14 Phil Collins Wedding Songs for Your Special Day

Throughout the 70s and 80s, Phil Collins was a beloved musician and singer in the progressive rock genre. From the iconic band Genesis to his wildly popular solo career, Collins has performed song after chart-topping song for stadiums full of music-lovers.

Fast forward to today, he is still recognized as one of the most popular singers of all time. With various albums, hit singles, and entire movie soundtracks to his name, it’s no wonder he has become so well-respected in the industry.

If you want to bring emotion and passion to your special day, you’ll want to include a few of his greatest hits. With our list of the best Phil Collins wedding songs, you can host a truly unforgettable celebration.

Phil Collins Wedding Songs
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In the Air Tonight

As one of Phil Collins’ most popular tunes, In the Air Tonight has to have a place on your song list! Featured at events both large and small, this is the perfect crowd-pleaser to play during your wedding reception.

In the Air Tonight can be played when there’s a lull in the reception, giving your guests an opportunity to have a little more fun. After all, no one can resist belting out the chorus to this well-known song.

By the time it gets to the iconic drum beat, your wedding guests will be up and out of their seats. Adding this song is a no-brainer if you want to take your wedding playlist to the next level.

You Can’t Hurry Love

You Can’t Hurry Love is a classic song, originally recorded by The Supremes back in 1966. Almost 20 years later, Phil Collins covered the song, bringing a whole new character and tone to this beloved hit.

This is the perfect song to use during your entrance to the wedding reception, kicking things off with a fun, upbeat tune. As you stroll in with your partner, you’ll be filled with anticipation for the remainder of the night!

Against All Odds

Slowing things down, Against All Odds is a gentle ballad that will add plenty of emotion to your wedding day. This hit single is one of Phil Collins’ more romantic songs, centered on a lovestruck man pleading for the attention of his beloved.

While it may not work as a first dance song, Against All Odds is still a great opportunity to share a slow dance with your soul mate. You can play this tune in the middle of your wedding reception when you two need a sweet, intimate moment together.

Against All Odds can also be played when your wedding guests need a moment to rest and recharge. As they grab a drink and catch up with old friends, this song will be the perfect backdrop for their casual conversation.

Easy Lover

If you’ve been searching for upbeat dance songs to add to your wedding playlist, Easy Lover is an easy choice. Alongside Philip Bailey, Phil Collins’ powerful vocals bring character, charm, and plenty of personality to this 1984 hit.

We recommend playing Easy Lover to maintain a steady rhythm and mood at your wedding reception. For both casual listeners and die-hard Collins fans, this song will keep your wedding guests dancing and having fun.

Another Day in Paradise

Released in 1989, Another Day in Paradise is one of Phil Collins’s slower, more toned-down songs. Although it may not be celebratory in nature, this popular song is certainly worth featuring on your special day.

With a relaxed rhythm and somber tone, Another Day in Paradise is best used to create ambiance during the reception. While your guests are relaxed and chatting during downtime, they’ll have this song’s steady backbeat to keep the conversation going.

For the same reason, we also recommend using this song during cocktail hour, immediately after the reception. In a time designed for guests to mingle and catch up, this song will highlight the elegance of your event perfectly.

A Groovy Kind of Love

If your romance is one-of-a-kind, you will be obsessed with this alternative love song by Phill Collins. With so many overused first-dance wedding songs, A Groovy Kind of Love brings something unique to the table.

Whether you’re searching for slow dance songs or just want to share an intimate moment, this hit single does the trick. With A Groovy Kind of Love, your wedding playlist will be talked about years after the big day has come and gone.

You’ll Be In My Heart

Featured in the iconic Disney movie, Tarzan, You’ll Be in My Heart is one of many incredible songs Collins penned for the soundtrack. From start to finish, You’ll Be in My Heart has countless uses on your wedding day.

For Disney-obsessed couples, You’ll Be in My Heart is a perfect recessional song, celebrating your union in the best way possible. As a Mother-Son Dance song, You’ll Be in My Heart gives your special moment the honor it deserves.

Finally, You’ll be in My Heart can also be used during your grand exit at the end of the reception. As you pass under the sparklers, you’ll be showered with love, support, and countless well-wishes from the ones who will always be with you.

I Don’t Care Anymore

I Don’t Care Anymore is a classic Phil Collins tune to add to your alternative wedding playlist. Instead of creating a cookie-cutter song list, including this single will make your wedding reception stand out.

This song can be played at any moment during the reception, but we recommend couples feature it during a period of rest. While it may not be a traditional dance track, you’ll love how well this hit song fits into your dream playlist.

On My Way

Most Phil Collins fans will recognize this well-known song from the 2003 animated film, Brother Bear. If the childhood memories from this movie don’t make you emotional, Collins’ heartfelt lyrics certainly will.

To make the perfect playlist, it’s important to include older, sentimental tunes as well as modern songs. On My Way will take you back to a simpler time, highlighting the beauty and emotion of your wedding day.

On My Way works as a romantic recessional song, as well as a grand exit song following the wedding reception. Wherever you choose to use it, this song perfectly sets the tone for a lifetime of wonderful memories ahead.

Can’t Stop Loving You

Another slow jam on our list, Can’t Stop Loving You is a touching, meaningful tune that you two will love. Whether your guests listen to country music, rock, or something in between, they won’t be able to resist this simple track.

Can’t Stop Loving You is best utilized during your recession from the wedding ceremony, leading you into this new season of life together. It’s sweet lyrics and energetic beat will give you just the vibe you need to dance the night away.

Strangers Like Me

Strangers Like Me is our last entry from Phil Collins’ extensive catalog of film soundtracks. From 1999’s Tarzan, this dynamic song is irresistible for millennials and Zoomers alike.

This family-friendly song can be played during cocktail hour or the wedding reception, as it is definitely a song that most guests will recognize. Including well-known songs on your playlist will keep them engaged and upbeat throughout the event.

Strangers Like Me is also a great choice for your wedding party’s big entrance to the reception. This song can be used the celebrate the kinship you all feel together, celebrating your union as friends and family.

I Wish It Would Rain Down

Although Phil Collins’ discography includes more progressive rock, he’s got a few classic tunes to satisfy mainstream rock fans as well. I Wish It Would Rain Down is one of the few singles that fans of any genre would love.

While this is not one of Collins’ most recognizable songs, it will quickly become a crowd favorite during your wedding reception. As you hold your partner close, you’ll enjoy a romantic slow dance, hoping all the while that this song never ends.

Do You Remember?

As we near the end, your list of songs is not complete until you’ve added this tune into the mix. Another one of Phil Collins’ sweet ballads, Do You Remember is a powerful song that will add to the emotion of your big day.

This intimate song features Collins’ signature heartfelt lyrics, providing deep insight into a difficult relationship. While your marriage should be anything but difficult, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a sweet dance to this meaningful song.

As you take a moment to process all that you’ve experienced, you’ll be grateful for every decision that led you to this day. With this captivating song on your wedding playlist, you’ll never forget the memories made on your special day.

One More Night

Continuing with the slow and steady rhythm, One More Night is another great song to include on your finalized wedding playlist. When you’ve finally found the person that you want to spend every night and day with, there’s no better way to celebrate this moment.

In the months leading up to your wedding day, it may seem impossible to say goodbye at the end of the night. One More Night echoes that sense of longing, Collins pining for more and more time spent with his love.

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