Sandals Grande St. Lucian vs Sandals Regency La Toc Review

Which Sandals resort is best for your wedding?

If you’re seriously considering gorgeous Saint Lucia for your big day, this article is for you!

Today, we’re doing a review and comparison of two beautiful Sandals resorts in Saint Lucia for your destination wedding:

And if you love to have choices, you’re in luck!

Luxury-included, adults-only Sandals resorts are prominently situated on seven of the Caribbean’s best islands. You can view them all together on that link and even make a handy side-by-side comparison of your favorite Sandals resorts. 

For added inspo, we invite you to check out our current review of 9 Beautiful Sandals Resorts for Your Wedding.

And just for fun, here’s our Sandals Halcyon Beach review. Sandals Halcyon is the most relaxed and laidback of the three Sandals resorts in Saint Lucia.

Finally, check out our travel tip for an unforgettable helicopter transfer from the main airport in Saint Lucia to your dream destination wedding resort!

Comparing Sandals Grande St. Lucian vs Sandals Regency La Toc

Letoc Longbeach

Saint Lucia offers so much for couples and destination groups. Our comparison review covers five important areas for your wedding and honeymoon planning:

  1. Resort Location and Overview
  2. Costs
  3. Wedding Venues
  4. Wedding Catering
  5. Honeymoon Amenities

We’ll finish our review and comparison with popular FAQs from our wedding couples, so you can decide what makes Sandals Grande or Sandals La Toc the ideal wedding destination for you!

Wedding Pioneer Travel Tip: Sandals provides specific travel checklists for every resort, and these are excellent links to keep handy for passport requirements, resort health and safety, dress codes, packing tips, and average temps—click on Sandals Grande St. Lucia or Sandals Regency La Toc checklists.

Sandals Grande St. Lucian Location and Overview

Sandals Grande St. Lucian: All-Inclusive Resort In Rodney Bay

Sandals Grande St. Lucian is located on Rodney Bay, known to have the calmest waters in Saint Lucia. 

This Sandals resort is not only “grand,” it’s the leading resort in Saint Lucia and the Caribbean’s ultimate honeymoon resort!

We recommend our wedding couples visit Sandals Grande photos for a luxurious sneak peek.

Click on the Sandals Grande resort map to get an overhead view of this breathtaking property and a snapshot of its location on a secluded peninsula. The surrounding area includes Pigeon Island National Park, with fascinating historical sites nearby, including Fort Rodney and Signal Peak.

Wedding watersports fans—Sandals Grande faces Rodney Bay, and its calm waters are ideal for all the included activities you can enjoy together on the sea!

Sandals Regency La Toc Location and Overview

SANDALS Regency La Toc: All-Inclusive Resort In Castries

Set on the breathtaking 220-acre La Toc Estate, Sandals Regency La Toc truly exudes beauty from every gorgeous angle. 

This Sandals resort is located within the 220-acre La Toc Estate and features an exclusive “resort within a resort” called the Sunset Oceanview Bluff Village.

Sandals La Toc photos give you an up close and personal glimpse!

Click on the Sandals La Toc resort map for an overhead view of its prime setting on a romantic crescent-shaped beach. Wedding golf couples at Sandals—please note that La Toc’s executive golf course is currently unavailable, but green fees are still included at Cap Estate Golf and Country Club.

Wedding Pioneer Travel Tip: Check out this great Sandals blog for everything you’ll enjoy on the resorts in Saint Lucia (notice we said “resorts?”). You can access all three resorts as a Sandals guest in Saint Lucia—including gourmet foods, premium beverages, and transfers. Click on the 3x the Fun for more!

Cost to Get Married at a Sandals Resort in Saint Lucia

Sandals Grande St. Lucian bride and groom

Wedding couples and destination wedding groups prefer Sandals resorts because you receive a Free Tropical Wedding with three-night stays or more (and the more nights you enjoy your Sandals weddingmoon in Saint Lucia, the more perks you’ll receive).

An excellent way to begin setting a wedding budget is by checking out the room rates for each property.

Sandals in Saint Lucia offers detailed descriptions and starting room rates for all three properties on one page, but here’s a quick rundown:

  • Sandals Grande rooms currently start at $356 per person per night during the low season.
  • Sandals La Toc rooms currently start at $282 per person per night during the low season.

Wedding Pioneer Travel Tip: Keep this Sandals Promotions link handy for fantastic savings on your wedding or honeymoon package at Sandals. Our absolute favorite promotion is Test Drive Your Wedding at unbelievable savings!

Review of Wedding Venues at Sandals Grande and La Toc in Saint Lucia

Spoiler alert: you will not go wrong getting married at a Sandals resort in Saint Lucia! 

Sandals resorts has designed Customize Your Wedding options to make your wedding unique and with your budget in mind. We’ll inform you about some of the additional costs as we go along.

Sandals Grande St. Lucian Wedding Venues

Sandals Grande St. Lucian Wedding Venues

For the ultimate in wedding venues, Sandals Grande is one of a select few Sandals properties with extraordinary choices for you to exchange your vows:

As wedding planning and wedding photography specialists, we love seeing real couples saying, “I Do.” Click on Sandals Grande Wedding Collage and enlarge the magnifying glass for real wedding inspiration!

Sandals Regency La Toc Wedding Venues

Sandals Regency La Toc Wedding Venues

Sandals La Toc offers more classic and breezy wedding venues for all adult couples. 

With the most budget-friendly rooms of the three Saint Lucia Sandals properties, Sandals La Toc is ideal for a casual beach or garden wedding:

  • Beach Wedding day memories await you!
  • Private Oceanview Deck for your ceremony and reception.
  • Ocean Gazebo setting with balloons, a firepit, and fantastic historical details like the cannon for great photo opportunities! (Venue and customized decor available at additional cost).

Check out the Sandals La Toc Wedding Collage for lovely real-life wedding pictures, including stunning sunset portraits and even a wedding couple with a rainbow backdrop for luck!

Wedding Catering at Sandals in Saint Lucia

You can cater and customize your wedding day menu to your heart’s desire at Sandals Grande or Sandals La Toc, with menus designed according to your budget.

Click on Wedding Catering for details, including sample menus like:

Your Free Tropical Wedding at Sandals always includes a wedding planning team to assist you beforehand and on-site at your destination wedding in Saint Lucia.

Sandals also makes a Gourmet Culinary Concierge available to address any food sensitivities you have so your wedding catering goes smoothly and healthfully.

Honeymoon Accommodations at Sandals Grande vs. Sandals La Toc

Wedding couples will be pampered at Sandals Grande and Sandals La Toc!

Both resorts offer luxurious amenities for honeymooners, but the accommodations can make a difference.

Honeymoon Accommodations at Sandals Grande

Love Nest Suites are another Sandals-exclusive, and they define the ultimate in honeymoon accommodations.

Most Luxurious Honeymoon Suites at Sandals Grande

Sandals Grande Over-the-Water Bungalow

Sandals Grande offers six types of Love Nest Suites, including incredible Over-the-Water Bungalows that you must experience to believe!

Click on Sandals Grande Over-the-Water Bungalow for a photo presentation, an amenities list, a detailed description, and accurate prices.

Transform your St. Lucian honeymoon into a South Seas-inspired adventure in a Beachfront Butler Suite with Private Pool Sanctuary. These beautifully unique “Rondoval” suites are a romantic dream come true!

Most Budget-Friendly Honeymoon Suites at Sandals Grande

Sandals Grande Caribbean Honeymoon Club Level

Maybe you’d love to elope in Saint Lucia, or you’d like a great honeymoon suite at the right price. Here are two options that deliver:

Swim Up Lover’s Lagoon Honeymoon Club Level are fantastic suites for adventurous couples. In addition, your private honeymoon sanctuary offers direct access to the Lover’s Lagoon pool! 

Caribbean Honeymoon Club Level suites offer private balconies overlooking the resort with a hint of an ocean view.

Honeymoon Accommodations at Sandals La Toc

The Sunset Bluff Village at Sandals La Toc is the “resort within a resort” that we mentioned earlier. Let’s take a look at the next-level honeymoon suites available here!

Most Luxurious Honeymoon Suites at Sandals La Toc

Sandals La Toc Sunset Oceanview Bluff Millionaire Butler Villa

Oceanview Butler Villa with Private Pool Sanctuary is called a “millionaire suite” within the Sunset Bluff Village. Click on the link and imagine yourself honeymooning in this spectacular space featuring a three-story sundeck with your private pool and whirlpool over the sea.

Two other luxurious types of honeymoon suites are the Sunset Bluff Oceanfront One Bedroom Butler Villa and the Sunset Bluff Oceanfront Two Story Butler Villa. These glamorous accommodations both feature a private pool, and many guests call the ocean views the best in Saint Lucia.

Most Budget-Friendly Honeymoon Suites at Sandals La Toc

Sandals La Toc offers a good selection of affordable honeymoon suites with luxury Sandals inclusions

You don’t need to break the bank to get the honeymoon experience you deserve!

We love the Club Sandals accommodations on Sandals La Toc. Our two favorites are the Emerald Beachfront Walkout Junior Suites with Soaking Tub and Honeymoon Sanctuary Walkout Junior Suites with Soaking Tub.

FAQs about Sandals Grande St. Lucian vs. Sandals Regency La Toc

Are you looking for the best party vibe for your destination wedding group? How about the pool scene or most romantic experiences? 

We’ve got your answers!

Which Sandals resort in Saint Lucia has the best party vibe?

Sandals Grande St. Lucian Gordons firepits

Sandals Grande and Sandals La Toc both have a great vibe, although Sandals Grande does take the ribbon in the party category!

 Here are guest highlights from both resorts:

  • Country nights and karaoke afterparties at Sandals Grande.
  • Live bands and DJ dancing at Sandals Grande.
  • Beach parties at Sandals Grande.
  • Silent headphone party at Sandals La Toc.
  • Reggae show and Hollywood show at Sandals La Toc.

We recommend that you try and enjoy all three Sandals resorts in Saint Lucia because that makes this wedding destination so special. In addition, the shuttle between resorts runs on a schedule, so it’s good to plan your day trip between Grande and La Toc as soon as possible.

Which Sandals resort in Saint Lucia has the best pool scene?

Sandals Grande and Sandals La Toc are pretty evenly matched for a fab pool scene!

If you’ve never experienced a foam pool party, it’s a hands-down guest favorite, and foam parties happen at both resorts.

Sandals Grande Pool Scene

Sandals Grande Pool Scene

There are five pools and three whirlpools at Sandals Grande, with a swim-up pool bar and a main beach bar area (located under the hut in the picture). Click the links for a view!

Sandals La Toc Pool Scene

Sandals La Toc Pool Scene

There are three pools and four whirlpools at Sandals La Toc, with swim-up bars and poolside dining. Click the links for a view!

What are the most romantic experiences at Sandals resorts in Saint Lucia?

How does a private beach cabana, romantic candlelight dinner, or a super-relaxing couples massage sound?

These vacation extras are available to you at Sandals Grande and Sandals La Toc. 

Private Beach Cabana

When you book a private cabana as a vacation upgrade, your beach butler will escort you from your suite to your cabana for all-day pampering until 4-5 pm!

Sandals Grande Private Beach Cabana

This includes a breakfast of your choice served to you, as well as food or drinks delivered from any restaurant on the resort. Your private cabana is approximately $150 for the day—check out this great Sandals blog for full details about booking a cabana. 

Romantic Candlelight Dinner

Couples rave about this vacation extra, available on a reservation-only basis for approximately $200. Click on private candlelight dinner for details!

Couples Massage 

One of the most popular “togetherness” activities for wedding couples is a private and customized massage for two on the beach or within the resort’s tropical gardens.

Wedding Pioneer Travel Tip: Red Lane Spa is Sandals’ world-class spa facility located in every resort. They offer current spa and beauty treatments and also have a fantastic assortment of wedding services you can choose from.

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