Military Wedding Cakes: Themes, Ideas, and Inspiration

From the pomp and pageantry to the traditions and uniforms, there’s no beating a military wedding. 

In this article, we’re sharing some unique and novel ideas for military wedding cakes. But we’re also looking at some long-standing military traditions that you can incorporate into your day to make it truly unforgettable. 

Let’s get started with the military cakes, shall we?

Top Ideas for Military Wedding Cakes

No matter how formal, or informal, you decide you want your military wedding to be, chances are you’ll do the traditional cutting of the cake. This means there’s going to be a lot of focus on it, so it needs to look Pinterest-perfect and taste delicious!

Want to find out what the most popular wedding cake flavors are at the moment? Sink your teeth into this article for some inspiration!

Creating a unique military wedding cake (or any other themed wedding cake for that matter) is the opportunity for the couple to show off their personality.

Kitsch and cool with camo icing, fantastic cake toppers, or naked (the cake… not the couple) there are so many ways to decorate military wedding cakes.

Here are a few of our favorites.

Keep It Simple With a Personalized Military Groom and Bride Silhouette Cake Topper

Military Wedding Cake Topper

The personalized cake topper is a modern sentiment and will make any cake elegant.

We love how stylish this personalized military groom and bride silhouette cake topper looks on top of a simply decorated cake.

The topper is made out of natural wood or acrylic, and with almost 40 colors to choose from, you’ll definitely find one that’s perfect for your theme or color scheme. 

A Cake Topper for the Couple Who Love a Good Laugh

Military Style Wedding Cake Topper

Bride Dragging Groom Cake Topper with US Marine Emblem with Gun under Bride's Arm and Groom Custom Hand Painted Camo.

The couple who laughs together stays together, which is why we love this hilarious cake topper with a bride dragging her groom to the altar!

Made with resin, and handpainted, the topper can be customized exactly how you want. 

Love Is in the Air With this Airplane Wedding Cake Topper With Mr. & Mrs. Banner

Airplane Wedding Cake Topper

Airplane with a personalized banner for the future Mr. and Mrs. In the cockpit, they fly together into a wonderful future.

Marrying a pilot? Then you definitely want to adorn your military wedding cake with this unique, and novel airplane topper with a customized Mr. & Mrs. banner.

We love the attention to detail and that the bride and groom can be moved or rearranged. It’s also the perfect keepsake for your special day!

Say “I Do” With a Bobblehead Military Cake Topper 

Military Style Wedding Cake Topper

Personalize your own Bobble head / wedding cake topper. Just send us a photo and we will hand-sculpt your amazing personalized figurine.

One of the best ways to decorate military wedding cakes is with a pair of bobbleheads.

Expertly created and designed with polymer clay, these cake topper bobbleheads can be made to, er bob, or if you prefer, they can be static.

The caricatures are hand sculpted and personalized with your photo as a reference! It’s such a great idea, don’t you think?

Add a Touch of Whimsy With a Personalized Bride and Groom Figurine

Wedding Cake Topper Bride and Groom with Pets

All of my cake toppers are custom made so any size can be accommodated.

We love how whimsical these personalized bride and groom figurines look on a simply decorated wedding cake.

Made with polymer clay, you can customize the bride and groom exactly how you want, including a military uniform and flowers in the bride’s hair.

You can even add your furry pals! Just ask the seller for prices as extra people, animals or props will cost more.

Top Your Cake With a Gorgeous Personalized Military Groom and Bride

Personalized Military Groom and Bride Rustic Cake Topper

Want to show the world your love for your job? What better way than a custom cake topper made just for you!

Who says military wedding cakes can’t be rustic? We’re smitten with this personalized military groom and bride rustic cake topper and in absolute awe of the attention to detail!

There’s a lot of information to include to the seller, but the more details you share, the happier you’ll be with the finished product.

Too “Doggone” Sweet for Words Military Wedding Cake Topper

Canine Cake Topper

The top of the customized cake is suitable for any occasion or any theme.

Show your MWDs (Military Working Dogs) just how much they mean to you with this cute canine cake topper idea.

Handmade from polymer clay, you can customize your topper to look just like your service dog. We love this idea, and your guests will too.

5 Traditions for a Magnificent Military Wedding

How military you want to go when it comes to your wedding is totally up to you.

To help you decide, we’ve included five popular traditions you might want to consider.

Uniform and Dress Code 

No rule says you have to wear a military uniform when you get married, but it sure as heck looks good, and makes for great photo ops!

If you’re inviting fellow servicemen and women and you’d like them to come in uniform, remember to include this in the invitation.


If you have high-ranking members of the military attending your wedding, remember to seat them correctly at both the ceremony and reception.

At the wedding, for example, admirals, captains, and generals should be seated behind the immediate family members.

The same applies to seating arrangements at the reception, with high-ranked guests (and their partners) sitting at “distinguished visitors” tables placed near the main table.

Saber or Sword Arch

Undoubtedly one of the coolest traditions at a military wedding is the saber or sword arch, depending on which branch of the military the groom and/or bride are in.

This magnificent moment usually happens when the newlyweds leave the ceremony, or when the happy couple enters the reception.

When you do it is totally up to you, but do it you must!

Cutting of the Cake

Talking of swords and sabers, remember to keep one handy for the cutting of the cake.

This popular tradition sees the couple slice the cake together. Not only is it a hugely emotional moment, but it also gives the wedding photographer some great moments to capture.

Songs and Music

It’s not unusual for different military branches to have a signature song, and a wedding ceremony or reception is the perfect opportunity to perform yours.

Make it a sentimental moment with your fellow military attendees all singing together, or if there are different units at the reception, add to the festivities with a sing-off.

Another option for your military wedding is to include songs from your favorite war-themed movie. Think An Officer and a Gentleman: “Up Where We Belong” or “What a Wonderful World” from the movie Good Morning, Vietnam.

For more wedding song ideas, take a look here.

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