25 Beautiful Peony Wedding Centerpieces

The peony is a lush, beautiful, and versatile wedding flower!

Blooming in a myriad of colors around May and June, peonies make perfect and timely flowers for spring and early summer weddings.

Simple in design, yet large in size, the lush peony has an abundance of petals which allows it to make an elegant statement all on its own. Yet its soft rounded shape means it pairs well with roses, irises, and hydrangeas; it’s simply the perfect wedding centerpiece flower! 

We’ve put together a list of peonies wedding centerpieces we could find to inspire you. Here you’ll find vases, false and fresh blossom arrangements, and unique ways to incorporate this beautiful bloom into your big day.

White Peonies Wedding Centerpieces

5 Stems Peony Bouquet

Each set of peony comes in 5 individual stems, and they can be separated by untying the raffia if you like.

These white peonies come on long green stems, making them perfect for a tall, bold centerpiece. 

The white of the flowers in this traditional peony arrangement helps to tone down some of that boldness, though. It will rather bring a sense of elegance to your wedding, whether you decide to incorporate them into a classic vase or simply use them for your bouquet!

Bright Pink Peonies Wedding Centerpiece

Peony and Hydrangea Mixed Artificial Flower

The vigorously growing Peony and Hydrangea shrub symbolizes growth, heartfelt emotions, and prosperity.

The perfect shade of Barbie pink, these fake peonies are tons of fun! Due to their bright color, they’d be great to use in the decor for a summer or springtime wedding.

We love the fake water in the simple glass vase too – it adds a sense of the real to this false flower arrangement!

One thing is for sure – these bubblegum pink peonies will brighten up any wedding!

Pale Pink Peonies Wedding Centerpiece

Silk Peony Artificial Flower Arrangement in Clear Glass Vase

Adding these into your decorations and arrangements will give your party or home space a refreshing and exotic appeal and sophistication.

How real do these pale pink peonies look? Their precise shade of pink looks almost exactly like the standard pink peony that you’d find growing in a garden – but with these, there’s no dirt or water required for the same beautiful look!

A gentler option than the bright pink peonies above, this pale pink peony centerpiece will give off a charmingly pretty aura.

Books and Peonies Wedding Centerpiece

Light Pink 54 Smaller Head Peonies

This smaller arrangement will brighten up any room you place it in. Perfect size for a bathroom, on a side table or on a bedroom nightstand.

These peonies don’t seem to be completely opened quite yet – which is a big part of what makes them look so real! 

A great way to showcase both your (and/or your fiancé’s) love of reading is to place flowers atop a stack of books! It’s a perfect way to display your favorite blooms and pastime while using the vertical space on the table.

Wool Felt Wedding Centerpiece

Wool Felt Wedding Centerpiece

Bouquet is arranged in a 4" x 4" wood container and measures approximately 10" high and 10" wide.

If you’re a peony lover but are perhaps having a cooler-weather wedding – maybe in fall or winter – a wedding flower arrangement like this one may be perfect for you!

Because these flowers are made from wool felt, they give a cozy, warm feel to the arrangement. The flowers themselves will add a pop of color, but their material makes them cold-weather appropriate!

Peony and Candle Wedding Centerpiece on Wood Slice

Peony and Candle Wedding Centerpiece on Wood Slice

Beautiful modern candle ring centerpiece with faux lamb’s ear and a peony attached.

Understated, elegant, and beautiful, we love this table arrangement with a single peony.

The three statement pieces here – the candle, peony, and wood slice – are all simple, but together, become a cohesive and pleasing wedding centerpiece. The effect is relaxing – perfect for a brunch wedding!

Simple White Peonies Wedding Centerpiece

White Peony Arrangement

The flowers are beautiful, perfect smaller decor on a table, countertop or on a shelf.

These simple, snowy white peonies just scream “bridal,” don’t they? These fake blooms may look simple, but the lush peony stalks in the vase make a gorgeous effect! 

White Peonies in White Vase Centerpiece

White Peony Arrangement

Gorgeous white peonies and delicate ranunculus buds take center stage in this lush centerpiece.

Monochromatic wedding centerpieces can be the perfect touch to an otherwise colorful wedding theme.

For example, if you have colorful cloth and napkins on each table, a monochromatic centerpiece can help tone down any vivid hues, while also adding a gorgeous natural element.

A centerpiece like this one would be perfect for a wedding with brightly colored linens! 

Purple Peony and Lamb’s Ear Wedding Centerpiece

Spring Purple Lambs Ear & Peony Floral Candle Ring

Beautiful modern candle ring centerpiece with faux lamb’s ear and a peony attached.

For a simpler wedding centerpiece that’s still pretty, look no further than this purple peony and faux lamb’s ear centerpiece.

Simply surround an arrangement like this with a few tea lights in whatever color you’d like and you’ll have an enchanting centerpiece that won’t inhibit guest conversation! 

Gold Foil Peony Flower Candle

Gold Foil Peony Flower Candle

This candle measures approximately 3.2 inches across and 1.5 inches tall.

Flowers can have a bit of an overwhelming effect for some brides and/or grooms, so a candle like this one, shaped like a peony flower, might be an ideal compromise! 

Our favorite thing about this floating peony candle is the gold foil. It adds just a little extra shine – perfect for use on a special day like a wedding day!

Lantern with Floral Arrangement Centerpiece

Wedding Lantern Centerpiece for Table

This Wedding Floral Lantern Centerpiece will make anyone feel celebrated!

Lanterns are an awesome element to add to a wedding centerpiece. They’re simple and affordable, but they make a stunning statement! 

The floral arrangement surrounding this black iron lantern includes both white and dark pink peonies. The perfect pop of color!

Peonies and Hoop Wedding Centerpiece

Peonies and Hoop Wedding Centerpiece

Hoops make a stunning wedding centerpiece perfect for the bridal table or guest tables.

This is our favorite of the prettiest peony centerpieces on this list, and we just have to point out our favorite part – the crystal hanging from the hoop!

This crystal is not only lovely, but it’s also practical! Because of its facets, the crystal will capture and reflect light from the sun and candles, making this centerpiece truly enchanting! 

Pink and White Peonies Wedding Centerpiece

5 Pcs Pink Silk Peony Flowers

Each order including 1 bunch of 5 pcs blush pink silk peony flowers.

There’s something about the combination of white and pink. It’s pretty, feminine, and romantic, all at once. 

We particularly like the galvanized metal and gray vase – it adds a more masculine and rustic look to this otherwise soft floral arrangement.  

Yellow Dried Peonies Wedding Centerpiece

Yellow Dried Peonies Wedding Centerpiece

The texture of the petal looks and feels like dried flower.

You’re not limited to only using silk flowers in your table arrangements – as you can see here, dried flowers are also a stunning option! 

Dried flowers, like the yellow peonies you see here, bring a vintage feel to any wedding centerpiece. 

Green Hydrangea and Peonies Centerpiece

Green and White Peony and Hydrangea Centerpiece

A classic faux flower centerpiece in soft green, white and cream colors. 

This floral centerpiece, filled to the brim with hydrangeas and peonies, makes a beautiful statement.

The realistic hydrangea flowers, combined with the fake peony flower stems, are faux versions of some of the most popular blooms used in wedding decor.

The green color of the hydrangeas is subtle, but also adds a lushness to the overall arrangement.

White Paper Peonies Centerpiece with Touch of Red

Angel Isabella Realistic Peony Bouquet

Our real looking fake flowers are perfect for any romantic flower arrangement or centerpiece for home decoration.

These incredible white paper flower peonies mimic the real thing!

The very fact they’re made from paper is what gives these flowers the delicate and fragile effect that is so enchanting. 

Sheet Music Peonies Wedding Centerpiece

Sheet Music Peonies Wedding Centerpiece

This listing is for a wonderful bouquet of 6 vintage sheet music peonies.

These peony petals are artfully made from sheet music, perfect for the wedding of a musician, music lover, or simply the couple who appreciates the vintage vibe!

Peonies on Wood Slice Centerpiece

3" Blush Pink Sola Wood Premium Peonies

These sola peonies flowers are approximately 3" inches or 8 cm in diameter.

This centerpiece of three pale pink peonies on a wood slice is not only simple, but it’s also sweet. 

Simply add a candlestick with a taper candle or even a pillar candle, and you’ve got a pretty and elegant centerpiece for each of your tables!

Wood Lantern with Peonies Wedding Centerpiece

Wood Lantern Centerpieces for Wedding

This Beautifully crafted real Wood Lantern would be an inspired addition to any rustic wedding party. The size also will not obstruct guests’ views on the reception table. 

The wood lantern in this listing is available to order in four different stains, so you can pick the perfect one for your wedding aesthetic! 

The square shape of the wood lantern is softened by the faux pillar candle and silk flowers, making this a perfect marriage (we couldn’t resist the pun!) of masculine and feminine!

Ivory, Pink, and Blue Peonies Wedding Centerpiece

30 Inch Rustic Artificial Floral Swag for Lintel

The size can be up to 30 "when the leaves are spread out flat.

We love the many colors in this wedding centerpiece! The ivory and pink flowers are accented beautifully by the blue and green artificial eucalyptus and greenery. 

A long arrangement like this would be perfect for a head or sweetheart table because it is so large and lush!

Purple Peonies Wedding Centerpiece

Plum Peony Bouquet Real Touch Flowers

Each Peony bouquet including 6 full-blossom heads and 2 flower buds.

Purple is an incredibly versatile color. While it’s long been an emblem of royalty and riches, the color can also be enchanting, romantic, and/or Gothic. 

Peonies don’t naturally grow in dark purple, but aren’t these deep purple peonies beautiful? We think they’d be perfect for a fall or winter wedding.

Yellow Peonies Wedding Centerpiece

Yellow Peonies Wedding Centerpiece

As just picked from the garden, those high quality silk peonies including 54 yellow baby peonies in glass vase

these peonies can look life-like as their mother nature ones. 

Yellow may not be a popular wedding color, but we can’t imagine why! Bright and cheerful, yellow is a color that makes a wonderful complement to many other colors. 

These yellow peonies look like sunshine in a simple glass vase. They’re lush, look almost real, and their sunny color will only add joy to your wedding day!

Roses and Peonies Wedding Centerpiece in Gold Vase

Roses and Peonies Wedding Centerpiece in Gold Vase

Beautiful hand crafted pedestal vases are the perfect touch of elegance for your wedding and special event!

The combination of red, pink, and ivory in this fake silk roses and peonies arrangement makes for an attractive and romantic addition to your tables. 

Our favorite thing about this arrangement, in particular, is its trailing greenery. The effect is not only stunning, but it also gives a sense of luxury. After all, what could look more luxurious than a floral arrangement that is spilling over?

Purple and White Wedding Centerpiece with Peonies

Light purple is an enchanting color, but when you combine it with snowy white blossoms, it becomes ethereal. 

A flower wedding centerpiece like this would be perfect for a fairytale-themed wedding, or an enchanting night-time affair. However you use it, this centerpiece will be a crowd favorite! 

Rose and Peony Flower Wreath

Artificial Rose Peony Flower Wreath

Newest Berry Flower Door Wreath with Green Leaves.

There are so many ways you can use a wreath in wedding decor. It can decorate a door of a wedding ceremony and/or reception space, or it can frame a portrait of the couple. 

Our favorite thing to do with a wreath like this one, made from fake silk roses and peonies, is to put it in the center of a table with a candle or candles in the middle of it. This reversal of the traditional wedding centerpiece will create visual interest, and will be entirely original!

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