping listeners of all ages to celebrate their most special moments.

From pop music lovers to singer-songwriters, couples can’t get enough of this romantic song. With its positive lyrics and earnest delivery, Life of the Party is a charming, original song that will highlight the happiest day of your life.

Couples should play this song following their first dance, opening up the reception to their friends and family. As your loved ones join you out on the dance floor, you two will be eager to get the party going.


Released in 2020, Wonder features Mendes’ signature songwriting and vulnerability in a fresh, original way. If you’re searching for a moving pop song to add to your wedding playlist, you’ll want to give this one a listen.

Before dating, you probably wondered what it would be like to share a real relationship with that special someone. Years later, you know that you’ll never have to wonder again, as you two prepare for a beautiful future together.

Wonder can be played at any point in the reception, but this song will likely attract all of the couples to the dance floor. Whether you choose to sing and dance along or sit this one out, this romantic track will only add to your special day.

Perfectly Wrong

If you need a couple of slower songs to feature on your wedding day, we cannot recommend this Shawn Mendes track enough. With this beautiful song, you can add a touch of emotion and sentimentality to this special event.

While Perfectly Wrong may be more solemn than Mendes’ other singles, it’s just as good and certainly deserves a spot on your final song list. As the singer croons about love and love lost, you can enjoy a moment of rest with your loved ones.

Since this is a slower song, we recommend playing it when you need a break or want to give your guests some time to chat. This tune sets the mood perfectly, providing the dreamiest ambiance for your wedding reception.

I Know What You Did Last Summer

Let’s pick up the speed with this energetic track, another feature with Mendes’ longtime love, Camila Cabello. If you want to get everyone up and out of their seats, this song is one of the best dance tracks in Mendes’ discography.

As a music collaborator, Cabello always delivers an incredible performance, but this one stands out among all the rest. It’s impossible not to sing along to this track, even if you can’t quite hit this queen’s high notes.

Since I Know What You Did Last Summer is a fast-paced song, it’d be best to play this one when you want to keep the party vibes flowing. Enjoy a quick dance with your partner or jam out to this track with your girls, but either way, this song is sure to get your feet moving.

When You’re Gone

Rounding out our list is a recent release, but this track hasn’t needed much time to work its way into our hearts. When You’re Gone was an instant classic from the start, being played on repeat by fans all over the world.

This crowd-pleasing song is one that just about everyone can relate to. Whether your guests are more familiar with love or love lost, Mendes’ lyrics perfectly capture all the highs and lows of being in a relationship.

When You’re Gone is a great way to finish off the night, providing a mid-tempo tune before your guests begin to head out. Once this song is over and the room’s been cleared, you can even enjoy a private dance with the love of your life.

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