The 12 Best Lumineers Wedding Songs – Our Perfect List!

Congratulations! You’re engaged! Time to plan that perfect playlist. If you’re a folk or indie fan, The Lumineers are a great band to add that special element to your wedding day. Love is a common theme of folk and indie music, so it’s perfect for your wedding.

Here are our top 12 Lumineers wedding songs for every part of your special day.

Lumineers Wedding Songs

Lumineers Processional Songs

“Ho Hey”

This upbeat indie song is the perfect song to walk down the aisle to.

This beautiful number is all about not knowing where you belong or where you went wrong but that you belong with that special person, and they belong with you.

This song contains the perfect meaning to soundtrack your walk down the aisle to your best friend. It’s also one of The Lumineers’ most popular songs.

“Stubborn Love”

The folk guitar, violin, and slow pace make this a great choice for a processional.

While it isn’t a traditional love song, it is still a deeply emotional song about forgiveness and second chances. It’s about him realizing the ups and downs of his partner and encouraging them to keep carrying on and being there for them.

This song is a great choice for a second-chance romance or a couple that is simply realistic about handling the ups and downs of their lives together and supporting each other no matter what.

“Dead Sea”

This song with slow strumming guitar and soft melodies is another perfect option for your wedding ceremony.

This song is about that special person never sinking when they’re with you. Even when you are surrounded by the sea and raging storms, you will never sink and drown with that person.

This song is a sweet way of saying that person will pull you out and support you even when you feel life crumbling around you.

Lumineers’ First Dance Songs


This song has slow piano and a steady beat that makes it a perfect modern song for your first dance as a married couple.

This song is about falling in love and having that one person on your mind, and heaven help the fool who falls in love. While this song is more about forbidden or lost love, it’s still a great song for your first dance.

“Big Parade”

This song starts off at a quick pace and moves into a slow strumming guitar then brings the beat back again. It is a unique choice for a first dance, but the lyrics are just right.

This song is all about having the inability to see the good in the world around you but then finding that special person that changes your perspective. Love can change our viewpoint on life and bring us out of the rut we’ve been stuck in.

Your wedding guests will love watching you dance to this amazing song.

“Classy Girls”

This song with its beautiful slow place and cascading piano is a great choice for your first dance.

As the song carries on it builds up to a quick rhythm and a slapping beat. It’s a unique choice if you want to have a slow song to dance to with an upbeat ending.

This song is about meeting a classy girl in a bar, he tries to kiss her, and she says that classy girls don’t kiss in bars. It’s about a simple meet cute that makes for a beautiful love song.

Lumineers’s Father-Daughter or Mother-Son Dance Songs

“Where We Are”

This song has a soft trilling piano and beautiful melodies for that special dance. It’s a fairly new release by the band.

The beautiful lyrics are about not knowing where you are but that it will all be okay. The singer was inspired to write the song after surviving a car accident that happened so fast, they didn’t realize what had happened. It’s all about picking up the pieces together.

This song can be a great symbol of the bond between parent and child and that no matter where they are or what happens, as long as they have each other, everything will be okay.

“Holdin’ Out”

This song was originally made for the “Storks” movie soundtrack and won’t be found on a Lumineers album.

This track is a little less known, which makes it a unique choice for that special dance with your parent. The strummy, acoustic ballad is a perfect rhythm for dancing.

This song is about waiting for that child to arrive and holding out for patience. It’s about waiting all your life for that special child just so you can hold them. It’s perfect for any parent-child duo to dance to that will have your guests in tears.

Lumineers’ Reception Songs


This upbeat song with strumming guitar is an awesome song to get your guests out on the dance floor.

It’s all about a point in someone’s life when they should have said yes to love but chose not to, and so they missed out on that romantic adventure. This song is a great reminder about taking your chance at love and where it can lead you.


This mid-pace track with rock guitar is a great song to dance to.

The song is about someone you love who is feeling numb to the world and no longer has the motivation to move forward. The song is written from the point of view of a person that truly loves the one that is losing their faith and who is trying to bring them out of the darkness with their bright light.

This song reflects the natural up and down the course of life and the strength of sticking through it all together.

“Flowers In Your Hair”

This mid-pace song with trilling guitar builds up to a steady beat that is great to dance to. An upbeat, fun tambourine and cello add to the exuberance of this song.

This song is all about the nostalgia of childhood and falling in love with a girl he grew up with. It’s perfect for a couple that met in their childhood and grew closer together in love.

This is a beautiful song about young love that will have your guests dancing the night away.


This super upbeat song with quick drums and a Scottish-feeling beat makes it a unique choice for your wedding reception.

The singer wrote this song about a feeling that the world and the people you surround yourself with won’t always understand you. It can be a great statement about facing the world together even when people may not understand your relationship or decisions and doing what’s best for you as a couple anyway.

This is a perfect song for that last high-energy song of the night to send the couple off with a bang!

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