31 Delightful Lace Wedding Invitations To Wow Your Guests

There are so many reasons to love lace. Not only is it versatile, but it has range, baby! Whether your wedding vibe is vintage and classic or chic and modern; lace can do it all. It’s a timeless and tasteful way of adding character, elegance, and depth to your wedding.

So, if you’re a bride considering the addition of lace to your wedding invites, you’re in luck! We’ve gathered our favorite lacy wedding invitations to inspire you!

A quick tip: too much lace can potentially come off as stuffy and ancient, so keep your overall usage small, sporadic, and surprising.

Our lace wedding invitations on this list are a healthy mix of laser-cut paper, real physical lace, and printed lace details- we just know you’ll find something here!

Ornate Damask Square Petal Fold Lace Invitation 

These fully assembled wedding invitations are drool-worthy!

We love the satisfying shape of a square invitation that meets right in the center, tied neatly and symmetrically with twine. 

Don’t think that the damask print is too vintage because it gets a nice facelift here. You can customize the colors of the petal fold, as well as the ink color for the wording, to make it truly unique. 

Simple and Rustic White Lace Wedding Invitations

Want something rustic and easy but with that classic country feel? You can still get the lacy look you love, but printed on your invite instead!

This unfussy set comes with a belly band and envelopes to make the entire process smooth and uncomplicated. 

Intricate Navy Lace and Copper Envelope Wedding Invite

We don’t foresee the navy and copper trend going anywhere anytime soon, and this jaw-dropping wedding invitation will certainly be around forever. Just take in all the intricate detailing of the laser-cut navy paper in that gorgeous gatefold!

The beauty of lace is definitely in the details, and if you’re a bride planning on this color scheme and love tiny details, this wedding invite is the one for you!

Glittery Silver Lace Wedding Invitation Set

This wedding invitation features a glittery silver damask-ish lacy feel to it!

We love the luxurious feel of the silver glitter, especially with the addition of the pink ribbon belly band- it feels like a dreamy wedding fit for a princess. 

If you look carefully, you’ll notice the delicate tiny holes in the paper that give it that true lace-like quality. So delicate!

Lacy Pink Rose Invitation with Wax Seal and Belly Band

Paper lace roses are the epitome of femininity, and this wedding invitation is no exception. With the wax seal and ribbon on the belly band, it’s giving us romantic Regency-era vibes; very on point with the Bridgerton aesthetic!

If your dress has a plethora of rose details, or if you’re wanting to highlight the rose as part of your wedding decor, this invite would fit right in with the party!

Elegant Ivory Laser-Cut Lace Invitation 

We love this beautiful pocket fold wedding invite.

With the lacy embellished paper pocket full of details and insert cards, and front cover bedecked with hidden hearts (how many can you count?), it’s like opening an ornate gate to a gorgeous event!

Elegant Square Lacy Wedding Invitation 

We foresee square invitations making a strong comeback in the upcoming years.

This laser-cut invitation features a paper belly band and an eye-catching glitter foil detail. 

A glamorous and dramatic way to open any invitation, this stunner opens from the center with four corners coming apart to reveal the inner information card!

Shabby Chic Lavender and Lace Wedding Invite

Looking for something simple that incorporates a real piece of lace?

This lavender and lace wedding invitation would be perfect for a rustic, shabby chic wedding aesthetic. 

A small piece of physical lace adds another dimension to the entire invitation experience!

Doily Paper Lace Wedding Invite Envelopes

Obsessed with lacy details? Check out these paper doily envelopes: a 4″ x 5.5″ invite will fit these perfectly, so be accurate with your measurements!

There’s delicate and dainty and then there’s these. If you’re nervous they’ll get ruined in the mail, don’t fret- they can also be used as invite liners, protected by a standard mailing envelope!

Printed Gold Lace Wedding Invitation 

Want those “to-die-for” gold accents but also hoping to incorporate elegant lace detailing?

Luckily for you, the two themes meet on this printed gold lace wedding invite!

Dainty and Intricate Lacy Gatefold Wedding Invitation

Stunning is an understatement when it comes to this gorgeous gatefold wedding invitation.

With a botanical partial wreath surrounding a monogram, this invite is so glamorous and refined at the same time. 

We are just floored by the sheer intricacy of the laser-cut paper! It almost looks like real lace!

Vintage Lace Spring Wedding Invitation Suite

Do you have a spring wedding planned?

This blush-colored lace wedding invite is covered in gorgeous sheer blossoms with an intricately detailed paper lace sleeve. 

We adore the little romantic initials on the inner lining of the envelope, as well as the repeated floral motif. To get the full experience of dreamy invites like this, every detail matters!

Gray and White Lace Wedding Invite

This beautiful invitation features lace on the pocket fold as well as the front.

Gray and white is a lovely combination that can fit any season- but if you want this look in a different color, customization is available!

Glamorous Glittery Black Lace Wedding Invitation 

Make a statement with this glamorous, glittery black wedding invite!

Perfect for a dramatic or moody-themed affair, we’re getting fall and winter season vibes along with a touch of goth or Victorian romance. 

We also can’t stop drooling over the gorgeously rendered painted flowers on the envelope liner. The blood-red-burgundy envelope will certainly stand out in your guests’ mailboxes!

Floral Lace Laser Cut Wedding Invitation 

Check out these gorgeous lacy flowers on this laser-cut wedding invitation. The entire invite looks like it’s made out of a piece of floral lace!

There are many ways to make this invite yours, from paper details to fonts and even the printing method! It’s a choose-your-own-adventure, and you’ll be rewarded with stunning invitations at the end of the journey!

Delicate Lacy Retro Flowers and Leaves Wedding Invitation 

These adorable blooms and leaves have a mesmerizing mod look that is very reminiscent of the 60s and 70s.

We love the cut-out calligraphy initials on the belly band for an extra elegant touch. 

Glittery Gold Lacy Heart Wedding Invitation 

Gold gets the glitter treatment on this super opulent wedding invitation.

We love the combination of lacy heart details and elegant calligraphy script; this invite serves some regal wedding attitude!

Chantilly Lace Wedding Invitation

Impossibly timeless, chantilly lace is a mainstay when it comes to weddings. Highlighting this in your invite would be a clever move if your dress is equally as abundantly detailed!

This invitation is tied with a simple piece of twine which makes it an easy win for a romantic, chic country wedding!

Lacy Botanical Leaves Gatefold Wedding Invitation Cover

Speaking as somebody who planned her own wedding that featured botanical leaves and greenery rather than florals (proud plantaholic), this wedding invitation is so appealing because of the refreshing, leafy look. My wedding dress was covered in tiny white leaves similar to these, so call me biased!

The slender stems and leaves on this invitation cover have a hypnotizing effect and would look perfect if you’re going for the clean, botanical look.

Ornate Black Laser Cut Gatefold Wedding Invite with Gold

Black and gold are such a mood– we can easily imagine this beautiful lacy invitation arriving to herald some luxurious and glamorous weddings!

The ornate laser-cut black paper is insanely detailed, with lots of embellishments and minuscule attributes… this invitation is keepsake material!

Rustic Printed Lace-Trimmed Wedding Invitation Set

Love the look of white lace on rustic, natural brown? Take a look at this rustic wedding invitation suite; lined with lace, it’s romantic and sweet in its simplicity. 

One bonus of this invitation is that the entire suite is one fold-out card. No more RSVPs on separate cards getting lost in the shuffle! 

Modern Graphic Floral Lace Square Wedding Invitation 

This somewhat non-traditional take on lacy paper is precisely what caught our eye.

The mesmerizing pattern is delightful, and the beautiful multicolored font and floral embellishments make this square wedding invite a total indie knockout.

Rose Gold Glitter and Ivory Square Filigree Invitation

If you’re a bride who loves details, this lacy filigree wedding invite is right up your alley.

It has gossamery paper, a dash of rose gold glitter, and extravagant calligraphy… what’s not to love?

Romantic Ivory Lace Wedding Invitation 

Soft, sweet, romantic, and classic: this ivory lace wedding invitation is precious! If you’re not too keen on the all-white color scheme, feel free to customize the text, graphics, and paper color choice so it is in keeping with your wedding colors. 

But keep the white lace. We’re kind of partial to it!

Intricate Laser-Cut Lace Wedding Invitation in Cream

Holy details, Batman! Just when we thought paper couldn’t get cut any thinner, another lacy wedding invitation comes by and just broadens our horizons. 

This darling cream-colored gatefold invitation has scalloped edges and tons of ornamental swirls and flowers, which give us a nostalgic vintage feeling.

We also like that the ivory cover is 300 gsm paper, which will have a nice stiffness without being too bendy or flimsy!

Printed Boho Lace and String Lights Wedding Invite

Are cafe lights going to be a feature of your wedding day? Give your guests a little taste of what’s to come with this adorable invite that features lace and lights!

Ornate Pocket Wedding Invitation Envelope Template

If you’re one of the many brides who invested in a Cricut, this one’s for you! This gorgeously ornate and elegant pattern is perfect for a DIY savvy bride. 

Any invite will look gorgeous enclosed in a lacy envelope like this. Just make sure it’s a 5 x 7 though!

Pearlescent Laser-Cut Lacy Rose Motif Wedding Invitation

This stunning pocket fold invitation features large, laser-cut rose blossoms piled high!

They’re also subtly printed on the background in a pearlescent sheen. “Luxury” is this listing’s middle name!

Detailed Laser-Cut Lacy Rose Invitation 

There are many reasons to love the absolute glut of lacy roses we’ve put on this list, but this entry deserves an extra shout-out because of the effects of the asymmetrical roses and leaves!

It looks like the intricate cover is giving the insert a hug with the way it wraps itself around so gently.

We’re borderline infatuated with invites that have this playful element of “Je ne sais quoi.”

Shimmery Vintage Lacy Heart Themed Wedding Invite

Romantic lace with captivating details is the backbone of this list- and this invite is no exception to the rule.

Love is the name of the game, and this vintage-inspired blush wedding invitation gets the point across!

Delicate Blush and Gold Gatefold Wedding Invitation 

When you get up close and personal with lace, it can seem so complicated at first glance. That’s probably why it’s so attractive to the eye- all those tiny details coming together to create an awesome effect.

With a wax seal to keep it all together, the delicate rose gold laser cut paper invite cover is the main event!

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