26 Mexican Wedding Dress Ideas: For All Styles & Budgets

Tying the knot soon and thinking of a Mexican-themed wedding? Then why not take a look at our guide to 26 of the best Mexican wedding dress ideas?

Mexican-themed weddings are growing in popularity, and we’re super excited. Whether it’s paying homage to your Mexican heritage, an exciting destination wedding in Cancun, or a Day of the Dead-themed celebration, you can be sure that your special day will be filled with vivid colors and delicious food!

And the dress? Well, because Mexico is influenced by so many different cultures, you have the option of going for a wedding dress with rich embroidery, bright colors, and cool fabrics. But if that’s not quite your style, you can always opt for a more traditional dress that uses Spanish influences, like a bolero jacket or a flamenco-style skirt. 

Whatever your style or personal preference, there’s a Mexican wedding dress for you. Take a look at our top 26 choices to suit all tastes and budgets.

Traditional Mexican Chiapaneco Dress with Floral Print

Traditional Mexican Chiapaneco Dress

This Beautiful Chiapaneco Dress is a very elegant and traditional Mexican Dress from Chiapas.

For a truly traditional Mexican wedding dress, we think you’ll love this Chiapaneco dress with gorgeous floral embroidery! 

Handmade and embroidered by Mexican artisans in Chiapas, Mexico, you can’t get more authentic than this off-the-shoulder colorful creation.

Wear it for the ceremony or do a quick change over when it’s time for the fiesta to begin. Complete the look with this stunning floral headpiece.

Flamenco Maxi Silk Wedding Dress with Ruffle Detail

How gorgeous is this flamenco-style maxi silk wedding dress?

The rich orange color will ensure you stand out from the crowd, while the stunning ruffle detail and embroidery add to the overall look and feel.

Off-The-Shoulder Lace Maxi Wedding Dress 

Women's Casual Off Shoulder Lace Maxi Dress

Material:Off shoulder lace maxi dress made of 100% polyester,Part lined,High-quality lace material,Lightweigth Comfortable & Breathe freely.

We can’t think of a prettier dress for a boho-themed or beach wedding in idyllic Mexico. This off-the-shoulder lace maxi wedding dress is soft and flowy and effortlessly combines style with comfort.

The delicate lace detail on the bodice adds an air of sophistication while the long, lace skirt is elegant.

The silhouette is perfect for all body types and we love that the dress can be worn for other occasions or everyday wear.

Royal Blue Otomi Wedding Dress

Royal Blue Otomi Wedding Dress

Stunning Cobalt blue color, perfect for a nice dinner or a special ocasion.

Inspired by Frida Kahlo’s La Casa Azul or Blue House, this royal blue wedding dress is magnificent with its Otomi embroidery and sleeveless bodice.

Custom-made and available in a wide variety of colors, the skirt is hand-embroidered by Otomi artisans.

Similar to most of the dresses featured on our list, this dress is versatile and can be worn for other occasions and celebrations.

Embroidered Floral Mexican Wedding Dress

Traditional Mexican Wedding Dress

The yellow flowers follow the V shaped neckline and show off your beauty. 

It’s official! We’re in love with this unique embroidered floral Mexican wedding dress. 

Delicate and daring, the dress features exquisite embroidered Hibiscus flowers along the V-shaped neckline and a full princess-style skirt.

The crisscross back details add a subtle sexiness to what is an otherwise dainty design.

Satin Sleeveless Embroidered Mermaid-Style Dress

Satin Sleeveless Embroidered Mermaid-Style Dress

Silhouette:Mermaid, Neckline: Strapless, Back Design: Corset Back

Keep it stylish and traditional in this satin sleeveless embroidered mermaid-style Mexican wedding dress! 

Made from luxurious satin, this one-of-a-kind wedding dress features colorful embroidered flowers with a corset-style back and mermaid bottom. It’s available in white, black, blue and red.

Otomi “Tlaquepaque” Off-The-Shoulder Muslin Dress

Otomi off Shoulder Dress

The “TLAQUEPAQUE” dress is a feminine one. In the traditional off shoulders “campesina style” with a modern twist. 

Combining the classic “Campesina” or peasant-style bodice with a modern twist, this gorgeous Otomi “Tlaquepaque” off-the-shoulder hand-embroidered muslin dress will leave your guests in awe.

Named to honor the local artisans in the state of Jalisco, the “Tlaquepaque” dress is rustic and elegant with the most beautiful brightly colored hand embroidery.

PSA – Jalisco is also the birthplace of tequila! All that’s left for us to say is “one tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor”! Let the celebrations begin.

Traditional Mexican Corset-Style Wedding Dress

Mexican Wedding Dress

Beautiful High end wedding dress with built corset.

Feel like a “la Princesa” on your big day in this traditional Mexican corset-style wedding dress. 

Handmade, this corset-structured dress with its mermaid-style skirt is quite simply a work of art! The silhouette is flattering on all body shapes, and the dress itself is made to order meaning it will fit you perfectly.

For color variations, simply ask the seller.

Pachamama Embroidered Mexican Vintage Wedding Dress

Without a doubt, this Mexican kaftan-style wedding dress with butterfly sleeves is one of the most stunning designs we’ve seen.

It has a zip at the back and is embroidered with multi-colored flowers and birds. The side slits add just the right amount of sexiness to this stylish, and unique midi dress.

Summer Wedding Bolero Jacket

Summer Wedding Bolero Jacket

Thin Material especially made for wedding dresses: Ideal for summer weddings. 

Don’t want to go all out Cinco de Mayo on your wedding day? Why not wear a pretty summer wedding bolero jacket?

Available in a wide range of colors, the delicate bolero adds an elegant touch to your wedding dress, while keeping you warm. It’s the perfect way to incorporate a little bit of Mexico into your wedding subtly and stylishly.

One-Shoulder Hand-Embroidered Ruffle Mexican Dress

One Shoulder Floral Ruffle Dress

This Beautiful Dress is Cute, flirty and completely unique.

Hand embroidered by artisans from Oaxaca in Mexico, this one-shoulder ruffle Mexican dress with an asymmetrical hemline is an absolute showstopper! 

Get your “fiesta” on with this one-of-a-kind wedding dress.

Hand-Embroidered Otomi Wedding Dress with Ruffles

Stunning Otomi Wedding Dress

Hand-embroidered by Otomi indigenous women

Designed with the WOW factor in mind, we want this hand-embroidered Otomi wedding dress with ruffles A-stat!

The body contouring bodice with the ruffled skirt and multi-color embroidery is absolute perfection, in every sense of the word! Hashtag “Hot” couture! Hashtag must-have!

Frida Inspired Rockabilly Boho Dress

Frida Inspired Rockabilly Boho Dress

Comfortable and definitely a looker, perfect for a summer day on the town or a show.

Another one for our Frida fan-girls, this Rockabilly boho dress is as unique and gorgeous as you! Inspired by the Mexican artist’s work and with images of the icon herself surrounded by parrots and monkeys, this high-waisted dress is feminine, fun, and flirty.

Match it with open-toed heels or comfy flats, red lipstick, and a flower in your hair and you’re ready to bowl everyone over.

Best of all, this stunning dress can, and will be, worn after your wedding day

Traditional Mexican Peasant-Style Maxi Dress

Traditional Mexican Longn Dress

This beautiful dress is crafted with a blanket and ribbed lace detailing at the waist for a comfortable fit.

Made to fit small, medium, and large, this traditional Mexican Peasant-Style Maxi dress is as pretty as a picture and perfect for a more casual wedding celebration. 

It’s available in different colors, and the cinched elastic waist flatters all silhouettes.

Hand-Embroidered Floral Halter-Neck Mexican Dress

Floral Halter Dress

This Beautiful Halter Dress is Fun and flirty.

We’re big fans of halter-neck dresses and this hand-embroidered floral Mexican wedding dress is no exception. 

Made with cotton, and embroidered with delicate silk thread, the dress features lace details and an elasticated waist for a comfortable and flattering fit.

Otomi Hand-Embroidered Boho Chic Dress with Sleeves

Otomi Hand-Embroidered Boho Chic Dress with Sleeves

The beauty of this garment is in the delicacy of the fabric. Use care when dressing - remove jewelry and other items that may catch.

The sun, in Mexican art, symbolizes life-giving energy and good luck, so, naturally, yellow is a prominent color. Incorporate it into your wedding with this Otomi hand-embroidered boho-chic wedding dress.

Bright and cheerful, the dress is made from organic muslin and features gorgeous yellow ruffled sleeves and a matching waistband. The length of the flattering A-line dress can be adjusted according to your preference.

Vintage-Inspired Lace Maxi Mexican Wedding Dress

Bohemian Hippie Vow Renewal Dress

Designed to make you feel as pretty and carefree as you are, this boho ruffled perfection features a romantic off-the-shoulder silhouette with a feminine high-low hemline.

Pay homage to your heritage and carefree boho spirit in this vintage-inspired lace maxi Mexican wedding dress!

With its off-the-shoulder silhouette and high-low hemline, the dress features gorgeous floral detail and elastic at the shoulders and waist. It’s the perfect choice for the bride who wants to stand out from the crowd.

Hand-Embroidered Long Mexican Wedding Dress 

Long Bohemian Otomi Dress

This is an authentic, awesome, handcrafted needlework of an Otomi family from Tenango de Doria.

Stop your search! We’ve found the perfect Mexican wedding dress for you! Take a look at this hand-embroidered long boho Otomi dress and you’ll know exactly what we mean!

The floor-length dress is finished off with exquisite hand embroidery down the middle and pockets on either side. While it’s a relaxed fit, the unique cut is flattering, flirty, and oh-so-fabulous. 

Otomi Hand-Embroidered Boho Wedding Dress  

Otomi Hand-Embroidered Boho Wedding Dress

The “CHAPALITA” Boho Otomi style #sociallyConscious, and chic! It was hand-embroidered by Otomi indigenous women.

Combining Otomi hand embroidery with a more traditional style, this boho-style wedding dress is a must-have for your special day.

Delicate and dainty, the transparent bodice is finished off with stunning hand-embroidered flowers, while the long skirt creates the perfect feminine and flirty silhouette.

Sheer Long Embroidered Mexican Dress Made on a Loom

Long Embroidered Dress

This Beautiful Embroidered Dress is handmade on a Loom.

This sheer long embroidered Mexican dress made on a loom is an absolute dream! Soft, ethereal, and with the most amazing attention to detail, it features gold embroidered flowers around the collar and beyond pretty lace details.

Add accessories and sexy heels for a more sophisticated look or keep it casual with a single flower in your hair.

Frida Kahlo Mexican Art Inspired Dress

Frida Kahlo Mexican Art Inspired Dress

This dress is perfect for everyday wear because of its casual and comfortable design, but it is definitely not boring. 

For something completely different, this Frida Kahlo Mexican Art Inspired dress is an absolute favorite of ours. 

Influenced by iconic artworks by the renowned artist, the dress features a bold, bright red top, black waistband, and colorful skirt.

The hemline is finished off with lace detail and a pretty V-back. It’s not a traditional choice, but that’s why we love it so much!

Dotted Swiss Mexican-Inspired Wedding Dress

Totally divine and completely irresistible, we can’t get enough of this dotted Swiss Mexican-inspired wedding dress.

The sleeveless bodice is loose-fitting and comfortable, and features embroidered dots, while the long, flowing skirt has a flattering waistband.

The dress is simple but an absolute classic, and can be worn for a day or nighttime celebration.

Wrap Around Maxi Dress with Frida Kahlo Print

Wrap Around Maxi Dress with Frida Kahlo Print

A versatile wrap dress that can can carry you from day to night, as well as special occasions.

This wrap-around maxi dress with Frida Kahlo print is versatile, and an absolute must-have in your wardrobe!

Made from 100% cotton, the dress is cool, with a tie on the inside and an adjustable coconut shell button. Included in your purchase is an extra-long and wide Obi belt to give you a different look.

Depending on your color palette, it’s available in various colors, including white, sea green, red, turquoise, and saffron.

Off-The-Shoulder Maxi Ruffle Mexican Wedding Dress

Boho Off Shoulder Dress

Handmade raw cotton maxi dress with lining.

Put your best (perfectly pedicured) foot forward in this drop-dead gorgeous handmade off-the-shoulder maxi ruffle Mexican wedding dress.

The dress, made from raw cotton, has a flattering smocked waist with a tie, making it easy to adjust, and features angel sleeves with fringing at the end. The off-the-shoulder neckline is also elasticated, so you can be sure there’ll be no wardrobe malfunctions.

Depending on your personal preference, the dress is available in white and cream – both look amazing!

Embroidered Traditional Peasant Manta Cotton Dress

Embroidered Traditional Peasant Manta Cotton Dress

Stand out in this beautiful and elegant hand embroidered dress which was handcrafted by artisans in Mexico.

Never have we seen a dress as stunning as this!

Casual and flirty, the beige manta cotton hand embroidered traditional peasant dress is your go-to choice for an elopement, destination wedding, or informal party in your backyard!

We love that you’ll not only look good and fabulous, but you’re also supporting local artisans who are ethically responsible.

Bohemian Off-The-Shoulder Plus-Size Maxi Wedding Dress

Boho Wedding Dress

Femme off-the-shoulder neckline with a flouncy overlay detail.

Can we get a “whoop-whoop” for all the plus-size gals getting married?

Finding the perfect dress that shows off your assets and hides any flaws isn’t always easy, but we think we’ve done it. This boho-style off-the-shoulder maxi wedding dress has been designed with YOU in mind!

Made from 100% raw cotton, the dress features an off-the-shoulder neckline with a flattering, flouncy overlay. It has two side pockets and an elasticated waist for comfort and fit.

We love that the maxi dress can be worn in three different ways – off-the-shoulder, one-shoulder, or covered! 

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