12 Rihanna Wedding Songs: Marvellous Matrimonial Melodies

From performing, to acting, to her wildly successful beauty line, it seems like there’s nothing Rihanna can’t do! It’s no wonder then, that you two are obsessed with finding the best Rihanna songs to feature on your special day.

Luckily for you, this popular artist’s discography includes just about every type of song you need on your wedding day. With slow jams, dance tracks, and everything in between, Rihanna’s diverse song list is your secret to hosting the event of a lifetime.

With the right songs, you can transform your wedding day from a traditional affair into an unforgettable celebration of love. If you want a romantic soundtrack that honors every part of your story, these Rihanna wedding songs will do just the trick.


Rihanna is one of the greatest artists of her generation, and with one look at her discography, it’s not difficult to see why. With upbeat, fun songs like the popular Diamonds, she’s been topping pop and R&B charts for well over a decade now.

Diamonds is a romantic song that celebrates the beauty and value of timeless love stories. If you want to honor the best parts of your journey, this hit single is the perfect tune to add to your wedding playlist.

We recommend playing Diamonds to kick off your wedding reception, setting the tone for an exciting, energetic event. As soon as this tune starts playing, your guests will be more than ready to get out on the dance floor.


Rihanna’s breakout single, Umbrella is the song that helped bring her music to the mainstream charts. Countless songs, albums, and worldwide tours later, Umbrella is still a favorite among both fans and casual listeners alike.

This song is about supporting your partner through any challenges that life may throw at them. If you two have been best friends for as long as you can remember, you can trust them to be your support system through thick and thin.

This song can also be played when you want to share a special moment with your bridesmaids or wedding party. Luckily, there will be plenty of guests there to support you as you head into this new season of life together.

Pon de Replay

If you two are ready to get the party going, Pon de Replay is just the song to get your wedding guests moving and grooving. Although this is one of Rihanna’s earlier tunes, you can rest assured that this song stands the test of time.

Pon de Replay is a bonafide party song, its lyrics urging the DJ to “turn the music up.” From the youngest kiddos to your great-grandparents, this hit single will have just about everyone out on the dance floor.

We suggest playing this hit single when you want to follow up a few other upbeat dance tracks. You can also feature this tune when there’s been a lull in the reception and you want to start picking things back up.

Only Girl (in the world)

When you’ve finally found the love of your life, you’ll truly feel like the happiest person in the world. For that reason, this Rihanna song is an absolute must-have for your final wedding reception playlist.

Only Girl celebrates those once-in-a-lifetime love stories that make the rest of the world feel so small. In the face of life’s trials and challenges, the only thing that matters is that you two are going through it together.

If your partner spends every day showing you just how much you mean to them, you’ll want to honor them with this song. As you share a fun dance while this tune plays, you’ll be filled with joy and hope for your future together.

Rude Boy

While Rihanna’s song list has no shortage of dance tracks, each one brings something fresh and new to the table. With its catchy hook and relentless beat, Rude Boy will add a little flavor and a lot of fun to your wedding reception.

This song would work well as an introduction to your groomsmen, perfect for when they enter the reception. As they show off their best dance moves, your guests will be moving and singing along to this popular hit.

In a world full of dramatic ballads and typical love songs, Rude Boy is a little more tongue-in-cheek and flirty. If you two aren’t afraid to get down and dirty and have a little fun, you’ll love this energetic song.

We Found Love

For couples that have been searching for a more classic love song, We Found Love will check off every box. This hit single was released in 2011, but is still in heavy rotation over a decade later, and it’s not difficult to understand why.

Featuring Calvin Harris, We Found Love combines Rihanna’s unique vocals and his infectious DJing style to create an incredible story. Whether your guests are Rihanna fans, EDM lovers, or somewhere in between, they’ll love this popular tune.

We Found Love is a great choice to open up the reception after you two have shared your first dance. This high-energy song will give everyone the extra spark they need to get out on the dance floor and have some fun.


A more recent release, Work has been getting stuck in our heads since 2016. Trust us, your list of songs won’t be complete without including one of Rihanna’s most popular singles.

This song was released as a collaboration with Drake, and it’s incredible how much their styles complement one another. After listening to this tune, it’s no wonder that these two have collaborated on four other tracks.

Work can be played at any time during your reception, as long as you’re ready for guests to hit the dance floor. If so, this is the perfect song to keep the party going and get even the shyest wallflowers tapping their feet.

Love on the Brain

While Love on the Brain has a much more romantic tone, this popular track is anything but a typical love song. Featuring Rihanna’s unmistakable vocals, this sultry single will help set the mood for the rest of your evening.

Love on the Brain has a classic, gentle style, one that just about everyone can get on board with. Whether you’re casual listeners or members of the Rihanna Navy, this is bound to become one of your favorite songs.

We suggest playing Love on the Brain to create the perfect moment for a slow dance. As your guests grab a partner and get out on the dance floor, you can dance the night away with your brand-new spouse.

Take a Bow

Take a Bow was one of Rihanna’s earliest singles, kickstarting her longstanding career in the music industry. Little did we know all those years ago that she would become one of the most iconic artists of all time.

While Take a Bow may not be the most romantic song, it still manages to capture all the best elements of Rihanna’s style and tone. As the skilled singer tells off her cheating partner, you can’t help but sing along to this classic Rihanna tune.

This song is much slower than her other hits, so it’s best to play Take a Bow when you want to give your wedding guests a break from dancing. As they relax, grab a drink, and catch up with old friends, they can truly soak in the beauty of your event.

Don’t Stop the Music

Picking things back up, Don’t Stop the Music is a fast-paced song perfect for hyping up your wedding guests. If you’re planning a wedding reception that feels more like a non-stop party, you’ll want to add this tune to the list.

Since Don’t Stop the Music isn’t solely focused on romance, all of your guests can move and groove to this chart-topping hit. From kids and teens to young couples and newlyweds, you’ll see everyone breaking out their best dance moves.

Released in 2007, Don’t Stop the Music has had a special place in our hearts for nearly two decades now. With this beloved single on your wedding playlist, you can rest knowing that your guests will have the time of their lives.


If you two prefer Rihanna’s slower songs, you’ll love this intimate collaboration with Mikky Ekko. While we love her upbeat songs and dance tracks, there’s something special about this heartfelt single.

Reflecting on a powerful, emotional relationship, the singers’ voices seem to complement each other perfectly. While this song is a bit more somber in tone, it’s guaranteed to bring something unique to your wedding playlist.

After all, you two know just what it’s like to find the person that you want to spend the rest of your life with. As you take in the joy of this moment together, this song will flawlessly highlight every emotion.

Cheers (Drink to That)

In celebration of your union, it’s time to raise a glass to the incredible future that lies ahead of you! Cheers is an excellent choice for when things are winding down and you want to close the event in the most epic way.

This song is more of an anthem for couples who love to go out and party together. If your love story has always felt like one big adventure, you’ll be able to relate to this iconic Rihanna track.

Cheers is a relentlessly positive song, meaning that you can feature it just about anywhere in your wedding reception. We recommend playing it as a recessional tune, or the final song played to close the evening.

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