11 Ariana Grande Wedding Songs: A Sentimental Soundtrack

As one of the most talented vocalists of the last decade, Ariana Grande has more than cemented herself as a pop icon. From her gentle tone to her recognizable falsetto, there’s no denying that this artist has been working on her craft for years.

It’s safe to say that her hard work paid off, as Grande has been touring successfully for years now. Her songs have been featured just about everywhere, from parties to awards shows, to of course, weddings.

You deserve a truly unique wedding playlist, and Ariana’s love songs always bring something special to the table. Let’s dive in as we discover the best Ariana Grande wedding songs for your romantic celebration!

Ariana Grande Wedding Songs
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Into You

Kicking things off with one of our favorites, this hit song was played on repeat following its 2016 release. We can’t believe it’s already been 8 years, but this tune is just as beloved now as it was years ago.

Ariana Grande is at her best when pairing her killer vocals with the fun, flirty lyrics that she’s become known for. This romantic hit is perfect for setting up a special moment between you and your brand-new spouse.

If you two are ready to party, I suggest playing this song as you make your grand entrance into the wedding reception. This sets the tone for an event to remember, one that you’re sure to enjoy with all of your favorite people.

Break Free

Featuring EDM artist Zedd, Break Free is another upbeat dance track to get the party going in your reception. With its irresistible beat and catchy lyrics, this track is sure to take your wedding to the next level.

Break Free perfectly captures the obsession with EDM that was taking the music world by storm. Zedd shows off his skills here as well, crafting a rhythm that you just can’t help but dance to.

This song is great for highlighting a fun dance with your bridesmaids or allowing you to show off your moves with your spouse. Wherever you choose to feature this hit, it’s sure to be an absolute blast.

Honeymoon Avenue

Honeymoon Avenue is one of Ariana Grande’s first releases, capturing the charm and grit of her older tracks. As a sweet blend of R&B and pop, this song will bring all the feels on your special day.

While it may not be as lyrically strong as the more recent tracks, Honeymoon Avenue makes up for that with sincere emotion and honest delivery. If these strengths line up with your wedding vision, you’ll love listening to this song on your wedding day.

Honeymoon Avenue would make a great slow dance song, encouraging you and your partner to look forward to an exciting adventure on your honeymoon. From start to finish, this track will keep you and your guests moving and grooving.

No Tears Left to Cry

If you’re worried about the party slowing down, here’s another top-notch single to keep everyone out on the dance floor. No Tears Left to Cry is all about finding the strength to move on from a challenging situation, the perfect anthem for you and your partner.

It may have taken you years to find each other, but it’s safe to say that your love story was more than worth it. Despite the tears you may have shed in the past, you can rest knowing that you’ve found the love of your life.

If you want to go for something different, No Tears Left to Cry could also be a fun song to dance to with your bridesmaids. As you celebrate the strength and resilience of your friend group, you’ll know that your support system is with you all the way.

Dangerous Woman

From the album of the same name, Dangerous Woman is a classic Ariana Grande hit, featuring all the best elements of her music. From the confident lyricism to the undeniable sass, it’s impossible not to start singing along to this one.

We recommend playing this song when your bridesmaids make their grand entrance into the wedding reception. This beloved song sets the tone for an evening full of fun, unforgettable moments with your friends.

This song can also be played when you want to share a flirty dance with your partner during the reception. With the passion and emotion of this hit song, you two won’t be able to keep your hands off each other.

Baby I

Another tune from her 2013 studio album, Baby I is one of the more R&B-leaning songs in Ariana Grande’s discography. The romantic themes and light-hearted nature of this song make it an excellent choice for this special occasion.

More than a catchy chorus, Baby I captures all those warm, fuzzy feelings you get when you lock eyes with your soulmate. Complemented by Grande’s powerful vocals, this popular song is sure to blow you away.

Baby I would make a great recessional tune, allowing you to celebrate the joy and emotion of this day with your loved ones. As deep and diverse as Grande’s repertoire is, you can’t go wrong with this beautiful love song.


Ghostin’ is a more recent track, but you two are guaranteed to fall in love with this song right away. Although it may feel like a sharp turn from some of Grande’s more upbeat songs, this tune is well worth a listen.

Ghostin’ is an incredibly vulnerable song, allowing Grande to lay her heart on the line as she serenades her former love. With its touching, solemn delivery, this is one of our favorite songs in the pop star’s discography.

We recommend playing Ghostin’ when things have started to slow down and you want to catch up with your loved ones. As your guests grab a drink a take a moment to relax, you can truly take in the joy of this special day.


Featured on Grande’s 2018 album Sweetener, R.E.M. is a mid-tempo song that will keep your wedding reception going steady. If you’re going for more of a laid-back vibe, this tune would be a perfect fit for your big day.

R.E.M. is all about finding the man of your dreams and celebrating that once-in-a-lifetime romance that we all hope for. Whether it was love at first sight or you’ve been dreaming of this day for years, R.E.M. is sure to set the mood.

Similar to Ghostin’, R.E.M. is a slower song that can be played when you want to chill for a minute. Take this time to chat with friends, relax, and settle in with your partner.

Love Me Harder

Capturing the charm of Ariana’s music, Love Me Harder is a fantastic song to add to your wedding playlist. Featuring The Weeknd, this hit song has a fun, flirty tone that will help take your reception to the next level.

The are plenty of great reception dance songs in Grande’s discography, but Love Me Harder is one that we just can’t resist. The two singers’ styles complement each other perfectly, creating a dreamy blend that your guests will love.

Love Me Harder has a steady rhythm but isn’t too fast-paced, so it would be an ideal track to open the reception following your first dance. This song would work well anywhere though, so it’s totally up to you!

The Way

Another collaboration on this list, The Way was a massive hit in Ariana Grande’s early career. Featuring the late Mac Miller, this tune celebrates the best of R&B and pop to create an upbeat, romantic track that doesn’t disappoint.

The Way is a flirtatious song where the couple shares all of the sweet, romantic things they love about each other. I don’t know about you, but I can’t think of a better way to celebrate your love story than with a song like this!

The Way can be played at any time during your wedding, but we recommend using it as a positive, upbeat recessional song. You two can also enjoy a fun, light-hearted dance as this song plays, smiling all the way through.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

You’ve probably heard this song covered time and time again over the years, but Ariana Grande’s rendition brings something truly unique to the table. Recorded live, her emotional performance shows off her skill, passion, and raw talent.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow was, of course, initially featured in the classic film The Wizard of Oz. This adds a touch of sentimentality and nostalgia, making it a great song to use for your father-daughter or mother-son dances.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow can also be played during a sweet slow dance with your spouse. Whenever you choose to feature this moving song, it’s sure to pull at your heartstrings and create the perfect ambiance for these special moments.

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