14 Best Shoes for Wedding Photographers Who Stand All Day

It’s the bane of a wedding photographer’s existence… the dreaded wedding day hangover. 

If you’re a wedding photographer, you know I’m not talking about the kind of hangover that’s caused by getting a bit rowdy. It’s that body aching, dehydrated, need to get off these poor worn-out feet type of hangover. 

Wedding photography is a career full of highs and lows, and the way you have to treat your feet every weekend is a low point.

You’re on top of everything on the big day – running here, grabbing photos there, even crawling, climbing, and grasping to get the best pictures for your clients. 

To keep up your work in a sustainable way, you’ve got to grab a pair of comfortable shoes. A good pair of shoes is a photographer’s best friend, but they’re also not the easiest to come by. Check out our list of the best shoes for wedding photographers!

Where do you even start? 

Best Shoes for Wedding Photographers

What to Look For in the Perfect Pair of Shoes for Wedding Photographers 

Before you get caught up in all the styles and brands, let’s get down to the boxes these wedding shoes need to tick.


I think it’s pretty safe to say that you should be considering comfort when looking for a pair of shoes to wear at your weddings. 

Comfort will mean different things for different people, but some things you should be thinking about are cushiness, a breathable stretch, and arch support. 

You should start with comfort and work out from there to style. If you’re not taking care of your feet, you’re not going to have a very uncomfortable wedding photography career. 


The cost of your perfect pair of shoes should also be a consideration. Shoes wear out after use, so these are items you’ll have to eventually replace.

Ideally, the wedding shoes you’re looking for should be a blend between affordable and well-made. 


Depending on who you are, this may be at the top or bottom of your list. Perhaps it doesn’t even rank. But even if you’re not overly concerned with style, you do want to look professional!

And finding cute shoes that can keep you comfortable all day is a toughie if you do care about style. 


No one likes noisy shoes. But if you’re trying to capture a special moment and your shoes are squeaking and click-clacking across the floor, you’re going to get some side-eye. 

Wedding photographers should be all about stealth, so a quiet shoe is a must!


As I mentioned earlier, you need a well-made shoe for the right price. Quality is essential because a cheap shoe will not feel good 10 hours deep into a wedding. 

You need something that can withstand wear and tear. 


Inevitably, you’re going to get scuff marks, dirt, and maybe some food on those beautiful kicks of yours, so try to choose something you can clean easily after each wedding.

The easier your shoes are to clean, the easier your life will be. 

Special Considerations: Sustainability

If you want to leave a smaller footprint with those new shoes, keep sustainability in mind. 

Try to find a company that prioritizes ethical and sustainable production to feel good in what you’re wearing. 

What to Avoid in Shoes for Wedding Photographers 

High Heels

Okay, I realize some photographers out there rock the high heels all day during a wedding. But I believe those are the same people that wear high heels when they’re pregnant, and I’m pretty sure that’s a legitimate superpower. 

So, for the rest of us, avoid them and choose flats!

Restrictive Styles

You’ll also want to keep away from highly restrictive styles of shoes. Rely on your instinct with this one. 

Because there’s a wide variety in foot shape and size, a shoe that might be comfortable for one person might feel restrictive for the next. 

Go with your gut. 

Anything Uncomfortable

Please, for the love of weddings, choose something comfortable!

Can you tell how important this one is?

The Best Shoes for Wedding Photographers

Ballet Flats

What a classic shoe, am I right?

Ballet flats can be comfortable, stylish, and professional. Is that the trifecta of wedding photography shoes? Yes. 

Try the Samantha Pointed Toe Flat for a fabulously comfortable flat. In something like this, no one will ever guess you’re actually enjoying your shoes. They look that good. 


Keep it cool and comfortable with a stylish pair of sneakers.

These days sneakers have been getting quite an upgrade, so don’t think you’re relegated to your dad’s white New Balance (although, are they coming back in fashion?). 

Look at Le Mouton shoes, and their women’s Wool Shoes, specifically. They’re comfortable, easy to clean, breathable, and you’ll be looking good all day. 


Don’t think Derbys are just for the guys, female photographers can also rock a pair of these!

This style can be comfortable, or it can be constrictive. So make sure you’re looking at the right ones. Clarks makes top-notch derby shoes. Buy now. Your feet will thank me later. 


Boat shoes are an odd combination of dressy and casual. If you don’t mind brown shoes, then boat shoes might be your thing. They’re often made of leather and offer a lot of support.

Coming in both men’s and women’s styles, boat shoes will keep your feet happy all day long. 

Sperry Men’s Authentic

Sperry Women’s Angelfish Varsity Boat Shoes

Slip-on Sneakers

Easy peasy. Slip-ons are the OGs of low-key style. Comfortable, supportive, durable – really, you can’t lose with these.

There are so many great pairs of slip-on sneakers; Vans are among the more obvious choices.


Loafers aren’t just for lounging. Break out a pair of Cole Haan’s Evelyns, and you’ll be looking cute, and your feet will be feeling fine!

Leather Sandals

Who can beat a good leather sandal?

There are plenty of cheap leather sandals out on the market, and you’ll start feeling how cheap they are after about four hours!

Make sure you seek out something more high-quality to make sure your feet feel good all day.

These Ecco Women’s Flash Strappy Sandals are a great stylish and comfortable option.


I’m pretty sure Danskos are the go-to for anyone who will be on their feet for an extended period. If you like this style, you can’t lose with a pair of Danskos!


Again, not just for the fellas. Men and women can invest in a great pair of brogues to dress up their wedding day outfits. 

These JABASICs and Clarks are the perfect blends of comfort and style. 


Not everyone can rock a pair of Chucks to a wedding. But if it fits your style and is not too informal for your clients, then go for it!


Chelsea boots are a classic style that’s really having its movement.

You can’t go wrong with a pair of Blundstones. They’re typically available in both brown and black leather, so you can get a style that works well for you. 


If you want something a bit more dressy, Oxfords are always a good choice.

These Oxfords from Cole Haan are made for comfort, but there are plenty of styles out there for women as well!

Be You!

Okay, so clearly, there are endless styles to choose from if you’re looking for some comfy wedding day shoes. Maybe that excites you, and perhaps that overwhelms you. 

Whichever styles you choose, make sure that they reflect you! You’re the one your couples have hired, so don’t be afraid to rock your style at the weddings you shoot. 

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