11 Chris Stapleton Wedding Songs for Every Step of Your Day!

If you’re a country fan getting married who’s looking for the best wedding songs for your special day, then look no further.

Christ Stapleton is a household name in the country industry and country music fans know and love many of his songs. Here is a list of some of our favorite Chris Stapleton wedding songs.

Chris Stapleton Wedding Songs

Chris Stapleton’s Processional Songs

“Joy Of My Life”

This slow country song is a great song to walk down the aisle to. The melodic guitar and Chris’s soulful voice make this a beautiful song for your wedding.

This song is all about his woman being the joy of his life, how he must be the luckiest man alive, and the importance of telling her she is the joy of his life. It’s about how he doesn’t need riches or any worldly possessions because as long as he has her, he has it all.

This is a great sentiment to walk down the aisle to when you marry your best friend.

“You Are My Sunshine” featuring Morgane Stapleton

This slow country song duet is a modern twist on the classic song that everyone knows.

It has a slow enough pace for you to walk down the aisle, and it expresses a perfect sentiment for the occasion. The lyrics explore the feeling that they’ll never know how much you love them and how you brighten up their life.

It even has an added guitar solo for a country-rock feel. This is a song your wedding guests will love.

“When I’m With You”

This slow country song is another great song to walk down that aisle to.

This song talks about how the singer is getting older and feels like he is fading away, but when he’s with his love he feels like all of his dreams have come true, all the skies are blue, everything is perfect and everything else fades away.

This song is truly about how that person can make us feel alive again and how love changes our life for the better.

Chris Stapleton First Dance Songs

“More Of You”

This song has a lot of country twang for a country-loving couple.

It’s the perfect slow pace for a first dance. This song talks about how the first time they met his heart took him over and every day he falls more in love with her.

We all want to find that special kind of love where we simply can’t get enough time with that wonderful person. It’s the perfect sentiment to set your marriage off on the right foot.


This is another great slow-paced song for a first dance.

It’s all about how love is more precious than gold and how you can’t buy it, and how having that kind of love makes him a millionaire.

He sings about how she is his treasure and makes his life worthwhile. What could mean more on your wedding day than love?

This is the perfect wedding song for a first dance.

“Broken Halos”

This country ballad with a soft, sweet guitar is another great song option for a first dance.

This song is about how love can be a hard road for some couples, how angels come down from the heavens to teach us lessons, how he has seen his share of broken halos, and how only Jesus knows the reasons why we have to go through the heartbreaks that we do.

While this song is about heartbreak and things that have broken us, it is also about accepting someone for who they are as a complete person, which is something the majority of couples watching your first dance will be able to relate to.

It sets a realistic tone for your marriage that no matter what you have gone through in the past it has all happened for a reason to bring you to the one you love.

Chris Stapleton Father-Daughter or Mother-Son Dance Songs


This upbeat country song is a great choice to get the party started and get your guests dancing.

It’s all about being there for someone when they need you and being their parachute when they fall. You can rely on them to catch you if you feel like you’re going to fall.

This sentiment, that you will always have your partner’s back, is a perfect one for your wedding.

“A Simple Song”

This song has slow and sweet guitar melodies and is a great choice for a slow dance to break up the reception.

This track is about when life goes wrong, he will still always be ok because he has her and the kids and he loves his life. It’s all about the natural ups and downs of life and getting through them together.

“Tennessee Whiskey”

This slow country song with a rock feel is one of Stapleton’s most well-known songs.

This song is about how he used to spend all his time in bars, and she rescued him from being too far gone. It talks about how she is as sweet as strawberry wine, and she is as warm as a glass of brandy.

Her love is as good as all those things, and he is “high” on her love all the time. This is a fitting choice for the last slow song of the night with your spouse.

“Hard Livin”

This country funk song is another great track to get your wedding guests out there dancing the night away.

The song is about how hard living isn’t as easy as it used to be, and about the thought of settling down as you get older. While the sentiment isn’t necessarily focused on weddings and love, it’s still a great down-home country song to dance to.

This would also be a good option for a sendoff song.


This upbeat rock-country song with Chris’s soulful voice is an awesome song to dance to.

It’s about Arkansas and how everyone there knows how to party, and about having so much fun it’s probably a little bit against the law. This is a great song for any party, even for a wedding.

It’s got that classic country song feel with some rock elements that’ll have your guests dancing all night.

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