15 Charming Outdoor Wedding Venues in Florida You’ll Love

First comes love, then comes wedding planning! By this point, you’ve probably already decided that an outdoor venue better suits you and your partner’s needs. That’s the what” dealt with, now allow me to make a case for the “where”… Florida. 

Known affectionately as the “Sunshine State,” Florida’s mild weather and diverse tropical climate make it a great candidate for an outdoor wedding. Plus, the average state wedding costs only $21,134, according to Wedding Report.  

Of course, you can’t forget to mention the venues. Whether you’re seeking elegant mansions, scenic island hideaways, or historic landmarks, you’ll surely find everything your heart desires.

Here are 15 of the most charming outdoor wedding venues in Florida to host your wedding.

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The Old Grove – Homestead

The Old Grove can be your little slice of personal paradise. This five-acre property is covered in tall canopy trees, wooden bridges, and waterfalls, which give it a magical element. There’s also a lazy river and a beautiful, rustic barn!

A truly versatile venue, you can dress the Old Grove up or down, transforming it into whatever you need to fit your vision.

Certain wedding packages include in-house caterers, who specialize in fresh “farm-to-mouth” cuisine. There are also two outdoor bars on the property. 

Price range: $5,550 – $7,500.

Capacity: Up to 150 guests. 

Find The Old Grove at The Old Grove or check out Facebook or Instagram

Whimsical Key West House – Homestead 

Whimsical Key West House certainly lives up to its name. The main home is a modern white mansion, with clean crisp lines. It’s shrouded with palm trees and dreamy shrubbery and offers several awe-inspiring locations to wed. 

A delightful stone path leads you to its front door, the exterior of which is decorated with eclectic furnishings.

A resort-style setup, the Blue Lagoon has a rectangular pool and comfortable lounging furniture, and at night, a fire pit and strings of twinkling lights illuminate the space!

Coconut Island will satisfy beach lovers and The Grotto is great for adventurists. Plus, when you book, you get the entire property for the whole day – ensuring that your wedding will get the due respect it deserves. 

Price range: Contact venue for pricing. 

Capacity: Up to 200 guests. 

Find Whimsical Key West House at Whimsical Key West House or check out Facebook or Instagram

Sugar Pointe Estate – Yulee

Sugar Pointe Estate sits on 50-acres of gorgeous Florida land, set aglow by over 2,000 feet of water frontage, wildflowers, and old-growth trees.

There’s also a long, winding pier nestled against the Bells River and a boathouse with a gorgeous rooftop deck.

Most couples hold their ceremony at The River House. First built back in 2006, it borrowed the original farmhouse’s striking red brick during its construction.

The Sugar Shack, equipped with plenty of space for dancing and socializing, is a brand new barn that makes a great reception hall.

If that’s not enough, there’s also a horse pasture and fields of wildflowers that make great locations for wedding photos. 

Price range: Contact venue for cost. 

Capacity: Up to 300 guests.

Find Sugar Pointe Estate at Sugar Pointe Estate or check out Facebook or Instagram

The Adams Estate – Lake Alfred 

Nestled near Lake Alfred, The Adams Estate is made up of a series of splendid cottages that surround a central mansion. The main house is flanked by large Oak trees and evokes a deep sense of timeliness and glamour. 

Dating back to the 1940s, the main estate’s house has tall beams and French doors that make a perfect backdrop for a ceremony.

Venture out the back and you’ll find two terraces, which can be decorated in line with the home’s simple elegance or dressed up to add an extra flair.

Of course, the Wedding Garden offers gorgeous views of Lake Alfred and the gentle covering of old-growth Oak trees.

Plus, the estate offers two dedicated suites for both the bride and groom’s party to get dressed. 

Price range: $6,000 – $9,500. Add-ons extra. 

Capacity: Up to 300 guests. 

Find The Adams Estate at The Adams Estate or check out Facebook or Instagram

Cauley Square Historic Village – Miami

Florida might be known for being a vacation destination, but it’s also steeped in rich, interesting history. Cauley Square Historic Village preserves Florida’s contributions to our nation’s railway system.

Sitting on 10 acres, the land originally belonged to William Cauley, who is credited with building a robust community, filled with businesses and wooden homes, along Henry Flager’s East Coast Railway in Miami. And though it’s been rebuilt twice in the century it’s been standing, preservationists have ensured its historic charm lives on.

These days, the properties boast dazzling venues for weddings and events, including fountains, statues, private patios, and train care installations.

The wooded scenery provides plenty of spaces to exchange your vows. Plus, it makes for gorgeous, one-of-a-kind photo ops!

Price range: $1500 – $7,000. 

Capacity: Up to 250 guests. 

Find Cauley Square Historic Village at Cauley Square or check out Facebook or Instagram

Vizcaya Museum & Gardens – Miami

Vizcaya Museum & Gardens, originally built in 1922, is a love letter to Italian architecture and landscaping.

The moment you step foot on the property, you’ll be overwhelmed by the European-style splendor and opulence. 

The 50-acre estate, previously owned by John Derring, includes the former residential home, which now serves as a museum and event space; within it are several spaces for your wedding.

A popular option is the Vizcaya Gardens, a serene green space. A dreamy staircase leads to stone arches, water fountains, and towering statues – all perfect spots for a ceremony.

The Inner Courtyard, which sits at the center of the home, offers paved walkways and a gorgeous view of the estate.

For the reception, consider the East Terrace, where you can bask in the beauty of the Biscayne Bay and host up to 300 guests. 

Price range: $7,500 – $12,500, dependent upon the day. 

Capacity: 50 to 300 guests. 

Find Vizcaya Museum and Gardens at Vizcaya Museum & Gardens or check out Facebook or Instagram

The Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum – Key West

Not everyone can say that they wed in the home of one of America’s most prolific novelists. So if you’re looking for a truly unique and charming venue, consider the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum.

The famous writer worked within the premises for an entire decade during the 1950s and today, the home is a museum and popular event space for the public. 

The colonial-style mansion is nestled deep within Key West, providing dreamy views and natural ambiance. You can utilize indoor and outdoor spaces, though the grounds’ gardens, which overlook the property, are a popular option for couples. 

Price range: $3,500 – $4,000. Add-ons extra. 

Capacity: Up to 100 guests. 

Find The Ernest Hemingway Home at Hemingway Home or check out Facebook or Instagram

Ancient Spanish Monastery – Miami Beach

Remember that thing about Florida’s rich history? Well, you’d have to search far and wide to find a more historic building than the Ancient Spanish Monastery, given that it predates Florida and the United States altogether!

It was constructed back in the 12th century, while the area was still colonized by Spain. In 1952, the property was purchased and opened to the public.

Today, it’s a popular venue for couples who value its medieval atmosphere and functioning chapels and Cloisters. 

Price range: $4,500 and up. 

Capacity: Up to 150 guests. 

Find the Ancient Spanish Monastery at Ancient Spanish Monastery or check out Facebook or Instagram

Epping Forest Yacht & Country Club – Jacksonville

Epping Forest Yacht & Country Club embodies all the best parts of Florida high society. The 15,000- square-foot property is a popular destination with the Elites, having hosted several celebrities and Presidents over the years.

Sat just off of St. John’s River, the sprawling estate has several outdoor venues available for use, including an orchard, courtyard, and boathouse.

Plus, you can also take advantage of the in-house chefs, audio engineers, and even childcare services. Talk about 5-star service!

Price range:  $14,000 – $20,000.

Capacity: 150 – 300 guests. 

Find Epping Forest Yacht & Country Club at Epping Forest Yacht & Country Club or check out Facebook or Instagram.

Powel Crosley Estate – Sarasota 

Powel Crosley was an American inventor and titan of industry, whose contributions to the radio industry helped cement his place in history and also amassed him a fortune. The Winter home that he built for his wife now serves as an event space in Sarasota. 

The gorgeous property, which spans more than 10,000-square-feet and sits on 60 acres, is a Mediterranean-style home that oozes 1920s elegance.

Most guests wed on the home’s front lawn, where you can look out and admire the natural splendor of Sarasota Bay.

With 21 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms, there’s more than enough space for your wedding party to prepare before your big day!

Price range: $3,000 – $10,000.

Capacity: Up to 800 guests. 

Find Powel Crosley Estate at Powel Crosley Estate or check out Facebook or Instagram

The Heitman House – Fort Meyers 

Sat serenely along the Caloosahatchee River, The Heitman House lives on as a symbol of undying love.

While it was originally built by Gilmer Heitman as an engagement present, it now serves as one of Fort Meyer’s most popular wedding venues. 

The home might be smaller than some of the other estates on this list, but it packs just as big a punch!

The stately home exudes a quiet elegance, offering up gorgeous views of the water and a 100-foot-path that’s perfectly suited for a bridal procession.

Price range: Contact the venue for a quote. 

Capacity: Up to 250 guests. 

Find The Heitman House at The Heitman House or check out Facebook or Instagram. 

The Butterfly Estates – Fort Meyers

If you’re looking to have a smaller wedding, consider The Butterfly Estates,  a non-profit butterfly Conservatory located in Fort Meyers. Its mission is to protect and conserve Florida’s population of native butterflies.

Weddings here are small intimate affairs, which allow for only 45 people or less.

The ceremony will take place on the lush lawn in front of the conservatory, a beautiful glasshouse, surrounded by local greenery and foliage.

You can host the reception in its onsite restaurant. There are also bridal suites available. 

Price range: $1,529 and up. 

Capacity: 40 – 45 people.

Find The Butterfly Estate at The Butterfly Estate or check out Facebook or Instagram

Sunset Grove – Miami

If you’re not looking to have a summer wedding, then consider Sunset Grove. Tucked within the Redland farming district in Miami, Sunset Grove operates as an avocado farm that also hosts weddings between October and May.

The beautiful eight-acre property is full of lush lawns and towering fruit trees, which offer several places for gorgeous wedding photos.

You can choose to wed in front of the property’s main farm, or on a magical gazebo, covered in native flowers.

The best part is that you can source the fruit grown on the farm and incorporate it into your reception dinner!

Price range: $4500 – $5500. 

Capacity: Up to 150 guests. 

Find Sunset Grove at Sunset Grove or check out Facebook or Instagram

Tuscan Rose Vineyard – Callahan

Tuscan Rose Vineyard is a family-owned winery, based out of Callahan Florida. The property, which spans 25 acres, exudes an authentic Italian aura that you won’t find anywhere else (short of crossing the Atlantic). 

There are three outdoor spaces available to book:

The Tuscan Courtyard features a large, towering fountain, lush greenery, and Cypress trees.

The Old World Pergola boasts elegant columns and crystal chandeliers.

Then there’s the vineyard itself – the most popular option, by far.

There are also private bridal suites, reminiscent of a quaint Italian villa, available to rent. 

Price range: $8,000 – $10,000; add-ons extra.

Capacity: Up to 250 guests.

Find the Tuscan Rose Vineyard at Tuscan Rose Vineyard or check out Facebook or Instagram

Bok Tower Gardens – Lake Wales 

Bok Tower Gardens offers a beautiful, unparalleled experience for all who wed here.

Not only is it a gorgeous Mediterranean-style mansion nestled in the center of seven acres of rolling hills, lush foliage, and gorgeous flowers, but it’s also home to one of 186 carillons – a rare percussion instrument– in the entire country! 

The main attraction of the gardens – other than the gorgeous flowers, of course – is the 205- foot singing tower, supplied by President Coolidge. It’s located in the Tower Garden and makes a perfect backdrop for a vow exchange.

There are also three other outdoor spaces, including Sundial Overlook, Horseshoe Garden, Round Garden, and The White Garden – all evoking a sense of elegance and splendor. 

Price range: $695 – $4,995.

Capacity: Up to 300 guests.

Find Bok Tower Gardens at Bok Tower Gardens or check out Facebook or Instagram.

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